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THE DISCIPLE by Susan Laine

THE DISCIPLE by Susan LaineThe Disciple by Susan Laine
Series: Wheel Mysteries #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Lovers Gus Goodwin and Niall Valentine are planning to embrace the big commitment. Yep, they’re engaged to be married. All they have to do is set the date.


Owner and proprietor of the Four Corners occult shop Gus is a level headed, glass is half full kind of guy.  Neil on the other hand is an ex-military P.I. who sees the worst in people on a regular basis.


Murder brought them together and it looks like they are deep in it again.  Gus saw a scared young man in his shop one day and the next his body is discovered at the Radical Fairies sanctuary in the mountains.  Of course, Gus and Neil feel obliged to figure out who the killer might be.  It doesn’t help that Gus’s ex-lover Prof. Alex Kittridge is one of the suspects, along with a handful of others at the sanctuary.  The final confusing inclusion is Autumnsong, a young man they’ve met before who’s bound to complicate unmasking the murderer.  Their wedding plans may never get started at this rate.


Unraveling a mysterious death and blowing the case wide open seem to be Gus and Neil’s specialty.  Their latest effort is The Disciple, another clever whodunit.   Murder and mayhem go hand in hand with the lovers’ plans for matrimony.  Engaging characters move the drama briskly along in this enjoyable story.  Embrace Gus and Neil’s new suspense laden book The Disciple.


STEALING DRAGON’S HEART by Susan LaineStealing Dragon's Heart by Susan Laine
Series: Lifting the Veil
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Legendary heists set master thief Finn Grayson above the rest.  Asked to steal something called the Shard from a New Shanghai high rise tower for an unknown client the thief accepts the illicit commission.


Finn’s skills get him into the residence easily enough where he sees one priceless object after another on display.  Before he can claim his prize Finn discovers he’s in the den of a powerful dragon.


The thief was under the impression that Cameron Feilong is simply a very wealthy man.  Finn’s assessment of Cameron quickly changes when he’s confronted with an ancient Guardian of the Earth Shard, a half dragon, half fairy nephew of the powerful Emperor.


A twisted destiny has brought the two together to form an unlikely alliance in order to save the world.  Their adversary is always one step ahead of them in the bid to stop Armageddon.  The fate of the world rests upon a powerful dragon guardian and a world class thief.


It’s impossible to resist the mythical being and a sneaky human in Stealing Dragon’s Heart.  The perfect balance of tension, engaging characters, and witty dialogue is offered in this riveting story.  Feel Finn and Cameron’s energy, grief, and frustration along with the sexual sparks that silently fly.  In this tale of good versus evil Stealing Dragon’s Heart absolutely captivates.  A rich, enthralling tale Stealing Dragon’s Heart will keep you reading long into the night.


COMPROMISING SITUATIONS by Susan LaineCompromising Situations by Susan Laine
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Day after day working under an evil dictator of a boss at Manning and Cross, a major green tech company, has left Jared Owens pounds lighter and looking like a pale ghost.  Crazy long hectic eighty hour weeks leave Jared little time to eat let alone see the sun.  When CFO Grant Kendrick cracks his whip everyone jumps, especially Jared.


After yet another interminable day at the office Jared is more than ready to step onto the elevator until his arch nemesis joins him.  It’s fairly simple to keep your mouth shut during office hours when everyone’s there, but when the power goes out and you’re stuck between floors… All bets are off.  Especially when Grant makes an outrageous proposition and Jared is intrigued.


Compromising Situations allow tensions to rise high in this office based D/s drama.  The showdown between the characters explodes with righteous indignation and sexual heat.  Jared and Grant take turns blowing off steam in most excellent ways.  Their give and take relationship is fascinating to witness.  Enjoy the sizzle in Compromising Situations.


