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NO TIME TO LIE by B. A. Tortuga

NO TIME TO LIE by B. A. Tortuga
No Time to Lie
by B. A. Tortuga

Series: Reclamation #2
Published by Changeling Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Two years have passed since their mate was killed.  Once upon a time they were part of a triad mating.  Ben and Marshall managed to survive the loss of their third mate Jakob, barely.  Not able to deal with seeing the ghost of their lover around their home the two left the pack and started over on a small, remote plot of land outside Phoenix.


Now suddenly they get a call from a trusted friend within the pack saying that Jakob is alive and looking for them.  Losing him nearly destroyed them.  Ben and Marshall will hunt down this imposter.  Hope died two years ago.  It can’t be Jakob because if it is why did he fake his death and leave their love behind?


Deeply moving, No Time to Lie is a powerful tale of loss and redemption.  The characters’ emotional pain comes across so strongly it flows from the pages of their story.  There are questions, important questions which aren’t answered in No Time to Lie, yet the lovers’ story is still worth the reader’s time.  Hopefully these questions will be answered in the next book in the Reclamation series.  Ben, Marshall, and Jakob’s painful story is indeed compelling.  This is a tale of grit and everlasting love.

HAVE AND HOLD by Willa Okati

HAVE AND HOLD by Willa Okati
Have and Hold
by Willa Okati

Series: Omega Wolves #6
Published by Changeling Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Fisherman’s Friend belongs to Scott at last, lock stock and barrels of ale.  Buying the bar has taken every penny the Alpha could scrape together, but it’s worth it as far as Scott’s concerned.  It’s time to be a responsible Alpha and owning the Fisherman’s Friend is the ticket to his future.  The bar may be a little run down and a lot dirty, however it’s nothing Scott can’t deal with.


Growing up Maccabe witnessed his omega father being used as a punching bag by the Alpha who controlled him.  By the time his sire died, a quivering, frail shadow of an omega Maccabe vowed to never, ever be trapped into a relationship with anyone, especially an Alpha.


His plan worked for many fun filled years.  Unfortunately a party about six months ago over took Maccabe’s usual good senses.  He didn’t realize he was going into heat when he connected with the sexy Alpha at the party.


It’s taken a while for Maccabe to track down his one night stand.  Coming face to face with Scott it’s apparent the Alpha doesn’t remember him at all.  Scott certainly hadn’t planned to get the cute little omega pregnant.  That’s the last thing he needs right now.  All Maccabe needs are the funds to get south and give the cub up for adoption.  No strings, no complications, that’s the plan.  Fate has vastly different plans for the Alpha and his omega.


Have and Hold is an absolutely delightful love story.  Scott and Maccabe obviously belong together.  They simply don’t realize it – yet.  Watching them figure it out and come to the right conclusion is at the heart of Have and Hold.  Savor the ride as the Alpha and his omega fall in love.

FADING by Sean Michael

FADING by Sean Michael
by Sean Michael

Series: Shifter Rescue #3
Published by Changeling Press Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Feline shifter Jag is called to the Old Tavern Club by his brother Pirou to aid in rehabilitating a pair of lynx shifters who were recently rescued from a circus.


Hill and Cather were performers in the circus, following the instructions of tiger shifter Darri.  A terrible tragedy ends Darri’s life and the two lynx shifters are inconsolable.  They refuse to perform in the ring without their Master.


Rescued after being viciously beaten again and again, Hill and Cather are physically on the mend when Jag meets the pair.  He quickly realizes that their mental health has to be his focus.  Jag manages to engage Hill, but he’s having absolutely no luck with a deeply depressed Cather.  Giving up isn’t an option because he knows that Hill and Cather are his mates.


Book three in the Shifter Rescue series brings a fast paced challenging story to life in Fading.  Saving damaged shifters when necessary the lead character is thrown into a tailspin – these two are much more important to him.  One is ready to rejoin the world; the other is in a dark, dark place.  The crux of this heartwarming tale involves the emotional bonds the three forge.  Fading is tender and carnal in equal parts. Absolutely delightful.

FORGIVEN by Megan Slayer

FORGIVEN by Megan Slayer
by Megan Slayer

Series: Haven House Vampires #3
Published by Changeling Press Genres: Gay, Menage, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Acknowledgement of the existence of vampires brings about more danger for the human population than anyone imagined possible.  It isn’t until Andreas is defeated and Julian takes control that the threat lessens.  The vampires of Haven House are given strict orders to not kill their food source.


Vampire partners Micah and Ivan chafe at the restrictions, yet manage to abide by the new rules.  Especially when the human Landon is willing to do anything they want.  Landon has no sense of self worth at the best of times.


