Author: Z. A. Maxfield

DEEP DECEPTION by Z. A. Maxfield

DEEP DECEPTION by Z. A. Maxfield
Deep Deception
by Z. A. Maxfield

Series: Deep #2
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Upset over a perceived lack of trust Dr. Adin Tredeger flees his vampire lover Donte Fedelta in Spain and heads to Paris.  Convincing Donte that he’s perfectly capable of running his own life and keeping himself safe has been an ongoing headache for the professor.


Hearing the news that his nemesis Ned Harwiche III is in Paris must be some kind of nasty karma.  Agreeing to a meeting on neutral ground seemed wise until strangers mistake Adin for Ned and kidnap him.  The wild ride ends with Adin coming face to face with a teenage boy chained to a wall in a cellar.


The only option is to save Bran from his captors and from whatever Ned had planned for him.  Adin can tell there is something special about the boy, something wholly unique.


As Adin begins to help the traumatized teenager Donte arrives in town.  Aware that love has never been the problem Adin is weighed down by promises to Donte and to Bran.  Promises however become complications when tragedy strikes them all.


Return to the dark world of the Deep series in Deep Deception.  Nothing has been settled between the characters as the story begins.  The stubborn human and the intractable vampire are perfectly matched lovers.  Bran’s introduction in this second book offers excellent perplexing new frustrations.  Since back story is somewhat scarce it takes a few pages to get fully immersed, but once there Deep Deception holds tightly to the reader until the end.  Suspense, mystery, and a stunning love story, Deep Deception succeeds on all counts.




Crossing Borders
by Z. A. Maxfield

Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


Tristan is all about having fun as a college student, but he never forgets his family, especially since his father died.  Tristan is also trying to figure out why, after a long string of girlfriends offering as much sex as he wants, he still is vaguely unsatisfied.  So Tristan figures its time to take a walk on the wild side and try sex with a man and see if it’s any different.  So armed with The Plan, Tristan hits the neighboring Borders store and picks up just about every available gay title and sits himself down in the café to see what he can catch.  However, he didn’t count on Officer Helmet, the bane of his existence, being there and offering, through text messaging, color commentary on all the men that approach Tristan.  So as Tristan is ready to pack up and give up on The Plan netting him a walk on the wild side, he finds himself somehow being picked up by none other than Michael Truax, Officer Helmet!


Michael Truax has been trying to catch Tristan to give him another ticket and check him out now that he is legal.  But what started as a friendly and safe offer to introduce Tristan into the joys of gay sex, quickly turns into something more – especially since Michael has had his eye on Tristan for a long time.  But Tristan is nineteen, almost ten years younger than Michael, and Michael fears that Tristan will break his heart when he leaves to experiment with other men or go back to girls.  But despite the age difference and their different lifestyles, somehow Michael and Tristan manage to make it work – for a while.  Because when Michael is seriously injured on the job, Tristan isn’t sure he could survive the death of another person close to him.  Can Michael convince Tristan that he is worth the chance?


Tristan is so young and not really ready to settle down – even if he is head over heals in love, but Michael is old enough that that is exactly what he wants with Tristan.  Can Michael wait for Tristan to grow up a little and can Tristan trust that Michael will keep his heart safe?


I think that I have become a Z.A. Maxfield fan for life!  Crossing Borders is a funny, sensual, romantic read which is, of course, scorchingly hot.  Tristan and Michael pack so much emotion and sensuality into each and every encounter that you share their impatience when waiting for them to be together again.  Tristan is young, impulsive, impetuous and so completely charming and loyal that you will be charmed by him on his very first appearance, but the strongest trait that makes Tristan an unforgettable character is his complete earnestness about himself and what he wants.  Michael is old enough to be cautious and experienced enough to guide Tristan during his exploration of his desire for men.  But when love comes into the equation, Michael will steal your heart completely as he oh so carefully reveals this truth to Tristan and waits with baited breath for Tristan’s reaction.  These two and their story are so memorable and compelling that I can almost guarantee that you will be reading their story more than once and eagerly awaiting Z.A. Maxfield’s next book.  Crossing Borders is the perfect read when you are looking for a great romance that will heat you up, melt your heart and wring a tear or two before it’s over.  I Joyfully Recommend Crossing Borders, it’s a book that will keep you up well into the night because you will want to finish it all in one sitting and you will resent all intrusions that pull you away from Tristan and Michael.  Get Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield today, you won’t regret it!

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