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ALONG CAME LOVE by Tracey Livesay

ALONG CAME LOVE by Tracey Livesay
Along Came Love
by Tracey Livesay

Series: Shades of Love #2
Published by Avon Genres: Contemporary, Interracial
Source: Publisher


Along Came Love is my first book by Tracey Livesay and I found it unique and fresh. The characters were different yet I could see them together which made me enjoy Along Came Love even more than what I was expecting. Since this is the second book in the Shades of Love series at first I was a little lost but as Ms. Livesay included little flash backs I soon felt I was right on track.


India Shaw grew up in foster care and the only people she knows in San Francisco is her adoptive sister, Chelsea, and the man she spent an unbelievable two days with after Chelsea’s wedding. When she shows up pregnant to her sisters penthouse apartment she doesn’t realize that she is out of the country with her new husband and when the door man won’t let her in because she isn’t on the list of approved visitors India does the only thing she can think of and breaks in. But what she doesn’t plan is to have to call Michael Black to be bailed out of jail or telling him that she is pregnant with his child so soon.


Michael spent two wonderful days worshiping India’s body over and over again and no matter what he does he can’t forget her or the way she left. Now back with his girlfriend and ready to launch a new and improved device for his company he is surprised she is back in town and even more surprised that he is going to be a father, but when India makes it clear she is giving the baby up for adoption he has one choice and that is to change her mind. Staying away from India is hard, but after an earth shattering kiss he knows what he has to do and its time he took his life back once and for all.


The plot really stood out because it was different but I had a hard time liking the characters at times. India was impulsive and sometimes seemed a little selfish with not wanting to give the baby to Mike to raise when she was set on adoption. I understand that raising kids is hard work but I just couldn’t see her reasoning, especially because she never truly found a home when she was in that situation. Mike was a little easier to like but his trying to control everything became a little much at times. When he started to take back his life is when I was like yes, finally!


The ending was everything I thought it would be and maybe would have liked more of a surprise and an epilogue to have smoothed it out a little more since I felt it ended rather abruptly.


Ms. Livesay’s writing was captivating and her descriptions pulled me in and while I thought Along Came Love was good it just didn’t fall into the omg I want to read more of this series category. Will I look for more books by this author? Absolutely, because I think Ms. Livesay is one of those authors to keep a look out for.


The Tycoon's Socialite Bride
by Tracey Livesay

Series: In Love with a Tycoon #1
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC Genres: Contemporary, Interracial
Source: Author

Pamela Harrington is sick and tired of living under her father’s thumb.  Men see her as a stepping stone to her very influential and powerful father and her father has decided on who should be her husband without her say.  So, as a convenience, Pamela decides to marry Marcus Pearson not only to stand up to her father; but, also as a way to protect her beloved women’s shelter.


Marcus Pearson is a self-made millionaire who wants revenge from the man who mistreated his mother.  But because he is not from “old family money”, it has been difficult for him to network among the prestigious, exclusive members in real estate society.  So when the opportunity presents itself in the form of Pamela Harrington, Marcus jumps at the chance to finally even the score.


Both enter into the marriage of convenience with their eyes open.  However, they never expect to develop feelings for one another.  Will their love stand the test of time? Or, will both continue to believe their desire is no more than physical attraction?


Tracey Livesay has done an excellent job with her debut novel The Tycoon’s Socialite Bride.  Not only does the plotline consist of explosive sexual tension, it also contains tearful moments, evil villains, and non-stop conflict.  The writing style is outstanding and flows at a smooth pace.  Hooked from the start, I found myself rooting for Pamela and Marcus’ attraction for one another to blossom into a lasting relationship and for them to realize that dependence on each other is not a sign of weakness but in essence a strong foundation for an eternal unbreakable bond.  I look forward to discovering more of Ms. Livesay’s stories.

Player’s Challenge by Koko Brown

Player’s Challenge by Koko Brown
Player's Challenge
by Koko Brown

Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Interracial
Source: Author

Whereas, Devin Spencer’s reputation as the Champions League goalie is legendary, his personal status leaves a lot to be desired.  On more than one occasion, Devin’s off-field disreputable activities have shined a bad light on him.  So much so, that he needs a sports agent to revamp his persona or he can kiss his career goodbye.


