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PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina Heart

PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina HeartPenal Station 05 by Valentina Heart
Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

A prison riot on Penal Station 05 resulted in condemning everyone trapped within the facility to a lifetime of incarceration, including the remaining guards and prisoners due to be released.  Each month food and supplies are dropped within the central cell along with new condemned prisoners.  Over time they evolved into their little civilization where the strong survive and the weak do not.  Newcomers are considered fair game and the spoils of anyone who can claim them.


On the latest drop Jared is among the fresh batch.  As he is being overwhelmed by several inmates he admits that he was a guard on another station wrongfully condemned.


Sar has always ignored new prisoners in the past.  He takes as many supplies as he can to use or trade until the next scheduled drop.  Going against everything he holds dear Sar saves Jared from the certainty of gang rape or worse.  One of the biggest and strongest on the station Sar keeps Jared and begins to train him to survive.


Learning the ropes and settling into his new life Sar and Jared are concerned when another drop, an unexpected one happens and brings men with an agenda involving Jared.  The life Sar and Jared began to carve out won’t survive what’s about to happen.


Penal Station 05 is a riveting, dark and distressing look at lost lives.  This character driven tale concentrating on two unlikely prisoners will absolutely grab the reader.  Truly heartbreaking twists and evil turns will thoroughly engage you in their unique love story. It’s not the easiest romance, but Penal Station 05 is a captivating page turner.

OWNER OF MY HEART by Valentina Heart

OWNER OF MY HEART by Valentina HeartOwner of My Heart by Valentina Heart
Series: Mending the Rift #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

The kingdoms of Jede and Kari have successfully united with the nuptials of King Merin and Prince Rin.  At least that is the intent, though recently word has leaked that the high council of Kari plans to install Prince Rin’s cousin on the throne.


Two previous attempts on Rin’s life failed.  On the third try Merin and Rin are handed the most horrific of outcomes when the Prince loses the children he is carrying.  Bereft with pain he withdraws into a shell that Merin, also grieving, cannot reach.


Healing takes time.  Eventually Merin is able to help Rin recover. Though the prospect of another pregnancy scares the couple they are able to rejoice when Rin conceives once more.  Their happiness is tempered however with the news of a foreign enemy at their border.  The possibility of a family will hopefully give them the strength to fight an unknown foe before it is too late.


Emotions run high in Owner of my Heart as hell falls down upon the living.  Merin and Rin’s pain is palpable in this intense story.  Coming to terms with loss is touched on with dignity and honesty.  Owner of my Heart walks a hard road and manages to shine by the end. Broken hearts mend while a shocking twist leaves room for another tale to come.

TWO HEARTS ONE VOICE by Valentina Heart

TWO HEARTS ONE VOICE by Valentina HeartTwo Hearts One Voice by Valentina Heart
Series: Mending the Rift #3
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

The dual kingdoms of Jede and Kari are rejoicing in the healthy birth of heirs to the throne.  After losing their first children King Merin and Prince Rin would like nothing better than to spend every moment with their new family. Unfortunately word reaches them of a threat from their far border.


A rift within the kingdom of the Riki poses a grave threat to the Jede and Kari.  King Merin receives information that the Riki intend to either overtake the dual lands or die to the last man.


United in the desire to save their people, Merin and Rin try to use every means necessary to end the bloody conflict.  As the body count continues to rise it is Rin who comes up with a possible solution after seeing Merin fall in battle.  The one thing the King and Prince learned for a certainty – life is precious.


Two Hearts One Voice grabs the reader and doesn’t let go.  A clever balance of desperate times and personal joy, the third book in the Mending the Rift series resonates with emotion.  Merin and Rin deal with the worst and best of life in the most positive way possible.  The plotline hits the highs of family and the lows of war, the action never ends.  Enjoy and embrace Two Hearts One Voice.  It took a while to arrive.  So totally worth the wait.

