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DESERT ICE by Rose Maefair

DESERT ICE by Rose Maefair
Desert Ice
by Rose Maefair

Published by Loose Id Genres: Fantasy, MM
Source: Publisher

He was betrayed.  The heir to Seadragon’s Fief was betrayed by his own father.  All because of a beautiful young woman who gave the widowed king a newborn son.  She whispered in her lover’s ear that the firstborn heir was planning treason.


Taken far from his northern home to the desert city of Tandir Wylham stood chained to a post dying of thirst and hunger.  He cursed the beauty who beguiled his father and brought Wyl to such an ignoble end.


Meanwhile the young and powerful mage Lysander searched the city for a warrior who could aid his home Steed’s Hold which was under siege by a group bent on controlling all free holds in the desert.  His plan was to find a slave to aid their cause who would be set free once victory was achieved.


The terms of purchase for the slave Wylham came at great cost to both men.  The pact would bind them together, forever.  Worse, if that was possible Wylham refused to accept his new status and fought his changed reality at every turn.  The chance of them making it to Steed’s Hold, let alone helping the beleaguered town lessened with each new day.


A sweeping adventure fraught with emotional entanglement, Desert Ice is a hard won love story.  The main characters embark on a twisting, turning journey where Wyl and Lysander are forced to deal with the worst humanity has to offer.  Unable to understand each other in the beginning, then followed by miscommunication leads to heartache in this angst ridden drama.  A gritty, honest, and sometimes unsettling tale at times, Desert Ice is an intensely layered riveting read.  Wyl and Lysander’s painful start ultimately leads to a rich, rewarding ending.

THE ALPHA’S REVENGE by Shane Keleher

THE ALPHA’S REVENGE by Shane Keleher
The Alpha's Revenge
by Shane Keleher

Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

All work and no play made Justin Crane a dull friend according to Sam and Drew.  The pair finally manages to drag him to a popular gay bar for a night of fun.  Drinking and dancing Justin notices a tall, hot stranger watching from the sidelines.  With Sam and Drew’s encouragement Justin introduces himself to Parker and the two hit it off.


Parker is out for a night of relaxation, away from his intimidating and cold older brothers.  Feeling an instant attraction they head out for a more private location.  On the way they stop to kiss in an alley when something large and feral attacks.  Terrified Justin is mauled and bitten as Parker watches.  Justin remembers little of the assault except for Parker’s aid in getting him home.


Justin doesn’t understand exactly what’s happened.  Parker on the other hand knows   as he comes from a long line of Hunters.  Now he’s certain his brothers will be after Justin, a sweet and innocent man in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Parker’s choices are limited, but he knows that his date isn’t a threat to anyone.  Caught in the middle he must decide to protect Justin or turn him in.  The moon is coming soon and time is running out.


A hot romance turns into a deadly drama in The Alpha’s Revenge.  What starts out as a sexy interlude morphs into a night of terror for two lovers.  Solid characterization and a well paced plotline are the key to this entertaining story.  Erotic and tense The Alpha’s Revenge twists and turns on a dime.  Scary fun all around.  Parker and Justin are the reason The Alpha’s Revenge works.

ASCEND by Michelle King

ASCEND by Michelle King
by Michelle King

Series: Portland's Men #3
Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

The disappearance of his mother when he was thirteen left Bohai Tran at the mercy of a stepfather who regularly peddled the boy to the highest bidder.  Using his own intelligence and inner strength Bo managed to break free when he reached legal age.  Having a limited skill set Bo used what he knew to become a self-employed rent boy.


College student and licensed tattoo artist Diego Villanueva comes from a large, hardworking racially mixed family.  Older brother Luis is a Portland homicide detective who’s taught Diego a great deal about the dark side of life and what to watch out for.


Fleeing a violent client Bo is in bad shape when Diego first sees him in a men’s bathroom.  Bo tries to brush his errant knight off, but Diego isn’t having it and insists on lending his help.  A run in with the client doesn’t even shake Diego loose.  As the sexual chemistry begins to heat up between the two, neither realize they are being stalked.  They’ve made an enemy that won’t stop.  It’s definitely going to get worse before it gets better, much worse.