LONE WOLF AND HIS COOL CAT by Susan LaineLone Wolf and His Cool Cat by Susan Laine
Series: Pariah Pack #2
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Wolf shifter gamma Silas Donovan takes his responsibilities towards the pack’s security very seriously.  He’d rather not leave their safety in another’s hands, but when the Alpha asks for a personal favor Donovan reluctantly agrees to a bodyguard job.


The world’s top model is none other than Asian golden cat shifter Aran Aquino.  Plans have been made for a fantastic photo layout centered on Aran on Fregate Island in the Seychelles where the Banyon Hill Estate is the only sign of modern life on the entire island.


After long flights and hours of boat travel everyone finally arrives on the island.  Donovan is there to protect the model from possible threats though the only people there are Aran’s own entourage and the boat crew.


When Donovan is introduced to Aran the wolf shifter is pleasantly surprised to find his charge isn’t the stuck up brat he expects to meet.  He also realizes that he’s found his mate in the golden cat shifter.  Protecting Aran is going to prove easier than figuring out how the two will blend their lives.  Canine and feline mates should be interesting to say the least.


The Pariah Pack returns with another new tale.  Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat brings unlikely mates Donovan and Aran together in this sexy suspense story.  Watch the sexual sparks fly between the wolf and his cat.  All in all the storyline follows along as expected with tense moments from an unexpected foe at the climax.  Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat has a tropical locale, hot loving, and a pair of agreeable characters.


WOLFE AND HIS BUNNY by Susan LaineWolfe and his Bunny by Susan Laine
Series: Pariah Pack #1
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Alpha Max Wolfe is in charge of an unusual pack.  His people are cast offs, the misfits that other packs threw out or those who survived the decimation of their own pack. They have bonded together with the wolf shifter as their leader.  Now passing the century mark Wolfe is a successful bounty hunter who also dabbles in racing for extra income.


After a recent race Wolfe caught a scent in the crowd that had to have been his mate.  When he tried to chase the scent down he caught sight of a young man but somehow lost him.  Once he picked up the scent again Wolfe tracked down Peter Bennett, a rabbit shifter who saves abused animals when he’s not working at an animal shelter.


Of all the cosmic twists of fate – pairing a predator to prey as mates.  Wolfe’s inner animal is driving him to consummate their relationship, to bond forever.  As for Peter he’s skeptical that they can work things out.  He’s not sure they can ever find common ground and asks Wolfe to wait, to let them get to know each other before making the ultimate commitment.  After all they only get one mate in a lifetime. Patience, Wolfe, patience.  Surely it’s not too much to ask.


Wolfe and His Bunny charmingly questions what fate was thinking matching a wolf and a rabbit.  Time after time readers see Wolfe stumble during his attempts to court Peter who proves to have a great deal of patience.  Each makes mistakes, sometimes big mistakes.  What sets Wolfe and His Bunny above other books is that Wolfe and Peter are willing to keep trying.  Neither throws in the towel on love.  Through false starts and speed bumps Wolfe and His Bunny triumphs.


Actors Andrew ‘Mac’ McGuire and Dylan Keane began their careers on the night time soap show “The Lighthouse”.  Their friendship developed alongside their roles as teenagers and grew as their characters evolved on the popular soap.   In a meeting with the producer and the head writer Mac and Dylan are told of a majorContinue Reading

HUNTER’S MOON by Susan Laine

Awakening bound and helpless werewolf shifter Gabriel King knows he’s in deep trouble.  Gabriel’s last memory is of being home on the Howling Creek Ranch in Wyoming where his entire family resides. By scent and sound Gabriel accepts that he’s been transported somewhere in the Deep South.  He quickly discovers that wealthy, human heiress VictoriaContinue Reading


An EMT for the District of Columbia Fire & EMS Department, playboy Jack Waters lives for his job and sexual prowling.  At the moment he’s ‘off’ with his ‘on and off’ bed buddy Det. Kevin Thompson who happens to be partnered with Det. Jordan Waters, Jack’s big brother. On his way home from work JackContinue Reading

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