Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

DRAGON STORM by Katie MacAlister

DRAGON STORM by Katie MacAlisterDragon Storm by Katie MacAlister
Series: Dragon Falls #2
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing


Constantine Norka was once the head of the Silver Dragons and then was killed and now is a spirit dragon living with his ex-mate and her new mate, Baltic, the new head of the Light Dragons.  Now his days are spent seeing just how much he can irritate Baltic and others.  So when Constantine is asked to go and try to find a certain artifact as a talisman that could be used to help destroy the curse on the dragons, he reluctantly agrees.


Bee Ndala, is a charmer who was brought in to undo the curse and free all of the dragons and their mates.  Considering her younger sister is now a dragon mate, Bee wants to get this done as soon as possible.  So when she decided to take it upon herself to find an artifact to use as the talisman, Bee never expected to be captured by Asmodeus’s goons and locked into a prison in Abaddon.  Even more unexpected was being found and released by a sexy dragon sent to do the same thing as Bee.


Constantine and Bee escape Abaddon with what they believe will be needed for Bee to unravel the curse.  However, when they try, it horribly backfires, and they and the other dragons and mates learn that they had the wrong person behind the curse—it was Bael, not Asmodeus.  Now, the stakes are even higher to find a new talisman and break the curse, because there is a deep secret that Constantine is one of the very few to know about Bael.  Along the way of finding this new talisman and uncovering a secret that will change a lot among the dragons, Constantine and Bee have fallen in love—something that isn’t as easy as it sounds either.  The curse might be broken, but the danger is still there, and it just a step more dangerous now.  Just another day in the life of dragons.


A once powerful spirit dragon and a spunky charmer will meet and work together to end the curse out to destroy the dragons in Dragon Storm.  Bee and Constantine as a couple wasn’t something anyone would have expected, even them.  Yet as they came together, I could see just how well they clicked, and I wasn’t at all amazed when they became mated.  I enjoyed watching as Bee and Constantine destroyed the curse and became tighter, even as things around them became weirder than ever.  I have to admit some of the secrets that were revealed shocked me and made me wonder what is next to come in this crazy world developed by Ms. MacAlister. Dragon Storm is a fun-loving romp where two people who I believe needed a fresh start full of love was given that chance and the perfect mate, with just a bit of suspense and danger thrown in to even things out.

DRAGON FALL by Katie MacAlister

DRAGON FALL by Katie MacAlisterDragon Fall by Katie MacAlister
Series: Dragon Falls #1
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing


Aoife Dakar only expected a few hours of fun when she went to a unique outdoor faire and, instead, she sees a murder—a murder that no one, not even the faire people believes happened.  That was two years ago.  Aoife has just been released from an institution where her so-called loving family placed her beliiving she was having a breakdown.  Aoife was also given her belongings when she left and in them was a ring she received at the faire.  Amazingly enough, the same faire is back in town, and Aoife has decided to go to it and face it.


Kostya is a black dragon, one of the few remaining.  Because of a curse, all dragons and their mates can’t be in the room with each other without trying to harm each other.  This even includes families, as in Kostya’s own brother would try to attack him if they were close to each other, and they love each other.  Kostya is now on the hunt to find a very special ring that it is said can be used to break the curse.  Kostya is fighting for every dragon right now, and he has no intention of having any form of romance, much less a mate.


Aoife is fighting for her sanity right now, and yet on the same day she faces the faire, she also gains a strange big black dog and a hunky, hurt man.  And believe it or not, that really is the least of the things that Aoife will face as she comes to terms about the Otherworld and that she is apparently the mate of a dragon who doesn’t want one.  When you put that with her new dog that is a minor demon, and she is now his lord, and what she eventually finds out about her very family, it’s a really good thing that Aoife has a sense of humor.  Kostya has been burned pretty badly before in the mate department, and he really doesn’t want to actually acknowledge what Aoife is to him, and yet he can’t ignore what he feels for her.  Now that he knows that Aoife has the very object he has been seeking, Kostya and Aoife are headed to find his brother and hopefully a charmer, who can help remove the cruse from all dragons.  The passion between Aoife and Kostya just keeps getting hotter as they piece together exactly what happened to bring about the curse and how to remove it and what Aoife really saw two years ago.  Things are crazy and about to get crazier as the answer comes to them and, of course, that is exactly when Kostya finally admits not only his love, but acknowledges her as his mate.


