Genre: Urban Fantasy

THICK AND THIN by Charlie Cochet

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THICK AND THIN by Charlie CochetThick and Thin by Charlie Cochet
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Destructive Delta team leaders Dexter J. Daley and jaguar Therian Sloane Brodie have managed so far to separate their professional partnership at work with their lives as lovers at home.  A lot of things have happened in the last few days, important, life altering things.  Surprisingly nothing scares them more than telling the family and the THIRDS team what’s going on.


In less than a week Dex has dealt with his father getting shot and single handedly killed a Therian murder suspect.  Oh, and Dex died and came back a human-Therian hybrid.  Even with all that, Dex and Sloane are worried about telling the people they love and respect what’s happening.  Bruising and blood may be involved.


Readers will truly enjoy the addition of Thick and Thin to the complex THIRDS series.  The tension, grief, and feelings of betrayal strongly come across as the book unfolds.  Dex and Sloane’s emotional journey continues to evolve as does the rest of the characters stories.  Steamy moments, poignant interludes, and testosterone charged arguments are all parts of the whole which is Thick and Thin.  But at this point new readers are advised to read this series in order.  Embrace this exceptionally diverse reality with great characters and their unique world.


FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

THE STRENGTH OF THE RISING SUN by S. A. McAuleyStrength of the Rising Sun by S.A. McAuley
Series: Border Wars #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

The Revolution seems certain to finally end the war once and for all.  People throughout what is left of the world are war weary and ready to back the peace that the Revolution offers them.


Pivotal chess pieces of the war are Merq Grayson, Peacemaker, and Armise Darcan, Dark Ops who have fought against and together during the years of these never ending wars.


None of it matters now as Merq races to save Armise who’s lost his arm to their greatest enemy, a man who has held them prisoner.  Getting Armise the medical care he needs to survive is all that Merq can think about.


The battle to save his lover’s life is just the beginning.  Secrets are revealed.  Their worst enemy must be stopped.  When all is said and done can Merq and Armise come to the realization that forgiveness must be sought for their love to flame or will they crash and burn forever.  Walking away is the only way they can make it.  Too bad everyone will try to stop them.


The violent, gritty Borders War series comes to a gut wrenching finish in the emotionally challenging Strength of the Rising Sun.  Book 5 is an all or nothing chilling climax.  Merq and Armise have led a tempestuous journey where love and romance barely survived.  A skillful, harsh blend of dark drama and unflinching faith in each other has kept Strength of the Rising Sun from floundering.  Merq and Armise are one in a million characters who deserve this ending.  This was one wild, exhausting romance.



FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

JERRICHO’S FREEDOM by Jake C. WallaceJerricho's Freedom by Jake C. Wallace
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

The Anzuni hide in plain sight among the humans with no one the wiser.  Their history tells them of a time when they were slaves to another demon race before they fled the dimension and settled on a safer home with humans.


Jerricho has spent his life rebelling against the future mapped out for him since birth. When he turns twenty-five in a mere ten months Jerricho will take his father’s place as the crown Prince of the Anzuni demon race, marry the demon picked by his parents, and begin producing heirs.


Defying tradition ‘Jerry’ has a tiny apartment, a job at the library, and a multitude of tattoos.  Refusing his parent’s financial support Jerry also has a construction job thanks to his best friend Keith who’s also an Anzuni.  Lusting after human site foreman Rex Callaghan is a terrible temptation as Jerry is expected to be a virgin on his wedding night.


Visiting his parents Jerry is introduced to the man they’ve picked out for him who’s overbearing, pompous, and possibly abusive.  Jerry panic’s and does the unthinkable. It seems Rex has hid his feelings as well.  Jerricho wouldn’t take back that precious night with Rex for any amount of gold, but consequences must be faced.  The future of the Anzuni depends on it.  Unforeseen events send Jerry and Rex on a course of action they are ill prepared for.  They will need every ounce of strength and love for the chance at a life together.


Jerricho’s Freedom leads readers on a challenging journey of brutal survival and love.  An intricately woven plotline takes the spirited characters from one dangerous situation to another.  Jerry and Rex battle one obstacle after another in this masterful story.  With everything that’s thrown at the pair, they still manage to keep their love intact.  Jerry and Rex’s spirit triumphs in Jerricho’s Freedom.  This is a very emotional, sometimes chilling ride.  Hold on tight. Jerricho’s Freedom is definitely worth it.

