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PRIME IMPERATIVE by Monette Michaels

PRIME IMPERATIVE by Monette Michaels
Prime Imperative
by Monette Michaels

Series: The Prime Chronicles #3
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


Dr. Brianna Martin is a Terran-raised leading researcher who has contracted with Prime stating that with her research, she might be able to find out the problem that has made pregnancy and child birth almost nonexistent in the Prime world.  She asked for permission to come to the Prime world so that she and her team can come up with a solution.  Brianna has a motive in trying to help the Prime before they become extinct; she is one of the lost Prime mates.  Brianna has kept this a secret until her life is in danger by the Pure Bloods, and she again contacts the Prime for emergency help.


Iolyn Caradoc is one of the sons of the Prime leader, and he thought for many, many years now that his Prime battle mate died in the last ditch effort of the Prime to save their children and females.  So to say he is stunned to find out that his mate is not only living, but requesting to come to the Prime world is putting it mildly.  Then he finds out that she has been attacked and is on the run. Nothing is going to keep Iolyn calm until he has his mate in his arms and in his bed.


Iolyn, his brothers and their mates, and the Galanti’s entire crew are now racing for Brianna and her team.  Once they all finally meet up, the danger isn’t nearly over, but Iolyn and Brianna are face-to-face for the first time since they were infants and their passion is ready to explode.  The trip back to the Prime world is full of adventure as it seems the Prime’s ancient enemies, the Antarean and others, are determined to strike at all Prime holds.  As Iolyn, Brianna, and the others start piecing the answers together, it all points to a highly placed betrayal on Prime itself.  Now everyone is back on the Prime world and trying to figure out who is behind everything. It turns out the betrayal is closer to the Caradoc family than ever imagined, and it is pretty personal.  The truth is out, but the mates are still in deadly danger.  Can the combined actions of the Caradocs and their mates bring an end to the danger facing all mates and the fertility problems before all is lost?


It’s one thing to know you had a mate and most likely lost her years ago, it’s another to discover that she is living and in deadly danger, and yet another to finally have your mate and almost lose her again.  Brianna and Iolyn face all of that and more in Prime Imperative.  I expected a lot of emotion while reading Iolyn and Brianna’s story, and I was not let down. I loved how Iolyn and Brianna fought to come together and still worked as hard as they did with his entire family to defeat the danger that has been directed at their mates and also solve the problems that have been affecting the Prime and fertility for so long.  I was amazed to discover just what was behind all of it and just how twisted someone can become over something. I foresee long, loving and child-filled lives for Iolyn and Brianna, along with his brothers and their mates and even the majority of the Prime.  Prime Imperative is full of highs and lows mixed in with suspense and passion—who could ask for anything more? I would suggest reading the books of this series in order so that you can gather all of the clues that seem to be sprinkled throughout them.


Predator's Claim
by Rosanna Leo

Series: Gemini Island Shifters #4
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Bart Cairo has lusted for and then loved Charlotte Moffatt.  Until recently Charlotte worked at the same Ursa Fishing Lodge on Gemini Island that he does.  Now Bart has been going slowly insane with Charlotte gone finishing her degree believing he has lost his mate forever.  But it seems Bart will be busier than ever with all the things that will need his attention in the immediate future: his job as head of security at the lodge,  his crazy family is showing up for a family reunion and Charlotte is coming back to work for a few weeks to work on her newest job.  Bart is determined that this time he will have his mate no matter what else needs his attention.


Charlotte not only gained her degree in quick time but also was given the job as an adjunct professor – something that just never happens.  Knowing she needs to prepare for the new job, she arranges to go back to the lodge to see old friends and get ready for the new school year.  Coming back to the Island also means seeing the one man who drives her crazy in more than one way.  Hoping to not give into her lust for Bart, Charlotte is bringing her latest lover with her but is this the wisest move?


Bart is furious when he sees Charlotte and the male step off the boat and yet not even that stops him for wanting Charlotte until he has trouble controlling his wolf.  All of this just as his family descends on the island.  Bart is about to get an even bigger shock – his father is stepping down as alpha of their pack and Bart is being put in his place.  Bart might not think he is the best person to be alpha but even Charlotte knows that Bart will be the best alpha ever – they just have to convince him of it.  Just as Charlotte and Bart discover that their lust might have been a deep seated love and that they really are true mates, danger comes to the island and Bart’s family.  It seems that not all members of the pack are happy with both the old and new alphas.  Bart isn’t about to let anyone harm his immediate family members or his mate – even if it means fighting a member of his pack.


