Genre: Mystery & Detective

NO ROOM FOR ERROR by Julie Moffett

NO ROOM FOR ERROR by Julie MoffettNo Room for Error by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #7
Published by Carina Press Genres: Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Lexi Carmichael is still coming down from her last adventure, and she is enjoying her time with her boyfriend, the sexy and mysterious Slash.  Both are talented hackers, but while Lexi works for a private investigation and security company, Slash works for the NAS.  When Lexi is asked to take on a new mission, which concerns a major advance in technology and an invention by two of her friends, the Zimmerman twins, of course, she agrees.  This case will take Lexi, her best friend Basia, and her boss, Finn, into another country to safeguard the invention and the manufacturing of it.


Lexi and Slash have a couple of close calls just before she leaves, but it’s unsure just who was the target.  Lexi and everyone take off as scheduled, but that is the last thing that goes as expected.  First, they are hijacked, then they crash, are hunted through a jungle, and then they are kidnapped.  Through it all, Lexi keeps everyone going with the deep knowledge and belief that the Zimmerman twins and Slash will be tracking them down and will get them out.  It’s certainly not a cakewalk, but Lexi is not going to let this invention get into the wrong hands, nor is she going to let anyone harm her friends.  Just before she left, Slash teased Lexi that she had a dark cloud that followed her, but she knows that he is the bright lining in her dark cloud, if there is one.  It appears that the good team has finally won, and they will all be safe now, or will even more betrayal be the final end of Lexi’s adventures and her love of Slash?


A self-proclaimed geek girl has yet another adventure in which she must put her wits against those who are trying to defeat her. Only this time, there is no computer or laptop helping Lexi win the day.  Instead, she, Basha, and Finn must use their wits to stay one step ahead of those hunting them, while knowing that technology is helping those looking for them to bring them home safely.  I have loved Lexi from her first appearance, but this is the first time I have seen her have to win without the use of any computer.  It only showed me just how much she has grown and learned to trust her confidence when challenged.  I loved watching how this journey progressed, and I have to admit I was putting as much faith in Slash and the Zimmerman twins as Lexi was as the pages were turned.


No Room for Error is an action-packed adventure, which really does pit good against evil.  If you are anything like me, you will find yourself cheering and rooting for Lexi and her friends and cursing those looking to harm them. I also must admit that I loved the depth of love and trust that grows between Lexi and Slash by the time the last page is turned.  I also admit to laughing as Lexi finds herself in yet another situation, but this one born of the love of her best friend.  I can’t wait to see how this will turn out.  No Room for Error is a must-read for any Lexi lovers.

FEAR THE DARK by Kay Hooper

FEAR THE DARK by Kay HooperFear the Dark by Kay Hooper
Series: A Bishop / SCU Novel
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Source: Publisher


Serenity, Tennessee is a sleepy small town and that is exactly why Jonah Riggs loves being the Chief of Police there.  Jonah knows everyone in his town and most of their back stories.  However, Jonah also believes in being prepared and up to date, so he has gone to the FBI for advanced training a few times.  Which is why, when people started to disappear from his town, Jonah knew exactly who to call to help.  The entire town of Serenity is ready to blow especially after this last missing person and Jonah knows that time is not on his side or that of the missing.


The Special Crimes Unit run by the Bishops has been a quiet secret in years past, however lately the FBI has been much more open about this special group and what they can do.  When they get a call from the Chief of Police from a small town in Tennessee, it sounds exactly like something that they can help with, so a team is sent out with Lucas and Samantha Jordan, a married couple who work well together and new team members, Dante Swann and Robbie Hodge.  Between them they have the psychic talents to track down not only the unsub but also the missing people themselves.


Jonah has opened the door to this FBI team and he is hoping that they will help him find the missing and the person behind it before they start finding bodies.  Lucas and Sam are experienced team members and they pick up on what Jonah has kept quiet about and the entire team knows instantly that the unsub is someone with psychic gifts too, but dangerously and deadly so.  It’s a battle from the minute the team hits town to find out who is behind the disappearances and to stop it.  The few clues the team has are puzzling until they figure out what the common link is. To solve this mystery, save the missing and bring down the unsub it will take all the team’s talents and the Chief’s local knowledge.  When the dust finally settles, will everyone be able to walk away and resume their lives?


