Publisher: Loveswept

4 & COUNTING by Toni Aleo

4 & COUNTING by Toni Aleo4 & Counting by Toni Aleo
Series: Assassins #3.7
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept

4 & Counting is a short story that gives you more of an inside look at Shea and Elli Adler who were introduced and fell in love in the first book of the Assassins series, Taking Shots. Over the first three books readers have watched them fall in love and begin a family. In 4 & Counting Elli’s birth of their twin boys, Evan and Owen is coming near but also she is having a few issues with her Assassins starters, Erik and Phillip.


4 & Counting was the perfect set up for Blue Lines and made me wish I had read this before I devoured all Toni Aleo’s full length novels. But I have to say it made me remember how much I loved Shea and Elli to begin with and I loved seeing how happy they are at this point in their lives. Honestly I was a little disappointed on how short this was, but it also made me want to go back and re-read the entire series which I will try to do before the next installment in this series is released. If you haven’t read the Assassins series you are missing out on hunky hockey players who are swoon worthy and the feisty women they fall hard for.

STRIPPED BARE by Heidi McLaughlin

STRIPPED BARE by Heidi McLaughlinStripped Bare by Heidi McLaughlin
Series: Vegas Billionaire #1
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept



Macey Webster had a one night stand at 17 years old and since then has been a single mother living from paycheck to paycheck trying to give her daughter everything she needs. During the day she works at a diner and at night as a stripper. Macey hates stripping but the money is good and she is saving up to get her and her daughter a new place to live. When one of her fellow dancers give her the opportunity to make more money, Macey seriously considers it but it means a week in Las Vegas and a week away from her little girl.


Finn McCormick grew up with money but after leaving his home town behind he headed out to Vegas to make his own name for himself. Since then he has opened a new casino and hotel and is currently looking to expand. When he sees a woman loosing big at one of his tables he has to know more about her, besides she looks a little familiar. Finn offers Macey a proposition to earn all the money she lost back plus more if she agrees to stay with him for a week and be at his beck and call. Finn had no idea how attached he would become and he knows she can’t stay but will Macey give Finn a chance to prove that he’s changing or will she leave and go back to stripping when she returns back home?


If you have seen Pretty Woman and loved it as much as I did you will fall in love with Stripped Bare. While there are many similarities to the movie Heidi McLaughlin puts her own twist to what was one of the most romantic movies of the 90’s. Once I started Stripped Bare I didn’t want it to end because I enjoyed it so much, it had romance, heartbreak, and really showed that second chances prevail.


At first I wasn’t a big fan of Finn because he seemed so full of himself. Of course he came of as the smart successful good looking rich guy that got everything he wanted but I loved seeing that there was more to him. Macey was easy to like after all she is a single mother trying to do everything in her power to make sure she gives her daughter the best life she can have with what situation they are in. I felt both characters developed separately and as a couple as Stripped Bare progressed.


While certain things were expected as part of their connection to their pasts Ms. McLaughlin did add some twists that kept me wanting to find out how Macey and Finn’s relationship would turn out. In the end I was completely pleased and glad that these two opposites received their happily ever after. If you are looking for a hot, sweet and romantic read Stripped Bare should be on the top of your list for releases in 2017.

ROMAN by Sawyer Bennett

ROMAN by Sawyer BennettRoman by Sawyer Bennett
Series: Cold Fury Hockey #7
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept


Roman Sýkora has been summoned to the front office of Cold Fury by Gray his boss and he knows it doesn’t mean anything good. They have never seen eye to eye but he has been told to stop his antics of unnecessary fighting and start being on time for practices or the only possibility will be to let him go from the team. Roman knows he pushes his luck at times but he’s an enforcer and one of the best in the league, how can he clean up his act now?


Ever since Lexi learned that her father was Brian Brannon after her mother’s death, she has wanted to meet him. Waiting in the Cold Fury office she knows who Roman is right away, but she moved here to meet her father and half-sister Gray so a relationship isn’t on her list. But there is something irresistible about Roman. After getting to know him better Lexi realizes that it’s getting harder to stay away from the sexy Czech. Both Lexi and Roman are in for a wild ride, she just hope her new family doesn’t get in the middle of what’s building between them because she wants them both in her life.


