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CRAZY PUCKING LOVE by Cindi MadsenCrazy Pucking Love by Cindi Madsen
Series: Taking Shots #3
Genres: New Adult, Sports
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Crazy Pucking Love is the third book in the Taking Shots series and I have to say it is by far my favorite. Megan Davenport made her first appearance in Getting Lucky Number Seven as a teenager living with her aunt after her parents’ death and her brother away at college. She gets in some trouble looking for attention. Now years later it’s time for Megan to start college and it just so happens that she will be attending Boston College with her brother Beckett. Megan is glad to leave where she grew up to have a new a start but one thing that hasn’t changed is her insomnia.


After being left alone at her first college party Megan decides to play darts and it turns out that it is going to change her life at Boston College. After Megan hits a cute guy in the head with a dart she doesn’t expect it to turn into an evening of fun and getting to know each other, but as the night starts to come to an end she wonders if she will ever see Dane again. When he walks her back to her dorm she gives him her number but as the days pass and he doesn’t call, Megan feels like she lost the one person who really understood her.


Dane Kowalski is turning a new leaf after he played a part in almost destroying his best friend’s relationship last year. He has been staying away from women but after meeting Megan he knows nothing can come from it but he can’t stay away, until he finds out that she is the younger sister of his teammate, Beckett. Megan off limits but Dane is enjoying being friends with her. Not only are they in the same class but also he has trouble sleeping. As their friendship grows and feelings start to run deeper Dane knows that he will mess it up but he can’t stay away from the smart, beautiful woman who he has grown to know.


Crazy Pucking Love was your typical New Adult romance with more than one trope that had me hooked. Cindi Madsen brought the right amount of ice time to this sports romance, but what really drew me in was Megan and Dane. They are so different but yet they have a lot in common which I loved. Dane wasn’t my favorite character in the previous book but by the end of Crazy Pucking Love he really did redeem himself and I found myself falling in love with him right alongside Megan. I really loved seeing Megan all grown up from when she was first introduced in this series and she showed more confidence and growth from her teenage self.


Already I love the Taking Shots series and Crazy Pucking Love sealed the deal. There are more characters I can’t wait to read about and I hope Ms. Madsen keeps this series going for a while. The best part of Crazy Pucking Love is that you don’t even have to like or love hockey to enjoy it.


ANATOMY OF A PLAYER by Cindi MadsenAnatomy of a Player by Cindi Madsen
Series: Taking Shots #2
Genres: New Adult, Sports
Reviewed by:Reviewer
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Whitney Porter is officially done with men after her recent heartbreak and is now focusing on her journalism career. She only wants to be taken seriously so when she gets a job as the new sports reporter for her college newspaper to cover the hockey games she is going to go undercover to find out if the team is getting special treatment because they won last year. Whitney first meets Hudson at a party and knows right away he is a player but since she has sworn off men and sex his charms are lost on her until she comes face to face with him in the locker room on the first day of her job. The problem is that there is more to Hudson then what Whitney originally thought and she might just end up heartbroken again but this one will hurt the worst of all.


Hudson Decker is struggling in some classes but in order to keep his scholarship and remain on the hockey team he needs to start studying more. But after a call from his mother he is desperate for a distraction and Whitney is the perfect one. Hudson has never had a problem getting a girl interested in him and he finds Whitney deflecting his advances a challenge, and after all, he never backs down from a challenge. When Hudson’s friends bet him that he can’t get the uptight reporter into bed he’s out to prove them wrong but when Hudson starts developing feelings for Whitney he needs to tell her about the bet and hope he doesn’t lose her forever.


Since this is my first book in the Taking Shots series by Cindi Madsen I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really found myself enjoying Anatomy of a Player. Hudson does come off as a player but at least he is honest and upfront with the girls he beds beforehand. I enjoyed watching him fall for Whitney, even though he didn’t realize it was happening, it was honestly one of the things I really liked most in Anatomy of a Player. When Hudson and Whitney started to really get to know one another they found they had some things in common such as their family life even though they weren’t the same they could relate to one another on that level. Whitney was easy to like and I found her very relatable since I have been in her shoes a time or two.


