Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.

A STROKE OF MIDNIGHT by Andie J. Christopher

A STROKE OF MIDNIGHT by Andie J. ChristopherStroke of Midnight by Andie J. Christopher
Series: One Night in South Beach #1
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. Genres: Contemporary
Source: Reviewer


New Year’s Eve in Miami. One night. No names. No going back. Workaholic, Alana Hernandez and former Navy Seal, Cole Roberts have a one night stand. Cole is seeking to soothe his injured heart, Anna is looking for a quick hook up, but ohhhh how life throws a huge wrench in their “perfect” plan when morning comes!

Stroke of Midnight is Ms. Christopher’s debut, and not only has she captured the flavor and spirit of Miami but she has written, in my opinion, a Hero and Heroine who experience a true and realistic romance. I thoroughly enjoyed “watching” Alana & Cole’s relationship unfold. The pacing and story flowed very well. Cole is a dirty talking hero who not only loves Alana very much, but is just as determined to show her that what may have started out as a one night stand, quickly became so much more for him. I felt like Alana and Cole could be a part of my inner circle, that’s just how authentic the romance feels.

Stroke of Midnight is a well written, sexy, hot romance that will have you not only laughing out loud but wishing for your very own Cole. I am eagerly anticipating Alana’s brother, Javi and her sister, Carla’s HEA’s. Kudos on your debut, Ms. Christopher and keep ’em coming! Stroke of Midnight is a perfect combo of romance with a dirty talking hero, a take charge heroine, hot sex & funny story, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

THE UNDOING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNDOING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNDOING by Shelly LaurenstonThe Undoing by Shelly Laurenston
Series: Call of Crows #2
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Jace Berisha would rather be in a cupboard or under a house reading a book than dealing with anyone alive.  Okay, pets are not in this statement—those she loves.  Well, she does love her sister Crows, but a little of them can go one hell of a long way.  Like all Crows, Jace was killed and given a little something extra and in Jace’s case, she was given strength in rage.  Can you spell berserker?  Unlike many of the Crows, when Jace woke up in her second life, she wasn’t faced with a totally new experience, because some of Jace’s personal family are a bit more than you would expect.


Ski Eriksen is one of the peace-loving Protectors.  Yes, this could be an oxymoron when you consider he, like all the other of the people who serve the Norse Gods, find there is always violence involved to get the job done.  Yet, Ski loves the mornings when he can just sleep in and take it easy.  Ski never expected to find a peaceful Crow, especially Jace whom he has seen beat strong men into a pulp.  But when circumstances have him offering a job in his house cataloging the Protector’s library, he is amazed at how perfectly she fits in—well, once she actually accepts the job.


Jace believed she had left her first life behind her when she was killed and had achieved her vengeance.  However, it seems that this might not be the case, as people from her past keep just showing up and making her mad—not rage mad, but mad.  On the Norse god side, as the Crows, Protectors and the other groups do their daily jobs, so it becomes pretty clear that an enemy was not destroyed and sent back to hell as previously believed.  Jace finds herself as part of a fighting front trying to get rid of nasty people from two angles just as she also finds herself overwhelmed with feelings for Ski.  Can a Crow find love with a Protector?  A lasting love?  First, Jace and Ski will have to make it through a fierce battle when the winner will take all on Earth.


A rage-filled Crow and a peace-loving Protector come face to face with a love like no other in The Undoing.  First off I have to say I fell in love with both Jace and Ski, even before I saw how they would fall in love.  I found it so fun to watch as they fell for each other when the odds would have said they were leaps and bounds apart.  I really loved where their strengths seemed to fill a weakness in the other or helped them get over a hard place they were going through.  I also have to say that I fell in love with Jace’s grandmother.  Talk about a kick.  Ski understand just what Jace needed in order to be happy, just as I found Jace seemed to know when to be slightly outrageous to bring Ski what he needed.  This unusual love story had me so engrossed that the pages seemed to turn on their own.

The Undoing has all the things that I love about Ms. Laurenston’s books: moments of outrageous fun, kinky passion, loving snark, and passion that brings two people you would not expect together.  Jace and Ski’s story does exactly all of the above, plus some.  I absolutely loved Jace and Ski’s book and had to make it a Joyfully Recommended read.  I can’t wait to see which Crow is going to find her unusual love next.


