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HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia Knight

HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia KnightHiding From Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #3
Genres: Gay, Menage, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

In the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion, the civilizations of Earth stand in ruins. Those who survived are made slaves to the alien invaders either for domestic duties or to be used as sexual conquests.


Morgan was caught alongside his cousin Chris who soul bonded with two Alasharian warriors.  It is unheard of for two to become three and with an alien at that. Therefore Chris and his warriors Nary and Lasar have chosen to keep their bond a secret from their leader, the Supreme Commander.  In the meantime, the soul mates have promised to keep Morgan safe as long as they are able.


Time is up for Morgan to be given to the warrior Rama.  Terrified of what will happen to him the human is extremely puzzled by his reaction to meeting the Alasharian advisor Hallosh.  Somehow Morgan is also able to soul bond with two Alasharians.  Whatever is happening will change the future of the alien and human interactions.  The soul mates know that the Supreme Commander has been taken over by evil, but somehow forces are maneuvering to give both species a chance to triumph if and only if they can survive what happens next…


Hiding From Two is an intricately woven tale packed with high tension and a tentative romance.  Intrigue and danger is around every corner it seems as Morgan and his cousin Chris deal with Alasharian warriors and the love they offer.  This original storyline keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.  Proving that love comes in many forms Hiding From Two delivers on all counts.  This series gets better and better with each new book.

FADING by Sean Michael

FADING by Sean MichaelFading by Sean Michael
Series: Shifter Rescue #3
Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Changeling Press

Feline shifter Jag is called to the Old Tavern Club by his brother Pirou to aid in rehabilitating a pair of lynx shifters who were recently rescued from a circus.


Hill and Cather were performers in the circus, following the instructions of tiger shifter Darri.  A terrible tragedy ends Darri’s life and the two lynx shifters are inconsolable.  They refuse to perform in the ring without their Master.


Rescued after being viciously beaten again and again, Hill and Cather are physically on the mend when Jag meets the pair.  He quickly realizes that their mental health has to be his focus.  Jag manages to engage Hill, but he’s having absolutely no luck with a deeply depressed Cather.  Giving up isn’t an option because he knows that Hill and Cather are his mates.


Book three in the Shifter Rescue series brings a fast paced challenging story to life in Fading.  Saving damaged shifters when necessary the lead character is thrown into a tailspin – these two are much more important to him.  One is ready to rejoin the world; the other is in a dark, dark place.  The crux of this heartwarming tale involves the emotional bonds the three forge.  Fading is tender and carnal in equal parts. Absolutely delightful.

FIRST STEPS by Sean Michael

FIRST STEPS by Sean MichaelFirst Steps by Sean Michael
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic, Gay
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


Peter Boone is a single father of infant twins Daniel and Ellen.  Peter is vacationing in the country with the babies hoping to stay permanently.


Chad Bristow is a ranger who stops by to warn Peter about the dangers of forest fires.  The men hit it off right away and Chad invites them to dinner, then to spend the night.  Chad is wonderful with the babies and with Peter, but is there room for another in Peter’s unique and loving family?


Babies, bottles and strong emotions fill the pages of First Steps.  It’s different from any of Sean Michael’s previous works; he proves he can do endearing as well as erotic with this tenderhearted story. Ellen and Daniel are adorable and Chad and Peter are loving, passionate men.  First Steps is a very sexy, tender, and heartwarming story.  Wonderful.

TRICKS by Rick R. Reed

TRICKS by Rick R. ReedTricks by Rick R. Reed
Genres: Gay, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press


Depressed and lonely after a recent breakup, Sean goes to a bar called Tricks on a whim.  There he sees a young, sexy dancer. Despite his attraction, Sean is convinced that the younger man couldn’t possibly want an average, middle-aged man like himself, so he leaves.  Later that night, Sean meets the dancer again, and he finds that the attraction is mutual.


Arliss dances at Tricks to pay the bills, but he’s not into random encounters anymore.  He wants something more, and Sean seems perfect for that.  Then a porn producer shows up, looking to cast Arliss in one of his films.  Will Arliss give up the only real love he’s ever had to follow a dream?  And more importantly—what if the dream becomes a nightmare?


