Author: Tara Lain


LORD OF A THOUSAND STEPS by Tara LainLord of a Thousand Steps by Tara Lain
Series: Love in Laguna #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

CEO at architectural firm Lord & Kendrick – Braden Lord is at the top of the game in his professional career and suffering a living hell at home.  After fifteen years of marriage he’s getting a divorce and climbing out of the back of a very deep closet.  Unfortunately, his soon to be ex is doing everything she can to take every penny Braden owns and she’s using his loving children against him.


The youngest intern at Lord & Kendrick – Ian Carney is beginning to be noticed by the guys in charge.  Recently Ian was in the right place at the right time and impressed a new and important client with his ideas.  Even Mr. Lord has spoken to him which left Ian tongue tied.  The boss is intense and hot as hell.  So, work and school is going great, but Ian’s love life has taken a turn for the worse. His boyfriend Rico went to visit his sick father in Mexico and hasn’t been back in weeks.


When Ian and Braden accidentally meet on the beach it’s more than apparent they are fighting an attraction even though there is a significant age gap.  Plus, the boss is with his children, a son closer in age to Ian and an adorable little girl who’s in love with Ian’s cat Anderson.  Between the ex battling Braden and Rico blowing off Ian nothing should happen.  Good luck on that one.


A charming, lovely, sometimes sticky romance Lord of a Thousand Steps has a bit of everything to enchant.  Braden’s life is a mess, yet the character perseveres and triumphs.  Ian is a fresh, bright intern who sometimes refuses to see the writing on the wall.  Lord of a Thousand Steps is a clever blend of engaging characters, romance and strong plotline.  The addition of Braden’s children brings another layer of warmth and parental angst to the story.  Thought provoking at times, Lord of a Thousand Steps entertains from start to finish.

WINTER’S WOLF by Tara Lain

WINTER’S WOLF by Tara LainWinter's Wolf by Tara Lain
Series: Tales of the Harker Pack #3
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: GLBT, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Winter Thane has grown up in the wilds of Canada with mostly just his father being around, because his father left his pack in the states for some reason that Winter never knew.  Winter has always been more attracted to males rather than females, however, his father has drummed into him that wolves aren’t gay.  Now Winter and his father are headed back to their family’s pack in Connecticut so that Winter can hopefully find a mate—a female mate if his father has anything to say to it.


Matt Partridge is an FBI agent who has been working on cases in Connecticut and is trying to wrap up one last one, which is a bit harder as his partner isn’t with him anymore.  Matt is gay, but due to the FBI’s and the government’s attitude with gay agents, Matt has been very quiet about his sexual preferences.  That is, until the night he is getting a beer with friends and meets a man who brings out instant lust in Matt.


At first notice, Winter knows immediately that Matt is a man he wants.  It doesn’t take long for Matt and Winter to explode into a serious case of lust at first sight.  But issues on both sides have them keep that first incident just between themselves, and they go their separate ways. Winter goes on with his new life of trying to fit into a strange pack—one that definitely has gay wolves in it.  Along the way, Winter finds out information both about a coup that might happen in the Pack and information that Matt needs to help solve his latest case.  With Matt and Winter now working in close quarters, their feelings for each other can’t be avoided.  The questions are: Can they find a way to become a couple and have a future? And just how will the Pack deal with Matt and Matt with the concept of werewolves?


Take one semi-wild werewolf and put him together with one secretly gay FBI agent, mix in a pack that is split between the old way and the new ones, and a dangerous case, and you have one bumpy romance.  That is exactly what Winter and Matt face in Winter’s Wolf.  I already knew I liked Matt from his appearance in previous books, and it didn’t take me long to love Winter’s straight forward way of approaching life.  There were several times I wanted to smack Winter’s father, at least until more of his last few years with the Pack came out.  Then I had to laugh at how previous characters in the series were intertwined in this book.  I really enjoyed watching as Matt and Winter found a way to have each other and get their forever.  I will also say that there is one feisty grandfather that I really wanted to hug by the end of the book.  Winter’s Wolf is packed with passion and suspense with almost equal humor and danger elements, which made Winter and Matt’s journey to love one I loved from first page to last.



OUTING THE QUARTERBACK by Tara LainOuting the Quarterback by Tara Lain
Series: Long Pass Chronicles #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

From most anyone’s perspective Will Ashford has it made.  The son of a very successful businessman, Will is SCU’s starting quarterback with the head cheerleader on his arm and a business degree only a year away. His best friend is SCU center Jamal Jones so social diversity isn’t a problem.  What more could he want in life?


If Will answered honestly he’d say that he wanted out from under his father’s control or away from his alcoholic mother.  Above all else, Will would shout to the world that he’s an artist, a damn good, gay artist.  He just has to keep repeating his mantra of ‘one more year’ whenever his resolve slips, which is unfortunately happening more and more often.


On the quiet Will applies for the Milton scholarship which would cover all the costs for art school.  He’s taking a course by renowned artist Dwight Masterson with the hopes of getting a recommendation from the man.  At the first class he meets Noah Zajack, an orphan whose life is the complete opposite.  A skilled artist as well, Noah is also hoping to win the Milton.


No matter how hard Will tries to hide his true sexuality, pretending to be something he’s not, his feelings for Noah make the lies harder and harder to swallow.  Juggling two lives becomes a nightmare.  Something has to give before there’s nothing left of Will.