THE UNLEASHING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNLEASHING by Shelly Laurenston

THE UNLEASHING by Shelly LaurenstonThe Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston
Series: Crows #1
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher


Kara Watson is a former Marine trying to figure out her next moves now that she isn’t in the military—including if she should just rejoin—and working in a coffee shop to make ends meet while she decides.  Kara has had a couple of high points in this year.  The first was when she rescued her pit bull, Brodie Hawaii, (because that is their hopeful future destination) and the other is seeing one of her regulars at the coffee shop.  Kara thinks he might be a vet who is having trouble now that he is out of the military, but she does seem to watch for him and have his order at the ready.


Ludvig “Vig” Rundstrom is a Viking and a Raven. He was also slowly, very slowly working up the nerve to ask Kara out. But before that could happen, he finds her dying in the alley behind the coffee shop she works at. Vig just can’t let Kara die, so he calls on the Goddess Skuld to see if she will accept Kara as one of her Crows, and the rest is soon to be history.


Kara wakes up in a huge house filled with a strange selection of women living there.  There is everything from tattoo artists to actresses, and they all have one thing in common—they have all died and accepted Skuld’s offer to be one of her warriors.  Kara is a bit confused by all that is suddenly her life, yet she is determined to make the best of it, even if Kara’s drive for organization might put her in conflict with all the other Crows. Kara finds herself thrown in at the deep end, and it is getting serious on the job training.  Part of that training is learning about the other Nordic groups who do things for the Gods. Kara finds out that Vig is actually a hunky Raven, and he really is a Viking and a weapons master. Vig helps Kara during her struggles to come to grips with what the Crows do and her own beliefs. Along the way, Vig and Kara learn that passion is theirs for the taking if Kara can decide what to do with her life and if the Crows and Ravens can survive to find out what is turning their world upside down right now.


A woman-shy Viking and a take-control former Marine end up joining forces to find not only love, but to defeat a group trying to destroy the world as it is known in The Unleashing.  OMG! I just loved the Crows—from Kara to Chole to Erin and all of them in between.  I really loved how Kara worked to find her place in her new circumstances. Finding out how Vig gave that life to Kara, because he didn’t want to lose her before he could really know her, made me want to give him a huge hug, too.  The adventures that Kara and Vig went through just to have the chance at a forever, had me rolling my eyes at times and laughing at other times.  They might be from very different backgrounds but, man, they are so right for each other.


I can already tell that The Crows will be another must-read series by Ms. Laurenston for me. The Unleashing had it all for me, including snarky and funny women who take no prisoners, but will die to protect one another.  Kara in particular is just that type of woman, and Vig was the strong man who loves her even with all her kookiness. I can say for sure that this is one book that will be staying on my reader. There is so, so much I haven’t told you that will keep you engrossed in this book until it’s over. Needless to say, I Joyfully Recommend The Unleashing as a must-read.

IF HE’S DANGEROUS by Hannah Howell

IF HE’S DANGEROUS by Hannah HowellIf He's Dangerous by Hannah Howell
Series: The Wherlocke Series #4
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. on 2011-06-07
Genres: Historical
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Vanessa

New York Times bestseller Hannah Howell’s extraordinary Wherlocke family returns with the story of a passion that will heed no resistance, no matter how deadly…When Lorelei Sundun first finds Sir Argus Wherlocke in her garden, she’s never heard of the mysterious Wherlocke clan-or their otherworldly abilities. That changes the moment she watches Argus-the most tantalizing man she’s ever seen-disappear before her very eyes. What she’s witnessed should be impossible. But so should falling in love with a man she’s only just met…Pursued by a madman intent on harnessing the Wherlockes’ talents as weapons, Argus meant to seek help from his family, not to involve a duke’s lovely daughter in the struggle. But now, the enchanting Lorelei is his only hope for salvation-and the greatest temptation he’s ever faced…Praise for Hannah Howell and If He’s Wicked

Lorelei Sundun, the daughter of a Duke, discerns a naked man standing in her father’s garden.  The apparition that soon fades has requested her assistance by way of contacting his family.  Lorelei is at first reluctant to believe her eyes, but she soon sets out to do as the Argus Wherlocke has asked.  With her uncanny ability to find anyone or anything, Lorelei soon uncovers the place that Argus is being held against his will.  Rescuing him was the easy part.  Now she finds that he has captured her heart, and she would like to capture this reluctant man’s heart as well!

