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Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards

Enticing His Navy Seal by Charlie Richards
Enticing His Navy Seal
by Charlie Richards

Series: Wolves of Stone Ridge #43
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Disgusted with the corruption caused by a fellow Councilman bear shifter Regales Colearian travels to Stone Ridge, Colorado.  The Councilman would like to interview Alpha Declan and members of his pack who uncovered the illegal activities. He’d also like to talk to some of the shifters rescued from the clutches of scientists experimenting on them.  The bear shifter won’t stop until everything wrong is exposed.

Navy Seal Armand Theodore Conway flies to Colorado to check on his fellow military buddy Hess who’s supposed to be dead.  His many and varied skills convinced him that Hess wasn’t really dead and Theo is going to find out why he faked death. And, Hess doesn’t know it yet but Theo is well aware of the paranormal world.

The pack decides to throw an inpromptu welcoming BBQ for the visiting Councilman and also invites the flock they’d recently saved from one of the scientists’ facilities.  Since Theo is staying with the flock he’s also invited to the party.  

Regales is over 400 years old,old; set in his ways and the last thing he wants especially right now with all the council problems is a mate.  But,But once he scents Theo all bets are off. The Navy Seal knows about shifters, mates not so much and he’s not gay. Talk about a mess of major proportions.
The long running popular Wolves of Stone Ridge series brings its 43rd story to life with Enticing his Navy Seal.  Fans love each and every story in this series because the characters are always engaging, fresh and complex.  There’s a camaraderie that enhances each storyline and somehow makes the characters relatable. Enticing his Navy Seal gives Regales and Theo almost insurmountable issues to deal with.  Watching them untangle the mess is extremely entertaining.

Enlightening the Lab Assistant by Charlie Richards

Enlightening the Lab Assistant by Charlie Richards
Enlightening the Lab Assistant
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Loving Nip #18
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Junior scientist LIago Hernandez finds himself in the middle of a violent confrontation with powerful creatures.  During the fight LIago is injured and that’s the last thing he can remember until he wakes in a strange bed with a worried creature staring down at him.  What LIago believed to be a gargoyle is in truth a demon belonging to the Horseman of Death.

Lindemere explains that after a thousand years of service to Death he’s been rewarded with his amina, his soul – in LIago.  He’s brought the young doctor to his home in the demon realm to heal and to hopefully educate LIago as to the error of his ways.  Setting his amina straight is the only way is the only way they can be together.

Changing LIago’s mind takes some time but the human is smart and his heart is luckily in the right place.  Lindemere is reluctant to take his amina back to the lab but they need the information only LIago can get them.  All bets are off however if anyone harms his amina.
Enlightening the Lab’s Assistant is a life changing experience for a one- time close- minded main character.  LIago and Lindemere have a contentious relationship in the beginning. Their romance slowly evolves and themaking it impossible for readers to not falls for them both.  Patience and love win the day in Enlightening the Lab’s Assistant.  These two deserve the happily ever after they fight for.

Drifting With A Giant Squid by Charlie Richards

Drifting With A Giant Squid by Charlie Richards
Drifting With A Giant Squid
by Charlie Richards

Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Marine themed park World of Aquatica provides a true adventure for visitors.  It also provides a secret and safe home for a variety of aquatic shifters.

Owners Kaiser and William run the marine attraction with a firm, gentle hand as the de facto Alpha and Beta of their unusual family.  The absence of their father and the death of their mother early on meant that Kaiser shouldered the responsibility of raising the much younger William.  They’ve been together for hundreds of years.  

Captain John Casinov has earned the respect of his police department with hard work and fairness.  In his early fifties with good health John isn’t ready to retire though his son would like nothing better.  In fact, his son, daughter-in-law and two grandchildren are visiting for a few days and hoping they can nudge John into moving south, nearer to them.  

Free tickets to World of Aquatica seems like a great way for them to spend some family time together.  They visit the sting ray pool and listen to staff member William tell them about the creatures. John is taken aback when the younger man flirts and asks him out but his son’s derisive comments stop John dead.  He never realized he’d raised a homophobe.