Fraught with danger, Ascend risks everything for the possibility of love.  Opposites in every way, yet Bo and Diego are clearly meant to be in this action packed, steamy drama.  Tense situations are the back drop to this erotic romance.  A terrifying protagonist balanced against a carnal love story.  Embrace Bo and Diego’s difficult journey, it’s pure seduction.

by Lyn Gala

Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits
by Lyn Gala

Series: ,
Published by Loose Id Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


Rownt trader Ondry and his human palteia Liam Munson are traveling aboard a ship with a contingent of Rownt Calti Grandmothers.  It will be the first time their species attempts to trade in human territory.  As Rownt spend their long existence in the pursuit of trade and accumulating wealth everything hinges on a positive outcome.


The humans had previously sent Colonel Susan Diallo to the large space ship as their representative in order to begin negotiations before the actual trading commenced.  Unfortunately the Rownt Grandmothers didn’t feel comfortable with the Colonel and they’ve asked Liam to be present when the trade negotiations start.


Though Ondry is proud of Liam’s position as aid to the Grandmothers he is becoming increasingly concerned with his palteia’s mental state.  It’s not that long ago that Liam’s submissive behavior caused the human to make poor choices which damaged his soul. Now he’s being expected to hold a difficult, dominant position which Liam isn’t really capable of doing without consequences.  The end to these negotiations can’t come soon enough.


Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits resumes the profound relationship between the alien Rownt and his human palteia.  Their fascinating, evolving love draws the reader into their complex world.  It’s a positive bond they share in this sometimes intense storyline.  There is no question that the series must be read in order.  Fans will be thrilled with Ondry and Liam’s latest book.  Any new readers would be completely lost so start at the beginning.  Affiliations, Aliens and other Profitable Pursuits offers a very particular kind of romance with bold characters and a unique otherworldly setting.  Let your imagination take flight as Ondry and Liam work their own brand of magic.

FLESH MARKET by Kate Lowell

FLESH MARKET by Kate Lowell
Flesh Market
by Kate Lowell

Series: Bodies and Souls #1
Published by Loose Id Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Eighteen months of deep undercover work is about to implode for FBI Special Agent Leo Gale.  As Dale Leon, a disgraced former cop, he’s managed to infiltrate a powerful sex trafficking operation, but he’s been unable to get enough evidence to catch the top layer of criminals involved.  He needs help.


With an eye towards becoming an FBI Analyst young Julian Fitzroy is thrilled to clinch a position in the Honors Internship.  It’s a solid foot in the door.  Julian isn’t interested in a career in the field, but when he’s approached for a possibly dangerous field assignment he can’t turn away from the challenge.


Leo finally gets a break with the chance to introduce Julian as his kidnap victim.  Living with evil for so long Leo is reminded of how horrible it is by seeing the sex trade through Julian’s eyes.  Moving up the ladder Leo also learns how truly dangerous these criminals are.  It’s imperative they get the evidence they need.  For Leo and Julian to survive both men will have to use every trick in the book.  There are no guarantees, less when you walk into a nightmare.


A hard, brutal look at the worst illegal trade.  Flesh Market resonates with truth and sorrow.  This realistic, gritty look at sex trafficking strips the FBI agents of their humanity.  Every action taken by the agents is checked by strong motivations to catch the criminals.  Leo and Julian barely survive the bleak world in Flesh Market knowing that someone has to go that extra mile.  Definitely not a typical romance, yet the characters strength and commitment rings loud and clear.

PRINCE OF SEAS by Emily Carrington

Three kelpie lord brothers, Hans, Andy and Tian Weinberg, are destined to fulfill an important prophecy according to their very own mother.   When Tian is told of his impending nuptials to water demon Prince Felimid mac Lugh the kelpie is less than thrilled.  The playboy lord isn’t ready to be tied down.  His virginalContinue Reading

LOVE ON THE PITCH by Neil Plakcy

From the time he was a little boy Warren Updegrove dreamed of playing professional football.  A decent showing in college led to a position with the Jacksonville Jaguars, but after a year Warren was cut from the team.  He was realistic enough to know he didn’t have a gift so he wasn’t surprised.  The problemContinue Reading

