Genre: Erotic

ABANDONED AND UNSEEN by Carrie Ann Ryan and Alexandra Ivy

Twenty-five years ago, humans were plagued by the horrendous Verona Virus.  If it had not been for the shifters, humanity would have been lost.  Instead of openly welcoming shifters to be themselves in the everyday norm, humans turned against them and forced them to live in heavily guarded compounds – often times with a varietyContinue Reading


Reed Lawson looks more criminal than fierce SWAT leader.  He’s by the books at work but when it comes to the bedroom he’s a no-holds-barred type of man.  It only takes one look for Reed to know that he wants to take a bite out of the sexy high-strung Maid of Honor.   Julie PiperContinue Reading

THE ANDROID by Michelle Marquis

Eleanor Meyers is an undercover cop who might have must worked her last case when she is busted by an ex-con that she helped put away.  She has been working on a black marketing case involving illegal aphrodisiacs rung by rung and while Eleanor is still close to the bottom of the pile, she knowsContinue Reading

DREAMSPELL by Chandra Knight

Philomena Blys, or rather Mena, has these strange dreams that once started out making her feel protected.  The presence she felt inside the dreams was always there when she needed someone to help her through a difficult time or just to feel some support.  Then after she grew up, a new presence entered.  This oneContinue Reading

EXPOSED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

Oliver Preston is used to getting what he wants but the last person he needs to want is his sister’s best friend.  But when he spots the woman of his fantasies at New York’s premier BDSM club Oliver finds it difficult to maintain his composure.   Interior designer Eliza Ballas accompanied a friend on aContinue Reading

FIRST STEPS by Sean Michael

Peter Boone is a single father of infant twins Daniel and Ellen.  Peter is vacationing in the country with the babies hoping to stay permanently.   Chad Bristow is a ranger who stops by to warn Peter about the dangers of forest fires.  The men hit it off right away and Chad invites them toContinue Reading

COMMANDED by Stacey Kennedy

Sawyer Quinn is one of Las Vegas’ finest, otherwise known as a dedicated cop.  But Sawyer also has a side of him that only a few people know of, which is that he has been in the BDSM lifestyle for many years and right now is one of the six Masters in Club Sin.  SawyerContinue Reading

BECK AND CALL by Emma Holly

Mia Beck currently works at a PI firm, and her boss was her older brother’s partner until he passed away.  Mia just loves her work and her co-workers, especially the sexy Jake, the man who Mia has placed front and center in her day and night dreams.  Mia also has a very exceptional and uniqueContinue Reading

SCANDAL NEVER SLEEPS by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

by Shayla Black & Lexi Blake

Six young men went to the same Academy school together, called themselves the Perfect Gentlemen, and has remained friends into adulthood: Gabe, Dax, Connor, Zach, Roman, and Mad.   This is Gabe’s story…   Everly Parker is heartbroken over the death of her boss, Maddox “Mad” Crawford.  She is in conflict with some of herContinue Reading

LONG TIME GONE by Lorelei James

Calvin McKay isn’t a big fan of weddings, but since his brother is the groom, Cal is there to support him.  When Carson needs to sneak away from the upcoming nuptials for a bit of alone time with his wife to be, Cal is called upon to distract the bride’s younger sister Kimi.  Only, uponContinue Reading

MAKE ME by Tessa Bailey

Russell!!!!! Yes yes yes yes. Once again, Ms. Bailey has given us a hero who has earned my heart. I have been waiting for Russell’s story since, Chase Me. We have watched Russell love Abby from afar. His friends want him to declare his love to her, put them both out of their misery andContinue Reading

OWNED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

Caroline Preston and her friend enter New York City’s famous BDSM club Serve with the intention of checking out the debauchery within.  Caroline is a serious journalist determined to hate everything the club stands for.  She is driven by the fact that her brother wants to turn the family’s famous magazine into a read forContinue Reading

BLOODLINES by Jessica Lee

As the only son to the Alpha of the KinKaid pack, it is Evin KinKaid’s destiny to marry, become Alpha of his pack, and continue the KinKaid bloodline with full-blooded offspring.  But, there is one problem, Evin is gay.  Once Evin’s secret comes to light, his father banishes from the pack for being a disgraceContinue Reading


At the age of twelve when he rescued her from a tree, Cammie Masters vowed that one day Keanu Raine would be hers.  Years later when Keanu returns to town, Cammie is even more determined to stake her claim.   Keanu Raine is a member of an elite firefighter unit called the Smoke Jumpers.  KeanuContinue Reading

MAKE ME by Jessica Lee

Make Me is the sequel to Bloodlines and should be read in the order of release date.   Have you ever wished that your favorite characters storyline to continue after their happily-ever-after?  If so, then you are in for a treat with Make Me.  Evin and Mason are once again featured as the main coupleContinue Reading


Dr. Stephen Grey has been kidnapped and brought to a pirate ship where he is ordered to treat Captain John’s wounds. He treats John, then demands to be set free.  John has other plans for Grey, though.  He gives him a passionate kiss that shocks and confuses Grey, so he pushes John away.  John hasContinue Reading

CHANNELING MORPHEUS FOR SCARY MARY: Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirthby Jordan Castillo Price

Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirth
by Jordan Castillo Price

“Payback”   Michael is out looking for revenge for his best friend’s, Scary Mary, murder.  It has taken two years but Michael has finally tracked down the murderous vampire and he will stop at nothing to stop this inhuman killer.  However, even though Michael is very prepared to take on this vampire – stakes, roofies,Continue Reading

HOODOO BLUE by Katalina Leon

Both Fredi De la Cruz and Gus Odinson have sworn off dating until they can literally get themselves under control.  At the slightest sexual thought, green fire blast from Fredi’s fingertips and Gus uncontrollably wolf shifts when he is strongly attracted to a woman.  Each has successfully managed to avoid becoming romantically involved with theContinue Reading

DIMITRI by Kym Grosso

DIMITRI by Kym Grosso

Dimitri is the sixth installment in Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series.   By any means necessary, Gillian Michel is determined to keep her hybrid shifter capabilities secret from the paranormal community because she knows that if her mate turns out to be a wolf, she would lose her immortality along with her shiftingContinue Reading


Leopold’s Wicked Embrace is the fifth installment in Kym Grosso’s Immortals of New Orleans series.   Leopold Devereoux is the oldest and most powerful vampire; yet, internally he is still distressed by the notion of loving a woman unconditionally.  For many centuries, Leopold has successfully managed to live a life of aloneness by never allowingContinue Reading

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