Genre: Science Fiction

Deal With The Devil by Kit Rocha

Deal With The Devil by Kit RochaDeal With the Devil by Kit Rocha
Series: Mercenary Librarians #1
Genres: Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Jo
Published by Tor Books

The world is no longer as we know if after all known conveniences and governments were destroyed after the world was bombarded by the Flares.  Now things are run by corporations and its a serious divide of the haves and the have nots.  Another thing that these corporations have done is mess with humans, with technology, and new science.  As such not everyone is what or who you think they are.  It’s in this world that Nina and her roommates (and best friends) are living in. 

Nina is an information broker who uses anything and everything she can lay her hands on to help the helpless in an America that barely struggles along.  Nina and her roommates are know as mercenary librarians and they are as deadly as that sounds, if needed to be.  When Nina is approached with job that could possibly get them access to part of the Rogue Library of Congress she agrees to the job as that knowledge would be priceless to obtain. 

Garrett Knox, known as Knox, is the Captain of the Sun Devils, he is trying to pull his team out of the job of taking care of anyone TechCorps wants to be disciplined in some way.  The major problem with this is that once your are part of these teams, the only way to leave is death.  Another is that the teams have been biologically changed and the medication they need to keep them alive is strictly produced and protected by TechCorps.  The team is basically on a countdown towards their own death unless they can get access to this medication. 

Knox has one way to get the access he needs to this life saving medication and it involves turning Nina over to someone he doesn’t know.  Getting Nina to agree to the job was one thing, but as he gets to know her better, Knox knows he can’t do it. Nina and Knox are becoming involved but both have secrets they’re keeping from the other.  Just when they both are ready to tell the other the first of their secrets, the group is ambushed by the person who wants Nina.  It’s going to take trust in several areas if everyone is going to come out alive at the end.

When the world has been shaken upside down and only partially put back together, Nina and Knox find each other but only their smarts, fast actions and trust will allow them to find a future together.  I was fascinated by this new world that Kit Rocha provided.  At first I did not see how Nina and Knox could ever overcome all that was between them to get together.  But the twists, turns and a few OMG surprises showed me that not only could they become a couple but that they could continue to help the helpless and prevent the corporations from destroying what was left of civilization.  I seriously can’t wait for the next mercenary librarians book. There were so many loose threads that were left dangling.  Deal with the Devil has many surprises and just learning about this new world had me engaged from the first page and then Nina and Knox pulled me along as their story rolled out. 

IN MY SKIN by Shannon McKenna

IN MY SKIN by Shannon McKennaIn My Skin by Shannon McKenna
Series: Obsidian Files #3
Genres: Contemporary, Science Fiction, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Self Published




Author Shannon McKenna continues her exciting Obsidian Files series with In My Skin.

Luke is hunting for a way to return the memories he locked away to protect those he loves.  Now all he wants is to remember the people he risked so much for.  There is just one complication…Daniela LaSalle.

Dani is a nurse whose life is turned upside down when an old friend arrives at her home on death’s door wanting help. Before she can get the whole story, her friend dies and leaves her in a world of trouble.

Luke is determined to discover what Dani’s friend said to her but is sidetracked by a fierce need to protect the beauty.  As killers come out of the woodwork with a mission to capture Dani they must go on the run. The only problem is Dani doesn’t know who to trust.  Can they survive what’s coming for them?

In My Skin is a sizzling thrill ride from page one.  Luke and Dani share a passionate chemistry that ignites immediately.  Luke Ryan has been put through hell. I had been wondering what would happen to him after all the atrocities he faced in the previous books.  He deserves some happiness.

Luke and Dani go on one heck of an adventure.  I loved their banter back and forth especially Dani’s smart-mouth retorts. The amazing action sequences leave you on edge while the powerful emotions will have your heart swelling.  Ms. McKenna definitely knows how to choreograph impressive action sequences in her books. They always leave me wanting more.

I thoroughly enjoyed In My Skin! Luke and Dani are fantastic, and the ending was out of this world! I loved it!

If you’re looking for lots of suspense and drama mixed with steamy sex, then In My Skin is for you!


