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EXILE by Caleb James

EXILE by Caleb JamesExile by Caleb James
Series: Haffling #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications



Once a member of fairy Queen May’s court, Liam Summer has somehow ended up in New York roasting to death in an apartment fire.  The fairy fire is ablaze – human firefighters cannot stop it.  At the moment Liam accepts his own death FDNY Charlie Fitzgerald appears and saves him.


As a small child Charlie used to listen to the tales his grandmother spun of the little people.  Wonderful, strange, obviously pretend tales.  Events fall into place however that make Charlie a believer as he falls for Liam lock, stoc,k and barrel.


All the signs point to Queen May gathering strength.  She’s been trapped between worlds though it won’t be long before she escapes. Her plan is to rule both realms no matter the cost.  Somehow the humans who believe and a handful of fae must stop the psychopathic ruler.


Author Caleb James writes an absolute stunner in Exile.  Book two in the Halfling series is a rich, elaborate, and intricate story.  Love comes quietly, gently to Liam and Charlie in the midst of chaos while battling an ancient foe.  Whimsical moments, dangerous situations – they are packed within Exile.  Charming Liam has much to answer for.  Honorable Charlie is his perfect match.  Enjoy this unique, wild tale.

EQUIPOISE by Kim Fielding

EQUIPOISE by Kim FieldingEquipoise by Kim Fielding
Series: Ennek Trilogy #3
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Published by DSP Publications

Surviving two mighty magical conflicts Ennek is utterly exhausted and more powerful than ever while his lover Miner worries about the consequences of their actions.  It appears everywhere they go they are forced to alter the lives of those they meet.


Homesick and tired of wandering they decide to return to Praesidium.  The time has come for the second son of the Chief and the former slave condemned to Stasis to take what they’ve learned on their travels and try to change the rigid laws back home.  They hope to attempt the impossible and free bond slaves, alter outdated laws, and most importantly ask the Chief to see what could be in Praesidium.  Ennek and Miner are willing to risk their love for the greater good of their people.  If they survive their first steps anything is possible.


An incredibly intense, riveting adventure comes to a fantastic conclusion in Equipoise.  This unique blend of drama, action, and sensuality is bound together with a pulse pounding ending.  Well drawn emotionally strong characters strengthen an intelligent plotline set within an alternate world.  From the first page to the last Ennek and Miner’s primal, lusty love rings true.  Equipoise delivers a powerful and compelling romance where anything is possible when love is involved.


WARLOCK IN TRAINING by T. J. NicholsWarlock in Training by T. J. Nichols
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The last thing Angus Donohue wanted was to pass his demon summoning class.  Becoming a warlock was not something Angus aspired to.  It was bad enough to have his powerful, arrogant father bullying him into entering the Warlock College.  Angus would love to fail and go into medicine instead.


Unfortunately for the budding warlock he succeeds in summoning a demon.  What he didn’t expect was to be taken back to Demonside by the powerful demon mage Saka.


Apparently, Saka was ready for a summoning so that he could kidnap a warlock in order to rebalance their world.  Whether he’s ready to hear the truth or not Angus is witness to an eye-opening experience.  One that the warlocks back home don’t want anyone to know. Angus’s understanding of how their two worlds work will be irrevocably changed.   He can’t live in Demonside no matter how he feels about Saka and going home is dangerous.  Caught between two realms and neither is safe.


Warlock in Training tells a unique, complex, and addictive story that is hard to put down.  The intricately woven plot is imaginative and fantastical.  Characters are able to realistically tell this original story as lie after lie is uncovered by a naïve student. Saka is a special individual, straightforward and strong.  Together they have to save two worlds. Their forbidden feelings bring added spice to the storyline.  Danger and drama abound in the completely enthralling Warlock in Training.


QUARRY by Elizabeth Noble

QUARRY by Elizabeth NobleQuarry by Elizabeth Noble
Series: Vampire Guard #2
Genres: MM, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

Teams of trained supernatural beings live in the shadows.  They deal with unique, other worldly problems that law enforcement divisions are ill equipped to deal with on a daily basis.  One such team is code named Jack Rabbit. It consists of vampires Jonas Forge, a cop, a computer hacker Blair Turner, Declan who is a skilled thief, and werewolf Dr. Lucas Coate, a medical examiner.  They are the Vampire Guard.


