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WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria Sue

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria SueWho We Truly Are by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The FBI Enhanced team has the public on their side.  For the first time humans are having a positive response to the feared Enhanced.  All because the team was able to foil a robbery and save human lives.


A rash of missing Enhanced children and teens hits the team hard.  They determine the kids are being taken from several foster homes.  Finn Mayer, their human team mate is the only one capable of pretending to be a teen and he’s also going to have to act like a believable Enhanced.


The danger to Finn is certainly real which is hard for team leader Talon Valdez to deal with.  For the first time in Talon’s life he cares for someone and his possessive attitude isn’t going down well with Finn.  Everything hinges on the hope that Finn is snatched so that the team can figure out what’s going on.  Finding the body of one of the missing Enhanced teens isn’t the best way to calm Talon’s fears for his lover’s safety.  Definitely not the best way to start an undercover operation.


The unique Enhanced series introduces another intense story in Who We Truly Are.  Fascinating, flawed characters work through difficult personal issues while at the same time do their best to save lives.  Who We Truly Are has an emotionally charged plotline involving the most vulnerable, Enhanced kids.  Talon and Finn’s relationship is both steamy and complicated, as well as rich in detail.  Author Victoria Sue has written an exceptional multi-layered original story in Who We Truly Are.


FIVE MINUTES LONGER by Victoria SueFive Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #1
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Years ago a strange phenomenon began to appear.  Children randomly awoke to an odd mark upon their face.  There was no rhythm or reason for it.  The mark meant that they were Enhanced.  They would develop some kind of power, weak or strong they were no longer human.  And it was only occurring in the U.S.- nowhere else.


Growing up in boring middle America Finn Mayer’s best friend was Adam.  They did everything together.  At least until the day Finn watched as his best buddy was taken away by cops.  Adam’s parents stood by and watched but did nothing.  That was the last time Finn saw his best friend.


For years and years Finn held onto the dream of joining the FBI.  He desperately wanted to leave home.  When the letter arrived from the Bureau letting him know he wasn’t a candidate for training it broke his heart.


Out of the blue Finn receives a call.  He’s told to travel to Florida to begin training as an FBI agent.  Finn will be the first human to join an Enhanced team.  Butting heads with his Enhanced team mates, the tension to be accepted and outside forces who wish them to fail are all getting to Finn.  He’s desperate to succeed.  But at what cost?


Five Minutes Longer lays the groundwork for a terrific series.  Conflicts within the team multiply while outsiders fan the flames for disaster.  This fascinating character driven plot explores a variety of emotional issues, bonds, and relationship woes.  Painfully lacking in confidence Finn is the catalyst for a solid story in Five Minutes Longer.  Book two can’t come soon enough.

SEDUCTION by Shannon West and Victoria Sue

SEDUCTION by Shannon West and Victoria SueSeduction by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies #2
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

Their existence is a secret.  No one, no one human that is, can learn that there are aliens living among them.  The somewhat humorous rumors concerning vampires are trickled down facts.  As long as nobody suspects there are superior beings among them their people should be safe.  They fled their planet long ago before it destroyed itself and landed on Earth.  They pray for a new home elsewhere but for now this is home.


The death of their leader, their Saak’da, is a true day of mourning.  Kaden D’Marco has taken his rightful place as the new Saak’da with his extremely pregnant human mate, Matty Adams at his side.  His younger brother Alek continues to support and aid Kaden. Too bad Kaden’s twin brother Davv’id turned traitor, though lately his actions support his claims of innocence.


On the way home from the funeral Matty unexpectedly goes into labor.  Ironically a human police officer has pulled them over and Alek is hard pressed to hide what’s going on in the back seat.  Officer Max Carter thinks at first that it’s a sick joke but quickly takes charge of the most bizarre day of his life and helps them deliver the baby.


Alek is supposed to transport them back home – without Max, but somehow he is pulled along.  Max was also supposed to have his memories altered by Alek, yet for some reason it didn’t work.  It doesn’t take long for Alek to realize that the officer is his mate.  Explaining everything to him is going to take a lot of, well, a lot of something.  Never mind there’s still the issue of someone committing treason by doing every single thing they are forbidden to do, such as drinking human blood, turning them into thralls or worse.  If it’s not their brother, who?  Between a constantly crying baby and a madman in their midst Alek is going to lose it, big time.  And then there’s Max, a godsend or a nightmare.  This is not Alek’s finest day.


