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THE TROUBLE WITH MR. MIDWEST by T. NeilsonThe Trouble with Mr. Midwest by T. Neilson
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
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The latest rising young star in Hollywood to watch for is Riley Black according to the press and everyone who’s met him.  The press loves the Midwest American charm and the people he’s met know Riley is the real deal.  Behind the sweet demeanor is someone who faced adversity in childhood and came out on top, in part because of a loving mother and brother.  Riley is on the edge of major stardom because he’s genuine and good at his craft.  That acting talent has kept his sexuality hidden from his family and the press.


Enlisting at eighteen Evan Quinn Campbell’s only regret was leaving his childhood friend behind.  A stint in the military didn’t work out as planned and left Quinn a damaged soul who goes for weeks without being able to sleep.  One horrible decision repeats over and over in his nightmares and his waking hours.  If not for his C.O. Brandon, who followed him out of the service, Quinn figures he would be dead.  It is Brandon who hooks Quinn up with an unlikely job as a male escort back in the states.  At least it pays the rent.


At a big Hollywood party the last person Riley expects to run into is Quinn, who at first pretends to not know his childhood crush.  Little did the escort realize the feelings were returned, back then and now.  Riley isn’t out and Quinn doesn’t want to jeopardize the young star’s future by associating with a known prostitute.  The actor refuses to turn his back on a desperately broken man no matter the consequences.  This time the boy he loved, the man he will always love won’t disappear.


Racy. Tantalizing and complex.  An up and coming star with the sheen of innocence still surrounding him finds his future in the arms of a self destructive rent boy.  That’s The Trouble with Mr. Midwest.  Tinseltown hasn’t tarnished the shine from actor Riley Black who’s achieved his first big screen success.  Quinn on the other hand has demons who haunt him night and day.  Brought together by fate they embark on an extremely emotional roller coaster.  A romance wrapped up in chilling tale of absolution, The Trouble with Mr. Midwest is the complete package.  I Joyfully recommend The Trouble with Mr. Midwest.  Absolutely riveting.

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