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REDEEMING RAFE by Sloane Kennedy

REDEEMING RAFE by Sloane KennedyRedeeming Rafe by Sloane Kennedy
Series: Barretti Security #2
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Author

Barretti Security Group or BSG is one of Seattle’s premier business enterprises.  Run by brothers Vin and Dom Barretti, their security measures are considered elite.  At least their servers were thought to be impenetrable until the day they were hacked.  Worse, it’s happened multiple times.  The puzzling aspect to the whole mess is that only personal information was hacked. Things relating to Vin or Dom or their friends rather than client information were downloaded by their thief.


Retired military Cade Gamble is one of BSG’s best operatives and he’s been sent by his bosses to search out the mystery hacker and bring him to them.  At last the thief is revealed and it’s none other than the Barretti brothers’ long lost missing sibling Rafe


Rafe was taken from his brothers days after his parents’ murder/suicide by his biological father and disappeared from their lives.  He fully intends to destroy his brothers just like his childhood was destroyed.  There’s nothing Cade can do to change his mind.  No matter how Cade makes Rafe’s body and soul awaken he will ruin his brothers.  Absolutely annihilate them and everyone they love.


Passion and angst ignite in the addicting second Barretti series story Redeeming Rafe.  This is a brutal, raw look at the destruction of a boy’s innocence when the system fails.  Cade also has issues, though nothing compares to what Rafe’s endured.  Redeeming Rafe deals with trauma and intense sorrow, and then cleverly branches into sizzling hot scenes as Rafe and Cade explore their developing bond.  This is a not to be missed page turner.

LOGAN’S NEED by Sloane Kennedy

LOGAN’S NEED by Sloane KennedyLogan's Need by Sloane Kennedy
Series: Escort #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Author

The horror of being shot point blank in the chest and left for dead inside the blazing inferno of his bar was nothing compared to being told his younger sister had been raped.  Logan Bradshaw couldn’t believe how blind he’d been to trust Sam Reynolds, the man who’d destroyed Savannah’s innocence and tried to kill him.  At least Sam hadn’t made it out of the fire he was guilty of setting.


With hospital bills mounting and the bar ruined Logan is forced to return to his past career as an escort.  Never once had he felt sexually stimulated by a client, yet the ménage scene between him, a frail blonde, and a dark, brooding man leaves Logan reeling.  It’s the first time Logan feels anything resembling true desire.  Whatever Logan senses can’t matter.  It’s simply a paying job.


Later on he learns that wealthy Dominic ‘Dom’ Barretti, the co-owner of the mighty Barretti Security Group was indulging his beloved, dying wife Sylvie with her ménage request.  Neither man is aware that the night has been purposefully arranged to bring Dom and Logan together.  A new chapter is about to begin for both men and it was all orchestrated by a dead woman.


Logan’s Need is hidden deep beneath layers in this intensely intimate drama.  The main character’s emotional journey runs the gamut – angst, anger, disbelief, and then ultimate redemption and love.  Dom is the catalyst of change for Logan, just as Sylvie is for her husband.  The end of the Escort series launches the beginning of the Barretti series and there is enough back story to link the two series.  A moving and truly special romance, Logan’s Need packs a powerful punch – of love.

LOVING VIN by Sloane Kennedy

LOVING VIN by Sloane KennedyLoving Vin by Sloane Kennedy
Series: Barretti Security #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary
Source: Author

Vincenzo ‘Vin’ Barretti was barely an adult when his parents died in a murder/suicide.  Swearing to take care of his three younger siblings Vin’s words fell flat after the youngest brother’s biological father showed up and took Rafe out of state.  Years later the next youngest brother Ren was listed MIA in Afghanistan, leaving Vin and his remaining brother Dom mourning and devastated with their losses.


After another fruitless search in Afghanistan with his team, Vin is feeling weary and heart sick when he arrives home.  The compound outside of Seattle is his refuge from the world when he’s not working at Barretti Security Group or looking for Ren.