While I did enjoy Anatomy of a Player I did find the pace on the slow moving side, but once Hudson and Whitney started to build a friendship of sorts it started to pick up a bit. The main characters held my attention and I was really glad this story was done in dual povs. There were a few times I was a little frustrated with their ways of thinking or how they reacted but I had to remind myself that this is a new adult and sometimes that’s just the way it goes.


Anatomy of a Player was a cute and fun read that has me wanting to start book one right away and I believe that has to do with that this is a hockey romance and for some reason I am drawn to them even though I have maybe seen one hockey game in my entire life. The Taking Shots series is being added to TBR list and I think Ms. Madsen is an author to watch out for.


WRONG BROTHER, RIGHT MATCH by Jennifer ShirkWrong Brother, Right Match by Jennifer Shirk
Series: Anyone But You #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


When I saw Wrong Brother, Right Match I passed it over a few times not sure if I was even going to end up reading it. Then I remembered I read the previous book in the Anyone But You series so I decided to give it a try and found out I really did enjoy it.


This story starts off with Kennedy in Las Vegas for her match making business when she gets trapped in an elevator with a good looking man and starts to spill her guts about how she is second guessing her relationship. When she starts to hyperventilate her elevator guy distracts with her with a super-hot kiss.


Now months later Kennedy and her fiancé Justin are going to his family’s home for the Christmas holiday. Kennedy is more than excited because she never had a real family to do all the holiday things she always wanted to do but now it’s her chance. Upon arriving at the family’s home she gets the shock of her life and comes face to face with the man she kissed in Las Vegas and to pile on her shock finds out that its Justin’s older brother, Matt.


Matt has always been the responsible sibling and after his father’s death he came home to run the family’s vineyard, help his mother and his younger sister while Justin just did whatever he wanted to do. Now Justin is bringing home his new fiancée for the first time to meet the family and he wonders if she is the same type of person that Justin is. While Justin heads back to Boston, Matt is in charge of showing Kennedy around but the more time they spend with one another the more his feelings start to grow for Kennedy. Will Matt be able to show Kennedy that she’s with the wrong brother?


Normally I tend to stay away from love triangle stories not because I don’t like the drama because I really do, but because I usually end up liking the characters a little too much. That wasn’t the case in Wrong Brother, Right Match at all. While Justin is a main character in the story he did not deserve Kennedy at all. He said and did the right things half the time but he really didn’t know the woman he was marrying. Both Kennedy and Justin think they have a lot in common but when she spends time with Matt I could see right away he was the guy for her. They had more in common and even in the little time they spent together Matt showed how much he paid attention to what she liked and preferred.


I thought Wrong Brother, Right Match was a cute holiday read with likable characters and just the right amount of twists added in. Jennifer.Shirk brought in incredible details that had the story flowing nicely and had me wanting to get ready for the holiday season. The one thing I missed was the love scenes and that really bummed me out a little but even without them I could see Matt and Kennedy were a match made in heaven.

FOOLPROOF LOVE by Katee Robert

FOOLPROOF LOVE by Katee RobertFoolproof Love by Katee Robert
Series: Foolproof Love #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC



After reading The O’Malley’s series by Katee Robert I found out she was having a new series coming out and I knew I had to read it. Ms. Robert’s stories are always creative and different and I haven’t read a book by her that I haven’t loved. In Foolproof Love Ms. Robert takes two unlikely matches, throws in a fake relationship and gives readers a happily ever after that sets the romance bar high.


Jules is tired of what the town thinks of her. In her twenties they already dubbed her an old maid. So what she single? She has been putting effort into making her business successful and besides, no one has caught her eye until Adam returns to town. Adam is in the right place at the right time and is ready to play boyfriend as needed.


Adam left Devil’s Falls years ago and hasn’t looked back, but now he’s back to take care of his sick mother. When Jules asks him to pretend to be her boyfriend he agrees. He knows he should be just helping with his mom but there is something about Jules that draws him in. After a few kisses the fake relationship is starting to feel real but Adam knows he isn’t staying. Will Jules ask him to stay?


