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THE VIRGIN INCUBUS by Stephani Hecht

THE VIRGIN INCUBUS by Stephani Hecht
The Virgin Incubus
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Fangs Fur and Fae Detective Agency #1
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The barely afloat detective agency Saint and his werewolf best friend Bron started seemed a safer bet than their previous profession as bounty hunters.  Perhaps the fact that Saint wants to avoid working for paranormals has something to do with their lack of success.  His own inner hatred of being a mix of fairy, dark fae, and human distances him from everyone.


Saint really doesn’t want the job, but when the succubus Cryan approaches him in the coffee shop and offers him a big, fat envelope of cash to find her missing baby brother Atticus all he can think of is the past due rent.  Finding an incubus is a bad idea.  They are conniving, dangerous sex demons who drain people of blood and soul.  Unfortunately, this time taking the job means paying the rent.


When the two would be detectives locate Atticus and free him from an elderly vampire the young incubus is at death’s door.  The only way to save Atticus is to do something absolutely abhorrent to Saint.  Deciding to save the incubus allows something to occur neither saw coming.  Whatever bond was created will change their lives forever.  For good or bad they are linked, the truth will come out as to whether Atticus is an innocent. Nothing will be as it was for Saint and Atticus, nothing at all.


A truly engaging, entertaining series begins with The Virgin Incubus.  Complicated characters, twists, and a well paced plotline keep readers firmly entranced by The Virgin Incubus.  Saint is a complex, conflicted young man with family issues that hamper his decisions at times.  Atticus is absolutely innocent, pure.  The sweet incubus is pitted against his evil sister.  Strength and love prove Saint and Atticus winners here.  The Virgin Incubus is a genuinely addictive start.

OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani Hecht

OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani Hecht
Opposites Assent
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Underground Fortitude #1
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

In the year 2050 Earth was invaded by creatures people called Outwarders.  Tall, ugly aliens, they were difficult to destroy and would kill several humans before they were taken down.


The city of Detroit was in ruins.  Jared is well aware he’s in charge because his superiors have died.  Humanity is hanging by a thread.  They are losing the fight and as if that wasn’t bad enough a small group of humans have gone completely crazy, doing hideous things to their own people on the fringes of the city.


Injured are being treated by Avis who doesn’t even hold a degree, yet he’s better than the veterinarian they’ve got to rely on.  If they can’t come up with some way to fight the enemy, the Outwarders will own the planet and humanity will simply be a memory.


A chilling look at the world’s end begins in Opposites Assent.  This first installment sets the scene for a population on the brink.  Their harsh, bleak existence comes across, as does Jared and Avis’s feelings for each other.  Disaster and triumph Opposites Assent is not a world for romance, yet Jared and Avis find a way.


The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Little Monsters #2
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

A unique family of various paranormals is living at an abandoned insane asylum.  Their leader Bronson is a Spring-Heeled Jack who recently found his mate Nixon, a Brownie.  The family was forced to defend their home when Nixon was threatened by an old enemy.  Thankfully life is getting back to normal, or at least their version of normal.


At this year’s annual Villain’s Ball immortal knight William and his half-sister Lliassa, a half human, half gorgon, listen to the announcement by an elderly vampire offering one billion dollars to whoever captures and delivers a unicorn.  Every time William looks at the picture of the last known unicorn he feels a strong need to protect and defend the blonde man.


Everyone at the asylum is appreciative of Charlie’s skills in the kitchen.  For the most part none of them had had it so good as far as home cooked meals until Charlie joined their quirky family.  It looks like their smoothly running home is going to get more upheaval as Charlie receives a warning that there’s a bounty on his head.  His life and that of his new family will be put at risk.  If he stays Charlie knows his new friends could die, which is the last thing he wants.  He has to leave to protect them.


An entertaining story from beginning to end, The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins will delight readers.  Inventive characters are given humorous dialogue to carry them through a totally bizarre plotline.  The results are a romantic screwball comedy of sorts.  Book two in the Little Monsters series continues with an oddball pairing of lovers.  Side step reality and enjoy the world of these characters in The Great Unicorn Hunt Begins.

