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NATE by Celia Aaron

NATE by Celia Aaron

Celia Aaron does dark mafia romance like no other.  I’m completely in love with Aaron’s irresistible dark heroes.  I had the good luck to pick up the first book in Aaron’s dark mafia series, Dark Protector, on my birthday.  It was the perfect birthday gift.  I have been counting down the days  until I could getContinue Reading

WICKED BITE by Rebecca Zanetti

WICKED BITE by Rebecca Zanetti

Wicked Bite is fantastic!   Witch Nessa Lansa is on a mission and she needs the Alpha of the Grizzly shifters Beauregard “Bear” McDunphy to succeed.  After Bear was gravely injured he was forced to shift and go into seclusion of three months to heal.  He feels more animal than man and has accepted thatContinue Reading

WICKED KISS by Rebecca Zanetti

Victoria Monzelle is on her own personal mission when she is abducted by Coven Enforcers.  Adam Dunne is an enforcer working undercover.  He is determined to save Tori even from herself.  After all, they are family now that Adam’s brother is mated to Tori’s sister.  Unfortunately, Tori isn’t interested in Adam’s help and manages toContinue Reading

THIEF’S MARK by Carla Neggers

FBI agents, Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan, are on the final day of their honeymoon and are halfway looking forward to several meetings they have set up with colleagues in London the next day before flying home and starting work and their new lives together.  But, as normal with their anticipated schedules, their plans areContinue Reading

JUST ONE TOUCH by Maya Banks

Jenna risks her very life in taking her chance to escape the religious cult that has owned her for the majority of her life.  It doesn’t matter to her that she is in rags and has no shoes, Jenna just knows that if she doesn’t escape now then her life really will be in worseContinue Reading

THE GAME by Vanessa Fewings

THE GAME by Vanessa Fewings

Vanessa Fewings has the magic touch.  I didn’t think there was any way The Game could live up to the excitement within Fewings first ICON book, The Chase, but boy did it!  Zara and Tobias totally Rock My World!  I’m so in love with this couple and their adventure!   Fewings impressive writing style takesContinue Reading

WILD RIDE by Julie Ann Walker

Julie Ann Walker finally gives fans the book they have been waiting impatiently for featuring beloved hero Ethan “Ozzie” Sykes.  Wild Ride is well, a Wild Ride from start to finish.  Ozzie has always been the sarcastic, funny guy with a heart of gold.  He has appealed to me and many others since the beginningContinue Reading

AFTER THE DARK by Cynthia Eden

Author Cynthia Eden brings readers another gripping series with Killer Instinct.  After the Dark begins with a bang as you are thrown into the middle of a spine-tingling tale.  After the Dark is brimming with chilling suspense and intense passion.  Ms. Eden weaves many threads together beautifully all of them leading up to a brilliantContinue Reading

CARNAL RISK by Kym Grosso

Technology Specialist Selby Reynolds has been loaned to Emerson Industries by her boss to temporarily assist in the daily operations while searching for a permanent replacement.  Not a risk taker, Selby is overwhelmed by her desire to be with Garrett, a man who does not know the meaning of danger.   Garrett Emerson is aContinue Reading

KEPT by Maya Banks

Hayley Winthrop is more than a struggling artist.  She is in New York and trying to fulfill her father’s last wish of her attending a prestigious music school.  While it was also her dream, Hayley never expected to fulfill this dream.  Hayley is struggling and working two jobs to pay the bills, because her fatherContinue Reading


When I stared Under The Surface by Anne Calhoun I originally thought this was the first book in a new series but it turns out this is the fourth book in the Alpha Ops series. Since I haven’t read the previous books I feared that I would be lost but I was pleasantly surprised thatContinue Reading



  Eliza Cummings loves her job with Devereaux Security Services (DSS) and the men she works with and, lately, she has even come to love the women some of those men have married.  But Eliza has been hiding a big secret that made her the woman that she is.  An unexpected phone call tells ElizaContinue Reading

TAKEN by Cynthia Eden

TAKEN by Cynthia Eden

The LOST series by Cynthia Eden was one of those series in the beginning that I wasn’t sure if I was going to read or not, but once I got started I was hooked and started looking forward to every single book just hoping the release dates wouldn’t be too far apart. Taken was aContinue Reading

HONOR BOUND by B. J. Daniels

I have never read a book by B.J. Daniels before but when I read the blurb for Honor Bound I thought it sounded like a book right up my alley. I had no idea I was starting on the sixth book in The Montana Hamiltons series and I figured I could just jump right inContinue Reading

MIDNIGHT QUEST by Lisa Marie Rice

Morton “Jacko” Jackman is an ex-Navy SEAL who now works for ASI, a top security firm who works worldwide for its clients.  He has just come home from an assignment more than ready to see his love, Lauren, after being away.  Jacko is hoping to ask her to marry him, because he really can’t thinkContinue Reading


Elle Olsen is a stylist for a top department store, and she is trying to find something that her current client would agree works for him.  Who would have thought a financier and one of the world’s top bachelors would be so hard to style.  Elle has no idea that her client has another missionContinue Reading

STAR CROSSED by Emma Holly

A.J. Hoyt is a cynical investigator now, but once she was a young cop who made the professional fatal mistake of being a whistleblower on a fellow cop.  Back when A.J. was trying to figure out what to do with her life, she met Luke by saving him and then sleeping with him.  While heContinue Reading

TANGLED by Kate Douglas

Cassie Phillips just moved into the small cottage on the Tangled Vines vineyard, but where for most people it would be a cute new home, for Cassie it’s a reminder of all she lost.  Cassie grew up in the much larger farmhouse on the vineyard that her family owned until bad decisions by her ailingContinue Reading

AWAKENED by Kate Douglas

Mandy Moore loves living with her sister and their new roommate, Marc, and she also loves her job as a barista.  Mandy actually fell for a guy she watched from the window of the coffee shop where she worked as he rode by on his bicycle. Later, she learned that the guy was a multimillionaireContinue Reading

BARE IT ALL by Lori Foster

BARE IT ALL by Lori Foster

Alice Appleton has a dark past she would like to keep there. Her current life is quiet and predictable just the way she wants it. There is only one complication and that is her sexy-as-sin neighbor. He inspires desires she thought were gone forever. Detective Reece Bareden came close to losing it all but hisContinue Reading

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