People are missing and there are no suspects, no evidence and no way of knowing how long they have to stay alive. Fear the Dark will bring a team from the Special Crimes Unit to Serenity Tennessee to find out all the answers as the clock is running.  I love mysteries and I was caught from the first chapter by the plot and spent the rest of the time I was reading trying to figure out the who, what and where and especially the how in these disappearances.  I really enjoyed watching as Jonah not only kept his town together but also kept his officers on task while working with the team on these disappearances.  I admit that I was nowhere close to figuring out all the answers before they were revealed and was even more intrigued as each answer was unrolled.  There is a very bittersweet ending but there is also some happy endings.  One thing I need to point out is that there is not a romance in this book, however if you love a great mystery and suspense and also love it when psychic elements are involved then you will not want to miss Fear the Dark.  While this is part of series, it was a perfect stand alone read too.  Ms. Hooper has once again given us a book that will make you shiver as you flip the pages to learn just what is waiting in the dark.

NO MONEY DOWN by Julie Moffett

NO MONEY DOWN by Julie MoffettNo Money Down by Julie Moffett
Series: Lexi Carmichael #2.5
Published by Carina Press Genres: Action & Adventure, Mystery & Detective
Source: Publisher


Lexi Carmichael, a computer specialist with the NSA, has finally agreed to go on a vacation with her best friend, Basia.  Lexi even agreed to let Basia pick where they would go and plan most of the vacation.  So, it’s no surprise to Lexi that she arrives at a resort with lots of annoying people, sun, and other things that really are not Lexi’s idea of a good time.  But Lexi is doing her best to try and have a good time for Basia.


Then Lexi meets two men who will become her next best friends, Elvis and Xavier Zimmerman, two names that Lexi knows from her computer/hacker connections as geniuses.  They can talk to Lexi in a language that she can not only understand, but can relate to: hacking, programming, and computer games.  Things are really looking up, and then Lexi stumbles into a mystery that gains her attention from the Secret Service and others, all because of another clumsy accident she is involved in.  Now, Lexi, Basia, and the twins have to figure out the clues and find whatever it is that everyone is looking for before they have unexpected accidents.


A vacation just beginning to turn into a fun event takes a turn to the dangerous side in No Money Down.  I have long wondered just how Lexi met and became so close to Elvis and Xavier.  I should have known it would involve one of the infamous accidents that Lexi has become known for, at least to me.  I will totally admit to laughing just as she become “closer” to one of them.  Watching just how quickly Lexi and the twins became close friends and a team that could work together foretold what the future would bring.  And through it all was Basia, the only person who can keep Lexi’s feet and head on earth and not just engaged in the ether that computer geniuses live in.  No Money Down shows just how Lexi got together with the Zimmerman twins and became such close friends.  It is a  story filled with classic Lexi Carmichael humor, mishaps, and suspense that always seems to involve one government agency or another.

RELIEF VALVE by J. L. Merrow

RELIEF VALVE by J. L. MerrowRelief Valve by J.L. Merrow
Series: The Plumber's Mate #2
Published by Samhain Publishing Genres: MM, Mystery & Detective
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Cassie

Things are back to almost normal for plumber Tom Paretski. He goes out on jobs and spends his free time with his boyfriend, private investigator Phil Morrison. Unfortunately, things don’t stay normal for long. First, Tom learns that an old family friend has died, leaving him some sort of mysterious bequest. Then someone tries to poison his older sister Cherry, a newly engaged lawyer. It’s up to Tom and Phil to find out who poisoned Cherry. And there’s still the bequest to sort out…


Relief Valve is another fun and wild tale of Tom and Phil. Tom is the rare first-person narrator that doesn’t annoy me. He’s self-deprecating and sarcastic, but with a good heart that shines through no matter how he tries to hide it. His relationship with Phil has matured. They’re still hot for each other, yet they are beginning to understand each other’s quirks better and learn to live with each other. Of course, Tom’s tendency to jump in headfirst before thinking or involving the police or Phil still drives Phil crazy.


