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Reed Lawson looks more criminal than fierce SWAT leader.  He’s by the books at work but when it comes to the bedroom he’s a no-holds-barred type of man.  It only takes one look for Reed to know that he wants to take a bite out of the sexy high-strung Maid of Honor.   Julie PiperContinue Reading

EXPOSED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

Oliver Preston is used to getting what he wants but the last person he needs to want is his sister’s best friend.  But when he spots the woman of his fantasies at New York’s premier BDSM club Oliver finds it difficult to maintain his composure.   Interior designer Eliza Ballas accompanied a friend on aContinue Reading

OWNED BY FATE by Tessa Bailey

Caroline Preston and her friend enter New York City’s famous BDSM club Serve with the intention of checking out the debauchery within.  Caroline is a serious journalist determined to hate everything the club stands for.  She is driven by the fact that her brother wants to turn the family’s famous magazine into a read forContinue Reading

RISKING IT ALL by Tessa Bailey

Seraphina Newsom is working undercover trying to find the gangsters responsible for her brother’s death. She may be a bit in over her head but she will do whatever it takes even put her life in danger.  Suddenly, she finds herself alone in the middle of the most dangerous part of New York City.  Continue Reading

WANTED by Dee Tenorio

  Former Marine Rick Trelane came back from war scarred inside and out, only to find his hometown overrun by a violent motorcycle club.  Although the biggest threat to his home has now been eradicated, Rick still cannot find peace.  The lone bright spot in his life is his friendship with Whitney Peterson.  That friendshipContinue Reading


Ruby Elliott is finally on the right track and more importantly happy.  She has left her life as a con and pool shark behind for the sexy NYPD Detective Troy Bennett.  For Ruby and Troy it was lust at first sight.  It may have seemed like a match made in hell in the beginning butContinue Reading


Ginger Peet and Derek Tyler are heading towards different stages in their relationship.  They are happy living together and Ginger has some special news for her Lieutenant but he refuses to listen.  Derek closes Ginger out instead of sharing the truth with her.  A bad guy returns to Chicago and Derek thinks putting distance betweenContinue Reading

UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey

UNFIXABLE by Tessa Bailey

Willa Peet won the trip of a lifetime! She gets to spend a month in Ireland at the Claymore Inn.  The trip couldn’t come at a more perfect time. Willa’s sister Ginger is starting her much deserved family after raising Willa when their mother went AWOL.  Willa is so happy for her sister and yetContinue Reading

CRASH INTO ME by Tracy Wolff

Ryder Montgomery has been lucky enough to have a successful career with his band.  It’s unfortunate that he hasn’t been as lucky in love.  He destroyed his last girlfriend.  The last thing Ryder needs is for the woman he’s always had feelings for to hit the road with the band.   Jamison Matthews is havingContinue Reading


Kat Ramsey is a hard working veterinarian, and she also enjoys ballroom dancing competitions with a great friend.  Kat is beginning to wonder about her sanity, because she has always seemed to appear in a place that isn’t quite home. When in college, she might have even put a curse on a guy who treatedContinue Reading

AGAINST THE WALL by Rebecca Zanetti

Landscape architect and city girl Sophie Smith is headed to country to survey a proposed property and convince the local tribe that her company is not out to harm the land.  Sophie literally gets swept off her feet by a handsome cowboy when she arrives in Maverick, Montana.   Tribal lawyer Jake Lodge saves aContinue Reading

UNDER THE COVERS by Rebecca Zanetti

Juliet Montgomery needs a place to lay low and Maverick, Montana seems to be it.   However, she never counted on actually connecting with the people and falling for the handsome Sheriff.  Quinn Lodge is in the middle of re-election season.  The last thing he needs is to be in lust with the newest Maverick citizen—especiallyContinue Reading

DECEIVING THE WITCH NEXT DOOR by Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Storie Bell left Bloomington, Texas never expecting to return and at that moment in time never wanting to.  Part of the problem is that Storie is a witch, yes a real witch, and she can’t always hide that fact so the residents of Bloomington are beginning to believe that Storie is crazy.  The only goodContinue Reading

THE CAT’S MEOW by Stacey Kennedy

THE CAT’S MEOW by Stacey Kennedy

Libby works for her coven as their Enchantress – that is a witch who can conjure spells as her gift from the Goddess.  It also means that whenever anything strange or bad happens in their area, Libby is sent out to find out what happened and track down who was behind it so they can beContinue Reading

TANGLED WEB by Crista McHugh

TANGLED WEB by Crista McHugh

After his father’s passing Titus Sergius Flavus becomes the new ruler of the Deizian Empire. There are many in the empire against him and they will do anything to remove him from his new position. Titus wants the best for his Kingdom but he has his doubts since he hasn’t reached his full magic potential.Continue Reading


Army Special Forces Sgt. Brady Scott is back in the US to get control of his anger issues.  A run through the park should be the thing to relax him.  However, he didn’t count on finding a sexy woman that sets his world on fire. Joss Daniels is nursing her heart after a bad breakup. Continue Reading


Nexi Jones is in a new life after learning what she had always known was a lie.  Nexi was born half a witch and half a guardian and so far is the only one like that known to exist.  Now after being saved by guardians when her adopted family is killed, Nexi has found herselfContinue Reading

HIS RISK TO TAKE by Tessa Bailey

Ruby Elliot knows her way around the streets. She’s known for her pool hustling skills but New York homicide cop Troy Bennett wants to get to know her in the biblical sense.  Troy’s a recent transfer from Chicago.  He thinks the relocation will help him overcome the tragedy he left behind.  However, he doesn’t anticipateContinue Reading


Megan Bradford is good at what she does.  As a personal assistant to mega millionaire Wyatt Monroe, Megan learns something new every day.  As Megan and Wyatt travel from hotel to hotel to buy them, the attraction between them becomes stronger.  When they begin considering buying Miranda’s Place, a mysterious bed and breakfast, strange thingsContinue Reading


Ginger Peet has been taking care of her teenage sister for years.  She wants something more for her sister, and when a bundle of money drops in her lap she knows now is the time to start over somewhere new.  Ginger and her sister leave Nashville and land in Chicago.  Ginger has never been aContinue Reading

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