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UNDONE BY YOU by Kate Meader

UNDONE BY YOU by Kate Meader

UNDONE BY YOU by Kate MeaderUndone by You by Kate Meader
Series: Chicago Rebels #3
Published by Pocket Star Genres: Contemporary, MM, Sports
Source: Publisher

Dante Moretti has just landed his dream job: GM of the Chicago Rebels. And screw the haters who think there should be an asterisk next to his name because he’s the first out managing executive in pro hockey. He’s earned the right to be here and nothing will topple him off that perch—especially not an incredibly inconvenient attraction to his star defenseman, Cade “Alamo” Burnett. Cade has always been careful to keep his own desires on the down low, but his hot Italian boss proves to be a temptation he can’t resist. Sure, they both have so much to lose, but no one will ever know...

As Dante and Cade’s taboo affair heats up off the ice and their relationship gets more and more intense, they’ll have to decide: is love worth risking their careers? Or is this romance destined to be forever benched?

Undone by You is so damn hot!  Dante Moretti and Cade “Alamo” Burnett’s attraction is palpable.  They simply sizzle together.  I love so many things about Author Kate Meader’s Undone by You.  The sexual tension is through the roof.  The drama is intensely seductive as Dante tries to fight his attraction to Cade all the while Cade pursues him fiercely.  Dante and Cade will pull you in from page one and have you aching for more of their powerful romance.  Undone by You is a winner! If you like it forbidden and hot this book is for you! Dante and Cade’s romance is an excellent addition to the Chicago Rebel’s series.

I am happy to Joyfully Recommend Undone by You! It’s my first recommendation for 2018!

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. Scott

THE CASE OF THE GUILTY GHOST by Amber Kell & R. J. ScottThe Case of the Guilty Ghost by Amber Kell, R. J. Scott
Series: End Street Detective Agency #6
Published by Love Lane Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Author

The vampire realm is in chaos.  Their king, Ettore sacrificed himself for his brother.  As Bob mourns the loss of Ettore in private his soul mate Sam Enderson is dealing with a lonely existence without his lover for the first time since they met.


Meanwhile the vampire god Aset Ka is giving his newest subject an unbreakable command.  Ettore will be sent back to the land of the living for seven days.  He must return balance to the realms.  That’s his only clue.  If Ettore is unsuccessful in his mission there will be dire consequences.


The youngest Prince Radim appears to claim the throne which cannot be allowed.  He has embraced the dark arts and become pure evil.  Love, hate, and the mystery of balance must be reclaimed for the realms to regain peace.


It’s all in a day’s work for Sam Enderson and company.  No problem. Easily solved. Right.


Fans of the End Street Detective Agency will cheer as the latest story is released.  The Case of the Guilty Ghost unfolds with an intricate plotline, fast pacing, and complex characterizations.  This story begins immediately after the last book finished so it might take a moment to get back into the rhythm of this drama.  Having said that it doesn’t take long to sink back into their world.  The imaginative storyline gives Sam and Bob another wild adventure to tame and enemies to overcome. And luckily for us, The Case of the Guilty Ghost gives readers another enthralling story to embrace.

THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie Richards

THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie RichardsThe Strike of Hot Iron by Charlie Richards
Series: Loving Nip #13
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Blacksmith Abner Johnson is one of the small number of humans who are well aware of the paranormal world.  The recent death of his sister and the unwanted attentions of a vampire have made Abner reassess his life.  A fresh start at a new coven out West is the answer.


Rescued after years and years of abuse by the pack Alpha and his cronies, the dingo shifter Pascal has ironically settled in at a vampire coven.  Of course, it helps that his two brothers are mated to coven members.  If only his brothers would understand and accept that Pascal has certain sexual needs for submission.


The very last thing Abner is looking for is a relationship with a shifter.  What he doesn’t understand and Pascal is too shy to articulate is the incredible force behind true mates.  Fighting fate is pointless.  Try telling that to the stubborn human.


A truly difficult relationship unfolds in The Strike of Hot Iron.  Hard headed Abner is the epitome of trouble for a sweet natured submissive shifter.  Miscommunication is the problem, as usual.  Between Abner’s refusal to unbend and Pascal’s inability to tell his mate the truth major headaches insure.  The cold human and tenderhearted shifter doesn’t seem like a good pairing, but The Strike of Hot Iron is able to give readers a ‘feel good’ worthwhile ending.


SUCCUMBING TO HIS NATURE by Charlie RichardsSuccumbing to His Nature by Charlie Richards
Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #41
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Abandoned as a child Adisa Derringer was found and raised by the Horseman of War. When Adisa grew up he chose a career as an Enforcer for the Shifter Council.  At the moment he’s in the doghouse for not following the orders of a narrow minded, arrogant council member.  Lucky for Adisa that council member Grandis is willing to request his services.


Reports have reached the Shifter Council which must be looked into involving the Stone Ridge pack.  An anonymous source is saying that Alpha Declan McIntire and his pack is getting power hungry.  Councilman Grandis must investigate the claim.


Adisa and Grandis aren’t there long before a problem arises, a big problem in the form of a feral shifter recently rescued after years of captivity.  The huge wolf is so messed up and so aggressive he’s unable to shift to human.  And he’s Adisa’s mate who’s now torn between protecting his charge or getting through to his mate.  The timing certainly sucks.


A multi-layered plotline showcases a wild and bumpy ride titled Succumbing to His Nature.  The incredibly popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series celebrates book 41 with special shifter mates involved in a tangled adventure.  Satisfying from start to finish.  Succumbing to His Nature adds another winner to a very long list.

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria Sue

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria SueWho We Truly Are by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The FBI Enhanced team has the public on their side.  For the first time humans are having a positive response to the feared Enhanced.  All because the team was able to foil a robbery and save human lives.