The mystery in Relief Valve is sufficiently twisty and madcap that it not only held my attention, but kept me guessing. The different threads of the story, so seemingly disconnected, come together in a very interesting way, yet the story didn’t come across as contrived. I also enjoyed the secondary characters. Some of the characters from the first book return here, but there are also many new ones. JL Merrow has a knack for writing characters that are quirky but not unrealistically so. Overall, Relief Valve is enjoyable as a mystery, and there’s enough development in Tom and Phil’s relationship to add a liberal dash of romantic spice to the mix as well.



DIRTY LAUNDRY by Rhys FordDirty Laundry by Rhys Ford
Series: A Cole McGinnis Mystery
Published by Dreamspinner Press on 2013-04
Genres: Gay, Mystery & Detective, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Lisa


P.I. Cole McGinnis has learned the hard way that life can hit you hard when you least expect it.  What seems a lifetime ago he was a ‘boy in blue’, but that ended when his longtime partner on the squad murdered his lover, tried to kill Cole, and then committed suicide.  Retirement was inevitable because of his injuries and his homosexuality was out in the open and unwanted.  Downplaying scandal was apparently their main goal.

Cole considers finding Kim Jae-Min or Jae a gift from the gods after all the heartache and betrayal he suffered.  Predictably there are issues.  Cole’s lover is stuck in a closet of Korean duty to his family.  If his mother or siblings found out they could disown him which would destroy Jae.  Things have been good for Cole and Jae lately, which is probably why Jae’s sister decided to run away from home and land on her brother’s doorstep. 

Problem number two is that Cole and his older brother Mike thought their mother died a long, long time ago.  That idea was shot down when a younger brother reached out to them wanting to meet them.  Apparently mom died only a few years ago after raising their little brother with her second husband.  Cole is feeling bitter, confused, and hurt.  He isn’t sure he wants to add another name to the family tree.

With all the chaos in his life Cole figures it’s an easy case when a fortune teller called Madame Sun hires him.  She thinks someone is after her clients, two have died in a very short time.  What should be a simple investigation is anything but once Cole starts looking into the deaths.  When the body count continues to rise he knows something is definitely wrong.  Between family troubles for Jae, his own sibling issues, and a case that’s getting more dangerous by the hour Cole has his hands full.  Loving Jae, ducking brothers, and dodging bullets, it’s a busy life for one P.I.

This is a guilty pleasure!   Dirty Laundry is a treat.  Author Rhys Ford’s storytelling style is incredibly smooth.  An engaging descriptive narrative, realistic dialogue, and a plotline that sucks the reader in and doesn’t let go. As to the characters in Dirty Laundry – Cole is a fully fleshed out likeable, lovable mess most of the time, Jae is trouble because Cole’s heart won’t survive without him.  Luckily Jae loves him back.  Everyone else is just as important to the story.  Dirty Laundry is an intense dramatic mystery you won’t want to put down even if, ahem, well your bladder is bursting…I Joyfully recommend Dirty Laundry for the truly masterful read that it is.

DIE FOR ME by Cynthia Eden

DIE FOR ME by Cynthia Eden

Katherine Cole thought she had the perfect man. He was everything she thought she wanted, always there for her—until she discovered him in the basement murdering a woman. Since that night her life has been turned upside down. She is known as the fiancée of The Valentine Killer. She has been hiding in witness protectionContinue Reading


Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson is known as the ghost among the shifters always ghosting in to save the day.  This time his mission hits close to home and he’s paired with the sexy Anna Johnson.  The little gray wolf gets under his skin and the thought of shacking up with her during a case raisesContinue Reading

NO PLACE LIKE ROME by Julie Moffett

NO PLACE LIKE ROME by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael is a self proclaimed geek girl who is still struggling to find her way in society.  Yet, put her in front of a computer and give her a quest and she is extraordinary and usually finds what she is looking for.  Right now, Lexi is off to Rome with Slash – a mysteryContinue Reading

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