Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Earning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell

Earning His Trust by Alicia NordwellEarning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell
Genres: Contemporary, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Too little sleep and a moment of inattention sends Evin to the E.R. with a severe burn on his hand.  He’d been making homemade biscuits for his teething six month oldsix-month-old Micah when the accident happened.  The doctor who comes around the curtain is Dr. Ben Perez, the man who once broke Evin’s heart.

Six years ago, Evin and Ben were college students madly in love.  Their breakup was devastating but life goes on. Evin found a meaningful love with Daniel and together they planned their future starting with a surrogate pregnancy.  However, fate was not kind. A tragedy took Daniel and left Evin alone with a son on the way.  

He has neither the time nor the heart for a relationship but, Evin is willing to forge a tentative new friendship with Ben.  The doctor is willing to help in any way he can to ease Evin’s burden. Frankly the father looks exhausted. Slowly their friendship is renewed and the feelings they once shared are rekindled.  Fate does move in mysterious ways indeed.

Earning his Trust presents a heartwarming tale of redemption and love.  Engaging characters and a tender romance gives readers a sweet and sexy story to embrace.  Evin and Ben’s character development elevates Earning his Trust, even their baby Micah’s baby adds charm charisma adds giving the story a delightfully realistic layer.  Love endures in this charmer.

Dragon’s Hoard by M. A. Church

Dragon’s Hoard by M. A. ChurchDragon's Hoard by M. A. Church
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

A recession, poor stock choices and a lack of curtailing spending habits led Alpha Montgomery to the doors of dragon shifter Warwick Ehecatl, a powerful paranormal money lender.  Unfortunately, the only worthwhile collateral is his people’s pack lands. 

One hundred years have passed.   Tonight, Alpha Montgomery and his pack are celebrating his son Avery’s coming of age.  After four daughters the alpha had hoped for an Alpha son, he’d gotten an Omega who will never be able to lead the pack.  

As the party nears midnight an unwanted guest arrives.  It is Warwick. The payment is due in full and the werewolf doesn’t have it.

Fate has delivered the ultimate twist as Warwick realizes the young shifter is his destined mate.  It’s hard to decide who wants the omega more, his human side or his very possessive dragon side. Luckily Avery is just as enamored with the ancient dragon.  The Alpha will be paying up in ways he never imagined.
A most unusual, delightful romance unfolds in Dragon’s Hoard.  Distrust and anger become something much more positive, an eternal love between unlikely shifters.  Avery is something so much more than anyone gives him credit for while Warwick’s dour demeanor hides a tender heart.  Dragon’s Hoard offers a perfect match and a lovely romance.  Set aside some time and curl up with Dragon’s Hoard.

Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford

Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys FordDim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Senior Inspector Roku MacCormick guards the streets of San Francisco.  Assigned to Chinatown’s Arcane Crimes Division Roku is exactly where he wants to be.  The cop prefers to downplay his heritage whenever possible though his human-fairie DNA has proven helpful in keeping Roku alive on occasion.

Having recently shot his partner while on duty for crossing the line by stealing federally protected dragon eggs Roku was hoping to patrol solo, at least for awhile.  Unfortunately, the Division Ccaptain already has a new recruit to the department ready to shadow the senior inspector.  

Roku isn’t quite sure what to make of his new partner Trent Leonard.  On the one hand Leonard definitely knows how to handle himself physically but, he doesn’t know crap about non- humans which is a real handicap in Chinatown’s arcane underbelly.  As for Leonard he’s not sure what to make of Roku whose fairie mother was lauded as a decorated officer before her death. His father on the other hand heads the most powerful crime syndicate, thea yakuza in Chinatown.  Talk about a complicated family.  

As Roku and Trent figure out where they stand with each other, including the simmering chemistry between them, a killer wants their attention.  The body count begins to rise. Someone is leaving a grizzly trail for the two cops. Unraveling the mystery and catching the killer may be the glue that brings the two officers together.  That’s if, and only if, Trent is willing to reveal his own truth.
Reality takes a sharp left turn in the wildly imaginative tale Dim Sum Asylum.  From the first page to the last readers are taken on an incredibly unique bizarre adventure.  The characters are fresh, alive and complex while the storyline is crafty, twisted and utterly original.  The only hiccup is understanding arcane details at times but, it’s a minute problem in an otherwise richly fascinating book.  You can’t help embracing Dim Sum Asylum and wish that this turned into a series.

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria Sue

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria SueWho We Truly Are by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

The FBI Enhanced team has the public on their side.  For the first time humans are having a positive response to the feared Enhanced.  All because the team was able to foil a robbery and save human lives.


A rash of missing Enhanced children and teens hits the team hard.  They determine the kids are being taken from several foster homes.  Finn Mayer, their human team mate is the only one capable of pretending to be a teen and he’s also going to have to act like a believable Enhanced.


The danger to Finn is certainly real which is hard for team leader Talon Valdez to deal with.  For the first time in Talon’s life he cares for someone and his possessive attitude isn’t going down well with Finn.  Everything hinges on the hope that Finn is snatched so that the team can figure out what’s going on.  Finding the body of one of the missing Enhanced teens isn’t the best way to calm Talon’s fears for his lover’s safety.  Definitely not the best way to start an undercover operation.


The unique Enhanced series introduces another intense story in Who We Truly Are.  Fascinating, flawed characters work through difficult personal issues while at the same time do their best to save lives.  Who We Truly Are has an emotionally charged plotline involving the most vulnerable, Enhanced kids.  Talon and Finn’s relationship is both steamy and complicated, as well as rich in detail.  Author Victoria Sue has written an exceptional multi-layered original story in Who We Truly Are.