JAEGER by Evelise Archer

FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

JAEGER by Evelise ArcherJaeger by Evelise Archer
Series: Order of the Black Knights
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Centuries ago Jaeger was nothing more than a starving peasant resentful of his lord and the heir.  A stranger came to him with an offer of revenge and a new life.  Jaeger accepted.  He didn’t know that he was condemning himself to a never ending life of death and rebirth, a curse with no memory of his folly each time he returned.  Jaeger has no way of knowing with each rebirth the curse strengthens.


U.S. Marshall Jaeger Tripp is becoming more disgusted with his job.  The Witness Protection Program is nothing more than an ‘out’ for criminals as far as he’s concerned.  As long as the criminal has something to squeal about they get a fresh life, never mind their own guilt.


The latest assignment involves a book keeper for the infamous Rincorn cartel based in Mexico.  Wren O’Riley is the nephew of the current leader and insists he deals solely with legitimate business.  He couldn’t look the other way however after witnessing the murder of the Chino cartel leader.


It’s up to Marshall Tripp to keep Wren alive long enough to testify against his uncle which will be easier said than done.  Criminals are coming out of the woodwork looking for Wren and Jaeger suspects there’s someone within the Program who’s turned traitor.  On the run, unable to trust anyone Jaeger and Wren must rely on each other to survive.  They certainly don’t have time to explore what’s happening between them.


An action packed, deadly adventure unfolds in Jaeger.  The gritty, dark story has a fierce plotline and complex characterizations.  Sexual tension and threats from all sides go hand in hand as Jaeger and Wren grow closer.  The Marshall’s long buried past adds another layer to the twisting tale too.  Jaeger is much more than a dangerous road trip romance, much more indeed

CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. Hamilton

CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. Hamilton

FTC Disclosure: The publisher, author, book tour company has provided me with a copy of this book for review or I have purchased it with my own funds. The opinions I share are mine and not influenced by the publisher, author, or book tour company if received for review.

CRIMSON DEATH by Laurell K. HamiltonCrimson Death by Laurell K. Hamilton
Series: Anita Blake #25
Published by Berkley Publishing Group Genres: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

U.S. Marshall Anita Blake discovered her gift as a necromancer very early on in life.  As a young child she mourned the recent death of her pet dog, went to bed one night and woke the next morning to find the dead and buried animal curled up at the foot of her bed.  Anita is considered by many to be the most powerful necromancer of all.


The vampires call her The Executioner and recently added the title War to her reputation.  Complicating matters between the human and paranormal population is her relationship with Jean Claude, the vampire Master of the City of St. Louis and now the vampire King of America.  And Jean Claude isn’t the only man in her bed.  There is also Nathaniel a wereleopard, Micah the wereleopard leader or Nimir-Raj, and Nicky a werelion, and several others.  Lastly, there is Damian, her vampire Servant which is completely unheard of.  Anita is well aware that her working life and romantic relationships could fry the brain.  Literally her cup runneth over and her plate is way too full with men and monsters and more.


Anita and her lovers are trying to figure out an issue with Damian when she receives a call from the man vampires call Death, good ole boy Ted Forrester, aka Edward.  He needs Anita in Ireland right away, a country thought to be without vampires.  Apparently there’s one on the rampage indiscriminately killing and making newborn vampires every night.


Arguing with authorities who have a problem with her kill count while trying to figure out who is decimating the population in Dublin has Anita and her people stretched thin.  With no rhyme or reason behind the acts Anita is scrambling for answers.  Mysterious deaths, bureaucrats, and a bat sh*t crazy vampire called M’Lady are giving Anita a seriously bad day.


Author Laurell K. Hamilton’s deliciously dark and dangerous vampire hunter Anita Blake excels with a fresh bone chilling tale.  A potent brew of sensual exploration and pulse pounding drama results in Crimson Death.  As with previous books in this series Crimson Death has an edgy intensity that permeates the character driven storyline.  Anita Blake is hands down a force to be reckoned with.  Fans of the series have watched her stumble and grow into an exceptional character, her strengths and weaknesses fascinating to witness.  Crimson Death presents a riveting tale of Anita’s relationships with Jean Claude, Nathaniel, Damian, and the rest while at the same time a suspenseful mystery slowly unfolds before the kick ass finish.  I Joyfully recommend Crimson Death. Anita Blake is simply unable to disappoint readers.