Gemma Clarke is an up and coming sports agent who is good at her job.  All is well until her former lover, Devin Spencer, is added to her client roster.  Determined to prove that she can keep things strictly business between them, Gemma sets out to restore Devin’s image in the soccer world.


After reading the first book in this series, I was a little leery of diving into Player’s Challenge.  I am glad to say that I am happy that I did.  I so love second chance type storylines.  The plot is a sincere love affair that could no longer be denied by Devin and Gemma and with a little begrudging added in to spice things up.  It has the right amount of excitement, humor, emotions, and sex encounters to keep one turning page after page to see how the saga would unfold.  Koko Brown has redeemed herself with book two in the Hands Off series.


Player's Ultimatum
by Koko Brown

Series: Hands Off #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Interracial
Source: Author

Yvonne Floyd is willing to do anything for her childhood friend, Robbie Gutierrez – even pose as his fiancée until he can land a lucrative soccer contact in exchange for him paying off her student loans.  Easy, right?  Wrong!  Yvonne did not count on quickly falling head-over-heels in love with Robbie’s teammate, Paolo Saito.


Paolo Saito is a famous football (soccer) player in the European league.  He has some misguided anger towards Robbie because he replaced a friend of his on the team.  And, to make matters worse, Paolo is sexually attracted to Yvonne, Robbie’s fiancée.  What better revenge against Robbie than to seduce Yvonne from right under his feet.  But, Paolo’s plan backfires when he develops deeper feelings for her.  Will Paolo continue with his vengeance against Robbie or will he try to win Yvonne’s heart?


I am on the fence about Player’s Ultimatum.  On one end of the spectrum, I really adored the concept of doing a non-harmful favor for a friend where both parties enter the bargain willingly.  However, on the flipside, there were times where I did not like Paolo and Yvonne’s characters very much.  Yvonne’s sense of loyalty is a big issue for me.  There are times where her control just flies out the window, putting her friend’s career in danger and leaving me saying “what the hell”.  And, to add fuel to the fire, Paolo comes across as alpha-type male jerk that I would have kicked to the curb.  Nevertheless, the chemistry between Paolo and Yvonne is electrifying and develops at a non-forceful, steady pace. The sex is mega hot.  Ms. Brown does an incredible job of introducing readers to the world of soccer.  I felt like I was actually sitting in the stands watching the game.

KEEPER OF THE FLAME by Stephanie Burke

KEEPER OF THE FLAME by Stephanie Burke
Keeper of the Flame
by Stephanie Burke

Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, Interracial, Paranormal
Source: Author

Flame is from the planet Testrios, a malicious female dominated world where men only serve as slaves.  After his wife is murdered, Flame manages to escape to planet Earth before he and his unborn children could receive the same outcome.


Days away from her wedding, Kendall Moore catches her fiancé in bed with sister.  Distraught, Kendall just wants to go into hiding and lick her wounds.  But, as fate would have it, Kendall’s world is about to change forever when she fines a very pregnant male stranger on her door step in labor.


I found Keeper of the Flame an interesting twister in a bizarrely appealing sort of way.  Just like Kendall, I was wondering how Flame would give birth.  I applaud, Stephanie Burke for making the twins’ births believable and realistic.  As you can imagine the twins stole the storyline.  They are so cute, adorable, and highly intelligent. Often times I found myself bursting with laughter at Flame and Kendall’s bout at parenting.


In addition to the parenthood, Keeper of the Flame entails betrayal, a murder mystery, and heated sexual encounters.  There are times where I wish Kendall would have been a bit more harsh with her ex and her sister; however, she still is able to give them a piece of her mind for their disloyalty and the hurtfulness they caused her.


While, Flame and Kendall’s courtship happened rather quickly, I do admire their total commitment, dedication, and willingness to protect one another during chaotic times such as Kendall’s outlandish sister/ex incidents and the deadly threats against Flame/twins.  On the whole, a very good read.