Take a confused human woman trying to figure out what she had seen and add in a sexy black dragon, then toss in a minor demon dog and a curse, and you have the humorous courtship of Aoife and Kostya in Dragon Fall.  I have wondered when Kostya would have a happy ending, and I so enjoyed watching him find his perfect mate in Aoife.  I also loved watching all the kooky events that seemed to be following them around and helping them find a way to break the dragon curse.  I can’t wait to open up the next book in this series after falling in love with Kostya and Aoife and getting to meet some wel- loved old friends.  The Otherworld is in for another shake-up, which begins with Kostya and Aoife’s romance—an excellent starting point.  I have always loved the fun paranormals that Ms. MacAlister gives us, and Dragon Fall is another winner.


SECOND CHANCE SUMMER by Jill ShalvisSecond Chance Summer by Jill Shalvis
Series: Cedar Ridge #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing

The last place Lily Danville ever wants to return to is Cedar Ridge, Colorado. This is the place where her sister died and her life was changed forever. Driven by guilt, Lily has stayed away. Aidan Kincaid fell for Lily ten years ago before she suddenly left. Now she’s back and Aiden finds that they are still drawn to each other. But before they can have a second chance together, Lily is going to have to let go of the past.



I’ve never read a Jill Shalvis book I didn’t like. With the first book of her new Cedar Ridge series I am addicted to the Kincaid brothers. I totally got why Lily was so filled with guilt from the past, while I wanted Aiden to help her heal. Aiden was the perfect hero material and with his brothers made me want to find Cedar Ridge immediately! Second Chance Summer had me smiling from start to finish.

REVENANT by Larissa Ione

REVENANT by Larissa Ione

REVENANT by Larissa IoneRevenant by Larissa Ione
Series: Demonica #11
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing



Revenant is on a war path after getting his memories back and discovering that for five thousand years he has been a virtual slave in Hell while his twin brother seemingly had Heaven’s backing.  Revenant wants to know why he was left and forced to do horrible things just to survive and why his mother was also sacrificed when she should have been rescued and taken back to heaven.  To say that Revenant has a nasty attitude doesn’t quite cover it, and the more “answers” he appears to find, the worse it gets.  However, there is one person who Revenant only wants to show his best side to, even when that isn’t always possible.


Blaspheme has many, many secrets that she has to keep hidden in order to live. Being a False Angel gives Blaspheme powers that help her in her chosen career. She works hard to save lives at Underworld General, yet to keep her secrets in tact and to save herself, Blaspheme might have to take a life.  She has decided that is not acceptable, and she is searching for another answer as time is ticking away.  Blaspheme’s entire existence is at stake.  Like that isn’t enough, it appears that one major bad ass has decided he wants her, and he is the absolute last person Blaspheme can afford to learn the truth about her. Wanting to just give in to the smoldering passion between Revenant and herself doesn’t help either.


Revenant needs Blaspheme in more ways than one, yet he would be the happiest man in Hell to finally let the powerful lust between them get what it wants. As Revenant follows even more clues on what really happened to him from his birth until now, even more astonishing answers appear, and they show him that maybe he wasn’t just the throw-away twin. Blaspheme is forced into a tough corner as her powers are disappearing and angels appear to have figured out the truth about her. When Revenant and Blaspheme finally team up, all three realms better start shaking, because they aren’t about to stop until all the nasty truths are out in the open, and they really don’t care who it takes down. When it appears that one of those truths is the key to fulfilling a powerful prophesy, things are about to change in Heaven, Hell, and Earth, because the love that Revenant has for Blaspheme won’t settle for any less. Buckle up boys and girls, because this is going to be a bumpy ride for sure.