It will take the perfect combination of love and trust to bring a certain free spirit and a dour security chief together in Predator’s Claim.  Charlotte had no intentions to ever becoming mated and settling down, yet Bart had known for years that his mate was living on the same small island as him.  I had to cheer for Bart because he seemed like such an underdog, yet once he decided his course of action there was no stopping him from claiming Charlotte as his own.  I also loved how Charlotte became Bart’s biggest cheerleader once she accepted what had always been right in front of her.  The danger seemed to come from several areas at once and when all the answers came out, I learned why.  I wasn’t surprised at all that Bart and Charlotte proved they were a true team as they conquered all the evil coming their way.  Predator’s Claim is a suspense filled story with the perfect touch of humor, passion and friendship that shows just why fate is always right.


The Arsonist's Apprentice
by India Harper

Series: Some Like It Hot Collection
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Contemporary, Gay, Suspense
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shayna

Josh Brooks fights fires.  Dylan Anderson used to start them.  Never have two men been so perfectly and imperfectly matched.  Josh now works in the Fire Investigation Unit and Dylan has served his time and now works as an insurance investigator.  When the two are thrown together on a case, the heat that generates isn’t all coming from the fires they investigate.  But before Dylan and Josh can find out if there’s any future for a fireman and an ex-arsonist together, Dylan’s investigation takes an unhappy turn.  One that points directly to Josh.


Who says work and play don’t mix?  The writing team that is India Harper ratchets up the heat in this sinfully delicious tale.  The Arsonist’s Apprentice is sensual and engaging, with two heroes that are h-o-t HOT.  Josh has the sexy firefighter hero vibe and Dylan takes the reformed bad boy hero to the next level.  Both are likeable, intelligent men, which makes cheering for their happily ever after oh-so-easy.  I absolutely loved The Arsonist’s Apprentice and look forward to reading more stories by India Harper.

HIGH HEAT by Philippa Grey-Gerou

HIGH HEAT by Philippa Grey-Gerou
High Heat
by Philippa Grey-Gerou

Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Shayna

Re-Release: (Hearts Afire: September, 09/07/09)When chef Roman Geary meets heart-throb firefighter Jacob Niemczyk, he’s willing to give love a chance. But this new-found romance may burn out before it even gets started as Roman struggles to accept Jacob’s high-risk career. Philippa Grey-Gerou stirs up a sizzling love story in her contemporary romance High Heat, book 2 of the Some Like It Hot Collection.With a flourishing catering business and an acclaimed restaurant to his name, chef Roman Geary had finally made it. Until his dreams go up in smoke, literally, when a fire devastates his kitchen. He finds a temporary home at the catering hall of the local fire company, putting him in close quarters with the attractive firefighter Jacob Niemczyk, who proves himself as adept in the kitchen as he is at fighting fires.While Roman is skilled in the kitchen, he finds romance a bit trickier, but the two find their way into each other’s arms despite missteps and inconvenient interruptions. Their relationship looks to be off to a smoking start until a massive fire makes Roman question how willing he is to risk his heart to a man who constantly risks his life.They say that if you can’t stand the heat, you should stay out of the kitchen. But when food is your life and your heart is on the line, sometimes it’s the safest place to be.Content Notes: Hot, Anal Play, Anal Intercourse, Contemporary, GLBT, M/M, Uniformed Heroes

Up-and-coming restaurateur Roman Geary loses nearly everything when a fire destroys his restaurant’s kitchen.  To keep himself solvent until rebuilding, Roman has to keep his catering business going, and to do that he has to find a kitchen he can use.  When he rents the catering hall of the local fire department, Roman is relieved to find everything needs…and then some.


Firefighter Jacob Niemczyk is gorgeous, friendly, and no slouch in the kitchen himself.  But where Jacob’s confident in relationships, Roman isn’t.  Roman isn’t sure he’s ready to jump into a relationship, but the desire he feels for Jacob is too tempting to resist.  And Roman’s about to learn that the right kind of heat is worth risking a few burns.


Though a fire nearly destroys Roman’s business in the beginning, it also gives him, and readers of High Heat something wonderful back – a charming romance that’s both sugar and spice.  The mix of sweet and spicy-hot love scenes in High Heat is perhaps fitting for two heroes who know their way around a kitchen.  One of the best things about this story is that Philippa Grey-Gerou has created characters that are incredibly likeable.  Roman, Jacob, and their friends are all people I would love to be friends with, were they real.  For that reason, not to mention Ms. Grey-Gerou’s writing style, once I started High Heat I couldn’t stop reading until I had finished the tale.  Roman and Jacob’s romance is simply a perfect afternoon read.