Argus Wherlocke has let his guard down to his own peril.  In trusting someone else, he has been captured and has endured torture and beatings while being cuffed to his bed in a dark, dingy cellar.  Using one of his gifts, he inadvertently reaches out to Lorelei for help before he is removed from this earth permanently.  Soon Argus discovers that he has jumped from the pot into the frying pan by hiding out with the lovely Lorelei Sundun.  Because now he finds that, despite his avowals of being an honorable knight, he is very attracted to the aristocratic woman who has freed him from his bondage.  Argus can NOT offer marriage to Lorelei as he doesn’t believe in it, but he can’t ruin her either.  Will he be able to steer clear of the temptation that is Lorelei as he and his “gifted” family uncover the treachery that is after them, or will he soon find himself dragged to the altar to make Lorelei a suitable husband?

If He’s Dangerous began as a very intriguing mystery with very likeable characters that you wanted to unravel and get to know.  It was full of humor and an innocent heroine who sought knowledge through books.  If He’s Dangerous has all the characters, plots, and intrigues that are rampant in Hannah Howell’s earlier works.  I found myself drawn into the mysteries of If He’s Dangerous, but I soon felt that it was too similar to some of Hannah Howell’s previous stories.  I had read several before and had to stop as I felt they were too much alike and I couldn’t distinguish between any of them.  Yet, If He’s Dangerous wasn’t a total bomb for me because the protagonists and her family were quite entertaining.  The explanation for Argus and Lorelei’s easy acceptance of one another was very believable given that her family is so eccentric.  Argus’ push/pull of Lorelei was even slightly amusing as he fought his desire and temptation to have her despite his honor and knightliness to not spoil her good name.

Introducing so many characters can be off-putting as you try to keep them straight, but they just added to the colorful cast in If He’s Dangerous.  I’m sure that I would have gotten more out of If He’s Dangerous had I read the previous books, but I was not completely lost with this one.  I understood why Argus didn’t want to tangle with Lorelei, and I believe you can gain much satisfaction from If He’s Dangerous if you are a Hannah Howell fan.

CLAIMED by Rebecca Zanetti

CLAIMED by Rebecca Zanetti

CLAIMED by Rebecca ZanettiClaimed by Rebecca Zanetti
Published by Kensington Publishing Corp. on 2011-10-25
Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Miranda

A DARING RESCUEEmma Paulsen is a geneticist driven by science. But she’s also a psychic, so when a dark, good-hearted vampire frees her from the clutches of the evil Kurjans, she realizes he must be the man who’s been haunting her dreams. But with a virus threatening vampires’ mates, Emma may discover a whole new meaning of “lovesick”…A DEADLY DECISIONAs King of the Realm, Dage Kayrs has learned to practice diplomacy. Still, it’s taken three hundred years to find his mate, so he’ll stop at nothing to protect her—even if it means turning his back on his own kind…Praise for Rebecca Zanetti’s thrilling debut Fated“Hot and fast from beginning to end.”—Kate Douglas


Emma Paulsen has been running for months. She is a geneticist. Unknowingly her lab was being used as a research facility for the evil Kurjans. The Kurjans plan to find a way to take their enemies’ mates. Emma will do anything to keep that from happening since her sister is now mated to a vampire. Emma has psychic premonitions and knows things are going to get rough before they get better for those she loves. She is determined to protect those she loves if it’s the last thing she does. However, she will have to escape the Kurjans first.

Dage Kayrs is the King of the Realm. He’s a vampire but he rules over most supernatural beings. He has waited three hundred years to find his mate. He has had visions of her and the anticipation has only intensified. Knowing his mate is in danger, Dage will stop at nothing to protect her but he has to find her first. Finding and rescuing Emma from the clutches of the kurjans may be the easy part. Making her believe he can love and protect her and her family will be a war in itself. 

With the Kurjan virus finding victims, the hope of the realm lands on Emma’s shoulders. Will she find a cure to this devastating virus before it takes those she loves the most? Can Emma let down her shields enough to let in her King and mate?

All of my favorite characters are back in this second installment of the Dark Protector series, Claimed. I thought the first book Fated started off with a bang, well Ms. Zanetti must be determined to outdo herself because Claimed drops you into the heart pounding action on page one and doesn’t let you take a breath until it’s over. I am awestruck at the outstanding visuals that propel these scenes to a higher level. 

