Author: Toni Blake



Christmas in Destiny
by Toni Blake

Series: Destiny #7
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


It’s been a few years since the last Destiny story came out and I honestly thought the series was over. But when I heard Christmas in Destiny was being released I knew it was going to be a great installment to add to this wonderfully written series and Toni Blake didn’t disappoint. Blake takes us back to Destiny, Ohio where it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The snow is falling, ginger bread is being made and the hot chocolate keeps flowing.


On Shane’s father’s death bed he told Shane to go to Destiny that something was waiting for him there. As to what it might be, Shane has no idea but takes the trip anyway. But when a blizzard has him wrecking his truck and staying with a complete stranger, his plans to get to Miami are put on hold until his truck is fully fixed. What Shane didn’t plan on was meeting a lovely woman with a big heart and joining in with the community festivities. Every day he is there brings him closer to staying but when someone from his past who he thought he had forgotten comes into the picture again Shane has a choice to make. Will he stay in Destiny or will the new life waiting for him in Miami win?


After Candice let Shane spend the night she is relieved when he leaves the next morning. She might have been attracted to him but he has trouble written all over him and Candice has been there and done that with her ex. The last thing she needs is to have her heart broken again, but when Shane sticks around while having his truck fixed the more she gets to know him the more she likes him. Candice finds out that Shane isn’t all bad and the pull to him is growing stronger. She knows there is a chance he will decide to leave for good but she is hoping to give him more reasons to stay and make Destiny his new home.


I’m sure Candice might have made appearances in the previous books since she is Tessa’s cousin, but while reading I honestly didn’t remember her. I can say I am glad she ended up getting her own story. I really enjoyed her character, she was funny, weary and yet had one of the best hearts in a heroine that I have read in a long time. Shane was the bad boy who was really good. I mean he’s a stranger in this town and I think he must have helped every character in the book with something at some point. Once he put on the Santa suit he totally won my heart.


One thing I love about the Destiny series is how close the community is. Everyone is so nice and helpful it honestly makes me wish that I lived there. Blake really showed in this story how a community can really come together to help their friends. I found it heartwarming and really loved how everyone pulled together so close to Christmas when people are usually running around taking care of their last minute shopping and what not.


While Shane and Candice might be new characters to me I enjoyed them a lot. I felt that they were well developed and very likable. They might seem so different at first but believe it or not these two had stuff in common that just helped them really connect. The romance was sweet and left me grinning.


Of course the previous characters all make an appearance which was one of my favorite parts of this story. It was great catching up with them to see what had changed over the years and it made me realize how much I have missed reading about each and every one of them. The ending had me in tears and was another favorite part of mine because it looks like the Destiny series is coming to an end with how Blake did the epilogue and I have to say it was really fantastic and unexpected. If you love contemporary romances as much as I do and you haven’t yet picked up this series I suggest you do that as soon as possible because you won’t want to miss Christmas in Destiny which I highly recommend to add to your TBR list.



Take Me All The Way
by Toni Blake

Series: Coral Cove #3
Published by HarperCollins Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Tamra Day doesn’t need anything more in her life than what she has already.  Yet as time wears on, Tamra begins to hunger for something…more.  However, the pickings in Coral Cove aren’t exactly abundant for this garden designer, and the one that seems to pique her interest does so in more ways than one.


Jeremy Sheridan, a war hero, decides to make a new start in a completely new area.  Not wanting to rely upon the kindness of friends and family, he takes his wounded self to Coral Cove and attempts to make something more of what’s left of his life.  Signing on to help with the heavy lifting for the newly designed golf course, Jeremy finds that his new boss, Tamra, is way too controlling and fun to tease, but he just can’t help himself.


As these two learn to work together to get a job done for the town, they soon find that being together is more combustible than they ever dreamed.  And discovering what makes the other tick just might be the answer to the piece that they were missing all along.


Take Me All the Way is a hot, sexy read about common everyday people that is relevant to today’s time.  Jeremy with his baggage that he brought to Take Me All the Way endeared him to this reader, because underneath that pain was the real man waiting to be unearthed.  He felt real and complete with his hero capabilities, softness in the right places, and hardness when it was justified in Take Me All the Way.


Tamra held herself aloft to most of her friends, but Jeremy quickly ascertained things about her that no one else seemed to pick up on in Take Me All The Way.  She knew that she was finally getting to the proper place in her life to be open to something more, and Jeremy showed up as though he was an answer to a prayer in Take Me All the Way.  However, it wouldn’t be an easy feat, as these two still had some growing to do in Take Me All the Way, but watching them grow and bind together was quite amusing and entertaining in Take Me All the Way.


Because of the sheer joy I found in reading Take Me All the Way, I Joyfully Recommend it for a frolicking good time lounging on the beach!  However, be warned that it isn’t to be taken lightly, because if you look beyond the surface, you may just find hints of yourself in these two protagonists or perhaps of those you love.

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