Genre: Interracial


At the age of forty-three and ten years divorced, Yolanda Paterson never thought that another man would set her soul on fire.  Yet, in walks Lawrence Cooper and Yolanda is instantly heated with great desire.  Nevertheless, Yolanda knows that there can never be anything between them because of their huge age difference and more importantly,Continue Reading

LOVER’S REVENGE by Lyric James

In order to stop self-pitying over her cheating ex-boyfriend, Dayna Walker decides to throw a summer party at her beach house.  Although, it been six months, Dayna heart is still heavy with betrayal so much so she can’t even say his name, he is simply known as “The Mistake.”  Then, to Dayna’s surprise and unexpectedContinue Reading


Major Chad Jensen does not think he would mentally survive the remainder of his Marines tour in the Middle East after the devastating loss of Terry Mitchell, his best friend of ten years.  His only saving grace is the continuous letter communication with Terry’s sister, Stacy, while he is still in Iraq.  A year laterContinue Reading

HOT FOR TEACHER by Roslyn Hardy-Holcomb

As an ambitious business owner, the last thing Caja Montgomery has time for is a relationship.  She is more of a sex ‘em and leave ‘em type of woman.  One would think this is the perfect type of woman that any man would want, right?  Wrong!  It seems that every man that Caja invites intoContinue Reading

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