Too bad because William knows that John is his fated mate.  This may call for more patience than expected but the shifter is up to the challenge now that he’s found John.
Enjoy the love, the conflict and confusion in Drifting with a Giant Squid.  Family becomes the obstacle for the main characters in this appealing romance.  John and William’s storyline brings a solid blend of tension, passion and action.  William’s family embraces his mate while John deals with his difficult adult son. This love story doesn’t disappoint.

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards

Comforting His Restless Stallion by Charlie Richards
Comforting His Restless Stallion
by Charlie Richards

Series: A Paranormal's Love #22
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Hanging in chains, brutally whipped and beaten Baron Vanern awaits death.  One day bleeds into another for the dying horse shifter. Someone touches him, speaks to him and Baron believes his torturers have returned.  

The shifter has actually been saved and brought to Chieftain Maelgwn’s gargoyle clutch in Colorado Springs.  Baron and his best friend tried to overthrow a cruel alpha. Now his friend is dead and Baron’s barely alive.  He refused to give the location of his friend’s family and almost paid the ultimate price.

It seems fate has rewarded the injured shifter in the form of his mate, an orange- shaded gargoyle training to become a healer for the clutch.  Conchlin managed to leave his birth clutch where intolerance of his small size meant he’d never have a decent chance to find his mate. Finding Baron proves all the hard work and subterfuge had been worth it. 

Sweet, easy going Conchlin has met his match in the alpha horse shifter who’s uneasy with certain aspects of their mating.  As the courtship begins further complications arise in the form of the little gargoyle’s birth Chieftain and his own father and brother.  Fighting for survival pales in comparison to fighting for one’s own mate. Baron has no intention of losing his mate, no matter their personal difficulties.  Mates are forever.
Comforting His Restless Stallion isn’t easy, nor are the many roadblocks to romance for the deserving little gargoyle Conchlin. It’s an uphill battle for Baron and Conchlin in this character driven tale where a particular mating practice proves awkward for the proud Alpha.  Conchlin’s past also catches up with him and puts their true mating in further jeopardy. There are a multitude of tense moments in Comforting His Restless Stallion yet nothing compares to the joyous feelings Baron and Conchlin share together.  

THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie Richards

THE STRIKE OF HOT IRON by Charlie Richards

The Strike of Hot Iron
by Charlie Richards

Series: Loving Nip #13
Published by eXtasy Books Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Blacksmith Abner Johnson is one of the small number of humans who are well aware of the paranormal world.  The recent death of his sister and the unwanted attentions of a vampire have made Abner reassess his life.  A fresh start at a new coven out West is the answer.


Rescued after years and years of abuse by the pack Alpha and his cronies, the dingo shifter Pascal has ironically settled in at a vampire coven.  Of course, it helps that his two brothers are mated to coven members.  If only his brothers would understand and accept that Pascal has certain sexual needs for submission.


The very last thing Abner is looking for is a relationship with a shifter.  What he doesn’t understand and Pascal is too shy to articulate is the incredible force behind true mates.  Fighting fate is pointless.  Try telling that to the stubborn human.


A truly difficult relationship unfolds in The Strike of Hot Iron.  Hard headed Abner is the epitome of trouble for a sweet natured submissive shifter.  Miscommunication is the problem, as usual.  Between Abner’s refusal to unbend and Pascal’s inability to tell his mate the truth major headaches insure.  The cold human and tenderhearted shifter doesn’t seem like a good pairing, but The Strike of Hot Iron is able to give readers a ‘feel good’ worthwhile ending.


