Genre: Science Fiction

PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina Heart

A prison riot on Penal Station 05 resulted in condemning everyone trapped within the facility to a lifetime of incarceration, including the remaining guards and prisoners due to be released.  Each month food and supplies are dropped within the central cell along with new condemned prisoners.  Over time they evolved into their little civilization whereContinue Reading

SONG OF SONG by L. J. LaBarthe

Earth in the year 2275 is a playground for the rich while the rest of the population is scattered throughout the colonies in the system.  Engineered humans called Boxies are the labor force.  Their lives are bound by a set grid of allowed travel where they work and reside in each of the major cities. Continue Reading

SHY TALENT by Bianca D’Arc

Agnor is the newest Starlord and also a captain of the newest starship, and as such, he was able to hand-pick his crew.  Agnor was very exacting when picking out just who would man his ship with him during their first voyage.  He is well aware that a few of his picks shocked, but AgnorContinue Reading


Becoming a Star Pilot was the sky high wish of Thierry Leroux.  Of course it was a complete pipe dream because there’s no way he could afford to go even though he’d passed all the exams and gained admittance.  Thierry and his older brother were orphans surviving on Corbin’s talent as an aspasian or highContinue Reading

CELLULOID CAGE by Crawford Rhine

In his last year as a college student Brand figured his chances to be called upon as a Servant go unanswered.  Soon to reach the cut off age Brand is stunned to be told that he’s finally been chosen.  With little time to get his affairs in order Brand receives his instructions and travels toContinue Reading

THE ANDROID by Michelle Marquis

Eleanor Meyers is an undercover cop who might have must worked her last case when she is busted by an ex-con that she helped put away.  She has been working on a black marketing case involving illegal aphrodisiacs rung by rung and while Eleanor is still close to the bottom of the pile, she knowsContinue Reading

MAGIC SHIFTS by Ilona Andrews

Now that Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran Lennart, have totally split from the pack, they are on their final 30-day countdown to shift all their assets from the pack and to bring over anyone who wants to leave the pack and be with them in their new lives.  That would be enough to keepContinue Reading

FORTUNE’S STAR by Morgan Hawke

Luxi Emery finally had a job that she loved and one that kept her talent under wraps, which was even more important.  After all, when you can see a person’s various futures depending on what choices they make, no one really wants you around.  This is something Luxi knows all about.  Yet, when she stepsContinue Reading


Unloved and despised by his parents his entire life Aiden was grateful for the tenderness his brother and sister showed.  Aiden’s unusual talent with anything mechanical and the money he brought in was the only time they noticed him at all.  The day slavers took Aiden from his home was an entirely new horror.  Continue Reading


Life on the Dadelus-Kaku Station is everything Tover Duke could wish for.  He enjoys a privileged existence in the hotel penthouse with an aviary built to his specifications.  All because he was born with a gift that allows Tover to move objects with his mind.  There are only a handful of skilled navigators in theContinue Reading


It has taken everything to keep the people of Eden from tearing the city apart.  The human and cyborg population are at each other’s throats.  Trying to lead them all is the Guiding Light, Uriel, and his cyborg lover Raze.   The discovery of Uriel’s brother Noah, a clone, simply adds another layer of conflict. Continue Reading

BACK IN ACTION by Elayne S. Venton

On the Alpha II Space Station high above Earth, ex-Colonel Dana Tangier is busy prepping First Lt. Gavin Moore and Second Lt. Krystal Riddon for a delicate yet dangerous mission on the planet Moria.   The two lieutenants will pretend that a sexual chemistry binds them in order for the mission to succeed; a chemistryContinue Reading

FIREBIRD by Pelaam

From the day he was taken from his hometown and brought to the city, Palace Scribe Cassian has done everything possible to keep a low profile.  Cassian does not want to be brought to the attention of either King Marius the Magnificent or his Head of Security Phrixus.  To garner their favor is not desirableContinue Reading

TO BE LOVED by Pearl Love

Born as a military experiment TM 05637 was the only one to survive gestation and birth. He began training the moment he could hold a weapon and fire.  Dr. Paul Anderson, a brilliant genetic scientist was hired by the Company and conducted the DNA experiments under the supervision of General Woodard to create super soldiersContinue Reading

TO BE HUMAN by Pearl Love

Designation TM 05637 is born to fulfill a military purpose.  At the same time other boys his age are drawing stick people and starting kindergarten TM 05637 is learning to fire automatic weapons.  His entire life is controlled, from the bland nutrition he’s fed to heavy weapons and physical training, as well as studying militaryContinue Reading

IN DISCRETION by Reesa Herberth

Years of successful contracts between clients and his job as a Discretionary’s Cohort leaves Thanson Nez stuck on the far side of the Empire.  In all the time he’s worked as a Discretionary he’s never before walked away from a client until he met with the Imperial Minister Lantony Rannah.  When the minister’s right handContinue Reading

MINDSCAPE by Tal Valante

Growing up on a dangerous mining colony planet Mark Sayre wants a better, safer future for his younger brother.  To get the best paying job available Mark enlists in the Inter-Stellar Navy, otherwise known as the Space Navy or Spavy.   On Mark’s first assignment he’s promoted to pilot aboard the Cyclops under the commandContinue Reading

KILL FEE by Mychael Black

The lawless planet of Geren is the perfect place for assassin Morgan Reid to thrive.  Accepting his latest job is going to be a problem however when he learns the name of his target.  Morgan is meant to kill the man he never stopped loving.   Ousted leader of the Syndicate, Joren is running forContinue Reading

PRIME IMPERATIVE by Monette Michaels

Dr. Brianna Martin is a Terran-raised leading researcher who has contracted with Prime stating that with her research, she might be able to find out the problem that has made pregnancy and child birth almost nonexistent in the Prime world.  She asked for permission to come to the Prime world so that she and herContinue Reading

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

JOURNEY’S END by M. A. Church

The Earth trembled the day their skies were filled with Tah’Narian starships.  Dialogue between the human race and the aliens eventually hashed out an agreement.  We will supply young adult males for several years consecutively to become mates to the Tah’Narians.  After they have completed their harvest the aliens will leave Earth alone.   AsContinue Reading

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