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GIVING CHASE by Lauren Dane

GIVING CHASE by Lauren Dane
Giving Chase
by Lauren Dane

Series: Chase Brothers #1
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Maggie has always been the overlooked Wright sister.  All through high school and beyond, her beautiful sister had overshadowed her, making her feel invisible.  She’s stunned when Sheriff Shane Chase, one of the four gorgeous Chase brothers, takes an interest in her and asks her out.  But Shane has issues from the devastating blow dealt to him by his ex-fiancé, so when he realizes that Maggie is someone he could come to truly care for he dumps her as quickly and as coldly as he can manage.  Shane’s mistake is just the opportunity his brother Kyle has been waiting for.  When Kyle realizes that Shane is not going to apologize or try to make things right with Maggie, he quickly seizes his chance.  He has wanted Maggie from the start but had been willing to step aside because he thought that Maggie would be what Shane’s wounded heart needed.  Now that Shane’s messed up, he’s decided to go after what he’s wanted.  Maggie’s hesitant to go out with Shane’s brother, not to mention a little shocked that another Chase brother is interested in her but decides to give him a chance.  As time passes Maggie discovers that she was dating the wrong Chase brother the first time around.  Maggie and Kyle’s relationship deepens and they begin to fall in love.  But another man is obsessed with Maggie and his anger has slowly built from watching her date Shane and when he sees that she and Kyle are getting serious, his rage explodes.  Can Kyle protect the woman he’s come to love?
I’ve long been a fan of Lauren Dane, grabbing whatever she writes as quickly as I can.  In my opinion Giving Chase has to be the absolute best book she has ever written.  Maggie is a heroine who is spunky and independent while Kyle is just the kind of to-die-for hero that I love to read about.  Lauren Dane has crafted not only the sensuous passion between them, but also the deepening emotional bonds, in such a way that I became enthralled.  Add to this the knowledge that each of Kyle’s three yummy brothers are slated to have books of their own and Giving Chase is a book that should be on the top of every romance lovers list.
NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett

NO LIVING SOUL by Julie Moffett
No Living Soul
by Julie Moffett

Series: Lexi Carmichael #9
Published by Carina Press Source: Publisher



When Elvis Zimmerman and his twin brother, Xavier, received a strange and totally unexpected package from their father, the one who disappeared many, many years ago from their lives, Lexi and her boyfriend Slash agree to go to Egypt with Elvis to find him.  Usually the Zimmerman twins are in total agreement on what they do, but this has divided them.  Xavier is of the opinion  that their father does not deserve any of their time or attention, while Elvis has questions he wants answers to, and the only way to get them is to follow the clues from the package.  Of course, the timing is horrible as Xavier and Basha’s wedding is just around the corner.


After the decision was made to go, Lexi and Elvis and the fourth member of their team are caught off guard when they are almost killed by men who are after the same package that the elder Zimmerman sent.  What a way to start their journey.  Tracking down Elvis’ father isn’t all that hard, but finding him is a bit trickier, especially as the danger is ramping up the closer they come to both solving the mystery that started all of this and finding the Zimmerman twin’s father.  In order to keep mankind safe from an ancient curse, all of the team members will need to use all of their individual skills to defeat the bad guys and get home in time for the wedding.


Lexi, Slash, and Elvis descend into Egypt in order to solve an ancient mystery and located Elvis’ father in No Living Soul.  Usually it’s Lexi who is the lightening rod, but in this case it’s the Zimmerman twins and their father who went his own way long ago.  However, Lexi isn’t about to let one of her best friends go into what has already been determined as a dangerous situation without backup.  I was amazed at how divided Elvis and Xavier were on solving this particular mystery, yet I wasn’t as I learned more on how and why their father went away.  I loved how for Lexi the hardest part was telling her best friend and the person she was about to maid of honor for, that she was going to Egypt with Elvis.  I will say I was very happy that Slash went along, while I’m wondering about the fourth member of their team.  I really enjoyed watching as all four not only tracked down Elvis and Xavier’s father and managed to once again save the world from danger, this time an ancient one, while proving that good will always defeat bad when you have Lexi and her crew on board.