ICE’S FIRE by Stephani Hecht

ICE’S FIRE by Stephani Hecht
Ice's Fire
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Little Monsters #3
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Abominable Snowman Ice is beginning to believe he’s being punished for some unknown reason after his fearless leader Bronson, a Spring-Heeled Jack, sends him to Ohio during the summer on a rescue mission.  It’s hot, sticky, humid, and really hot, which isn’t fun for an Abominable Snowman even if he’s in human form.  Somewhere among a bunch of clueless humans at the zoo a paranormal is in trouble and asking for help.


Never in his immortal life would Ice have imagined he’d be sent to retrieve his mate Dragon, a fire demon.  When they first met it had been blissful.  Even Ice’s twin brother Brute, a Big Foot had been happy for them.  Something changed however after Dragon paid a visit to his family in Hell.  Suddenly Dragon couldn’t break things off with Ice fast enough.


But that was more than a decade ago and now his mate is in deep trouble.  Bringing him home to the abandoned insane asylum where their motley paranormal family lives is Ice’s only option.  His broken heart never mended, Brute hates the fire demon who hurt Ice and apparently Dragon’s family wants him dead.  Perhaps bringing him home isn’t the best idea after all.


Ice’s Fire heats up the pages with intense emotional issues and spirited consequences.  Unique characters are given humorous, witty dialogue in the fast paced, smart romance.  In the third installment of the Little Monsters series a grumpy Ice has a second chance to rectify Dragon’s past mistakes.  Though the outcome is no surprise Ice’s Fire is nonetheless a charming, pleasurable love story.

DECK THE DIRE WOLVES by Stephani Hecht

DECK THE DIRE WOLVES by Stephani Hecht
Deck the Dire Wolves
by Stephani Hecht

Series: Dire Pack Reborn #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher



For the crime of being gay omega Dire Wolf Clark is condemned to a slow, painful death by his own Alpha Bern.  The prison he inhabits is a shallow hole in the ground covered by bars.  Starving, covered in open sores and bruises, as well as given a shot to stop his ability to shift and heal, Clark is dying, hour by hour.


Barely alive Clark is rescued by his cousin Lillian, the one family member with a shred of kindness.   She heads for the pack lands of Alpha Bishop.  There are rumors of tolerance within his pack so it’s their best chance for sanctuary.


Granted asylum, Alpha Bishop feels an immediate wash of protectiveness as he gazes at the battered body on the gurney.  Bishop’s main worry is whether his little omega will survive the night.   Next is concern for the violent Bern who’s sure to come looking for his missing prisoner.  Christmas Eve is approaching and suddenly everything has changed for a lonely Alpha and a young omega who’d given up hope.


The holiday season has fresh meaning for a newly formed pack in Deck the Dire Wolves.  Focusing on a horrific situation the story evolves into one of promise and hope.  This fast paced, ultimately cheery romance charms with the spirit of the coming holiday.  By the time the story is done Deck the Dire Wolves will leave the reader with a heartwarming feeling.


THE WOLF WHISPERER by Stephani Hecht

The shifter world fears the Feral.  No one is certain what triggers a shifter into becoming a Feral.  Whether it is abuse from childhood or as an adult or something else, becoming Feral is the boogey man in the closet for shifters.   Cree comes from a long line of Wolf Whisperers, his father, uncle,Continue Reading

THE HUNT BEGINS by Stephani Hecht

It was fitting they lived in an abandoned insane asylum to Bronson’s way of thinking.  The Spring-Heeled Jack is most likely the last of his kind.   A slaughter of his people sent Bronson fleeing across the Atlantic for a new, anonymous life.  Likewise his roommates Charlie, a unicorn, and the twins Ice, an Abominable snowmanContinue Reading


If the Feline Coalition HQ doesn’t take pity on cheetah shifter Clarkston he’s going to be sleeping in his car from now on.  He’d tried to hide the fact that he was gay, but someone ratted him out so he’s on his own.  Clarkston knows that his cousin Carson lives there, yet that might notContinue Reading


