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GOING DARK by Monica McCarty

GOING DARK by Monica McCartyGoing Dark by Monica McCarty
Series: LOST Platoon #1
Published by Berkley Publishing Group on LOST Platoon
Genres: Contemporary, Military, Suspense
Source: Publisher

A SEAL team goes missing in Russia, but all is not as it seems.  The surviving members of the team set off in different directions with new identities, looking for answers.

Annie Henderson is a passionate marine ecologist.  She followed her new boyfriend to Scotland to protest oil drilling.  The longer she’s around him and his friends the more suspicious she becomes.  It doesn’t take long for her inquisitive nature to get her into trouble.  Her only chance to survive this fool’s errand is the sexy but grouchy dive boat Captain, Dan Warren.

The last thing Dan needs is to get wrapped up in Anne’s problems.  He soon finds out he has no choice.  Anne’s so over her head if he doesn’t help it’s unlikely she will survive her trip to Scotland.  Can they unravel the mystery in time to save themselves or will their attraction end up getting them killed?

I absolutely Loved Going Dark!  Monica McCarty tackles military drama with her pen and gives readers one hell of a story!  Dan and Annie heat the pages with their sexy banter and intense chemistry.  The situations they land in range from funny to downright scary.  Ms. McCarty moves at a swift, exhilarating pace.  The core mystery behind the Russian mission is intriguing and I look forward to learning more about it in book two.

Ms. McCarty will have readers begging for more of her LOST Platoon series!

I’VE GOT YOUR SIX by Erosa Knowles

I’VE GOT YOUR SIX by Erosa KnowlesI've Got Your Six by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #4
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Military, Suspense
Source: Author

Max is still trying to get a handle over his guilt in the aftermath of almost losing his son to a disturbed kidnapper whom he believed to be a dependable babysitter.  As a result, he still has an invisible wall between him and his lady love, Tamara.


Tamara knows that Max and his son are permanent men in her life.  But, convincing Max of that is difficult task.  In spite of this, Tamara refuses to give up.


To add more complications to their relationship, Tamara’s mother and new husband want Max to assist them with a major project that would put him in the spotlight.  Will Tamara and Max be able to find a balance between their family and personal dynamics?


While, I’ve Got Your Six is not quite as advantageous as the previous books within this series, I still found it to be an enjoyable read.  I love the continuation of Tamara and Max’s relationship with each new release.  The chemistry between them is still hot as ever and their sexual interactions will have you squirming around in your seat with heated desire.  Whereas, the plot is fascinating with a compelling focal point that pulled at my heartstrings, it just does not bring forth the explosive intensity that was found in the previous three novels.  Nevertheless, fans of this series will still take pleasure in reading I’ve Got Your Six.

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki Duncan

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki Duncan

HER MIRACLE MAN by Nikki DuncanHer Miracle Man by Nikki Duncan
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: Contemporary, Military
Source: Author

Jennalyn James is submerged in grief.  A year ago, she lost her parents to a horrific car accident.  She watched her beloved younger sister, Sabrina, die from complications of a traumatic brain injury that she sustained in the same car accident that killed their parents.  And, to top it off, a week before her sister dies, Jennalyn’s fiancé broke off their engagement.


It has been almost a year since Children’s Hospital administrator Ryland Davids has seen Jennalyn James.  She touched him deeply during her time at the hospital.  He was right by Jennalyn’s side when her sister Sabrina took her last breath.  Due to her fragile state and his own past emotional scars, Ryland decides not to pursue Jennalyn romantically.  That is until they begin to spend time together granting Sabrina’s last wish – planning A Month of Miracles during the Christmas season for recovering children in the hospital.


Her Miracle Man is an emotional and touching tale that will pull heavily at your heartstrings.  Grief is such a difficult topic to deal with.  You will learn that despite sorrow; life does go on.  The key is having the wiliness to accept emotional support as time moves forward.  While, the internal pain never really goes away, time does diminish the aching heart.  This is definitely a fact for Jennalyn.  With the joyous feelings expressed from the children receiving the month of miracles and the infinite support from Ryland, Jennalyn is able to rebound from her grief and in the process finds true love with Ryland.  Just as the title suggests, Ryland is a ‘miracle man’ for Jennalyn.  He is compassionate, patient, smart, and sincere.  Her Miracle Man is one story that I will not easily forget.  I Joyfully Recommend Her Miracle Man as must read!  This is one story not to be missed.

THAT’S NOT MY BABY by Erosa Knowles

THAT’S NOT MY BABY by Erosa KnowlesThat's Not My Baby by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #3
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Interracial, Military
Source: Author

As a man of honor, Max Delgado always keeps his promises.  When the widow of his deceased teammate is violently attacked, Max will do whatever in his power to keep her safe. Max and his ex-military teammates are determined to hunt down and eliminate the threat before it could end her and her unborn child’s lives.  To add more fuel to the fire, Max and Tamara are at odds because he wants to move their relationship to the next level, whereas, Tamara wants to take things slowly until his son, Kevin, can get to know her.