Secrets have a way of coming out at the worst possible moment.  Just ask Will as his life implodes in Outing the Quarterback.  Feeling his angst, his attempts to hold on literally bleed off the pages in waves.  Surprisingly, even with all the drama and chaos in Will’s life the humor and romance come through loud and clear.  The characters are compassionate when they need to be, dark when necessary, sexy too.  Cheer on Will and Noah.  They deserve to find their own little piece of heaven in Outing the Quarterback.  Will’s battle is worth the effort of breaking free.  I Joyfully recommend Outing the Quarterback for being a truly entertaining tale of triumph.


WOLF IN GUCCI LOAFER’S by Tara LainWolf in Gucci Loafer's by Tara Lain
Series: Tales of the Harker Pack #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Lindsey Vanessen has a foot in two very different and drastically dissimilar worlds.  He is part of a wealthy human family, and a socialite, but he is also half ,werewolf.  That is a really unusual mixture and because of it, Lindsey has always felt as if he didn’t truly belong in either world. Lindsey has never hidden the fact he was gay and, in fact, is very flashy about it. When someone, or a group of people, started preying on the wealthy families, Lindsey decided to do something about it as only he could.


Seth Zakowsy is one tough and hunky cop. He is also one of the cops on the task force to investigate who is kidnapping the wealthy and holding them for ransom. The last thing Seth needs is to be distracted while in the investigation, but that is exactly what happens when he comes into contact with Lindsey during one high-focus kidnapping. Seth is impressed by how willingly Lindsey is to help out his friend, but he also tries to keep him out of the police investigation, which is easier said than done when Lindsey agrees to get Seth into his world to investigate.


Lindsey was immediately attracted to Seth, but believed that it was okay because Seth was straight. How wrong he was. Seth is just as gay as Lindsey is and just as attracted. Lindsey is trying to balance his helping Seth,along with a new dating interest. Seth works hard to stay focused on the investigation and not on his building lust for Lindsey. As the investigation goes on, it appears that the investigation is headed in the right direction. But just as Seth and Lindsey both give in to their mutual passion, Lindsey is taken. Now it is a race to free Lindsey, but while the rescue happens, another huge secret is revealed. Can Seth and Lindsey ever find a way to combine their lives, and can Seth accept all of what Lindsey is?


A flaming socialite and a hard-nose cop learn that all is fair in love and war in Wolf in Gucci Loafers.  Lindsey uses both his connections and natural attributes to find out just who is attacking and kidnapping the wealthy community. Seth is willing to do whatever it takes to solve this investigation, even if it means getting up close and personal with a community that he has never been a part of. I got a kick out of watching Seth and Lindsey circle each other and loved it when they finally got together.  I was a bit worried if Seth and Lindsey would overcome the huge gaps in both of Lindsey’s worlds and Seth’s, but I should have known that when love is in the mix, it will always come out right. I really loved all that was involved in Lindsey’s rescue. Wolf in Gucci Loafers is a tale of greed and passion with compassion and friendships just when they are needed. I really hope to see more of the Harker pack in the future, so I can see what has happened to the pack members I have come to love.


THE PACK OR THE PANTHER by Tara LainThe Pack or the Panther by Tara Lain
Series: Tales of the Harker Pack #1
Published by Dreamspinner Press Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Cole Harker is the son of the Alpha pair and one of the best trackers of the pack.  Cole has never hidden the fact he is gay, however, every single member of the pack, but one has ignored him—including his parents. Cole has put up with the rare dates and has let the pack treat him as if he was straight. But now Cole is about to make a decision that will most likely ruin his life forever. His parents have arranged a mating for him with the daughter of another pack for political reasons. A lifetime mated to a woman, no matter how much Cole might learn to like her, will be a lifetime of sacrifice and hiding in the shadows.


Paris Marketo is gay, an exotic male dancer, a first child of the Alpha of the Marketo pack, and a panther, not a wolf like the rest of the pack. When Paris is told of his sister’s engagement and asked to come home for the celebration, he agrees for a couple of reasons. When Paris goes to a bar with other members of his pack the night before the mating celebration begins, he is overcome by the most wonderful scent ever, and it helps that it comes from a really tasty looking male. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that is the same male who has been mated to his half-sister, Analiese. Even worse Paris discovers that Cole is gay and wonders just what his dad is thinking.


Cole once again surrenders to the needs of the pack and goes into the mating, only to find out that he isn’t the only one having second thoughts and, even worse, he’s sexually attracted to his intended’s half-brother.  On a night that turns both packs upside down, Cole and Paris have an encounter that will take their lust to the next level. But the danger being held over both packs’ heads is still there. and Paris wants nothing to do with any pack or its politics. When Cole learns that the same person threatening the pack is also threatening Paris, he springs into action. An inter-pack war is on the horizon. The Harker and Marketo packs still need to be joined so that they will fight together. Once again, the Alphas come up with a solution. The question is, will Cole and Paris’s love survive this second round of pack pressure and the war to have the future just in front of them?


Everyone knows that there is no such thing as a gay shapeshifter. That is until two packs are forced to acknowledge what has always been in front of them.  Paris and Cole prove that it doesn’t matter who you love to be a strong warrior in The Pack or the Panther.  I have to say, if I was Cole, I’m not sure I would have sacrificed my future for a pack that treated me so badly. I understood why Paris went on his own journey and left his father’s pack.  But there were many times when I wanted to biff both Cole and Paris in the back of the head and make them see things that were right in front of them. However, both had me loving them by the end of the book. I also loved how they forced both packs to open their eyes and acknowledge that gay shapeshifters do exist and deserve to be treated the same as every other member of the pack. Paris’ surprise at the end had me laughing out loud and told me that life in both packs was going to be a wild ride for many years.  The Pack or the Panther wraps suspense with passion with large touches of humor along with the danger—all of which kept me intrigued until I turned the last page.


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