Emma and Dage burn up the pages of Claimed with their passionate battle of wills. Emma’s history keeps her from trusting easily or giving her love. She is a very independent woman used to taking care of herself and she’s not ready to hand over that duty to someone else. Dage is a typical male alpha vampire he’s been waiting for his mate for centuries. It’s so difficult for him not to lock her in a room to protect her from herself and everyone else. He doesn’t want anything to happen to any of his people much less the woman he will spend the rest of his life with. Now, I think he is pretty patient with Emma at first. However, I do just love when he finally has enough of her denial and starts showing her exactly how he feels. Emma and Dage’s mating dance is as humorous as it is hot. 

I love that Claimed gives the reader a bigger glimpse into the different races that make up the supernatural realm. Witches, prophets, werewolves, shifters and even demons get a little face time in Claimed. We learn more about the Kayrs brothers and their powers. I’m excited about some of the other matings to come. These couples take passion to new heights. Katie the powerful lioness is back and I love her storyline I cannot wait to read more about her! Mostly I’m thrilled to get to know little Janie better. Janie is a sweet child and it seems there will be no end to her power. We get hints as to what will happen in the future and I am so excited to learn more about this child and her impact on the future of the realm. 

The latest supernatural showdown between the vampires and the kurjans blows away the competition. Rebecca Zanetti’s Claimed brings the paranormal genre to a new heightened level of sophistication. You don’t want to miss this Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read.

THE HUNTER by Theresa Meyer

THE HUNTER by Theresa Meyer

Colt Jackson discovered his family legacy the hard way – by almost dying from a paranormal creature of the night known as Darkin.  That day changed how Colt lived his life and viewed those around him.  As far as Colt is concerned the only good Darkin is a dead one.  That has made him a very good hunterContinue Reading

SHADOWMAN by Erin Kellison

Kathleen O’Brien loved her Shadowman more than anything in the world.  He stayed by her side throughout many trials and together they created life but hers would be cut short. Katherine vowed to be reunited with her Shadowman and their child. Shadowman searched the Heavens above for his beloved Kathleen, but could not find her. There was onlyContinue Reading

WOLF WITH BENEFITS by Shelly Laurenston

WOLF WITH BENEFITS by Shelly Laurenston

Toni Jean-Louis Parker is a she-jackal who has spent her entire life handling and smoothing things over for her very overwhelming family of prodigies.  Every time Toni thinks she can break away and maybe have a life of her own, something happens so that she is drawn back into being the only practical one of theContinue Reading



At Madame Helene’s House of Pleasure, nothing is forbidden.  In the social world of London’ston, almost everything is, provided you’re an unmarried woman.  Lisette Delornay-Ross is both part and apart of both societies.  She’s the daughter of the infamous Madame Helene, and, when she was younger, acted out by enjoying the world of the pleasure house.  However, now thatContinue Reading



Lady Jessica Sheffield has been in mourning for a year and she’s finally ready to move on with her life. Her marriage resulted from an arrangement but she was happy. Jessica may not have felt passionate sparks for her husband like the ones she felt the night she spied Alistair Caulfield in a compromising positionContinue Reading

MORE THAN THIS by Shannyn Schroeder

Quinn Adams is a lonely teacher. When she learns her ex is about to be a father she becomes obsessed with having a child of her own even if she has to do it without a man.  With the help of her sister and friends Quinn is about to have an adventurous summer.  She goesContinue Reading

THE CHOSEN by Theresa Meyers

China McGee is a woman of many talents, she is a shape shifter, thief, beautiful and, at the moment, she is a prisoner thanks to one of the Jackson brothers.  China is already planning her escape from the prison when who appears but yet another Jackson brother who says he is her attorney and isContinue Reading

HEATSEEKER by Lucy Monroe

Kaden Marks was a former sergeant in the Marine Special Forces. He’s now a member of the Atrati. A black-ops mercenary organization that specializes in doing what no one else can. Kaden’s latest mission is to rescue another undercover agent whose cover has been blown. When he discovers that the agent is Rachel Gannon, theContinue Reading


Professor Becca Hart recently lost her job and she’s been searching for a new position.  Her sister sends in her application to the last possible place Becca thinks of.  Going from the East Coast to Oklahoma is quite a big change but there are things about Oklahoma that make it shine.  Becca’s sister drags herContinue Reading

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