KING’S CONQUEST by Valentina Heart

KING’S CONQUEST by Valentina HeartKing's Conquest by Valentina Heart
Series: Mending the Rift #1
Published by Totally Bound Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

Upon the death of the ruler of the Kingdom of Kari, Prince Rin became aware of his true worth.  He was to become the property of the Kingdom of Jeda.  King Merinej would enjoy Prince Rin as his latest acquisition.


The only way in which Prince Rin would agree to the awful proposal without fuss was a contract signed by King Merinej in which they would be formally married.  At least Rin wouldn’t feel like a discarded whore once Merinej tired of him in the royal bedroom.


Ego made them believe the worst in each other before they ever met.  But from the first introduction their feelings began to change.  Both have much to learn from the other if they can avoid what everyone else is telling them.


Mending the Rift begins with a multitude of misconceptions in King’s Conquest where powerful enemies become forever lovers.  Prince Rin has lead an insular life as a pawn whereas King Merinej knows how and when to wield power.  Given a new start the two find a way to embrace their differences and fall in love.  A great start to a very promising romantic tale.  King’s Conquest excels.

TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina Heart

TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina Heart

TEACHER PLUS TWO by Valentina HeartTeacher Plus Two by Valentina Heart
Published by Dreamspinner Press on 2011-10-24
Genres: Gay, Menage, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa

In a technologically advanced universe where humans are classed according to their sexual expertise, Orrin, a man approaching revered Teacher status, is kidnapped and forced to educate slaves in the pleasures of the flesh. Before he can attempt to teach his first student, he has to save the life of Fai, a purring Mattian. Orrin just manages to nurse his little lion back to health when their cell gains another occupant: Hara, an exotic and experienced slave who was sold by his old master. Despite their difficult circumstances and knowing they will eventually be separated, the three men form an steadfast bond. Soon Hara finds himself with a colorful new Master across the universe while Orrin and Fai remain behind at the slave traders' base. With their problems only building daily, can they find a way back to each other or will they succumb to the trials they face?


Once a planet of war and misery, the people of Earth thankfully evolved into a peaceful society with various stages of enlightenment along the way. The young are classified as Innocents who grow into blue eyed Adults. Those that choose the final stage become purple eyed Teachers who are sexually superior, have greater understanding of the human psyche, and other character defining qualities. They also become immortal.

Nearing the final stage though not quite a Teacher, Orrin is minding his own business one evening when he is kidnapped. Waking aboard a transport ship in space is bad enough but when Orrin is told that he is expected to teach the other kidnapped beings how to be good sexual slaves he is horrified. It is a few days of beatings and torture that make Orrin reluctantly agree though he has every intention of escaping as soon as possible.

As the ship journeys towards its destination Orrin makes a lasting connection with first one slave and then another, each unique beings from far flung planets. Teaching slaves to accept nothing less than rape however is slowly tearing Orrin apart. The only thing keeping him from succumbing to madness are Fai and Hara. But love won’t keep Orrin going on much longer. Somehow they must all escape this nightmare.

Out of this world intense and passionate! Teacher Plus Two handles a variety of emotional entanglements with crushing realism and undeniable heart. There’s no question that Teacher Plus Two is a unique, challenging tale of love in its purest form. The characters aren’t stereotypical, especially the `bad’ guy, as well as another. I don’t want to give anything away, but suffice it to say Teacher Plus Two pulls every heart string, equally and hard. I Joyfully recommend Teacher Plus Two. It’s a totally original romance written somewhere in the stars.

BLOODY LOVE SPATS by Valentina Heart

Vampire Tomislav ‘Tomi’ Virgren may be Prince of the coven and the only living, therefore cherished, relative of his sister the Queen. Except everyone treats him like crap when his exalted sister isn’t present.  It’s downright unpleasant at times. Tomi escapes to his favorite hiding place in the nearby forest when it gets really bad.Continue Reading

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