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PEACE by T. A. Chase

PEACE by T. A. ChasePeace by T. A. Chase
Series: Four Horseman #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Angus Dei, a messenger angel, Lam is a fairly insignificant, innocuous heavenly being who has secretly managed to free the Four Horsemen from their duties in order to find mortal love.  If that wasn’t dangerous enough Lam has chosen to break the most forbidden of rules.  He’s fallen in love with the most vilified of beings – Lucifer Daystar, the fallen angel.


A gentle, sweet soul Lam believed that his relationship with Lucien wasn’t known.  He was wrong.  Lam paid a horrible price.  The Archangels took his wings and banished Lam from the heavens.


Suddenly Lam was no longer on Lucien’s radar.  He couldn’t find his little angel anywhere, he couldn’t feel his lover’s presence, and Lucien was becoming frantic.  More powerful than the Archangels Lucien would become as vengeful as mortals painted him if he couldn’t find Lam.  The heavens and the mortals would rue the day if something had happened to his very own little angel.


Fire and brimstone are nothing compared to the heat between a messenger angel and the fallen angel in the aptly titled Peace.   Compelling and intense Peace is a well written, passionate love story.  This character driven romance pulls out all the stops as Lam is wrongfully punished and Lucien begins to tear the world apart during his search.  A unique twist on heavenly beings, Peace is an excellent read.  With enough backstory anyone can truly enjoy Peace.


THE UNICORN SAID YES by T. A. ChaseThe Unicorn Said Yes by T. A. Chase
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

All alone, sitting in a booth at the bar Unconventional, Carney Ferguson celebrates his 25th birthday trying to enjoy his first taste of alcohol.  Growing up with a large brood of siblings who were sheltered and homeschooled Carney has had little to no experience with anything resembling relationships.  He’s twenty-five and still a virgin.


Taking a break from the responsibilities of the herd unicorn Alpha Ivan Brusilov has left his brothers in charge while he blows off some steam at one of his favorite bars.  It’s hard work to keep the herd safe and happy, but Ivan’s been doing a good job of it for over a century.  At one point unicorn shifters were hunted to near extinction.  With the help of other shifter groups they’ve made a slow and steady recovery though they continue to be careful.


It doesn’t take Ivan long to spot the young man nursing a drink.  For some reason the alpha is drawn to him which is explained when Carney blurts out he’s a virgin.  Ivan thought it was a myth that unicorn shifters desire virgins above all else, but after meeting Carney he knows the legend has merit.


They agree to meet again at Cleveland National Park in order to spend more time getting to know each other. Carney is ready for the man who touches his heart while Ivan believes he’s found his mate.  Unfortunately, there are others who have plans far from love and commitment.


A satisfying sweet and sexy little tale. Taking readers on a dangerous ride The Unicorn Said Yes twists and turns with deadly accuracy.  Engaging characters tentatively begin to explore their feelings before the storyline grabs hold and ramps up to an expected though still riveting climax.  Carney and Ivan absolutely triumph in The Unicorn Said Yes.

COLD TRUTH by T. A. Chase

COLD TRUTH by T. A. ChaseCold Truth by T. A. Chase
Series: Delarosa Secrets #3
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Victor Delarosa was groomed from birth to become the next head of the Delarosa cartel by his brutal father.  Sacrificing Victor’s freedom his mother and younger brother snuck away to the U.S.  After his father’s death Victor was able to reach out to his brother who ironically had joined law enforcement in the States.


The world sees Victor as a ruthless Mexican cartel drug lord.  Everyone knows that Bieito Perez is his right hand man.  He makes sure that Victor’s orders are obeyed with intimidation, violence, or assassination.  For the past nineteen years Victor and Bieito have been lovers.  No one is aware of how much the two men love each other.  If anyone knew their lives would be forfeit in the savage world of the cartel.


The past comes back to haunt Victor when the son his college sweetheart bore twenty years ago is kidnapped.  Now the race is on to find Kamen before his cartel rival kills the college student.  Bieito is hurt that Victor kept such an important secret, but he’s setting his feelings aside to discover where the boy is being hidden.  And time is running out.


