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FALLING UNDER by Lauren Dane

Carmella Rossi has had the hots for her hunky neighbor since they became neighbors, but she knows that he will never be for her.  After all, she is unemployed right now and trying to keep all of her responsibilities under control and not let herself fall under water.  What she didn’t expect was for DukeContinue Reading

RIDE STEADY by Kristen Ashley

RIDE STEADY by Kristen Ashley

After a nasty divorce and custody battle Carissa Teodoro has given up on finding happily-ever-after. The husband she married right out of high school cheated on her and left her for another woman. He now has taken to making her miserable, doing his best to take custody of their son. Carson “Joker” Steel knew CarrieContinue Reading

OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

OPENING UP by Lauren Dane

PJ Colman (Penelope Jean, if you really want to know) has always been a black sheep in her family.  First off, she drops out of college because PJ knows exactly what she wants to do and college classes won’t set her up for that.  PJ is part of the next generation of Colman Enterprises alongContinue Reading

ONE MORE SHOT by Victoria Denault

Jordan Garrison has wanted Jessie Caplan for years. Right before he was drafted by the NHL, they shared a passionate tryst together. Both Jordan and Jessie thought it was the beginning of something special but misunderstandings drove them apart. Now it appears as though they might have a second chance to find that special somethingContinue Reading

ONCE AND ALWAYS by Julia Harper

As a veteran with PTSD, Sam West is happy being a cop in a small town. When he sees Maisa “May” Bradley speeding by he knows he has to pull her over. Since they had a one night stand, May has managed to avoid Sam whenever she comes into town to visit her grandfather. SamContinue Reading



Evan Downey has decided to start over. Since the death of his wife, he and his son have been in limbo. Now, he feels like he can move on from the grief and start a new life. Charlotte (Charlie) Harris has supported Evan and his son in every way she could since the death ofContinue Reading

IT’S ALWAYS BEEN YOU by Jessica Scott

Captain Ben Teague has never wanted to be in command. But when a close friend and commander is brought up on charges, he soon finds himself exactly where he doesn’t want to be…responsible. It doesn’t help that by the book lawyer, Major Olivia Hale, is overlooking everything he does. Olivia was brought in to helpContinue Reading

KALEIDOSCOPE by Kristen Ashley

Jacob Decker and Emme Holmes had danced around each other the entire time he was dating her best friend. Neither was willing to admit that they had potential. But when his relationship broke up, he moved on and left Emme behind. Now years have passed and Jacob is back to investigate a burglary ring. OnceContinue Reading

REAVER by Larissa Ione

Harvester risked everything to protect the four horsemen and keep the world from falling apart and just when she should be thinking it was a job well done, someone informed her father, Satan, that she was a traitor to him and her time in hell has just become very, very real.   Reaver is anContinue Reading


Josselin Ancrum and Drew MacAdam were both orphaned by a bloody war between the Scots and the English. Raised by warriors each take their own unique path that will one day land them right back where they started—on the battlefield. Will they leave the field bloody or in love?Josselin lost her mother to war. SheContinue Reading


Ten years ago, Harry and Kate fell in love.  However, when certain things are revealed to Harry, he believes them and takes an opportunity to get out while he can.  Since that time, Harry has held an astronomical grudge against the widowed duchess, Kate.  Harry is thinking about buying himself out of the army and seeking out hisContinue Reading


Lyra Slade is a dragon shifter who is desperate to figure out what has happened to her father.  He just disappeared and all appearances look as if he was mixed up with a married dragon shifter who has also disappeared.  To top it off, Lyra destroyed what might have been a clue because she wasContinue Reading

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

A MAN TO HOLD by Marilyn Pappano

Therese Matheson doesn’t know if she will ever be able to move on from losing her husband, Paul, in the war.  It doesn’t help that she is struggling to bring up his two children that his selfish ex-wife has virtually abandoned.  Therese believes that if she can just be on her own, all will beContinue Reading

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