MY NEXT BREATH by Shannon McKenna

MY NEXT BREATH by Shannon McKennaMy Next Breath by Shannon McKenna
Series: Obsidian Files #2
Genres: Contemporary, Science Fiction, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Self Published

Zade has a plan…a foolproof one at least that’s what he thinks.  Zade plans to use Simone to find his missing brother Luke.  The only problem with that plan is the instant attraction that leads to a powerful connection.  Now that he’s gotten to know her he must decide what to do next.

Simone hasn’t been happy for a long time.  Unlucky in love and unhappy in her job she has decided to change things up.  The only problem is the fact that her boss aka her stepfather refuses to let her go.  Little does she know her stepfather’s agenda is more diabolical than she could ever imagine.

Zade and Simone have phenomenal attraction that sparks the moment they cross paths.  It doesn’t take long for Zade to realize he’s in trouble. Simone is nothing like he imagined and now he struggles with his deep feelings for her and an overwhelming need to find his brother.

Author Shannon McKenna’s My Next Breath is a sexy adventure heavy with emotion.  Zade’s desperation to find his brother mixed with the need to protect Simone ramp up the urgent suspense in My Next Breath. Shannon McKenna gives readers excellent stories with her Obsidian Files series.

Simone and Zade have both been dealt a crap hand in life.  Now is their chance to find some happiness if they survive the onslaught of people that want to capture and kill them.  These two were great with just enough sizzle paired with intense action scenes. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. I especially hope that Zade brother’s Luke finds love and his way back to his family.

HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia Knight

HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia KnightHiding From Two by Morticia Knight
Series: Soul Match #3
Genres: Gay, Menage, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Pride Publishing

In the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion, the civilizations of Earth stand in ruins. Those who survived are made slaves to the alien invaders either for domestic duties or to be used as sexual conquests.


Morgan was caught alongside his cousin Chris who soul bonded with two Alasharian warriors.  It is unheard of for two to become three and with an alien at that. Therefore Chris and his warriors Nary and Lasar have chosen to keep their bond a secret from their leader, the Supreme Commander.  In the meantime, the soul mates have promised to keep Morgan safe as long as they are able.


Time is up for Morgan to be given to the warrior Rama.  Terrified of what will happen to him the human is extremely puzzled by his reaction to meeting the Alasharian advisor Hallosh.  Somehow Morgan is also able to soul bond with two Alasharians.  Whatever is happening will change the future of the alien and human interactions.  The soul mates know that the Supreme Commander has been taken over by evil, but somehow forces are maneuvering to give both species a chance to triumph if and only if they can survive what happens next…


Hiding From Two is an intricately woven tale packed with high tension and a tentative romance.  Intrigue and danger is around every corner it seems as Morgan and his cousin Chris deal with Alasharian warriors and the love they offer.  This original storyline keeps readers on the edge of their seats from the first page to the last.  Proving that love comes in many forms Hiding From Two delivers on all counts.  This series gets better and better with each new book.


FIVE MINUTES LONGER by Victoria SueFive Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #1
Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Years ago a strange phenomenon began to appear.  Children randomly awoke to an odd mark upon their face.  There was no rhythm or reason for it.  The mark meant that they were Enhanced.  They would develop some kind of power, weak or strong they were no longer human.  And it was only occurring in the U.S.- nowhere else.


Growing up in boring middle America Finn Mayer’s best friend was Adam.  They did everything together.  At least until the day Finn watched as his best buddy was taken away by cops.  Adam’s parents stood by and watched but did nothing.  That was the last time Finn saw his best friend.


For years and years Finn held onto the dream of joining the FBI.  He desperately wanted to leave home.  When the letter arrived from the Bureau letting him know he wasn’t a candidate for training it broke his heart.


Out of the blue Finn receives a call.  He’s told to travel to Florida to begin training as an FBI agent.  Finn will be the first human to join an Enhanced team.  Butting heads with his Enhanced team mates, the tension to be accepted and outside forces who wish them to fail are all getting to Finn.  He’s desperate to succeed.  But at what cost?


Five Minutes Longer lays the groundwork for a terrific series.  Conflicts within the team multiply while outsiders fan the flames for disaster.  This fascinating character driven plot explores a variety of emotional issues, bonds, and relationship woes.  Painfully lacking in confidence Finn is the catalyst for a solid story in Five Minutes Longer.  Book two can’t come soon enough.