Rick Reed can always be counted on to provide an unusual, suspenseful twist to his romances, and Tricks is definitely no exception. By turns gritty, sweet, and suspenseful, Tricks is a real page-turner.  I really liked Sean.  He’s not young, or super hot, or really rich. He’s just a nice, regular guy who wants to be loved.  I couldn’t not root for a guy who was so easy to identify with.  When he meets Arliss, he assumes the sexy dancer won’t be interested.  Arliss is young and really great looking, but underneath his sexy façade is a man who is actually a lot like Sean.  He also wants to be loved, and he hasn’t had much of that in his life.  The only thing standing between him and happily-ever-after with Sean is his desire to be in a porn movie.  I admit I didn’t get that at all.  Give up love to be in porn?  Wh-whaaaa?  I had the urge to smack some sense into Arliss when the porn producer came around trying to get Arliss to be in his movie.  I guess that just goes to show that everyone has different dreams.


Unfortunately for Arliss, the movie the producers have in mind is not at all what he imagined.  This is made clear to the reader very quickly, but not to poor, star-struck Arliss.  I figured out part of the moviemakers’ nefarious plan right away, but the other part took me by surprise.  Once the suspense kicked in, Tricks kept me on the edge of my seat.  I couldn’t stop turning pages because I had to find out if Arliss would get out of his desperate situation.  The last section of the book holds many nail-biting events I won’t spoil here, but let me just say my heart was pounding a few times.


Romance readers who haven’t tried Reed’s work before might want to start with this one, as there is a lot more emphasis on the romance here than in the other Reed books I’ve read.  Suspense fans, take my word for it: pick up Tricks.  You won’t be disappointed.

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel Martinez

FLAX’S PURSUIT by Bellora Quinn & Angel MartinezFlax's Pursuit by Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn
Series: AURA #2
Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Totally Bound


A bizarre accident caused by scientists at Berkley tears a hole in reality.  Strange creatures of myth and fairy tale literally drop from their reality into our own without rhythm or reason.  It was termed RARE or Random Anomalous Reality Events.  To deal with these beings who are torn from their lives into ours AURA is created to help them – the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation.


Recently a battle with a deadly lich queen left the ranks of officers at AURA badly decimated, including the loss of their leader.  Elf Valerian Hartgrove has tentatively taken on the position and responsibilities as the new acting Captain.  His human lover Quinn also agreed to jump from larceny to legitimate employment at AURA.  Bursting with magical power Quinn will no doubt become a valuable asset once he can truly control his gift.


The latest event brings a pair of battle Elves onto the streets of Tokyo.  Sage Blackdrake and Ash Bloodroot were fighting an enemy with swords one minute and dropped onto a city street the next.  Understandably disoriented the Elf lovers are at least at the moment very dangerous.


To stop a disaster in the making young Elf Officer Flax Wolfheart, a skilled hunter and tracker for AURA is sent through their version of a wormhole to Tokyo.  Flax is a good warrior and valued team member.  His unfortunate infatuation with Val is a bit of a problem, especially now that he’s been told to train Quinn, but aside from that he’s a very good officer.


With so few officers left and the new recruits green it’s all hands on deck which is weighing Flax down.  He’s responsible for bringing in the battle ready Elves, training Quinn, and working with Quinn to find a killer turning humans to stone.  And no one is aware that he has a sealed record of drug abuse and rehab.  The young Elf seeks the Captain’s approval as well.  But at what cost is the question.


Complications abound and an Elf begins to make all the wrong moves in Flax’s Pursuit, the second intense story in the refreshingly unique AURA series.  Twists and turns and spooky killers pop up to fuel Flax’s Pursuit.  The lead characters are quite a handful, yet each has their own strong, vibrant voice exactly at the right time.  This original storyline intrigues and keeps the reader thoroughly engaged.  Hooked from beginning to end I Joyfully recommend Flax’s Pursuit.  Seriously addicting.

FORGIVEN by Megan Slayer

Forgiven by Megan Slayer Series: Haven House Vampires #3 Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Changeling Press Acknowledgement of the existence of vampires brings about more danger for the human population than anyone imagined possible.  It isn’t until Andreas is defeated and Julian takes control that the threat lessens.  The vampires of Haven HouseContinue Reading

BLOODLINES by Jessica Lee

Bloodlines by Jessica Lee Series: Kinkaid Wolf Pack Trilogy #1 Genres: Erotic, Gay, Paranormal Reviewed by:AuthorPublished by Self Published As the only son to the Alpha of the KinKaid pack, it is Evin KinKaid’s destiny to marry, become Alpha of his pack, and continue the KinKaid bloodline with full-blooded offspring.  But, there is one problem,Continue Reading

