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TOO WILD TO TAME by Tessa Bailey

TOO WILD TO TAME by Tessa BaileyToo Wild to Tame by Tessa Bailey
Series: Romancing the Clarksons #2
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Too Wild to Tame is the second book in Tessa Bailey’s Romancing the Clarksons series and the road trip is underway with Aaron and the rest of his siblings. In the first book, Too Wild to Handle, we learn that Aaron was let go from his previous political job and has to make a stop to try to get a new one with a new senator, but don’t worry if you haven’t read it Bailey tells the complete story in Too Wild to Tame with lots of details.


One thing I can say about Bailey’s heroes is that they are smoking hot! Aaron was everything and a bag of chips. He comes off as a playboy but after meeting Grace you can really see how into her he is even though he doesn’t want to mess up his new position with her father. From his first encounter with Grace, right away I could see the chemistry that they had and I have to hand it to Grace for holding out as long as she could with Aaron. Grace went through a big ordeal a few years ago and it was covered up by her father and his people. She just wants to do the right thing and not forget what happened, but since the ordeal happened she isn’t treated like the daughter of a senator but as a prisoner.


Too Wild to Tame had an interesting plot from the beginning and only kept getting more interesting as it progressed. Both Aaron and Grace are different as night and day but when they come together they weren’t just heating up the pages but they started to build a good emotional bond. Aaron tells Grace over and over that he isn’t a good person but Grace has begun to see a different side of him. I loved her beliefs and how she wanted do the right thing but I also loved how much she believed in Aaron and I think he needed that. While Grace tended to have surprises for Aaron along the way Aaron stood by her and not only helped her with her dreams and plans but showed her things her family didn’t which was really touching.


I love a good dirty talker and Aaron was just that! Bailey sure knew how to turn the heat up and yet still make the romance blooming between the two main characters shine. The more of this series that I read the more I find myself enjoying it. Too Wild to Tame is filled with laughs, heart and unforgettable characters. The more I get to know the Clarkson’s the more I want to road trip with them because nothing is ever dull with them and I’m really looking forward to their next stop and what is coming up.

TOO HOT TO HANDLE by Tessa Bailey

TOO HOT TO HANDLE by Tessa BaileyToo Hot to Handle by Tessa Bailey
Series: Romancing the Clarksons #1
Published by Forever Genres: Contemporary
Source: Reviewer


Tessa Bailey is a new author to me so when I read the blurb of Too Hot to Handle it sounded like a story that I wanted to read. Of course I wish it would have been on my radar sooner but that’s okay, I have it now. I don’t believe I have ever read a romance story that has siblings taking off on a road trip and I really liked that about Too Hot to Handle. From that moment on I knew I was going to enjoy whatever Ms Bailey threw at them and boy was I right.


The Clarkson siblings are on the road to fulfill their mothers dying wish. While they all might live close together they are anything but close. Somewhere along the lines they each took their own path so this road trip can either reconnect them or put even more distance between them. While this story was a romance it was also about finding themselves and making their way back to each other as a family which I thought was spectacular and an added bonus.


The characters are just simply to die for! They stood out and I don’t mean just their personalities but the uniqueness that was brought to each and every one of them. The descriptions on their individual looks also made me take notice of them, especially Rita, who really stood out. Jasper also did some standing out; he used to be the guy who women went to for a good time but he took time off from that to really figure out what he wanted. When Rita meets him on the side of the road when their ride breaks down I knew he would be trouble but he was definitely the good kind of trouble. Jasper was smooth and total sex on a stick. Instantly you can tell that Jasper is interested in Rita but she doesn’t seem interested at first. All I kept thinking is if Rita didn’t want him I would gladly step in to have his flannel wearing babies.


I don’t want to spoil too much but when these siblings are together they have some ridiculously funny moments and arguments. They are trying so hard not to kill one another but you can see it all comes from love. One of my favorite parts is when they’re at a bonfire in the middle of nowhere and they tell a secret that no one else knows. Honestly Peggy’s secret had me laughing for a good long time before I could continue the story. Ms Bailey’s humor was out of this world and it made the book more enjoyable.

