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FIRE WATCHER by Lilith SaintCrow

FIRE WATCHER by Lilith SaintCrow
Fire Watcher
by Lilith Saintcrow

Series: The Watchers #3
Published by ImaJinn Books Genres: Paranormal
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Elise Nicholson has a really complicated life, first she is a fire witch and now one of three Guardians of the City, besides that Elise is an up and coming rock star with a band that is getting a good local reputation.  The down sides of Elise’s life are that her two best friends and fellow Guardians of the City have recently matched up with Watchers, and the woman who was all but a mother to Elise and her teacher as a witch, was killed during this time.  The very last thing Elise wants is to be a Watcher herself or have anything to do with Circle Lightfall—an organization that Elise does not trust one bit.


Remy was a Cajun boy in jail for murder when Circle Lightfall gave him an offer that he accepted.  Now Remy is a Watcher, a really bored one because for several years now he has been sent on object retrieval missions.  Having to fight the Dark to get magical and mystical objects for his bosses along with no chance at easing his own pain or with any chance to get his own Witch, Remy is wondering if this was such a good choice.  Then one day Remy is given a chance to protect a Witch during one of his retrieval missions. She is a fire witch at an element that Remy can deal with. The main question for Remy is, could this fire witch be his witch?


Elise has a temper to go with her fire element and when she finds out that another Watcher has shown up in her city and is supposed to keep her safe, she blows-up at her friends and takes off.  Remy is torn between giving Elise time to cool off and going after her.  By the time Remy and Elise meet face to face, all heck is breaking loose and it’s a touch and go thing if either will get out of the club alive.  Remy is supposed to obey his witch yet to keep Elise safe and with him will take all his skill and cunning. Elise really wants to thrust Remy out of her life, but things are going seriously crazy all of a sudden and he might be her chance to keep those she loves safe and protected.  It’s a difficult partnership that Remy and Elise begin, and one which lets their attraction bloom into love while deadly danger goes for Elise and those she is trying to protect.  Elise is more than willing to let herself be a target if that will keep everyone, including Remy safe, and Remy isn’t about to let that happen if he can help it.  The final battle is not only a case of good vs. bad, but also a battle of wills and skills between Elise, Remy, and those of her friends and their Watchers.  When the dust settles, just who will be the winners and losers??


A cranky fire witch and a watcher who has been hoping for a witch of his own to protect come together with lots of fireworks in Fire Watcher.  While I could understand where Elise was coming from, I still thought in several places in the beginning that she might be hurting herself and the safety of those around her by fighting so much.  As I got to know her, I discovered that this was a way to keep her tender inside safe.  I would have done the same thing as Remy when he originally got into trouble if faced with the same circumstances. I really agreed with his darker thoughts until he met with Elise.  Watching the fireworks between Remy and Elise from the minute they met had be both laughing and shaking my head at various times.  While Elise and Remy not only came out on top this time both in defeating the Dark and finding their love, I foresee an interesting future for them because those are two very stubborn people in this relationship. Fire Watcher is action-packed from the minute you open the first page and it really doesn’t let down much as the book goes on.  However, when you have the flames of attraction between a fire witch and a fire watcher what can you expect?


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