HEAT RISING by Jessica Lee

Heat Rising by Jessica Lee Series: KinKaid Wolf Pack Trilogy #3 Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal Reviewed by:AuthorPublished by Self Published Heat Rising is book three in the KinKaid Wolf Pack sequence and should be read in release date order for historical content.   Rosa KinKaid, twin sister to the Alpha, is going into her shifterContinue Reading

MAKE ME by Jessica Lee

Make Me by Jessica Lee Series: Kinkaid Wolf Pack Trilogy #2 Genres: Erotic, Gay, Paranormal Reviewed by:AuthorPublished by Self Published Make Me is the sequel to Bloodlines and should be read in the order of release date.   Have you ever wished that your favorite characters storyline to continue after their happily-ever-after?  If so, thenContinue Reading


The Butcher and the Beast by Sean Michael Genres: Erotic, Gay, Historical Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing Dr. Stephen Grey has been kidnapped and brought to a pirate ship where he is ordered to treat Captain John’s wounds. He treats John, then demands to be set free.  John has other plans for Grey, though.  HeContinue Reading

RISING FRENZY by Brandon Witt

Rising Frenzy by Brandon Witt Series: Men of Myth #2 Genres: Erotica, Gay, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by DSP Publications A magnet for lousy boyfriends in the past, warlock Finn de Morisco knows within days that he could happily spend the rest of his life with Brett Wright, a human.  At least that was the ideaContinue Reading

CHANNELING MORPHEUS FOR SCARY MARY: Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirthby Jordan Castillo Price

Payback; Vertigo; Manikin; Tainted; Rebirth
by Jordan Castillo Price

Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary by Jordan Castillo Price Genres: Erotic, Gay, Horror Reviewed by:AuthorPublished by Self Published “Payback”   Michael is out looking for revenge for his best friend’s, Scary Mary, murder.  It has taken two years but Michael has finally tracked down the murderous vampire and he will stop at nothing to stopContinue Reading


Shifting the Veil by Ellen Cross Series: Preternatural Rescue Centre #9 Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by eXtasy Books The Halloween season has arrived.  A time for human trick or treats and a time when all others know the Veil between worlds is thinnest.  Hopefully it will also be an opportunity for the guardiansContinue Reading


Some Rules for Success in the Music Business by Mina MacLeod Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Menage Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Less Than Three Press High school music teacher Stephen Cale can’t believe his luck when he auditions for rising rock band Dewdrops in Thunderdome and he’s hired as their keyboardist and lyricist.  The band is fronted byContinue Reading

A BOND OF THREE by K. C. Wells

A Bond of Three by K. C. Wells Genres: Fantasy, Gay, Menage Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press The kingdom of Teruna sits on the precipice of war with the neighboring lands of Kandor.  Teruna’s King Feolin already suffers greatly from the wounds of previous wars.  He is determined his son Prince Tanish won’t follow inContinue Reading

WOLF RUN by B. A. Tortuga

Wolf Run by B. A. Tortuga Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Respendence Publishing When Mick Eagleheart comes across fellow wolf shifter Scott Miller he feels as though the hand of fate has finally answered his prayers.  The Alpha has been wandering for years, searching for a satisfying future.  Away from the pack whereContinue Reading

HUNT by Bailey Bradford

Hunt by Bailey Bradford Series: Spotless #2 Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Totally Bound Mixed leopard/puma shifter Steven had protected his younger brother his entire life, sometimes at the cost of severe punishments meant for Adal.  Their own shifter father Bashuan was the evil that controlled the half brothers.  On a mission forContinue Reading

FINAL ENCORE by Scotty Cade

Final Encore by Scotty Cade Genres: Contemporary, Gay Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press After years of living for everyone else, Billy Eagan sets off for Nashville to follow his dream of breaking into country music.  Soon after he arrives, he finds a job at the Lazy H Ranch.  Owners Jean and Jules also own aContinue Reading


The Arsonist’s Apprentice by India Harper Series: Some Like It Hot Collection Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Suspense Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Liquid Silver Books Reviewed by Shayna Josh Brooks fights fires.  Dylan Anderson used to start them.  Never have two men been so perfectly and imperfectly matched.  Josh now works in the Fire Investigation Unit and DylanContinue Reading


Caden’s Dilemma by A. C. Katt Series: Indiscreet #6 Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, Gay Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by MLR Press Reviewed by Lisa Multiple tours of duty and a serious injury left Caden Donovan weary of the military life, as well as tired of hiding his sexuality as a gay dominant.  At first he thought a careerContinue Reading

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