THAT’S NOT MY BABY by Erosa Knowles

As a man of honor, Max Delgado always keeps his promises.  When the widow of his deceased teammate is violently attacked, Max will do whatever in his power to keep her safe. Max and his ex-military teammates are determined to hunt down and eliminate the threat before it could end her and her unborn child’sContinue Reading

INTENSITY by Aliyah Burke

Navy SEAL Gray Sorenson and Marine Sarah Mallery cannot see eye-to-eye when they are not loving on each other in bed; hence the avoidance of each other whenever possible.  So when a very dangerous mission throws them together, will Gray and Sarah be able to tolerate and trust each other without blowing their operation?  MoreContinue Reading

MURDER AT THE BEACH by Erosa Knowles

Former Navy SEAL, Maximus ‘Max’ Delgado’s son has been kidnapped by the one person that Max thought he could trust, his son’s babysitter.  Desperate to find his missing son, Max will do whatever it takes to bring Kevin home.   Tamara Gibbs is on the road to restoring her real estate business after nearing losingContinue Reading

LIES IN THE MORGUE by Erosa Knowles

Max Delgado’s worse nightmares have come to life when he gets called to the morgue to identify the body of a young boy who fits the description of his son. Distraught and relieved that the deceased boy is not his Kevin; Max’s heart falls even further, after he receives word that his missing son isContinue Reading

ARCTIC BOUND by Tigris Eden

ARCTIC BOUND by Tigris Eden

Scarred both mentally and physically from a fire that killed her parents, Nerina Simpson is on the run from her deceased father’s well-known crime family.  For the past six months, she has found solitude on the outskirts of a small Alaskan town.  On the eve of a winter storm, she meets and instantly butts headContinue Reading

WOMAN IN CHAINS by Bridget Midway

Brea Oliphant refers to herself as “This Slave”.  In her mind, being treated like an abused slave is the only value of her worthless life.  A product of an abusive background, Brea learned from an early age that ill-treatment and pain were the way of life, so she turns to the BDSM lifestyle, purposely seekingContinue Reading


Tilly Jackson is a barmaid in the West.  Usually content, she sometimes gets a ‘feeling’ and realizes that the time to move on from where she is to another town. She’s getting that feeling now, but something else has caught her eye, or rather someone else…   Leo Samuels can’t believe that someone as lovelyContinue Reading


A series of fortuitous circumstances brought human nurse Leroy Wilde into the world of gargoyles and shifters.  Since the gargoyle in charge of the mansion’s clinic hasn’t mated yet it is Leroy’s responsibility to handle any medical situations that come up during the daylight hours.  Most nights he’s working at the nearby human hospital, soContinue Reading


Deputy Will Cooper recently joined the Gray’s Harbor County PD in West Washington after a scandal back home in Sacramento made it impossible to stay with the department there.  Hoping for a new beginning Will is ill prepared for the blatant racism he faces with the native Chitwhen tribe, particularly towards the local PD.  Continue Reading


Conner Dillon is working himself into an early grave. After a recent health scare his sister Maura puts him on a plane to Hawaii for a little R&R. It doesn’t sound like a terrible plan even though Conner does prefer to be in control of his own life. There is nothing he won’t do forContinue Reading

ME AND MRS. JONES by Marie Rochelle

It has been years since she divorced her ex-husband; but, Renee Jones still has not found the nerve to jump back into another relationship with any man.  She is very content with dedicating all of her time making her art gallery a success.  That is until she meets the very gifted artist Travis Cole.  InstantlyContinue Reading


Actress Vivaca Carlton thinks the threats made against her life are meaningless and due to an overzealous fan. Yet, her agent sees things differently and hires a personal body guard.  Unhappy at first with a bodyguard shadowing her every step, Vivaca is glad have Quinn Thomas around as her protective safeguard when the threats towardsContinue Reading

WINTER’S HEAT by Tami Vinson

Winter Jones is determined to keep her excellent paying job in order to continue sending funds to her sister to support their aunt’s medial needs.  However, life has thrown her two major curve balls that could hinder her plan.  Without discussing with her, Winter’s roommate has decided to move in with her crazy boyfriend fromContinue Reading

UP ALL NIGHT by Lyric James

Stella Lewis is determined not to end up like her mother; a reckless woman who moved from man to man without care for the impression that it left on her young daughter.  As a result, Stella rarely dates and solely focuses on growing her antique business.   So, when her best friend invites her for aContinue Reading

SOMETHING WET by Lyric James

Violet Tanner is having the worst week of her life.  First, she was demoted on her job due to budget cuts; then, her pathetic excuse of an ex-boyfriend ended their relationship via email and finally, her upstairs neighbor forgot to turn off his water resulting in flooding her apartment. So when her one of herContinue Reading

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