Even other vampires steer clear of Terrance who doesn’t abide by the new edicts.  He flaunts his vicious nature whenever Julian is away.  His interests in Landon will prove deadly unless Micah and Ivan are willing to intervene.  A tug of war between three vampires is not a place for a self destructive human to be.


The world is a scary place for humans in the latest Haven House Vampire story of Forgiven.  Self loathing has led Landon spiraling down so far there’s barely a chance at redemption.  Explicit interactions and a very bad vampire color Forgiven with darkness.  Only a bit of back story explains the current situation the threesome find themselves in.  A great deal of chills and thrills before Forgiven ends.

EYES OF THE COWAN by Lena Austin

EYES OF THE COWAN by Lena Austin
Eyes of the Cowan
by Lena Austin

Published by Changeling Press Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Valda Lyman is a columnist for a magazine that caters to the New Age crowd despite the fact she’s a skeptic. When she’s offered the opportunity to interview author, recluse, and self-proclaimed witch Blaze Robinson, she’s prepared to find another charlatan. Blaze Robinson turns out to not only be hotter than the weather, but he might possibly be the real thing. She just needs to make it through the week long visit without trying to jump him.


Tired of kooks and clinging sycophants, Blaze Robinson prefers to spend his time writing and researching alone. His plans for a peaceful, quiet Beltane are disrupted by Valda’s visit. What’s a solitary witch set in his ways to do when he meets a woman that he can’t resist? Hope that he can prove to his little cowan, or nonbeliever, he’s genuine about absolutely everything, including his feelings for her.


Laughter and love are a formidable combination in Eyes of the Cowan. There’s a warm glow that I didn’t want to escape while reading this story. Blaze and Valda made me smile so much I wanted an invite to visit them. Between the witty dialogue, racy love scenes, Beltane rites, and intriguing snippets about witches, Ms. Austin could do no wrong. She did it all just right like a sweet and salty recipe. After reading this magically delicious tale, I wanted to toast this author because she writes and understands romance so well.


BACK IN ACTION by Elayne S. Venton

On the Alpha II Space Station high above Earth, ex-Colonel Dana Tangier is busy prepping First Lt. Gavin Moore and Second Lt. Krystal Riddon for a delicate yet dangerous mission on the planet Moria.   The two lieutenants will pretend that a sexual chemistry binds them in order for the mission to succeed; a chemistryContinue Reading

THE NAKED BUTLER by Tuesday Morrigan

Marilyn gets more than a little drunk on her birthday and wakes the next day to find out her best friend has sent her a gift. For two weeks she has the services of the Naked Butler.   Ever since the Bellisimo Bandit borrowed and wrecked her car, she’s been in a cranky mood. OkayContinue Reading

KILL FEE by Mychael Black

The lawless planet of Geren is the perfect place for assassin Morgan Reid to thrive.  Accepting his latest job is going to be a problem however when he learns the name of his target.  Morgan is meant to kill the man he never stopped loving.   Ousted leader of the Syndicate, Joren is running forContinue Reading

FIGHT OF FLIGHT by Mychael Black

All the hot looks and blatant groping in the mansion only serve to remind werewolf Daniel Hughes that he’s alone, which is sad, but at least his neck is safe.  Alpha Marcus Deleon mated vampire Jordan Silva, which is almost unheard of though everyone is trying to adjust. The thought of feeding…yuck.   The lastContinue Reading


Xavier has been watching her for two weeks.  Not wanting to scare her, he has been biding his time until he can approach Jenna without alarming her.  As the library shuts down for the day, Xavier knows that the time to claim his Jenna is now.  She arouses him like no other and he willContinue Reading

TENDING TO ROSE by Sean Michael

Their love for each other isn’t the issue; it’s everything else in Rose and Thorne’s lives.  Rose is desperately worried about money because he’s been unable to get another job as a bouncer.  He’s signed up for a body building competition with a large purse. As for Thorne, he’s got an idea in his headContinue Reading


As Head of Security for a top secret laboratory in Colorado, ex-marine Cosimo is aware of everything going on within the facility.  It seems Cosimo’s kindness to the scientist’s latest project is enough to ensure his survival when the subject frees himself and retaliates. He awakens to find he’s being claimed as Consort to Tissor,Continue Reading

LEAF by Sean Michael

Brotherly love is stretched to the max when Leaf deCosta gets a frantic call from identical twin River to meet at the Shibari Auction House.  When he arrives River strips him and insists Leaf must take his place on the auction block to fulfill a signed contract.  Stunned speechless the shy twin is purchased forContinue Reading

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