Note: Story was originally available in duology Hearts Afire: September, 09/07/09


Predator's Refuge
by Rosanna Leo

Series: Gemini Island Shifters #3
Published by Liquid Silver Books Genres: Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Reviewed by Jo

Marci Lennox is a Lynx shifter with a serious problem.  Her Lynx is in the mood to mate and is getting pretty fiesty about it, while Marci just wants to do her job at Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort the best she can.  That does not mean thinking any new unattached male is a possible mate and that she should try them out.  When Marci is given the chance to become the assistant manager at the lodge if she runs it successfully while her boss is on vacation, Marci is more than up for the job.  That is until she meets the sexy new hire.


Anton Gaspar, a tiger shifter, is hoping to start a new life far away from his homeland and family responsibilities.  The new job doesn’t start off well when Anton mistakes Marci for just a worker and not his temporary boss when he arrives at the Ursa.  To top that off Anton can’t ignore the wonderfully seductive scent coming from Marci.  She is in heat and only Anton’s strong control is keeping him from answering that call.


Marci and Anton are able to work together and ignore the unspoken subcurrents that are traveling back and forth between them until strange attacks on the women at the lodge start happening.  Now Marci is pulling in all the help she can to find out what is going on and to protect both the workers and the resort guests and Anton is a huge help.  Suspicions are running rampant as the attacks continue and a serious case of jealousy are all dividing Marci’s attention just when she needs to be on her game.  Just when Anton and Marci finally give into their passions, a piece of Anton’s past shows up at the lodge.  Tensions are really high as Marci and Anton finally put all the clues together and discover just what a twisted mind is behind the attacks.  But have they discovered the answer fast enough to keep everyone safe?


Love found at a hunting lodge is not the only thing that keeps Marci and Anton sparking in Predator’s Refuge.  I knew that Marci was in a difficult position in her life after the last book in this series.  I really liked how hard Marci fought her inner Lynx to try and keep her heat from affecting those around her.  To me it showed just how strong and principled a woman she was, but I also loved that she knew when to accept what she felt between her and Anton.  Anton’s past horrified me as I learned all he had gone through during his life to try and protect people weaker than him.  Watching as Marci and Anton battled to keep those at the lodge safe and discover just who was behind the attacks showed me that this is one powerful couple.  Now that I know what their future is going to be, this combined strength will be a help as they go forward.  Marci and Anton’s lives were totally changed just as they discovered each other and their love.  Predator’s Refuge is fully of suspense and smoldering passions that explode in more than one way by the time the final page is turned.  A great continuation of a series I am coming to love.

THIS TIME by Kristin Leigh

Years ago, goal oriented Mike walked away from Tara when she told him she was pregnant.  Devastating her with his attitude upon hearing the news, Tara vowed to survive on her own by raising their daughter without any assistance from the young SEAL.   Mike had been more concerned with the thoughts of his so-calledContinue Reading

LOVING LINK by T. D. Hassett

An intimate encounter after introductions at a party becomes a magical moment for rock star Link Jacks.  He didn’t recognize his partner as someone he already knew, the sister-in-law of his best friend and band mate.   She remembers him.  How could Madison not remember the rock god?  Madison has finally finished school and movedContinue Reading

WEATHER THE STORM by Monette Michaels

Elana Fabrizzio is a Washington DC college librarian who is working the late night shift.  The library is all but empty because of the big basketball game, so when Elana goes to gather the books that need to be put back she isn’t expecting to see many people.  That is exactly what she finds untilContinue Reading


Gioia Clementine has arrived at a shifter’s resort/camp believing it is her last hope to stop the isolation that her son has been quickly placing himself in. With her mate and the father of her son dead, Gioia has come hoping that the resort’s owner can find a way to break through the wall herContinue Reading

MIRANDA’S MATE by Ann Gimpel

Miranda has retired from the special forces and is now trying to get full agent status in The Company.  It’s an agency that goes after people that governments can’t.  Miranda’s job has always meant keeping secrets and she has kept a big one her entire life.  Miranda is a wolf shifter and being a knownContinue Reading

PREDATOR’S KISS by Rosanna Leo

Lia Goodblood is an erotic writer who likes to keep things on the down low and out of the limelight.  But lately she has been put on her heels by a stalker who won’t give up and a reporter who is more concerned by getting the picture than privacy.  Forced out of her home, LiaContinue Reading

PHOENIX by Rhonda L. Print

Leah Wolfe would do anything for someone she loves even if it means putting herself in danger.  So when her godson is kidnapped by Phoenix, a former Marquis, her immediate reaction is to agree to trade herself for him.  However, her fiancé, Ian Nightwalker, a current Marquis, knows all about Phoenix and he tries toContinue Reading

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