Genre: Fantasy

STASIS by Kim Fielding

The city-state of Praesidium is considered one of the most powerful and profitable in all the known lands.  Their success is in large part due to strict laws and rules which the Chief and the wizard carry out.  The current Chief is a no nonsense, rigid widower with two sons, his heir Larkin and Ennek,Continue Reading

SOUL SEEKERS by Jake C. Wallace

Levi Reed has never had an easy life.  From his earliest memories onward Levi’s been unable to feel emotions like everyone else. Sometimes he gets fleeting blips but never anything like the rest of the people in his life.  It’s as if Levi has been drained of all feeling.   The world is always in shadesContinue Reading

PRINCE OF SEAS by Emily Carrington

Three kelpie lord brothers, Hans, Andy and Tian Weinberg, are destined to fulfill an important prophecy according to their very own mother.   When Tian is told of his impending nuptials to water demon Prince Felimid mac Lugh the kelpie is less than thrilled.  The playboy lord isn’t ready to be tied down.  His virginalContinue Reading

THE REBELLIOUS PET by Samantha Cayto

After a mutiny was foiled aboard Captain Kell’s star ship, thanks in large part to the human sex slaves or ‘pets’, they were allowed to refuse their Masters’ sexual advances.  It gave human Joel Porter a much needed breather from Senior Officer Firth, which resulted in a truce of sorts between them.  When the officerContinue Reading


Legendary heists set master thief Finn Grayson above the rest.  Asked to steal something called the Shard from a New Shanghai high rise tower for an unknown client the thief accepts the illicit commission.   Finn’s skills get him into the residence easily enough where he sees one priceless object after another on display.  BeforeContinue Reading

SONG OF SOULS by S. J. Frost

It may not be the most lucrative career, yet Lark wouldn’t trade his gift of song and lute playing for anything in the world.  The same couldn’t be said of his gift for seeing and communicating with the souls of the dead.  Lark’s special talent most definitely causes problems with the love of his life.Continue Reading

KELLEN’S AWAKENING by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

The catastrophe at Berkley, where scientists experimented with tech and magic, caused Random Anomalous Events to periodically appear.  An Event resulted in beings of legend and myth to fall from their dimension into Earth’s reality.  Thus AURA was created – the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation – manned by human and others.   TheContinue Reading


A great many years ago the people of Karibo, Africa were favored by the gods.  They had everything they could wish for, but over time they squandered their gifts and forgot to honor the gods who had blessed them.  In retaliation the gods left and the people watched as their lives became a living hell. Continue Reading

SALT AND IRON by Tam MacNeil

The van Helsing family name is world famous for fighting and defeating all kinds of monsters.  They are called upon when Sidhe or demons or magic users are terrorizing humans.  Youngest sibling James van Helsing however is best known as a screw up or a drunk to those who know him.  For James it’s hardContinue Reading


Caught within a seemingly hopeless position Kuro swan Prince Kanji has nowhere to turn.  They were once slaves of the Sidhee demons.  Freedom was dangled by the Dryma fairies, but they too proved false and the Kuro were betrayed in the worst possible way.  In the end they simply traded one master for another.  TheContinue Reading

THE PRINCE’S CONSORT by Antonia Aquilante

The weight of a kingdom is a heavy burden for an honorable ruler.  Inheriting his crown at a young age, Prince Phillip Alexander Stefan Mael had relied on the wisdom of his uncle, Duke Umber for guidance in governing the Principality of Tournai as he matured.  Recently Phillip has begun to diplomatically wrest the reinsContinue Reading

HEAT OF THE MOMENT by Lori Handeland

Becca Carstairs is doing exactly what she always knew she had to do—being a veterinarian.  Since she was a small child, Becca has always connected with animals, which her entire family also knew.  But what Becca has always hidden is the fact she can hear the animals’ voices, and they can tell her what isContinue Reading

IN THE AIR TONIGHT by Lori Handeland

Rachel Larsen is a school teacher who always knew she was adopted.  After all, being the only dark-haired person in her small Scandinavian area of New Bergin, Wisconsin was a dead giveaway.  Rachel has also always known that she is different in a couple of other ways, and she has worked hard to disguise those. Continue Reading

SMOKE ON THE WATER by Lori Handeland

Willow Black has never had a family as she was found abandoned as an infant.  Not that there weren’t attempts for her to be adopted, but something within Willow let her see the future and, as a child, it would scare her.  No family was ever able to accept Willow’s actions, and she grew upContinue Reading


Princess Taylor Hatfied, yeah…princess, long story, and his lover the Enchanted Huntsman Corentin Devereaux saved the world and retired to the tiny hamlet of Sullivan, Maine.  Of course the world was unaware of their heroics in preventing Princess Atticus Hatfield, Taylor’s brother from his evil machinations.  Atticus has been quietly tucked away in an institutionContinue Reading



There once was a young boy. His name was Sam Haversford and he lived with his parents in the slums in the City of Lockes.  They were poor but happy and loved each other very much.  While Sam’s parents worked he stayed quietly at home and never got into trouble.  Well, perhaps Sam got intoContinue Reading

KEEPER OF THE FLAME by Stephanie Burke

Flame is from the planet Testrios, a malicious female dominated world where men only serve as slaves.  After his wife is murdered, Flame manages to escape to planet Earth before he and his unborn children could receive the same outcome.   Days away from her wedding, Kendall Moore catches her fiancé in bed with sister. Continue Reading


The kingdom of Aillis was ruled by the mighty Phela.  Their race calls themselves the Mac Tire.  These werewolf shifters lived in peace with humans.  All was well until a group of humans calling themselves the Council seized power and brutally slaughtered the Phela ruling family.  The surviving Mac Tire were banished to the mountainsContinue Reading


Away on a sole hunting trip Anan, a spellweaver experiences the moment of his mate’s death.  Racing back to the Talac village Anan is horrified to see nearly everyone has been slaughtered by Varas slavers.  Undoubtedly the missing were taken to be used as sex slaves.  Searching through the ruins he finds a young spellspinner,Continue Reading

FAIRE DIVINER by Madeleine Ribbon

Each year during the summer months the popular Renaissance Faire is in full swing.  Linus Rosewood otherwise known as Rosewood and his Uncle Jorvik manage the Faire.  What the public doesn’t know is that each time the season ends the entire Faire, including its inhabitants, magically transports to another place until it’s time for theContinue Reading

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