AMENDED SOUL by Kate Steele

Doctor James ‘Jamie’ Hardin and Jack are beginning a new chapter.  The optometrist and his adopted five year old are starting over with a new home and practice near Jamie’s older son Rio who lives with his lover Mick Matranga.  Knowing he can’t get back the years they were parted Jamie is hoping for aContinue Reading


An old Domidian fable talks of a magical elixir able to heal, among other mystical attributes.  Party planner Tellan decides to take the myth to heart after talking to an elderly con artist who swears the co-ordinates to an unoccupied planet are real.  Tellan has watched his beloved sister Mirae suffer and waste away forContinue Reading

PENAL STATION 05 by Valentina Heart

A prison riot on Penal Station 05 resulted in condemning everyone trapped within the facility to a lifetime of incarceration, including the remaining guards and prisoners due to be released.  Each month food and supplies are dropped within the central cell along with new condemned prisoners.  Over time they evolved into their little civilization whereContinue Reading

SILVERFALL by Raven de Hart

Being cheated on was heartbreaking, finding someone new to date was proving disastrous for Anthony Gates.  The Montana transplant was finding the current northern California dating scene to be a nightmare as each date flamed out, especially the ones set up by his best friend and fellow Montana native Terry.  It’s easy for Terry; he’sContinue Reading


Born and raised in Cedarwood Ashley Willis has had his full share of heartache.   Dad walked out years ago and his mother refused to accept his sexuality.  As an adult Ash was able to get his teaching degree and had a child with his lesbian best friend.  Wyatt was a joy to both of them. Continue Reading

KEEPER OF THE FLAME by Stephanie Burke

Flame is from the planet Testrios, a malicious female dominated world where men only serve as slaves.  After his wife is murdered, Flame manages to escape to planet Earth before he and his unborn children could receive the same outcome.   Days away from her wedding, Kendall Moore catches her fiancé in bed with sister. Continue Reading

LOVE ON THE WEB by Neil Plakcy

Maybe if Larry Leavis was a fan favorite, top scoring basketball player he’d have a more exciting life.  Well, most likely.  Yeah, definitely.  But, the six foot, six inch slightly toned Larry is a tech geek working a normal job and living an extremely frustrating sex life.  He’d settle for at least a little actionContinue Reading

FAIRE DIVINER by Madeleine Ribbon

Each year during the summer months the popular Renaissance Faire is in full swing.  Linus Rosewood otherwise known as Rosewood and his Uncle Jorvik manage the Faire.  What the public doesn’t know is that each time the season ends the entire Faire, including its inhabitants, magically transports to another place until it’s time for theContinue Reading


From his earliest years Ian Evers remembers being fascinated with the unexplained and the supernatural.  Growing up his mother dragged Ian from one place to another, never settling in one locale until her death in a shipwreck of all things.   His father was unknown and after his mother died an honorary aunt, a self describedContinue Reading


Artificial Hearts is literally the hottest rock band on the planet.  Lead singer and songwriter Asher Beauregard is lauded as a genius for his talents as a vocalist and for his hard hitting powerful lyrics.  Ironically, he was asked to join by the bands founding members, Scar, Lander, and Johnny who played cheap dives untilContinue Reading

FORTUNE’S STAR by Morgan Hawke

Luxi Emery finally had a job that she loved and one that kept her talent under wraps, which was even more important.  After all, when you can see a person’s various futures depending on what choices they make, no one really wants you around.  This is something Luxi knows all about.  Yet, when she stepsContinue Reading

OLD TRADITIONS by Barbara Geiger

Matt has been a prostitute for years in order to survive and to raise his younger half brother Sam.  The only time of the year that he took off from his ‘job’ was the Christmas holiday.   Everything changed when Kevin entered their lives and explained that Matt is the lost Fae King.  For theContinue Reading

SEA CHANGE by Nessa Vincent

Recently introduced, grad student Ben Roth and surfer Grant Moody arrange a date at a club and heat up the dance floor with their moves.  Before the night is over Ben finally loses his virgin status with Grant in an incredible, unforgettable sexual encounter.  Oddly enough all the lights on the block, including the streetContinue Reading

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