The romance progress between Jasper and Rita went at a believable pace. It wasn’t rushed and yet it wasn’t smooth sailing either. These two fall in love in just a matter of days but the way it was written it felt like this couple knew each other longer which I liked. They had great chemistry and Rita fit well into Jasper’s world when it sounded like she was used to being such an outsider in general. The love scenes are smoking and that includes a very dirty talking Jasper which of course I totally had to swoon over. He is one of those heroes that when he starts talking you have no choice but to listen and because of that he has been added to my book boyfriend list, flannel shirt and all.


Of all the books I am looking forward to reading the rest of this year I can happily say this series is at the top of my list. I can’t wait to see who will be next and what else will happen on their adventure to fulfilling their mother’s last wishes. This story was funny, sweet and had a happily ever after that I will forever remember.

CRASHED OUT by Tessa Bailey

CRASHED OUT by Tessa BaileyCrashed Out by Tessa Bailey
Series: Made in Jersey #1
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Author

Sarge Purcell is in love with a woman who is seven years his senior who just happens to be his older sister’s best friend.  So much so, that she is the secret inspiration for his music career success.  After a four year absence, Sarge returns to his hometown to reconnect and claim the woman that he has always loved – Jasmine Taveras.


Jasmine Taveras has always had a big dream of becoming a famous singer; however, her dream never became a reality.  Instead she ends up working in the town’s factory like most of the folks in Hook, New Jersey.  Her life becomes more interesting when Sarge returns to town.  Not only has he grown up into a fine looking, young man; but, Jasmine is surprised to find herself attracted to someone that she used to babysit.


With Sarge in hot pursuit of Jasmine, will she give into her desire to be with a younger man?


Crashed Out is a tightly crossed-leg, lip-wetting type of novella that will have you fanning your flaming cheeks.  The lust factor between Jasmine and Sarge is mega hot and as you can imagine the sexual encounters are passionate and full of erotic, explicit play.  Although, Jasmine is in a constant internal battle with their age difference, Sarge’s dirty talk relentlessly melts her heart at every turn.  Whereas, Jasmine and Sarge have valid reasons for their uncertainties; I relish in watching the couple discover just how much they deeply feel, want, and need one another.  All in all, Crashed Out is a good read.


BAITING THE MAID OF HONOR by Tessa BaileyBaiting the Maid of Honor by Tessa Bailey
Series: Wedding Dare
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher


Reed Lawson looks more criminal than fierce SWAT leader.  He’s by the books at work but when it comes to the bedroom he’s a no-holds-barred type of man.  It only takes one look for Reed to know that he wants to take a bite out of the sexy high-strung Maid of Honor.


Julie Piper has been planning her best friend’s wedding for the past year.  The six-day event has finally arrived and the stress has been ramped up to about a thousand. Julie needs a release in the worst way and she wants it with the Best Man.  However, Reed has different plans for Ms. Piper.  Will they make love or war?


Baiting the Maid of Honor makes me smile. Reed and Julie have this magic chemistry. Their first scene together is so simple yet unforgettably sensual. From that moment on you know that Baiting the Maid of Honor is going to be one fun, sexy read!


Weddings can be so stressful and poor Julie is a tough cookie determined to make her friend’s wedding a success. Reed’s dominant alpha hero will forever hold a special place in my heart not only because he is sexy as hell but because he hails from a town a stone’s throw from me.  These two set the bedroom on fire after a room key switcheroo. Things only get hotter as this wedding week goes on.  If you can stand the heat then you will love Baiting the Maid of Honor.

EXPOSED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

EXPOSED BY FATE by Tessa BaileyExposed by Fate by Tessa Bailey
Series: Serve #2
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Erotic
Source: Publisher


Oliver Preston is used to getting what he wants but the last person he needs to want is his sister’s best friend.  But when he spots the woman of his fantasies at New York’s premier BDSM club Oliver finds it difficult to maintain his composure.