As Alpha for a Stray Cat pack Hansen fully accepts responsibility for the shifters under his care.  He’s always treated his charges exactly the same, no favorites.  Growing up his father wasn’t a good role model as a husband, father, or Alpha so Hansen knows the difference.   Life was going fine for Nevel untilContinue Reading

ALEC’S MOON by Stephani Hecht

Alec is well aware he lives in a weak pack, so it’s not too surprising when they are attacked and lose, badly.  The survivors are sold to slavers, including Alec who’s an omega, the lowest wolf on the rung.   Saved by Alpha Chris and his soldiers the rescued wolves are integrated into their new pack.Continue Reading

TAMING AN OWL by Stephani Hecht

Settled in yet another small home Austin’s Owl Parliament continues to survive and stand strong against all the homophobic Owl Parliaments who kicked out each member of their little group.   Their newest outcast, Gene who they rescued from prison is still surprised that they went to the trouble of saving him.  He’d been inContinue Reading

SAVED BY THE HAWK by Jackie Nacht & Stephani Hecht

A Birds of Prey five man warrior team is dispatched to Atlanta by their benefactor the goddess Athena to battle with the Blood Demons, spawn of the Keres death spirits who seem to be gaining in numbers.   Patrolling at the nearby college campus one night the teams second in command, Hawk comes across aContinue Reading

RUNNING AFTER DAVID by Jackie Nacht & Stephani Hecht

Eyes opened to a world where Birds of Prey battle Blood Demons to protect humanity, college student David is trying to adjust and accept that it’s all too real.  It should be easier, it could be easier to cope with if only his true mate Night acknowledged their bond.  Devastated when Night rejects him DavidContinue Reading

AN OWL SURFACES by Stephani Hecht

A Parliament is what a group of owl shifters living together call themselves.  Everyone works for the good of their Parliament.  Of course if you don’t conform to the rules of the group such as being gay that person is exiled from their Parliament.   Elf owl brothers Kayden and Kyle were saved from certainContinue Reading

KIPLIN’S COMING OUT by Stephani Hecht

Labeled the ‘black wolf’ at the Feline Coalition Kiplin relished the unflattering moniker.  After surviving an abusive bitch of an aunt while growing up it was time to have some fun and if it irritated others, well Kiplin could live with it.  As a solider it was his job to put down the bad guyContinue Reading

WARMING UP SEBASTIAN by Jackie Nacht & Stephani Hecht

The Birds of Prey are tasked with stopping the Keres female spirits death-army, the Blood Demons from slaughtering the human race.  One such team is sent to guard Atlanta by the goddess Athena.   Ever since Wren met Sebastian he’s been drawn to the young man.  Wren would like nothing more than to embrace hisContinue Reading

FALLON’S RAVEN by Stephani Hecht & Jackie Nacht

Without significant aid the Birds of Prey in Atlanta won’t survive the onslaught of the Blood Demons.  They are multiplying too quickly.  The goddess Athena has admitted that some major cities have already fallen, the warriors have perished alongside the humans they were trying to protect.   Wren’s mate Sebastian, a demi-god, enlists the helpContinue Reading

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Stephani Hecht

Blowing up his home with his parents inside was something Lucas will never live down even though it was a complete accident.  If that wasn’t horrible enough, Lucas is then picked up by humans and taken straight to a Warlock Internment Camp even though he was only fifteen at the time.   Ten long, tortuousContinue Reading

KIT’S RETURN by Stephani Hecht

Five young feline shifters band together after discovering each other on the streets.  They became homeless after shifting in front of their adoptive families.  Barely surviving they were forced to steal simply to feed themselves.   A soldier with the Feline Coalition stumbles across the group and manages to talk them into visiting the facilityContinue Reading

THE DEFEAT OF LAWSON by Stephani Hecht

College senior Marty has everything in the world going for him, as long as his family doesn’t find out that he is a shifter.  Everything was fine until the day he shifted into a cougar.  Luckily Marty was by himself and so far he’s been able to stop from doing it again.   Unfortunately, Marty’sContinue Reading

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