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WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria Sue

WHO WE TRULY ARE by Victoria SueWho We Truly Are by Victoria Sue
Series: Enhanced #2
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
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The FBI Enhanced team has the public on their side.  For the first time humans are having a positive response to the feared Enhanced.  All because the team was able to foil a robbery and save human lives.


A rash of missing Enhanced children and teens hits the team hard.  They determine the kids are being taken from several foster homes.  Finn Mayer, their human team mate is the only one capable of pretending to be a teen and he’s also going to have to act like a believable Enhanced.


The danger to Finn is certainly real which is hard for team leader Talon Valdez to deal with.  For the first time in Talon’s life he cares for someone and his possessive attitude isn’t going down well with Finn.  Everything hinges on the hope that Finn is snatched so that the team can figure out what’s going on.  Finding the body of one of the missing Enhanced teens isn’t the best way to calm Talon’s fears for his lover’s safety.  Definitely not the best way to start an undercover operation.


The unique Enhanced series introduces another intense story in Who We Truly Are.  Fascinating, flawed characters work through difficult personal issues while at the same time do their best to save lives.  Who We Truly Are has an emotionally charged plotline involving the most vulnerable, Enhanced kids.  Talon and Finn’s relationship is both steamy and complicated, as well as rich in detail.  Author Victoria Sue has written an exceptional multi-layered original story in Who We Truly Are.

THICK AND THIN by Charlie Cochet

THICK AND THIN by Charlie CochetThick and Thin by Charlie Cochet
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Urban Fantasy
Source: Publisher

Destructive Delta team leaders Dexter J. Daley and jaguar Therian Sloane Brodie have managed so far to separate their professional partnership at work with their lives as lovers at home.  A lot of things have happened in the last few days, important, life altering things.  Surprisingly nothing scares them more than telling the family and the THIRDS team what’s going on.


In less than a week Dex has dealt with his father getting shot and single handedly killed a Therian murder suspect.  Oh, and Dex died and came back a human-Therian hybrid.  Even with all that, Dex and Sloane are worried about telling the people they love and respect what’s happening.  Bruising and blood may be involved.


Readers will truly enjoy the addition of Thick and Thin to the complex THIRDS series.  The tension, grief, and feelings of betrayal strongly come across as the book unfolds.  Dex and Sloane’s emotional journey continues to evolve as does the rest of the characters stories.  Steamy moments, poignant interludes, and testosterone charged arguments are all parts of the whole which is Thick and Thin.  But at this point new readers are advised to read this series in order.  Embrace this exceptionally diverse reality with great characters and their unique world.

THE DISCIPLE by Susan Laine

THE DISCIPLE by Susan LaineThe Disciple by Susan Laine
Series: Wheel Mysteries #4
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Lovers Gus Goodwin and Niall Valentine are planning to embrace the big commitment. Yep, they’re engaged to be married. All they have to do is set the date.


Owner and proprietor of the Four Corners occult shop Gus is a level headed, glass is half full kind of guy.  Neil on the other hand is an ex-military P.I. who sees the worst in people on a regular basis.


Murder brought them together and it looks like they are deep in it again.  Gus saw a scared young man in his shop one day and the next his body is discovered at the Radical Fairies sanctuary in the mountains.  Of course, Gus and Neil feel obliged to figure out who the killer might be.  It doesn’t help that Gus’s ex-lover Prof. Alex Kittridge is one of the suspects, along with a handful of others at the sanctuary.  The final confusing inclusion is Autumnsong, a young man they’ve met before who’s bound to complicate unmasking the murderer.  Their wedding plans may never get started at this rate.


Unraveling a mysterious death and blowing the case wide open seem to be Gus and Neil’s specialty.  Their latest effort is The Disciple, another clever whodunit.   Murder and mayhem go hand in hand with the lovers’ plans for matrimony.  Engaging characters move the drama briskly along in this enjoyable story.  Embrace Gus and Neil’s new suspense laden book The Disciple.

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. Flores

SPELL FALL by Jacob Z. FloresSpell Fall by Jacob Z. Flores
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

High school senior Drake Carpenter has learned the hard way that life isn’t always fair.  The loss of his parents and leaving his Texas home was difficult.  At least his Aunt Millie was there for him.  And he held his own against a snotty senior called Mason Blackmoor.


Everything changed once more when Drake discovered the world of magic through Mason, the boy he fell in love with.  Tragedy struck again when evil beings murdered his beloved Aunt Milly.  It seems as though every time Drake turns around something awful or fantastic is going on.  If someone had told Drake a year ago that he’d be surrounded by warlocks and other beings who care for him, never mind Mason who loves Drake with his entire heart, the teen wouldn’t have believed it.


At the moment the Blackmoor family and their lovers, including Drake, are searching for an evil stronger than anything they’ve come across so far.  Oh, and there’s a new boy at school, Will Hopkins who Drake feels kind of sorry for and Mason doesn’t trust.  The one certainty is knowing that together they are stronger and able to face any evil.  Before long new revelations are going to strain their love to the nth degree. Seems it’s time to prove their bond yet again.


Deliciously dark and incredibly loving Spell Fall is finally here.  Book four in the highly absorbing series The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge returns readers to their action packed magical world once more.  The newly revealed secrets are unbelievable.  Totally addictive, Spell Fall keeps readers on the edge of their seats.  And the series never disappoints with great characters and always imaginative storylines.  Drake and Mason are impossible to resist.  Curl up and relax with Spell Fall.