BURN FOR ME by Ilona Andrews

BURN FOR ME by Ilona Andrews

    In 1863, scientists discovered a serum that unlocked people’s natural magical talents.  Since then, the serum has been locked away, but those whose powers had been awakened passed the magic on to their decedents, until powerful magical Houses had been formed.  Some magical powers are subtle, some are deadly, and if the magicContinue Reading

FIRE TOUCHED by Patricia Briggs

FIRE TOUCHED by Patricia Briggs

Life is pretty good right now for Mercy, Adam, Jesse, and the rest of the Columbia Basin Pack with only the daily pack grips to deal with.  Mercy has healed from their last adventure that destroyed her shop and almost killed her.  Best of all, Mercy and Adam’s relationship has never been hotter.  Of course,Continue Reading


Kyrissa Spears has a gift.  However, her gift is also a curse because her paintings capture emotions to the point where it can literally kill the person she paints and Kyrissa has no control over it.  After much extensive research, Kyrissa discovers that Robert Shoalman can assist her to gain control over her power.  WillContinue Reading


Mandy Hayworth, a well-known music photographer, wants to know why the newest lead singer of the Demon Dogs rock band refuses to be interviewed or take band photos.  One way or another, Mandy is determined to discover the reasoning behind his mystery regardless if she is attracted to him or not.   On one hand,Continue Reading

AT BLADE’S EDGE by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has had a strange life being a vessel and one of the agents for the Hunter Corporation.  But the last few years have been even stranger, if you can believe it.  Rowan has fought for the treaty to protect the humans, and she has just married her vampire boyfriend, a powerful Scion forContinue Reading

AIDEN’S ANGEL by Aundrea Singer

In a world where magic is an everyday part of life graduate student Aiden Lobo is at a strict disadvantage.  It is sometimes embarrassing to admit that he has absolutely no magical talent to work with.  His best friends and fellow grad students, Cassandra Koo and Greg Petran luckily have enough power between them toContinue Reading

BOUNDARY CROSSED by Melissa F. Olson

BOUNDARY CROSSED by Melissa F. Olson

Former Army Sergeant Allison “Lex” Luther doesn’t pull any punches. When she stumbles across two people trying to kidnap her niece she goes into full warrior mode.  Lex does a good job of saving her niece but loses her life in the process.  It’s a good thing she has the uncanny ability of coming backContinue Reading

EDGED BLADE by J. C. Walker

Kit Colbana has been fighting her way back to the life she had before being kidnapped and brutally abused. She knows that she might never get all her abilities back, but Kit needs to regain as much as she can and that includes the Alpha shifter who stole his way into her heart—Damon Lee. WhenContinue Reading

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has finally healed and is ready to begin her hunt for the ancient vampire witch, Enyo, who attacked her when she was unarmed in her childhood home.  It has been weeks of hurry up and wait, and Rowan is beyond ready to get this hunt on.  But before she can gather up theContinue Reading

A STITCH ON TIME by Yolanda Sfetsos

Sierra Fox is a spook catcher extraordinaire, and she just recently came into her powers gifted to her by her grandmother—destroying demons. But it came at a huge cost with her boyfriend in a coma, which is slowly killing him, and her best friend is on the outs with her. With all this craziness, SierraContinue Reading

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Sierra Dean

Secret McQueen has had a horrible last few months and when you consider her past history, that is to say it’s been downright nasty.  All Secret wanted to do was come back to New York and deal with the millions of conflicts awaiting her— like how her real secret was now common knowledge, like theContinue Reading

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Stephani Hecht

Blowing up his home with his parents inside was something Lucas will never live down even though it was a complete accident.  If that wasn’t horrible enough, Lucas is then picked up by humans and taken straight to a Warlock Internment Camp even though he was only fifteen at the time.   Ten long, tortuousContinue Reading

LONG SHADOWS by Cecilia Dominic

Lonna Marconi never wanted to become a werewolf, but now that it’s been done she is trying to concentrate on her busy career as a social worker.  Lonna tries her best to ignore her new inner self, wolf-Lonna, but some facts can’t be totally ignored.  To say that Lonna didn’t handle being turned against herContinue Reading

FALLING LIGHT by Thea Harrison

** Before you read this, you should first read Rising Darkness, the first book in the Game of Shadows series.  This review is starting assuming you have the knowledge from that book.   Mary and Michael are on the run trying to stay a few steps ahead of the evil that they followed from theirContinue Reading

SILK ROAD by T. J. Michaels

Larien is a fallen angel assigned the task to help a human find an ancient relic that only her power can call upon.  Larien’s goal is to quickly complete the duty at hand so he can get away from humans and more importantly live in peace away from everyone.  That is until he comes face-to-faceContinue Reading

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