A love story that will have Heaven, Hell, and Earth checking to see if the doors are locked is just how Revenant begins and ends.  Revenant and Blaspheme have both been used as scapegoats their entire lives, but that is about to end as they discover a passion for each other and work together to put so many wrongs to right.  I have to say right off that all I could think of as I finished this amazing book was “damn.”  I just couldn’t believe all that was wrapped up in it or how both Revenant and Blaspheme brought so many of the powerful down and brought about peace. As I read about just what Revenant went through and was forced to believe for so long, I’m not at all surprised that his attitude was on the nasty side. Yet, I could see the light in him when he was anywhere near Blaspheme or thought about her. Something told me that there was a lot beneath the covers and all I could do was hold on as everything, and I do mean everything was pulled out into the open at last. I have to say I did cheer as the final battles happened and certain someones got exactly what they deserved.


Revenant is the perfect ending to two series that intertwined, Demonica and Lords of Deliverance, with such a satisfying bang and all the associate fireworks.  I already have planned to re-read both series in order as they appeared in the timeline to relive the many, many twists that kept me of gripped within each and every book.  I am Joyfully Recommending Revenant because it deserves that and much more as a fantastic ending and a book that is a must-read, even if you haven’t read all the books in both series. Although I would recommend that you at least re-read them in order to get everything.


ANGEL SEDUCED by Jaime RushAngel Seduced by Jaime Rush
Series: The Hidden #3
Genres: Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Grand Central Publishing

Reviewed by Jo

Kye Rivers, a magical Deuce Crescent counselor, one with the abilities dealing with sexual energies, has developed a procedure that allows the rare Caido who has fallen in love to be able to experience emotion without pain.  The curse of Caido’s has made them unable to handle any type of emotion without pain.  Kye has worked hard to help those who risked the pain for love, which is a way to bond with their loved one.  It’s not perfect but so far, it’s a Caido’s only hope.


Kasabian, a very unusual Caido, craves emotion and the pain that goes with it; knows that something happened in his childhood that made him this way – a past he can’t remember.  Kasabian might have been okay to live his life wondering what happened, but recently children have begun disappearing again, just like what happened with him.  Kasabian is now desperate to find the missing pieces of his memory and hopefully a clue about who was behind it.  And he knows exactly who to seek to aid him in remembering and even better she is due into his bar anytime.


Kye can’t understand why a Caido would be flirting with her and she isn’t sure about what he is requesting once the entire truth comes out.  Kasabian finally convinces Kye to work her procedure with him, promising not to allow it to go to the ultimate finish – but his secret inner self has its own mind and suddenly Kye and Kasabian are joined.  Kye is so mad she can’t believe that Kasabian broke his word, the only good thing about that night is Kasabian’s memories have returned.  Both Kye and Kasabian are now under the gun to locate the missing children before it’s too late due to what his memories revealed. The big question is why and how far this betrayal of children has gone through the upper ranks of the Hidden.  While attempting the rescue, constant misunderstandings attempt to tear Kye and Kasabian apart.  It’s going to take help from many, many places in order to save the children and defeat the people behind years of selfish manipulating of others – once it’s all over, will Kye and Kasabian find a path that will allow them to explore the passion that brought them together while hunting the missing children?


A magic sexual counselor and a feeling half Angel team up to defeat a foe praying on children and discover a deep love along the way.  Kye and Kasabian should have never been, because Cadio’s are not supposed to feel but Kye learns there are many types of Cadio’s in Angel Seduced.  I knew after reading the first two books in The Hidden series that this last couple of the trio would be unusual but I never expected Kye and Kasabian.  I deeply felt for Kasabian after I learned why he craved emotions and then as he fought to save the missing children from what he went through.  Kye’s heart had me hoping she wouldn’t be hurt too badly while giving everything she had to help Kasabian.  I loved that while the suspense and danger were an important part of the book, there were plenty of parts with humor and passion to even them out.  Now that the foretold three heads have struck, I can’t wait to see what happens next in the world of the Hidden.  Kye and Kasabian proved to me that true love can happen even when it shouldn’t have a chance.  Angel Seduced is quick paced and full of action from the very first page and it doesn’t let up until the last one.  A great way to spend a quiet day relaxing.


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REAVER by Larissa Ione

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