Vibrating with sexual tension Cold Truth consistently blazes with passion and drama.  Book three in the Delarosa Secrets series pits Victor and Bieito against a rival with deadly results.  The scandalous romance is mesmerizing.  Their pulse pounding race to save Victor’s son makes Cold Truth an absolute page turner.  Scant back story is the only problem in an otherwise addictive story.  Trying to place secondary characters slows the pacing at times.  Nevertheless, Cold Truth is a carnal, electrifying tale of love.  Dangerously sexy.


NINJA CUPCAKES by T. A. ChaseNinja Cupcakes by T. A. Chase
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shayna

Ethan Gallagher is thrilled to be attending the sci-fi convention his brother is putting on and his excitement has nothing to do with the twenty dozen cupcakes he’s making for the event.  Rather, Ethan’s looking forward to finally taking the next step in his burgeoning relationship with astrophysicist and convention panelist Callum MacLaughlin.  And it’s not just his own love life Ethan’s going to fix this weekend.  Ethan’s got a few special cupcakes that will make his brother and best friend’s dreams come true.

One part cupcakes, one part sci-fi conventions, and two parts sexy heroes are a recipe for a delicious story.  Ninja Cupcakes is a fast and fun romance that’s as sweet as the cupcakes Ethan bakes.  The chemistry between Ethan and Callum is palpable, making it easy to root for these two to get their happily ever after.  What I found most engaging about Ninja Cupcakes was the way T.A. Chase handled Callum’s blindness.  There were little things Ethan and Callum did all throughout the story which added realism to this aspect of Callum.

While I did thoroughly enjoy Ninja Cupcakes, I do wish the story had been a bit longer.  I didn’t feel I got to know Callum as well as I would have liked.  I also had questions about the mystical element at work with Ethan’s cupcakes.  With a bit of expansion, Ninja Cupcakes could be a phenomenal story.  As it stands, I thought it was quite charming and I look forward to re-reading it.



DREAMING OF DRAGONS by T. A. ChaseDreaming of Dragons by T. A. Chase
Series: Dragons #2
Published by MLR Press Genres: Fantasy, Gay, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Lovers for centuries, Mordred and George's relationship is strong enough to withstand anything-or so they thought. With dragons and magical creatures appearing every day, George risks everything, even to the point of losing his lover, to maintain the balance between the Realm of Dreams and the human world. Mordred can see George slipping away and, for the first time in his long life, insecurity creeps in. As the presence of old lovers, new friends and deadly dragons causes cracks in their foundation to form, Mordred and George must discover how far they're willing to go to save their love and their world.

Even though the Goddess Gaia forbade the elf Mordred and his lover, the immortal dragon slayer St. George, from interfering they felt compelled to help the humans.  They’re unable to ignore the human’s fight against the wild creatures from the Realm of Dreams appearing all over the Earth causing destruction and death. 

Human scientists Dr. Hugh Price, owner of Anglelow Labs and his lover Dr. Kael Hammerson head the group on Earth trying to deal with the situation.  Thus far it’s a losing battle, as many creatures as they destroy more appear.

Mordred and George hatch a plan.  They know the creatures come from their home, that Beowulf is orchestrating the invasion, but without proof Gaia refuses to become involved.  George will continue the fight on Earth while Mordred infiltrates the enemy camp.  Beowulf has always wanted Mordred, maybe now’s the time to be caught?

Dreaming of Dragons revisits the imaginative world of monsters and myths come to life on Earth and threaten human existence.   The first book focused on the scientists, this time out Mordred and George take center stage.  One is slippery and charming and the other is honesty personified, lovers eternal.  Exposing the villains is the goal but along the way there’s a sexy, loving romance with lots of enchantment and shine.  An absolutely passionate tale of daring heroes with an ending that will take your breath away.


Running away because his Master refuses to take his blood or sleep with him, Sven is nonetheless dragged back home to await his owner’s pleasure. He ran because he didn’t think the Master cared and doesn’t want him to see how close to the surface his own feelings are.  Brought home Sven is surprised andContinue Reading

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