Author: T. J. Nichols


WARLOCK IN TRAINING by T. J. NicholsWarlock in Training by T. J. Nichols
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The last thing Angus Donohue wanted was to pass his demon summoning class.  Becoming a warlock was not something Angus aspired to.  It was bad enough to have his powerful, arrogant father bullying him into entering the Warlock College.  Angus would love to fail and go into medicine instead.


Unfortunately for the budding warlock he succeeds in summoning a demon.  What he didn’t expect was to be taken back to Demonside by the powerful demon mage Saka.


Apparently, Saka was ready for a summoning so that he could kidnap a warlock in order to rebalance their world.  Whether he’s ready to hear the truth or not Angus is witness to an eye-opening experience.  One that the warlocks back home don’t want anyone to know. Angus’s understanding of how their two worlds work will be irrevocably changed.   He can’t live in Demonside no matter how he feels about Saka and going home is dangerous.  Caught between two realms and neither is safe.


Warlock in Training tells a unique, complex, and addictive story that is hard to put down.  The intricately woven plot is imaginative and fantastical.  Characters are able to realistically tell this original story as lie after lie is uncovered by a naïve student. Saka is a special individual, straightforward and strong.  Together they have to save two worlds. Their forbidden feelings bring added spice to the storyline.  Danger and drama abound in the completely enthralling Warlock in Training.


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