THICK AND THIN by Charlie Cochet

THICK AND THIN by Charlie CochetThick and Thin by Charlie Cochet
Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Dreamspinner Press

Destructive Delta team leaders Dexter J. Daley and jaguar Therian Sloane Brodie have managed so far to separate their professional partnership at work with their lives as lovers at home.  A lot of things have happened in the last few days, important, life altering things.  Surprisingly nothing scares them more than telling the family and the THIRDS team what’s going on.


In less than a week Dex has dealt with his father getting shot and single handedly killed a Therian murder suspect.  Oh, and Dex died and came back a human-Therian hybrid.  Even with all that, Dex and Sloane are worried about telling the people they love and respect what’s happening.  Bruising and blood may be involved.


Readers will truly enjoy the addition of Thick and Thin to the complex THIRDS series.  The tension, grief, and feelings of betrayal strongly come across as the book unfolds.  Dex and Sloane’s emotional journey continues to evolve as does the rest of the characters stories.  Steamy moments, poignant interludes, and testosterone charged arguments are all parts of the whole which is Thick and Thin.  But at this point new readers are advised to read this series in order.  Embrace this exceptionally diverse reality with great characters and their unique world.

THE DISCIPLE by Susan Laine

The Disciple by Susan Laine Series: Wheel Mysteries #4 Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Lovers Gus Goodwin and Niall Valentine are planning to embrace the big commitment. Yep, they’re engaged to be married. All they have to do is set the date.   Owner and proprietor of the Four Corners occult shopContinue Reading

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. Flores

Spell Fall by Jacob Z. Flores Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press High school senior Drake Carpenter has learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair.  The loss of his parents and leaving his Texas home was difficult.  At least his Aunt Millie was there for him.  And he held his ownContinue Reading

SEVEN MINUTES by Grace Kilian Delaney

Seven Minutes by Grace Kilian Delaney Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Touring the country with their heavy metal band, lead singer Stone Manson and band mate Matty are invited to a party after their show in Las Vegas.  Single after divorce and breakups Stone agrees to the offer of Seven Minutes inContinue Reading

LOST AND FOUND by Rick R. Reed

Lost and Found by Rick R. Reed Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Flynn Marlowe lost his beloved beagle Barley almost six months ago and he’s still grieving from the loss.  No argument it’s Flynn’s fault for letting Barley off his leash and he’s still mentally kicking himself over it.  He lost hisContinue Reading


Jerricho’s Freedom by Jake C. Wallace Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press The Anzuni hide in plain sight among the humans with no one the wiser.  Their history tells them of a time when they were slaves to another demon race before they fled the dimension and settled on a safer homeContinue Reading

JAEGER by Evelise Archer

Jaeger by Evelise Archer Series: Order of the Black Knights Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Centuries ago Jaeger was nothing more than a starving peasant resentful of his lord and the heir.  A stranger came to him with an offer of revenge and a new life.  Jaeger accepted.  He didn’t knowContinue Reading

INHERITANCE by Sean Michael

Inheritance by Sean Michael Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press One minute Texas ranch owner Cash McCord is dancing with a cowboy contemplating the night to come, the next he’s getting a phone call letting him know his beloved older brother Jack and wife Val have died in an accident.  Jack basically raisedContinue Reading


Hanging the Stars by Rhys Ford Series: Half Moon Bay #2 Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Angel Daniels never had a conventional childhood.  The grifter’s son was used frequently by his father as a means to cheat people out of their money.  If not for the kindness of an elderly woman AngelContinue Reading


Five Minutes Longer by Victoria Sue Series: Enhanced #1 Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Years ago a strange phenomenon began to appear.  Children randomly awoke to an odd mark upon their face.  There was no rhythm or reason for it.  The mark meant that they were Enhanced.  They would develop someContinue Reading


Darkest Hour Before Dawn by Charlie Cochet Series: Thirds #9 Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Seven years ago a horrible tragedy drove Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn, a wolf Therian, and THIRDS team leader Sebastian Hobbs, a tiger Therian, apart.  The mates continue to love each other but distance themselves because theContinue Reading

WOLFMANNY by Julia Talbot

Wolfmanny by Julia Talbot Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press IT guru Kenneth Marcon is a wealthy international businessman, although his true passion is web design.  He is also an Alpha werewolf shifter.  A secluded mansion outside of Aspen is where the Alpha calls home and his pack land.  Kenneth never expected toContinue Reading


Tropical Depression by B. A. Tortuga Series: Stormy Weather #2 Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Southern heat and humidity can’t stop the passion Galen ‘Len’ Frost and Shane Barton feel for each other.  They’ve had troubles, made mistakes, and seen it through.  Hell, they even have a pet gator living in theContinue Reading

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. Church

In Enemy Hands by M. A. Church Genres: MM, Science Fiction Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press Starship captain Varo Kutchif, also known as Prince Varo, third son of the ruler of the planet Yesri is caught between a rock and hard place.  The king, his father, has ordered Varo to somehow land on Helkan andContinue Reading

THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia Aquilante

The Sorcerer’s Guardian by Antonia Aquilante Series: Chronicles of Tournai Genres: Fantasy, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press The peaceful principality of Tournai is threatened by a faraway kingdom governed by a power hungry ruler bent on owning the world.  Prince Phillip and his consort Prince Amory have charged their most skilled sorcerer Savarin withContinue Reading


Playing with Fire by Dirk Greyson Genres: Contemporary, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Dreamspinner Press After a bad breakup, Detective Jim Crawford left Philadelphia for a fresh start in a smaller city.   It’s an added bonus that nobody in New Cynwood knows his family is extremely wealthy.   The town is being terrorized by a serialContinue Reading

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