Genre: MM

THE DISCIPLE by Susan Laine

Lovers Gus Goodwin and Niall Valentine are planning to embrace the big commitment. Yep, they’re engaged to be married. All they have to do is set the date.   Owner and proprietor of the Four Corners occult shop Gus is a level headed, glass is half full kind of guy.  Neil on the other handContinue Reading

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. Flores

High school senior Drake Carpenter has learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair.  The loss of his parents and leaving his Texas home was difficult.  At least his Aunt Millie was there for him.  And he held his own against a snotty senior called Mason Blackmoor.   Everything changed once more when DrakeContinue Reading

SEVEN MINUTES by Grace Kilian Delaney

Touring the country with their heavy metal band, lead singer Stone Manson and band mate Matty are invited to a party after their show in Las Vegas.  Single after divorce and breakups Stone agrees to the offer of Seven Minutes in Heaven with a stranger.   By day Devon Thomson is a talented car mechanicContinue Reading

SAND TRAP by L. M. Somerton

The Wyverns motorcycle gang is having a little down time for a change.  Everyone thinks they are this big bad gang, but they are actually the good guys, well for the most part.   Since everything is quiet gang member Francis Redway aka Crow is going to make a move on their newest recruit Shelton. Continue Reading

OMEGA ARRIVAL by Rebecca James

An agreement is reached between the River Wolf pack and the Angel Hills pack. The River Wolf pack will be giving the other pack some desperately need omegas in order to survive.  Five omegas and three betas are willing to move and not a moment too soon as the River Wolf pack implodes between twoContinue Reading

LOST AND FOUND by Rick R. Reed

Flynn Marlowe lost his beloved beagle Barley almost six months ago and he’s still grieving from the loss.  No argument it’s Flynn’s fault for letting Barley off his leash and he’s still mentally kicking himself over it.  He lost his best friend that cold winter day in the park.   Seeing a beagle that looksContinue Reading


The Anzuni hide in plain sight among the humans with no one the wiser.  Their history tells them of a time when they were slaves to another demon race before they fled the dimension and settled on a safer home with humans.   Jerricho has spent his life rebelling against the future mapped out forContinue Reading

JAEGER by Evelise Archer

Centuries ago Jaeger was nothing more than a starving peasant resentful of his lord and the heir.  A stranger came to him with an offer of revenge and a new life.  Jaeger accepted.  He didn’t know that he was condemning himself to a never ending life of death and rebirth, a curse with no memoryContinue Reading

INHERITANCE by Sean Michael

One minute Texas ranch owner Cash McCord is dancing with a cowboy contemplating the night to come, the next he’s getting a phone call letting him know his beloved older brother Jack and wife Val have died in an accident.  Jack basically raised Cash after their parents died and he can’t imagine life without hisContinue Reading


Angel Daniels never had a conventional childhood.  The grifter’s son was used frequently by his father as a means to cheat people out of their money.  If not for the kindness of an elderly woman Angel never would’ve had a chance at a normal life.  He honors the lady’s wishes by helping people and runningContinue Reading

THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha Cayto

Young human Ben Miller has volunteered for a dangerous, possibly deadly mission to help the alien Travians put an end to a rebellion which will affect both races. His understanding of their computer systems makes him the perfect choice, but if he’s caught Ben won’t survive.   At one time Kath was a high bornContinue Reading


Years ago a strange phenomenon began to appear.  Children randomly awoke to an odd mark upon their face.  There was no rhythm or reason for it.  The mark meant that they were Enhanced.  They would develop some kind of power, weak or strong they were no longer human.  And it was only occurring in theContinue Reading

DESERT ICE by Rose Maefair

He was betrayed.  The heir to Seadragon’s Fief was betrayed by his own father.  All because of a beautiful young woman who gave the widowed king a newborn son.  She whispered in her lover’s ear that the firstborn heir was planning treason.   Taken far from his northern home to the desert city of TandirContinue Reading


Seven years ago a horrible tragedy drove Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn, a wolf Therian, and THIRDS team leader Sebastian Hobbs, a tiger Therian, apart.  The mates continue to love each other but distance themselves because the pain is still far too raw.   There are big changes within the THIRDS ranks ever since oneContinue Reading


Events over the eons have made demon Prince Sytri and demon Duke Sallos friends, lovers, and then through treachery the worst of enemies.  Recently, however, Prince Sytri was instrumental in helping Sal and his witch lover Calvin Blackwood defeat a powerful foe.  It was then that Sy spent a brief time with vampire Prince BasilContinue Reading

COUNTING ON A CROW’S WING by Charlie Richards

Entering the human realm on a dare after a night with friends at Court the fae prince Lord Elron Paxton finds himself in trouble.  A momentary lapse of judgment has landed Elron deep in hot water.  The fae has awakened with a sore head surrounded by young human men who are also trapped in theContinue Reading

EXILE by Caleb James

Once a member of fairy Queen May’s court, Liam Summer has somehow ended up in New York roasting to death in an apartment fire.  The fairy fire is ablaze – human firefighters cannot stop it.  At the moment Liam accepts his own death FDNY Charlie Fitzgerald appears and saves him.   As a small childContinue Reading

EQUIPOISE by Kim Fielding

Surviving two mighty magical conflicts Ennek is utterly exhausted and more powerful than ever while his lover Miner worries about the consequences of their actions.  It appears everywhere they go they are forced to alter the lives of those they meet.   Homesick and tired of wandering they decide to return to Praesidium.  The timeContinue Reading

THE ALPHA’S REVENGE by Shane Keleher

All work and no play made Justin Crane a dull friend according to Sam and Drew.  The pair finally manages to drag him to a popular gay bar for a night of fun.  Drinking and dancing Justin notices a tall, hot stranger watching from the sidelines.  With Sam and Drew’s encouragement Justin introduces himself toContinue Reading

ASCEND by Michelle King

The disappearance of his mother when he was thirteen left Bohai Tran at the mercy of a stepfather who regularly peddled the boy to the highest bidder.  Using his own intelligence and inner strength Bo managed to break free when he reached legal age.  Having a limited skill set Bo used what he knew toContinue Reading

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