For anyone who has loved the Lexi Carmichael mysteries like I have, No Living Soul is a perfect continuation of the series.  If you have not dipped your toe in, then this is a perfect place to dive in—of course I’m betting you will want to go back and see just how all of the characters came together.  In this latest adventure, I seriously loved how we went back into ancient Egyptian legends and combined them with the modern technology.  No Living Soul had me guessing with every page on what would be discovered next and how they would get over the hurdle thrown at them.  By the end of the book, I had to Joyfully Recommend it because of the mystery and suspense.  And then you have the wonderful characters and how they interact.  Talk about the full deal.


Jefferson Blythe, Esquire
by Josh Lanyon

Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Jefferson Blythe had his future mapped out.  First he’d gotten his degree in architecture which would give him entry into his father’s firm and then he’d marry his long time girlfriend Amy.  That was the plan.  Of course, it didn’t take into account the fact that Jeff really wasn’t interested in being an architect or that Amy broke off their relationship.


In an effort to figure out what to do Jeff uses the money he’d saved for an engagement ring to book a European vacation to London, Paris, and Rome.  Long ago his grandfather had done the tour and still raved about it.  So, armed with his grandfather’s book Esquire’s European Style, 1960 edition, Jeff set forth to get some perspective.


Off the plane at Heathrow Jeff is accosted by a strange young woman and her overly muscular friend insisting he turn over her property.  Giving them the slip is easier than figuring out where he’s going to stay when his cousin insists it’s the wrong time to visit.  Never mind he’s supposed to be staying there.  At a loss he calls the one person he’d once abandoned but never forgot, George Sorocco, his childhood friend and very secret crush that’d moved to London a few years ago.


His strained relationship with George is the most normal part of what becomes a wild adventure with the crazy airport girl popping up at the oddest times and more and more strange people either following Jeff or accosting him.  In all the madness it’s George who proves to be the sanity he clings to and the one who deserves Jeff being truthful.  Eventually however, honesty may be the least of their problems.


Author Josh Lanyon takes readers on a laugh out loud young man’s awakening.  Jefferson Blythe, Esquire features great dialogue and an action packed, fast paced plotline.  A running theme of mistaken identity takes Jefferson Blythe, Esquire to the next level of storytelling enjoyment.  This sharp plot gives the characters room to grow and run away with this hilarious adventure.  An irresistible European vacation.

CONTROLLED BURN by Shannon Stacey

CONTROLLED BURN by Shannon Stacey
Controlled Burn
by Shannon Stacey

Series: Boston Fire #2
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher


Rick Gullotti is a lieutenant with the Boston Fire Department and loves his job. He’s been renting the third floor of the Broussard’s home for years since their son left and never returned. When Mr. Broussard takes a fall Rick goes to the hospital to help out in any way he can because their son won’t be coming home. Rick has always wanted someone special but so far he has had no luck. When the Broussard’s long lost granddaughter shows up to help out, Rick realizes right away that he is attracted to her but the question is can he trust her?


Jessica Broussard is the VP of her father’s company out in California. When she takes the phone call that informs her that her grandparents need help she heads to Boston to meet the grandparents she never met. She never expected them to be so welcoming from the stories her father has shared with her, but while she is there and getting to know them she sees a different side to them. When she firsts meet Rick she knows she is attracted to him but also aware that nothing can happen between them. But when her grandmother starts inviting Rick to dinners and breakfast, forcing them to spend time with one another, Jessica can’t help but be aware of him. After just a few kisses Jessica is going up in flames but can she hold on to what they are building or will California always be her home?


Controlled Burn was a cute romantic read that had me wanting more. I loved Rick and thought he was smart, funny and had a good head on his strong shoulders. He went from dating a lot to wanting a strong connection with a woman in a blink of an eye which I just loved. While Jessica and Rick’s romance takes center stage in Controlled Burn I really liked that Shannon Stacey also centered Controlled Burn around family, biological or made with friends and teammates.