I thought this story was cute, sweet and steamy. Jules and Adam were just perfect together. Foolproof Love had everything I enjoy in a romance and more. The characters were enjoyable and I loved how their relationship developed. While they both knew what the score was they just had this passion to be around one another and their chemistry was there from the very beginning. One of the things I loved most about this story was how Adam stepped it up a notch when the going got tough. He showed that he cared and really wanted to be with Jules if things were different.


Another thing that I really loved about this story was the cat café. I thought that was really cool and if they had one in my area I would be checking it out. Ms. Robert out did herself in Foolproof Love and I am really looking forward to reading more of this series and finding out more about these fabulously written characters and the town of Devil’s Falls.


HIS UNDERCOVER PRINCESS by Avery FlynnHis Undercover Princess by Avery Flynn
Series: Tempt Me #1
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Entangled Publishing, LLC


Elle Olsen is a stylist for a top department store, and she is trying to find something that her current client would agree works for him.  Who would have thought a financier and one of the world’s top bachelors would be so hard to style.  Elle has no idea that her client has another mission besides being styled— like to kidnap Elle and force her to go back to a past nightmare.  After all, most people believe that Princess Eloise of Elskov died long ago.


Dominick Rasmussen has worked undercover as part of the Elskov resistance ever since the coup that destroyed Elle’s family and put her on the run.  Dom  may not be a citizen of Elskov officially, but that has nothing to do with finding the princess and helping her take her true place back on the throne of Elskov before her next birthday,  which is only a few days away.


Dom knows that time is not on their side, especially when the mastermind behind the coup is out to make sure Elle does not make it to Elskov on time.  Elle has no desire to return to the land that destroyed her family, but a few days with Dom does two things to Elle.  The first is it shows her that she wasn’t forgotten and left alone as she has always believed, and the second is it shows her that love can happen even at the most unconventional times and ways.  Danger has followed Elle and Dom to their safe house and, after an attack, it takes all both Dom and Elle have to get Elle on the throne safe and sound and to defeat the person who destroyed Elle’s world in the first place.  All Elle has to do is believe in Dom and the impossible and be the same feisty woman who took the world by the hand and became a top stylist when she had nothing at all to believe in.


Secrets, betrayals, and unexpected passion take two seemingly mismatched people and shows them love can top all in His Undercover Princess.  I was as mad as Elle at first when Dom took her—that is until I understood what was behind it and saw just how Dom felt for Elle from the instant they met.  I also had to feel for Elle in all that had formed her over the past several years and totally understood her stance on becoming the princess once again.  Watching as they found love while circumventing the danger that surrounded Dom’s mission and Elle’s life told me that it would take one heck of a battle to stop them.  That battle happened, but it was Dom and Elle who came out on top.  I really loved how Elle turned the tables on Dom and how they both found a way to let their love burn bright.  His Undercover Princess takes royalty, passion, and danger to the highest level while bringing Dom and Elle together to right past wrongs and to give them a happy ever after against all odds.


Playing the Witch’s Game by Zoe Forward Series: Keepers of the Veil #3 Genres: Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Entangled Publishing, LLC Jennifer Marcos is one of the Pleiades witches, a group of women with special powers granted by one of the Greek gods.  All of the Pleiades know that they rarely live long and thatContinue Reading


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SNOWBOUND SEDUCTION by Melissa Schroeder

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CRASHED OUT by Tessa Bailey

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HIS WITCH TO KEEP by Zoe Forward

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HIS TO KEEP by Katee Robert

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ENEMIES ON TAP by Avery Flynn

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RAPHAEL by Naima Simone

RAPHAEL by Naima Simone

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MALACHIM by Naima Simone

MALACHIM by Naima Simone

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CHAYOT by Naima Simone

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GABRIEL by Naima Simone

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MAKE ME UP by Avery Flynn

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THIS YEAR’S BLACK by Avery Flynn

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