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. Church

In Enemy Hands by M. A. Church Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Starship captain Varo Kutchif, also known as Prince Varo, third son of the ruler of the planet Yesri is caught between a rock and hard place.  The king, his father, has ordered Varo to somehow land on Helkan andContinue Reading


The Inconvenient Pet by Samantha Cayto Series: Alien Slave Masters #5 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing The garrison on New World Colony Seven is Travian cadet Wen’s latest posting.  Surviving a near fatal beating when a group of Travian extremists attempted to usurp their leadership on a space station Wen hasContinue Reading

CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia Knight

Cherished by Two by Morticia Knight Series: Soul Match #2 Genres: Futuristic, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing The alien invasion is a complete success with human populations decimated and most major cities are no longer in existence around the world.  It is now simply a matter of rounding up the survivors hiding in theContinue Reading

OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani Hecht

Opposites Assent by Stephani Hecht Series: Underground Fortitude #1 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by MLR Press In the year 2050 Earth was invaded by creatures people called Outwarders.  Tall, ugly aliens, they were difficult to destroy and would kill several humans before they were taken down.   The city of Detroit was inContinue Reading


In the Shadow of this Red Rock by John Wiltshire Series: Seasons of Murder #3 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by MLR Press The war on Earth ended after the Minders were banished to a colony on Mars where they could live with their own kind and no one else.  People were afraid ofContinue Reading


Changing Worlds by Cari Z. Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Commander of a starship, Captain Jason Kim runs a tight ship and devotes his waking hours to ensure the smooth operations aboard the Silver Star. A broken relationship in the past proves that he’s not cut out for love.  Better toContinue Reading

by Lyn Gala

Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits by Lyn Gala Series: , Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Loose Id   Rownt trader Ondry and his human palteia Liam Munson are traveling aboard a ship with a contingent of Rownt Calti Grandmothers.  It will be the first time their species attempts to trade in humanContinue Reading

SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia Knight

Slave for Two by Morticia Knight Series: Soul Match #1 Genres: Menage, MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing Earth’s alien invasion was worse than people once fearfully imagined it could be.  It wasn’t a blockbuster movie with great special effects.  Rather, it was the destruction of major cities and deaths beyond thousands.  Continue Reading

PRETTY HUMAN by Kayleigh Sky

Pretty Human by Kayleigh Sky Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing The unauthorized ship crash lands in the desert.  Somehow inexplicably, Ellis Ligoria, King of the planet Xol felt drawn to the site.  And it is Ellis who found the injured stranger, unconscious and hidden under the sands within the lost city.Continue Reading

POWERLESS by S. A. McAuley

Powerless by S.A. McAuley Series: Border Wars #3 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing Peacemaker Merq Grayson and former Dark Ops Armise Darcan follow the Revolution and the will of their leaders.  Months and months of playing hide and seek with members of the Opposition council have ended.  Only the Opposition leaderContinue Reading


One Breath, One Bullet by S.A. McAuley Series: Border Wars #1 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing In the year 2558 the world is divided into five separate nations.  The population’s been decimated and for the past three hundred years the Borders War has raged.  Soldiers are ironically called Peacemakers.   OneContinue Reading


Falling, One by One by S.A. McAuley Series: Border Wars #4 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing The death of President Wensen Kersch has thrown the Revolution into turmoil.  The leadership must take immediate steps to let their people know that everything will be running smoothly without any interruptions.  Merq’s childhood friendContinue Reading

THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha Cayto

The Untamed Pet by Samantha Cayto Series: Alien Slave Masters #3 Genres: Futuristic, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing   On New World Colony Stuart McKay was always a step behind the other boys his age.  He was the last one picked for any project. In an effort to be one of them Stuart endedContinue Reading


Dominant Predator by S.A. McAuley Series: Border Wars #2 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Pride Publishing The war had ended.  Everyone had finally laid down their weapons.  For the first time in centuries the Olympics were being held again.  No one could imagine the Olympics would be used as a cover.   ItContinue Reading

COMPELLED by Jo Tannah

Compelled by Jo Tannah Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by eXtasy Books A native of the planet X’aron, where dreams aid in finding a true mate, Q’lan is put to the test when his soul mate is found on Earth.  The first time they touch awareness Q’lan reaches out to Ryan and they connect.Continue Reading

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