A rash of missing Enhanced children and teens hits the team hard.  They determine the kids are being taken from several foster homes.  Finn Mayer, their human team mate is the only one capable of pretending to be a teen and he’s also going to have to act like a believable Enhanced.


The danger to Finn is certainly real which is hard for team leader Talon Valdez to deal with.  For the first time in Talon’s life he cares for someone and his possessive attitude isn’t going down well with Finn.  Everything hinges on the hope that Finn is snatched so that the team can figure out what’s going on.  Finding the body of one of the missing Enhanced teens isn’t the best way to calm Talon’s fears for his lover’s safety.  Definitely not the best way to start an undercover operation.


The unique Enhanced series introduces another intense story in Who We Truly Are.  Fascinating, flawed characters work through difficult personal issues while at the same time do their best to save lives.  Who We Truly Are has an emotionally charged plotline involving the most vulnerable, Enhanced kids.  Talon and Finn’s relationship is both steamy and complicated, as well as rich in detail.  Author Victoria Sue has written an exceptional multi-layered original story in Who We Truly Are.


Giles Corsair joined a secretive group known as the Priests to rid the world of demons.  It was also a way to get out from under his controlling mother’s rigid rule.  Believing he’s come across a nest of demons Giles becomes the one captured.  He refuses to accept that he’s found an innocent coven ofContinue Reading

RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie Richards

Years ago, Jethro Gunther took a chance on a relationship with another man.  Unfortunately, it blew up in his face and he moved to Sturgis and started a new life, as a straight man.  His motorcycle shop is considered to be the best in town after a decade of hard work and honest dealings withContinue Reading

MATE CALL by Amber Kell

Colton Lanx was born among the stars.  Knowing of no other life Colt joined the Exploration Guild to become a certified navigator.  He loves to travel through the universe where he believes he belongs.   From the moment Colt was assigned to his latest posting the captain took an instant dislike of him.  Passing closeContinue Reading

STEEL TRAP by L. M. Somerton

Nelson Jeremiah Hatchet, aka Hatchet, is a big, bad member of the Wyvern motorcycle gang.  He causes mayhem and breaks the law.  Trouble written all over him.  The cover works to protect him and the Wyverns from anyone knowing the good they do.   The gang follows the commands of the mysterious Horatio Trap whoContinue Reading

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. Somerton

Evrain Brookes is possibly the most powerful new warlock the world has ever seen.  He wouldn’t be as strong however without his lover Dominic Castine, a human gardener who Evrain needs as a conduit to channel his gift.  Their relationship is growing by leaps and bounds alongside their ability to work magic.   Recently theyContinue Reading


The Seventy-Seventh Precinct in Philadelphia is manned by unique officers to say the least.  They are also the ones called upon by the city when strange or unexplained events or creatures are found.  For instance, Officer Alex Wolf began life as an actual wolf.  Yes, a wolf who was cursed to become human.   LifeContinue Reading

NEVER THE GROOM by Samantha Cayto

  The very last thing college student Ian Cabot wants to do is travel to his father’s wedding.  A decade ago a plane crash killed his mother and left Ian with deep scars, internally and externally.  He has no choice however as his father has demanded his presence.   Successful businessman James Reynolds doesn’t haveContinue Reading

FERAL DUST BUNNIES by Angel Martinez

The Seventy-Seventh Precinct is well known throughout the city for the special cases they are sent to cover.  They deal with the ‘freaky-deeky’ cases and, the officers and detectives themselves are just as unique.   For instance, Officer Alex Wolf was born an actual wolf, not a werewolf, a wolf.  His partner at the precinctContinue Reading

COMPLETE US by Lily Harem

Greg and his human mate Patrick lead a simple life within the forest as members of the small Redwood pack.  They know there’s nothing better than spending time together.  Hot and sweaty loving.  Life couldn’t be better.   Going into town for take-out pizza one evening the mates hear an animal in distress on theContinue Reading


The clans of the mer people grow smaller with each passing year.  Plagued by predatory sharks they continue to lose their numbers.  Recently the clan Kyle was born into lost their leader, Kyle’s father, as he protected their young.   The only certainty of safety was in Atlantis where the largest clan of mer liveContinue Reading


Horse shifter Nolan has had an incredibly difficult number of years before his recuperation in a gargoyle mansion.  It began when he was brutally beaten and forced from his herd after declaring his sexuality. The injuries were so severe Nolan permanently lost his sense of smell. Fate twisted his life again when the shifter wasContinue Reading

THICK AND THIN by Charlie Cochet

Destructive Delta team leaders Dexter J. Daley and jaguar Therian Sloane Brodie have managed so far to separate their professional partnership at work with their lives as lovers at home.  A lot of things have happened in the last few days, important, life altering things.  Surprisingly nothing scares them more than telling the family andContinue Reading


The Revolution seems certain to finally end the war once and for all.  People throughout what is left of the world are war weary and ready to back the peace that the Revolution offers them.   Pivotal chess pieces of the war are Merq Grayson, Peacemaker, and Armise Darcan, Dark Ops who have fought againstContinue Reading

THREE WISHES by Sean Michael

James, Guard, and Damien run a luxurious retreat where BDSM scenes flavor their guests’ vacation.  The clients request a fantasy and the trio set out to ensure every requirement is met.  At one time the threesome were lovers, but that was before a horrible accident left James in a wheelchair and Damien wracked with guilt. Continue Reading

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

The decision to leave home within the Amazon became easy for giant otter shifter Jerome Laguna once his family was targeted.  Life under a bigoted Alpha was difficult for him, but involving his family crossed a line so Jerome chose to leave before the situation escalated further.   College student Aziel Boltson recently had hisContinue Reading

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