Rick and Jessica start off having a friendship which I was grateful for, their relationship went slow and had me anticipating when they would actually move on to the next stage. At first they are both leery of one another’s motives when it comes to the Broussard’s well-being and if they should sell their house or not.

Readers who loved the previous book will enjoy the journey of Rick and Jessica navigating family and love. Ms. Stacey made me laugh, think, and appreciate her writing. In the end I really loved Controlled Burn but I did feel it ended a little abruptly. With that being said it didn’t take away from story. The Boston Fire series is really growing on me one book at a time and already I am looking for the next one.



Everything For Her
by Alexa Riley

Series: For Her #1
Published by Carina Press Genres: Contemporary
Source: Publisher



Mallory Sullivan grew up in foster care and has had to work hard for everything in her life. Having just moved to New York City and living with her best friend Paige, her life is exciting. To top it off, she is about to start a new job at one of the top companies in the world, The Osbourne Corp, where she will be one of three interns in the accounting department. What Mallory doesn’t know is that she is about to meet the man who will not only change her life sexually but that she’s been the star of his fantasies for years.


After seeing Mallory for the first time years ago, Miles Osbourne fell in love with her but he couldn’t do anything about it, one because she was too young at the time and two, he wanted everything to be in place so that he could provide her with anything her heart desired. Now years later it’s time for all of his plans to come to fruition and to finally claim Mallory as his own. Finally being able to be so close to her, is causing him to make mistakes before he is ready to show his hand. He is desperate and hopes that his missteps don’t lose him the woman that he has come to love so deeply.


Everything For Her is the first book I have had the pleasure of reading from Alexa Riley and to be honest the storyline had me hesitant, but I’m really glad I did. Once I started, I was sucked into a world of wants and desires that ran deep within characters that were very likable and a man that would do truly anything to get the woman he’s loved from afar for so very long.


To be honest while reading Everything For Her, Miles started off as the creepy/borderline stalker type. I didn’t understand the obsession he had in wanting Mallory so much when I’m sure he could have had any woman he wanted, after all he’s good looking, rich and very powerful. But as I read further into Everything For Her, I found Miles to be sweet and not creepy at all. The things Miles did for Mallory were endearing and ranged from the smallest, simplest gestures to being outrageously and over the top at times. One thing I was never in doubt of was that Miles was completely, one hundred percent, in love with Mallory.


I liked Mallory from the very beginning; apart from being smart and a hard worker, she was just a simple girl trying to make it on her own. She wasn’t flashy or looking for someone to take care of her, in fact when she meets Miles for the first time I was surprised how much she tried to resist him.


Everything For Her is sweet, sexy and everything I love in a romance. I thoroughly enjoyed that it’s written in dual povs but would have liked to have seen more of Miles pov as the story was unfolding. Ms Riley delivered a book that is truly unforgettable and I’m already anticipating the next book in the For Her series. It looks like Mallory’s roommate and best friend, Paige, is the next book in the series and I can’t wait for her story. Confession time, right after I read Everything For Her I started it again immediately, that’s just how much I loved it! I Joyfully Recommend Everything For Her and hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.



SWORN TO THE WOLF by Lauren Dane

Rain Foster is a part-time painter and a part-time waitress so she can pay her bills and buy art supplies while hoping to get that one chance to prove how good her art is.  Rain is also on the run from a violent family past and has tried to keep clear of anything that mightContinue Reading


Katie Grady left her hometown of Diablo Lake, Tennessee after being stood up at the altar.  Diablo Lake is a very unusual town in that most of the citizens are either witches, a guardian, or part of one of the two werewolf packs.  Magic is everywhere, and Katie is no exception as a witch.  KatieContinue Reading