SEVEN MINUTES by Grace Kilian Delaney

SEVEN MINUTES by Grace Kilian DelaneySeven Minutes by Grace Kilian Delaney
Published by Dreamspinner Press Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Touring the country with their heavy metal band, lead singer Stone Manson and band mate Matty are invited to a party after their show in Las Vegas.  Single after divorce and breakups Stone agrees to the offer of Seven Minutes in Heaven with a stranger.


By day Devon Thomson is a talented car mechanic at Charlie’s Custom Shop.  At night however Devon is a very pretty, convincing cross dresser whose best friend Oisin talks him into going to a nearby party.


Stone is aroused and appalled by his reaction to Devon while playing the party game.  Surely it’s a bunch of bull that Seven Minutes in Heaven has completely changed the rocker’s perceptions.  Right?


Seven Minutes offers a fast paced, complicated, delicious love story.  Disbelief must be suspended as the two opposites embark on a wild, heartwarming ride.  Great chemistry and the willingness to accept change makes Seven Minutes a truly delightful read.

LOST AND FOUND by Rick R. Reed

Flynn Marlowe lost his beloved beagle Barley almost six months ago and he’s still grieving from the loss.  No argument it’s Flynn’s fault for letting Barley off his leash and he’s still mentally kicking himself over it.  He lost his best friend that cold winter day in the park.   Seeing a beagle that looksContinue Reading


The Anzuni hide in plain sight among the humans with no one the wiser.  Their history tells them of a time when they were slaves to another demon race before they fled the dimension and settled on a safer home with humans.   Jerricho has spent his life rebelling against the future mapped out forContinue Reading

JAEGER by Evelise Archer

Centuries ago Jaeger was nothing more than a starving peasant resentful of his lord and the heir.  A stranger came to him with an offer of revenge and a new life.  Jaeger accepted.  He didn’t know that he was condemning himself to a never ending life of death and rebirth, a curse with no memoryContinue Reading

INHERITANCE by Sean Michael

One minute Texas ranch owner Cash McCord is dancing with a cowboy contemplating the night to come, the next he’s getting a phone call letting him know his beloved older brother Jack and wife Val have died in an accident.  Jack basically raised Cash after their parents died and he can’t imagine life without hisContinue Reading


Angel Daniels never had a conventional childhood.  The grifter’s son was used frequently by his father as a means to cheat people out of their money.  If not for the kindness of an elderly woman Angel never would’ve had a chance at a normal life.  He honors the lady’s wishes by helping people and runningContinue Reading


Years ago a strange phenomenon began to appear.  Children randomly awoke to an odd mark upon their face.  There was no rhythm or reason for it.  The mark meant that they were Enhanced.  They would develop some kind of power, weak or strong they were no longer human.  And it was only occurring in theContinue Reading


Seven years ago a horrible tragedy drove Chief Medical Examiner Hudson Colbourn, a wolf Therian, and THIRDS team leader Sebastian Hobbs, a tiger Therian, apart.  The mates continue to love each other but distance themselves because the pain is still far too raw.   There are big changes within the THIRDS ranks ever since oneContinue Reading

WOLFMANNY by Julia Talbot

IT guru Kenneth Marcon is a wealthy international businessman, although his true passion is web design.  He is also an Alpha werewolf shifter.  A secluded mansion outside of Aspen is where the Alpha calls home and his pack land.  Kenneth never expected to end up with his sister’s kids after she died in childbirth andContinue Reading


Southern heat and humidity can’t stop the passion Galen ‘Len’ Frost and Shane Barton feel for each other.  They’ve had troubles, made mistakes, and seen it through.  Hell, they even have a pet gator living in the kiddie pool in their back yard these days.   Retired football player Len runs a small bait shopContinue Reading

IN ENEMY HANDS by M. A. Church

Starship captain Varo Kutchif, also known as Prince Varo, third son of the ruler of the planet Yesri is caught between a rock and hard place.  The king, his father, has ordered Varo to somehow land on Helkan and murder the royal brothers ruling that planet. Then, amid the chaos, he’s supposed to steal BlackContinue Reading

THE SORCERER’S GUARDIAN by Antonia Aquilante

The peaceful principality of Tournai is threatened by a faraway kingdom governed by a power hungry ruler bent on owning the world.  Prince Phillip and his consort Prince Amory have charged their most skilled sorcerer Savarin with charting suspicious weaknesses in the centuries old magical barrier surrounding their land.  They must do all they canContinue Reading


After a bad breakup, Detective Jim Crawford left Philadelphia for a fresh start in a smaller city.   It’s an added bonus that nobody in New Cynwood knows his family is extremely wealthy.   The town is being terrorized by a serial killer whose victims thus far have nothing in common.  Heading the task force JimContinue Reading


Forest ranger Gabe Rice left a full-time position and a promising career at another posting for the chance to work his dream job in Rocky Mountain National Park.  Six years on and he’s still a part-time ranger forced to make ends meet with a second job at the Estes Park book store near where heContinue Reading

HONEYMOON THEIR WAY by Morticia Knight

It’s official.  The pre-wedding week at Lake Tahoe is going to be the death of Chad.  Somehow his loving sister Lindsey has turned into a crazed bridezilla.  She’s the one who insisted on this family get together.  The final blow to Chad’s peace of mind is learning that Lindsey’s long time friend Raudel Cruz isContinue Reading


Winger Eric Belanger is waiting for the day when the NHL calls on him to play in the big leagues.  Meanwhile he plays hard on a minor league and spends his off time with his teammates and best friends.  Occasionally he feels like he’s going to explode, but it’s too dangerous for the feelings toContinue Reading

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