It’s a place where few are invited, yet a stranger is living there.  A skinny, frail, young woman with a smart mouth and if that wasn’t bad enough she’s turned his two guard dogs into pets.


Apparently his brother Dom parked Mia Hamilton in his home to protect her from reporters and give her time to recuperate from a horrifying trauma.  Nevertheless Vin wants her gone, pronto.  Unfortunately for Vin, his brother is the one person he can’t browbeat so Mia is staying, at least for a while.  She’s the first person besides Dom who’s as stubborn as Vin and it’s irritating the hell out of him – when it’s not intriguing him.  Talk about clashing personalities…


Anger and frustration war with a damaged soul in Loving Vin.  Carrying the weight of broken promises Vin is forced to deal with someone in worse straits.  Awakening feelings on both parts showcase how much they’ve lost.  Vin and Mia’s storylines weave through hardships and challenges most would buckle under, most but not them. The Barretti series begins with Loving Vin and it couldn’t be a better start.

SAVING REN by Sloane Kennedy

SAVING REN by Sloane KennedySaving Ren by Sloane Kennedy
Series: Barretti Security #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Author

Special Forces operative Lorenzo ‘Ren’ Barretti and his team were hijacked during a highly sensitive mission.  After a year of brutal captivity Ren is the only one still alive.  Finally, at long last, Ren is rescued by his eldest brother Vin with the help of retired military men.


Arriving home broken in body and soul Ren is a danger to himself and others, which is soon evident after an incident with Vin’s lover Mia.  During another confrontation Ren proves absolutely that he’s got problems.  Fearing his PTSD will harm someone Ren takes off.


At one time Detective Declan Hale was Dom Barretti’s brother-in-law, until Sylvie lost her battle with cancer.  Recently he’s had several run-ins with one of Dom’s employees, bodyguard and retired military Jagger Varos.  It’s a definite clash of dominate personalities whenever they’re in the same room.


When fate and family bring Ren, Declan, and Jagger together in one place the sparks fly into a blazing inferno.  If the cabin they’re staying in doesn’t go up in flames it will be a miracle of epic proportions.


A haunting blend of psychological despair, Saving Ren grabs the reader and won’t let go.  Suffering beyond belief from PTSD Ren is an absolute mess.  If not for the patience and strength of Declan and Jagger the rescued soldier won’t make it.  Each character’s emotional journey is absolutely riveting.  Cleverly tying this Barretti book in the series, Saving Ren is deeply addictive. The Barretti series has incredible emotional drama. Enjoy!

FREEING ZANE by Sloane Kennedy

FREEING ZANE by Sloane KennedyFreeing Zane by Sloane Kennedy
Series: Barretti Security #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Author

Connor Talbot was proud to serve his country.  Though he wasn’t planning a permanent career in the military an IED ended Connor’s tour of duty long before he’d planned to leave.  The loss of a leg and permanent brain damage leaves him with few job opportunities and little chance of a satisfying love life.  If not for his friendship with Jagger Varos and his boss, Connor would be lost.


Unfortunately, the man who professes to be his boyfriend won’t listen when Connor says it’s over between them.  Jason Sutter is the son of a wealthy man and he doesn’t like it when Connor refuses to bend to his will. When Jason attacks him a second time the cops get involved.  Luckily criminal defense attorney Zane Deveraux steps in to help an overwhelmed Connor.


A childhood filled with sorrow left Zane emotionally numb and he’d planned on keeping it that way until an incredibly sweet Connor comes into his life.  Something’s happening between them and Zane is powerless to resist the handicapped vet’s warmth.  When Connor’s in trouble once more it isn’t Jagger who comes to the rescue.  It’s a lawyer whose heart finally beats…


A shy injured vet will be Freeing Zane from a life of loneliness.  Connor deserves to be loved.  To find someone to share a future with.  Ironically he discovers his future with an emotionally crippled lawyer.  Intense drama, emotional angst, and a powerful finish make Freeing Zane a worthwhile read.  This storyline faces difficult issues head on and doesn’t hold back.  Book four in the Barretti series ends on a very high note.


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