Interior designer Eliza Ballas accompanied a friend on a whim to a famous BDSM club in Manhattan.  Serve BDSM club does things to Eliza she never expected and now she’s ready to take one sexy Brit to bed. But first she asks the one person she trusts, Oliver Preston to show her the art of BDSM so she can seduce the Brit. Oliver has other ideas. He wants Eliza for himself and intends to take this opportunity to show her he’s the better man for her.


Tessa Bailey’s Exposed By Fate is a fabulous kinky romance.  I loved Eliza’s shy sassiness.  How she gathered the nerve to ask Oliver to teach her how to seduce another man, I will never know but it’s hot!  I also couldn’t get enough of Oliver’s cocky dominant hero.  These two make sizzling passionate love together and watching them fall for each other is a treat.  Bailey keeps her characters deep, sexy and romantic Exposed By Fate is another example.

MAKE ME by Tessa Bailey

Russell!!!!! Yes yes yes yes. Once again, Ms. Bailey has given us a hero who has earned my heart. I have been waiting for Russell’s story since, Chase Me. We have watched Russell love Abby from afar. His friends want him to declare his love to her, put them both out of their misery andContinue Reading

OWNED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

Caroline Preston and her friend enter New York City’s famous BDSM club Serve with the intention of checking out the debauchery within.  Caroline is a serious journalist determined to hate everything the club stands for.  She is driven by the fact that her brother wants to turn the family’s famous magazine into a read forContinue Reading

RISKING IT ALL by Tessa Bailey

Seraphina Newsom is working undercover trying to find the gangsters responsible for her brother’s death. She may be a bit in over her head but she will do whatever it takes even put her life in danger.  Suddenly, she finds herself alone in the middle of the most dangerous part of New York City.  Continue Reading


Ruby Elliott is finally on the right track and more importantly happy.  She has left her life as a con and pool shark behind for the sexy NYPD Detective Troy Bennett.  For Ruby and Troy it was lust at first sight.  It may have seemed like a match made in hell in the beginning butContinue Reading


Ginger Peet and Derek Tyler are heading towards different stages in their relationship.  They are happy living together and Ginger has some special news for her Lieutenant but he refuses to listen.  Derek closes Ginger out instead of sharing the truth with her.  A bad guy returns to Chicago and Derek thinks putting distance betweenContinue Reading

UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey

UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey

Willa Peet won the trip of a lifetime! She gets to spend a month in Ireland at the Claymore Inn.  The trip couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Willa’s sister Ginger is starting her much deserved family after raising Willa when their mother went AWOL.  Willa is so happy for her sister and yetContinue Reading

HIS RISK TO TAKE by Tessa Bailey

Ruby Elliot knows her way around the streets. She’s known for her pool hustling skills but New York homicide cop Troy Bennett wants to get to know her in the biblical sense.  Troy’s a recent transfer from Chicago.  He thinks the relocation will help him overcome the tragedy he left behind.  However, he doesn’t anticipateContinue Reading


Ginger Peet has been taking care of her teenage sister for years.  She wants something more for her sister, and when a bundle of money drops in her lap she knows now is the time to start over somewhere new.  Ginger and her sister leave Nashville and land in Chicago.  Ginger has never been aContinue Reading



Story Brooks just got dumped by her fiancé. A bad way to end an evening for sure but it gets worse as she gets a call that her hostage negotiator father has been rushed to the ER.  They might not have the closest relationship but Story races to her father’s beside non the less! AContinue Reading



  He thinks she is a snob… Brent Mason is a cop who plays with explosives during the day and a handy mechanic at night. Brent works two jobs trying to help his sister get through college.  He is a smooth operator with the ladies but his rough edges always get caught on his buddy’sContinue Reading



  NYPD sniper Matt Donovan is the strong silent type. When he is asked to pick up his best friend’s little sister from college he agrees. However, it is the last thing he wants to do. He arrives to discover instead of his friend’s sister her roommate; a vixen that makes Matt hot and botheredContinue Reading

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