Abandoned as a child Adisa Derringer was found and raised by the Horseman of War. When Adisa grew up he chose a career as an Enforcer for the Shifter Council.  At the moment he’s in the doghouse for not following the orders of a narrow minded, arrogant council member.  Lucky for Adisa that council memberContinue Reading


Giles Corsair joined a secretive group known as the Priests to rid the world of demons.  It was also a way to get out from under his controlling mother’s rigid rule.  Believing he’s come across a nest of demons Giles becomes the one captured.  He refuses to accept that he’s found an innocent coven ofContinue Reading

RETURN TO BIKER LANE by Charlie Richards

Years ago, Jethro Gunther took a chance on a relationship with another man.  Unfortunately, it blew up in his face and he moved to Sturgis and started a new life, as a straight man.  His motorcycle shop is considered to be the best in town after a decade of hard work and honest dealings withContinue Reading


Horse shifter Nolan has had an incredibly difficult number of years before his recuperation in a gargoyle mansion.  It began when he was brutally beaten and forced from his herd after declaring his sexuality. The injuries were so severe Nolan permanently lost his sense of smell. Fate twisted his life again when the shifter wasContinue Reading

THE OTTER’S TALE by Charlie Richards

The decision to leave home within the Amazon became easy for giant otter shifter Jerome Laguna once his family was targeted.  Life under a bigoted Alpha was difficult for him, but involving his family crossed a line so Jerome chose to leave before the situation escalated further.   College student Aziel Boltson recently had hisContinue Reading

COUNTING ON A CROW’S WING by Charlie Richards

Entering the human realm on a dare after a night with friends at Court the fae prince Lord Elron Paxton finds himself in trouble.  A momentary lapse of judgment has landed Elron deep in hot water.  The fae has awakened with a sore head surrounded by young human men who are also trapped in theContinue Reading


Genetically engineered Lando Garr and his companions Bradan and Adnah trained literally from birth to become Guardians.  The enhanced males will protect the royal line on the planet Oryon, starting with King Arzhur and his beloved son Prince Kallen.  Too many years of inbreeding within the royal family however have finally caught up with them. Continue Reading

THE HATED FINN by Charlie Richards

For the last couple of years Finn O’Riley has sent regular shipments to Crystal Lake Pharmaceuticals.  They are his biggest client and typically sent payment right away, but for some reason the check is late and he can’t get a hold of his contact.  Finn needs to know if there’s a problem and if he’sContinue Reading


Bow hunter Gideon Ruck has seen many strange things over the years outside his home on Stone Ridge in the Colorado Rockies.  Things that can’t be explained or figured out logically.  Gideon has chosen to keep what he’s seen to himself.  After all, without concrete proof who would believe him?   Though Gideon has neverContinue Reading


Everyone in the Stone Ridge pack is horrified as they figure out how long the bongo shifter they recently rescued had been captured.  Stolen from his herd and subjected to illegal experimentation by scientists without a conscious, the shifter has maintained his bongo form for more than half a century.   Somewhat plump, geeky DrakoContinue Reading

by Charlie Richards

Each demon assigned to a Horseman is required to serve his Master for a thousand years before being rewarded with an amina, a mate.  In service to the Horseman of War, the demon Belial was kept from finding his amina the first time by the demons of another Horseman.  At two thousand years of ageContinue Reading


At a hundred and thirty the gargoyle Sumak is ready to leave kitchen chores behind and become a guard at the mansion his clutch calls home.  Granted the opportunity by Chieftain Maelgwn the young gargoyle is walking the perimeter of the estate when he spies a human jogging on a trail. Sumak is almost overcomeContinue Reading

FOR A DRAGON’S CONTROL by Charlie Richards

Weary of Chieftan Goth MacGree’s desire to destroy the clan living in Karstelle Valley, they dispatch a handful of their people to make a pact with his son Ryder MacGree.  An old friend living in the valley uses deception to lure the heir into meeting with them.  Luckily Ryder is willing to acknowledge the needContinue Reading

COERCING QUINN by Charlie Richards

College age boa constrictor shifter Taolma Rabenau is quietly living with a gargoyle clutch at their mansion outside a small Colorado town.  After years and years of searching for his biological father, his efforts were rewarded when members of the clutch saved his dad from a traveling side show where the shifter was being held,Continue Reading


For a thousand years the demon Abyzou has faithfully served his master – the Horseman Pestilence.  Spreading disease and infection Abyzou has done his master’s bidding.  It is time to be rewarded for his diligence by granting him an amina, someone to form a soul bond with which will anchor Abyzou to the earth.  Continue Reading

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