Book two in the Guardian of the Five Rubies series titled Seduction is a highly absorbing, dangerously sexy page turner.  Sometimes dark, sometimes funny Seduction packs a bit of everything in an intelligent plotline.  Well drawn characters make the compelling story an addictive treat.  Alek and Max have the most unconventional of relationships. Their convoluted romance will hold the reader from beginning to end.  Seduction promised and delivers.

KISS OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

KISS OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria SueKiss the Alpha by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Supremacy of Wolves #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

A virus known as the Pestilence wiped out 75% of the human race in one fell swoop.  Though not responsible for the plague it was an opportunity for the wolf shifters to take over.  North America is split into Nine Territories with a Supreme Alpha in charge and his appointed Alphas leading each territory.  Quinn has taken over from a ruthless despotic predecessor who abused his role as Supreme Alpha.


The Third Territory had been ruled by Mikkael, a brutal bully of a wolf.  Quinn removed him from his position and placed Devon Shaw in charge.  Before the world went sideways Devon was a teacher helping to raise his younger brother Brandon.


Rebel leader Jay Tabor is given a present by fellow rebel Alan during a meeting.  It’s a caged and drugged Devon who gave himself up during a rebel raid to stop further bloodshed.  After cleaning him up and planning to set the wolf free to the Supreme Alpha Jay is given a hard truth.  The Third Territory Alpha and the rebel leader are mates.  Jay is well aware of what happens when bonded mates are separated.  He watched Aaron almost die before Quinn saved him.


Between the mate bond and poor communication Jay and Devon feel both ecstatic and desperate.  They cannot be apart, yet a Territorial Alpha and a rebel leader can’t be together either.  To make matters worse there are spies in the camp and in the leader’s home.  The chances of Jay and Devon finding some kind of middle ground are shrinking by the minute.


Kiss of the Alpha is an exceptional dynamic addition to the Supremacy of the Wolves series.  Passion, betrayal, and plot twists hold the reader’s attention. The sexual tension between Jay and Devon, as well as the undercurrents of lies and suspicions make Kiss of the Alpha the total package for an entertaining read.  Also, dominance is flipped in this intense story, which adds a further layer to the plotline. An absolute page turner.

PROPERTY OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

PROPERTY OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria SueProperty of the Alpha by Shannon West, Victoria Sue
Series: Supremacy of the Wolves #1
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Painted Hearts Publishing

An unknown virus struck the world and spread like wildfire.  By the time it had swept the globe 75% of the human race perished.  Wolf shifters were unaffected and easily took control.  The Pestilence had done its job and changed everything.  North America became the Nine Territories run by the Supreme Alpha and his Nine Territory Alphas.


Quinn, the current Supreme Alpha took power after defeating a barbaric, savage predecessor who treated the remaining humans abominably.  Human rebel factions are a constant problem.  A recent assassination attempt by rebels left two of his wolves dead.


Surviving the Pestilence, Aaron Tabor has spent every waking hour trying to find his younger brother Jamie, who supposedly joined the rebels.  In an attempt to locate his brother Aaron also joins the rebels who promptly identify him as the bomber.


Chained and imprisoned for a lesser crime Aaron is unfortunately recognized by Quinn who plans on making an example of the bomber until the Supreme Alpha realizes the rebel is in fact his true mate.   Taking the human into his household inadvertently sets up an opportunity for the rebels.  Yet again, Aaron will suffer for the actions of others.  Unless of course Quinn is willing to believe in his fated mate.


Turning the world upside down, Property of the Alpha blazes a new path for an intense, fresh series.  Set within a unique storyline the characters are powerful, wolf and human alike.  Stubborn, strong, and so very sexy Quinn and Aaron are charismatic and engaging in all the best ways.  Sparks fly, the sexual heat is easily felt by readers.  An intriguing plot, captivating characters, and a world of endless possibilities to be found, all in the Nine Territories.  Property of the Alpha hits the bull’s eye for a great read.

TEMPTATION by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

Temptation by Shannon West, Victoria Sue Series: Guardians of the Five Rubies #1 Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Painted Hearts Publishing It’s always chaos on the weekends at the popular bar Temptation.  Busboy Matty Adams is well aware this Friday is a typical zoo.  No matter how fast he clears a spot his crankyContinue Reading

STRENGTH OF THE ALPHA by Shannon West & Victoria Sue

Strength of the Alpha by Shannon West, Victoria Sue Series: Supremacy of the Wolves #3 Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dark Hollow Press   Humans are no longer the dominate species.  A virus called the Pestilence had wiped out 75% of the population.  Wolf shifters who were once less than second class took control. Continue Reading

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