Lexi is at a large computer conference, both as an attendee and as a speaker.  Speaking on hacking and the good and bad reasons to do so is something Lexi can do with her hands tied behind her back.  However, at this same time, Lexi is trying to do the most nerve-racking thing she hasContinue Reading


Kari Warner, a computer programmer, was leaving a nightclub when something attacked her and almost killed her.  At first, Kari isn’t sure what happened, but she knows that something has changed. Kari is just starting to get stronger from the attack when she is taken from the hospital and moved to a private home, okayContinue Reading

AT BLADE’S EDGE by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has had a strange life being a vessel and one of the agents for the Hunter Corporation.  But the last few years have been even stranger, if you can believe it.  Rowan has fought for the treaty to protect the humans, and she has just married her vampire boyfriend, a powerful Scion forContinue Reading

NO ROOM FOR ERROR by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael is still coming down from her last adventure, and she is enjoying her time with her boyfriend, the sexy and mysterious Slash.  Both are talented hackers, but while Lexi works for a private investigation and security company, Slash works for the NAS.  When Lexi is asked to take on a new mission, whichContinue Reading

HIDDEN IMPACT by Piper J. Drake

Piper J. Drake’s first Safeguard novel is a fast-paced suspenseful adventure.  From their first meeting Maylin Cheng and Gabriel Diaz have the kind of sparks that make your toes curl.  Their attraction is buoyed by the intense international intrigue surrounding the disappearance of Maylin’s sister. Gabriel believes he’s better off distancing himself from any kindContinue Reading

NO MONEY DOWN by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael, a computer specialist with the NSA, has finally agreed to go on a vacation with her best friend, Basia.  Lexi even agreed to let Basia pick where they would go and plan most of the vacation.  So, it’s no surprise to Lexi that she arrives at a resort with lots of annoying people,Continue Reading



Not long ago, Lexi and one of her best friends, Elvis Zimmerman, stopped a madman and cybercriminal intent on using a special high school and the internet to bring down part of the U.S. infrastructure.  While they stopped the current mission, Johannes Broodryk, said madman, got away.  But right this minute, Lexi has a muchContinue Reading

NO BIZ LIKE SHOW BIZ by Julie Moffett

Lexi Carmichael is still recovering from her last job in Rome, but all this time off is driving her up the wall. Being at home is giving her way too much time to think about her love life and the two men in it.  So Lexi takes the solution that any geek genius would, sheContinue Reading

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

BLADE ON THE HUNT by Lauren Dane

Rowan Summerwaite has finally healed and is ready to begin her hunt for the ancient vampire witch, Enyo, who attacked her when she was unarmed in her childhood home.  It has been weeks of hurry up and wait, and Rowan is beyond ready to get this hunt on.  But before she can gather up theContinue Reading



Lexi Carmichael has a new assignment, and it will involve reliving a dreaded time of her childhood—high school.  After all, as a smart female geek, Lexi had no social skills or friends the entire time unless you count her computer.  Life really didn’t get enjoyable until Lexi entered into college.  Now, in order to trackContinue Reading


Little white lies that lead to bigger lies, that’s how wedding coordinator Cassandra Hanley self destructs her personal relationships. She always tries to please people, which lead to these problems. Then she meets Nick and even though she’s made promises to herself not to fall back into her old ways, it doesn’t work out. NickContinue Reading

TEXAS TANGLE by Leah Braemel

Nikki Kimball has just been robbed. As if her life wasn’t bad enough, she comes home to find out her brother has left and her house is empty. She thought what her ex-husband did to her was heartbreaking, but the fact that she was swindled by family leaves her aching. Thank goodness she has DillonContinue Reading

BLADE TO KEEP by Lauren Dane

BLADE TO KEEP by Lauren Dane

  Rowan Summerwaite has many hats, being a vessel for a Goddess, a protector of humans with the Hunter Corporation and now their liaison, and being thought of as the child of the vampire known as The First and the leader of the Vampire Nation.  Not to mention that her lover is the vampire ScionContinue Reading

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