Recently the team was able to put together a rather horrifying puzzle.  A highly successful art thief is none other than a psychopathic killer each member of the team has met at one time or another in their lives.  This thief is a vampire and always leaves a trail of bodies when he strikes.


As Jonas, Blair, Declan, and Lucas make plans to catch their objective at an upcoming art show they enlist the help of two other teams in the Vampire Guard.  This will be a coordinated effort so that this thief can be brought to justice.  If he slips through their fingers he’s sure to leave another body count and that’s something they can’t let happen.  Vengeance, revenge, or justice.  They will stop this killer.


Quarry is a well crafted, intense story.  Intertwined with the teams’ effort to catch a killer the characters reminisce about the past and when this vampire touched their lives.  The present and the past fully flesh out the suspenseful plotline.  The cast is large, but luckily easy enough to follow without trouble.  Sexy character couples and a murderer, Quarry gives readers an engaging, entertaining tale to enjoy.


MAD LIZARD MAMBO by Rhys FordMad Lizard Mambo by Rhys Ford
Series: Kai Gracen #2
Genres: Fantasy, MM
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by DSP Publications

The earth has been thrown into turmoil ever since the human world and Underhill, the home of the light and dark sidhe, Merged.  Monsters and creatures of myth raise havoc which requires licensed Stalkers to handle the situation.  A grizzled Stalker named Dempsey unwittingly saves the life of an elfin slave won in a game of chance.


The elfin Kai Gracen is called a Chimera by both sidhe factions.  Neither light nor dark Kai was made by his sire, an extremely powerful Master of the Hunt who used and tortured his son for as long as Kai could remember.


Recent events have led a light sidhe lord to establish a foothold in San Diego.  He is High Lord Ryder of the Southern Rise Court.  And he has claimed Kai as his responsibility.


As a licensed Stalker Kai manages to make a decent living, but when he learns that Dempsey is dying and needs specialized medical care the elfin breaks his own oath and agrees to work with Ryder on a dangerous job in order to pay his aged mentor’s bills.


Their trip to the Nevada desert to hunt for Sidhe fertility rite information becomes a deadly mission when the human professor in charge is murdered and Kai is almost blown up.  At this rate they won’t even make it out of San Diego alive.


Adventure, life and death drama, and chilling mysteries arise in Mad Lizard Mambo.  Chimera Kai and Lord Ryder tip toe around their hidden desires as they journey to save the sidhe race.  It hard to tell friend from foe as the bodies begin to stack up.  An addictive tale from start to finish Mad Lizard Mambo thoroughly engages the reader.  A glossary is provided to clear up sidhe/human confusion in the storyline.  One warning: there is no sex at all and while Kai and Ryder definitely feel something for each other nothing is accomplished in this book.  Having said that their story in Mad Lizard Mambo is riveting.  Fun, scary, and full of mystery.  Enjoy.

STASIS by Kim Fielding

Stasis by Kim Fielding Series: Ennek Trilogy #1 Genres: Fantasy, MM Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by DSP Publications The city-state of Praesidium is considered one of the most powerful and profitable in all the known lands.  Their success is in large part due to strict laws and rules which the Chief and the wizard carry out.  TheContinue Reading

EVOLUTION by Lissa Kasey

Evolution by Lissa Kasey Series: Evolution #1 Genres: MM, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by DSP Publications Vampires are legally required to be part of a national registry once the world became aware of their existence.  Trouble in the form of a radical group refuses to accept vampires as citizens however, and regularly stake and burn vampiresContinue Reading

RISING FRENZY by Brandon Witt

Rising Frenzy by Brandon Witt Series: Men of Myth #2 Genres: Erotica, Gay, Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by DSP Publications A magnet for lousy boyfriends in the past, warlock Finn de Morisco knows within days that he could happily spend the rest of his life with Brett Wright, a human.  At least that was the ideaContinue Reading

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