Will Max be able to keep his promise?  And, more importantly, after enduring the glitches in their whirlwind courtship, will Max and Tamara’s relationship survive this new obstacle?


I have thoroughly enjoyed Erosa Knowles’ Reclamation series.  She is such a great storyteller.  I was hooked from the first book, Murder At The Beach. With each book my love of these characters and their story never diminished.  The latest book, That’s Not My Baby is a dramatic conclusion to a spectacular plot surrounding the dealings of Max’s son’s kidnapping.  All the pervious happenings come full circle and every intriguing question is answered.  My most favorite part of That’s Not My Baby is the relationship between Max and Tamara throughout the progression of the series.  Watching the development of their intimate connection during the challenging events made the series just that much more enjoyable. It was a nice change to see a couple building a lasting bond through the many trials and tribulations Max and Tamara had to overcome.  Lastly, fresh tidbits were released to pique the readers interest for possible future stories in the Reclamation series and I am looking forward to more upcoming Reclamation reads.


Note:  The Reclamation series is meant to be read in chronological order.

MURDER AT THE BEACH by Erosa Knowles

MURDER AT THE BEACH by Erosa KnowlesMurder at the Beach by Erosa Knowles
Series: Club Reclamation #1
Published by Self Published Genres: Contemporary, Interracial, Military
Source: Author

Former Navy SEAL, Maximus ‘Max’ Delgado’s son has been kidnapped by the one person that Max thought he could trust, his son’s babysitter.  Desperate to find his missing son, Max will do whatever it takes to bring Kevin home.


Tamara Gibbs is on the road to restoring her real estate business after nearing losing it during her nasty divorce.  Then, she hits yet another roadblock after she discovers that a former employee embezzled money from some of her clients.  To make matters worse, Max informs Tamara that the same employee, who just happens to be Max’s ex-girlfriend, played a part in kidnapping his son. When the woman in question turns up dead, both Max and Tamara become suspects.


Will Max and Tamara be able to clear their names?  More, importantly, will Max find his missing son?


Murder At The Beach is a suspense thriller that will have you all tied up in knots.  There is murder, betrayal, mystery, frustration, confusion, heartache, passion, action, sex, jealousy, and military brotherhood.  There are lots of twists and turns that will keep you intrigued and a few moments where tears will appear because of the highly emotional events.  The attraction between Max and Tamara is true.  I really liked the honesty of their relationship and how they dealt with their problems as individuals and as a couple.


I must say that Murder At The Beach finale is a cliffhanger.  Nevertheless, it was an attention grabber and will not disappoint.  The ending will make you want to dive into the second installment as soon as possible.


Note:  The Reclamation series is meant to be read in chronological order.

LIES IN THE MORGUE by Erosa Knowles

Max Delgado’s worse nightmares have come to life when he gets called to the morgue to identify the body of a young boy who fits the description of his son. Distraught and relieved that the deceased boy is not his Kevin; Max’s heart falls even further, after he receives word that his missing son isContinue Reading

A SEAL FOREVER by Anne Elizabeth

From the first moment she meets him, Maura Maxwell knows that Declan is something special.  But due to his sexual encounter popularity among what seems to be every woman in town, Maura refuses to be just another one in the midst of the crowd.  That is until Declan literally saves her life and worms hisContinue Reading

MISTER BLACK by P. T. Michelle

Talia was saved and really given her second chance by a sexy young stranger at a time in her teens when she thought life was lost.  She named her savior “Blackie” and kept the gift he gave her at that time.  Several years later, Talia is a reporter for her college paper and is tryingContinue Reading

POSSESSION by Melissa Schroeder

Deke Berg has only been in love once and that was with his wife. Too bad they ended up divorced. Deke is a committed military man and unfortunately his wife couldn’t handle the never there lifestyle and when he was there they fought more than made up. Deke would give anything to feel that kindContinue Reading

SURRENDER by Melissa Schroeder

Amanda Forrester is in need of some lovin’ but the one man she wants doesn’t seem to want to take advantage of her as she would like. Well she is ready to push his every button to change his mind. Malachai Dupree is a Navy Seal with an excellent career. His latest assignment has himContinue Reading

THE COMMANDER by Cat Johnson

Hank Miller has worked long and hard for his position in the military and for the last few years he has been the commander in charge of one of the best special ops teams.  While in just as good of shape as his men, time is starting to pass Hank by it seems.  After beingContinue Reading

BULL by Cat Johnson

Bull Ford is a special ops guy with a very specialized team.  He knows that every member has to be at their best in order to pull off their jobs, so when he takes a misstep in a training exercise and his team loses it’s his entire fault.  That same night his love life, whatContinue Reading

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

Therese Matheson doesn’t know if she will ever be able to move on from losing her husband, Paul, in the war.  It doesn’t help that she is struggling to bring up his two children that his selfish ex-wife has virtually abandoned.  Therese believes that if she can just be on her own, all will beContinue Reading

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