Publisher: Ace Publishing

MAGIC BINDS by Ilona Andrews

MAGIC BINDS by Ilona Andrews

MAGIC BINDS by Ilona AndrewsMagic Binds by Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels #9
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Ace Publishing



Kate Daniels and the former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are getting closer to their wedding day and, of course, just when you want and need things to be uncomplicated, it is anything but.  First off, her father has captured a demigod and is slowing killing him so that he can rule the world.  Then there are threats against a pregnant woman and her later newborn, which put the current Beast Lord at odds with Kate and Curran.  And there are the normal ups and downs with Kate’s business and with teenage angst and the person they requested to marry them is driving Kate up the wall with his questions and planning.


If all of that isn’t enough, then Kate is told two different predictions by a Witch Oracle, one of which says that if Kate and Curran carry out their marriage, then her city will burn, and she will lose her lover forever, and we aren’t talking about the second one so far.  Kate isn’t about to let fate tell her she can’t marry the man she loves, and she starts figuring out a way to change this prediction.  She learns that the one person who would have knowledge of how to stop her father and save those she loves and her city, however, there is one small problem: This person is dead.  Like that is going to stop Kate and Curran once he learns about the prediction.  Love and war are but two sides of a coin, and it will take both to get Kate and Curran to the altar.  Working together and with help of the guild, Kate and Curran do indeed change the outcome of their marriage, and what a wedding it is.


No one said that getting married would be easy, but in Kate and Curran’s situation, it is not a case of bridezilla or even the mother-in-law.  In Magic Binds, Kate and Curran will fight fate itself in order to have the wedding they have been working towards for the last several years.  Oh wow!  I could not believe the very twists and turns that Kate and Curran had to go through just to say, “I do”.  I was expecting it to be anything but a walk in the park, but even with that expectation I was amazed at how crazy it got.  I loved how Kate was beyond determined to have Curran and her marriage go forward and then to save her city from burning.  I have always loved Curran and how he gave up so much for Kate and their love and now how he runs the guild and those mercenaries who work there.


I know that the main battle or, worse, an all-out war with her father is in the future and maybe not all that far down the road, but I also know that Kate and Curran and their friends make one heck of a team when they all band together even with their disagreements that happened along the way.  There was so much that I wanted to talk about here, but once I started, I had to delete it because it went way too far.  What I will say is that for Kate lovers, this is a must-read and even if you haven’t followed the series, this book could get you hooked and not have you feeling like you came in several books down the road with no clue.   I honestly can’t wait until the next book, and I bet you won’t be able to either once you finish Magic Binds.  All of this is to say that I Joyfully Recommend this book as a must- read and a keeper.

MAGIC SHIFTS by Ilona Andrews

MAGIC SHIFTS by Ilona AndrewsMagic Shifts by Ilona Andrews
Series: Kate Daniels #8
Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Ace Publishing


Now that Kate Daniels and her mate, Curran Lennart, have totally split from the pack, they are on their final 30-day countdown to shift all their assets from the pack and to bring over anyone who wants to leave the pack and be with them in their new lives.  That would be enough to keep them busy, but it seems that a member of the pack, Eduardo, who they now discover is a mate to a really good friend, has disappeared.  To top it off, it appears that the Mercenary Guild is involved.  Kate hasn’t really been involved with the Guild while dealing with the other things that had taken over her life.  But she is still a senior member of the Guild and will pull every string she can to find out just what he was doing when he disappeared.


Curran and Kate begin this hunt, which becomes even more involved as they discover that the Guild is involved with the pack. If that doesn’t top it off, it appears that Kate’s father dearest has decided that he wants to be closer to Kate.  Kate and Curran are now in a multi-angled race against time.  They have to find out what is behind Eduardo’s disappearance and save him before they find evidence of his passing; they have to lay down the law to Kate’s father; and they have to complete their untangling with the pack all while complying with the rules that are part this untangling from the pack.  Talk about dealing with a tightrope walk.  As the clues on what happened to Eduardo come clear, it appears his disappearance was brought on by something he never knew about and saving him will involve dealing with an action done many years before. To round things out, drastic changes will happen to the Guild and the pack before it’s all over.  Just another week in the normal life of Kate and Curran.


Kate and Curran were hoping that as they separate themselves from the pack that maybe, just maybe, their lives might settle down a wee bit.  However, they discover just how wrong they are in Magic Shifts.  I wondered just how things would go now that Curran was no longer the Beast Lord and Kate had adopted her city. I also wondered if Kate would get back to doing more with the Guild.  I found these answers and so much more as I began turning the pages in this latest chapter of their lives.  I loved how they immediately took up the search for Eduardo when they discovered he was missing.  Watching as both Kate and Curran worked together in finding the answers to Eduardo’s disappearance and trying to get through these last 30 days of separation from the pack told me that, even now, the pack would be always around them.  I really loved how Curran turned a bad faith act into something that will probably be a plus for him and Kate in time.  There is a whole lot more going on that I can’t tell you without spilling the beans on too much.  All I can say is that you really need to read this book if you have followed Kate and Curran at all.  Magic Shifts is an outstanding new adventure with Kate and Curran full of love, danger and, of course, the action-packed suspense that we expect from Ms. Andrews with this couple.

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