I can’t believe Roman is the seventh book in the Cold Fury series already it feels like yesterday that I was waiting for the first one to be released. In true Sawyer Bennett fashion she kept me invested in what was happening in the story. I love how Ms. Bennett added to the Brannon family and even had a side romance developing with Brian.


I really like Lexi and Roman and how their relationship went from standing still into full blown. They asked the right questions in getting to know one another and while their schedules were different they both made sacrifices to make sure they saw one another. Things were a little bumpy between Gray and Lexi at first but that was expected especially under the circumstances of them just meeting and finding out they are family. I really liked how Brian took to Lexi right away and supported her and her choices.


Roman is a really great addition to this series and I love how this story was written. There was just enough hockey to keep me satisfied and just enough romance that made me see hearts. Will Roman be the last of the Cold Fury series? Nope, don’t worry ladies it looks like we will be getting at least one more. I have no idea who it will be but I am ready!

LOVE STORY by Lauren Layne

LOVE STORY by Lauren LayneLove Story by Lauren Layne
Series: Love Unexpectedly #3
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept



Lucy Hawkins has landed her dream job after graduating college at a winery in Napa Valley. The only problem is that she has no way to get there since her car recently broke down. She had a nice two week trip planned to tour the county as she made her way to her new home. When arriving back home to visit her family for her big fair well her parents offer her their old car so she can make the trip, but there is only one catch and that is she has to ride with her brother’s best friend and the guy who broke her heart, Reece. Can they last two weeks on the road without killing one another?


Reece Sullivan is tired of living in the past and is ready to get out of a town that holds so many painful memories. He fixed up the Hawkins’ car so he would be able to make the drive out to California to start his new job as a wine maker. The last thing he expected was to be stuck with Lucy for two weeks. Reece doesn’t know if he wants to strangle her or kiss her. Can they finally let go of the past or will this two weeks of traveling tear them more apart?


Love Story is done in dual povs which I loved but what really captured my interest were the flashbacks that Lauren Layne included showing her readers how they became friends at such a young age, to first loves, and through heartbreak with many more moments in-between ensuring that I never felt lost.


I really love the whole road trip plot and Ms. Layne told it well. Lucy and Reece were total opposites to begin with while she comes from a close, loving family he came from one that was broken after his mother passed away. The Hawkins pretty much adopted him and he became one of the family with sleepovers and more. They were always opposites but always got along until she gave him her virginity and then the same day caught him kissing his ex. Since then they don’t see each other much and when they do all they do is bicker and fight.


I did adore Love Story but there were moments of the constant going back and forth that was giving me a headache feeling like I was riding in the car with them on this trip out to California. At times they showed they still cared about one another but I didn’t really feel the romance between them. Did they have chemistry? Yes, but I did feel as if it was only sexual.


In the end Love Story wasn’t one of my favorite stories by Ms. Layne but I am glad that I read it. I loved knowing that their HEA was just around the corner after all they both went through. At times I wanted to weep for them both but I was rooting for them the whole time. There was plenty of humor while they were on the road that kept the story fun and uplifting. I can’t wait to see what will be next for the talented Ms. Layne.

BACK CHECK by Kelly Jamieson

BACK CHECK by Kelly JamiesonBack Check by Kelly Jamieson
Series: Aces Hockey #4
Genres: Contemporary, Sports
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Loveswept


Back Check is a second chance at love story which I absolutely loved. Tanner fell in love in college but when he asked his longtime girlfriend Kate to go with him when he was drafted to the NHL she had to decline. Since then Tanner has gotten over his heartbreak and moved on. He was married for a time but is now divorced. With his teammate’s wedding around the corner and him being in the wedding party he knows that getting involved in wedding things will be a must, but when the wedding planner turns out to be the woman who got away Tanner offers Kate a friendship of sorts since he hasn’t really forgotten how they left things.


Katelyn’s business is slowly building so when she is asked to plan a high profile wedding she jumps at the chance only to come face to face with the man she had to give up so he could follow his dreams. Katelyn and Tanner have to work on being friends, after all they will be seeing a lot of one another over the course of the wedding planning but when they cross the line and its revealed why Kate chose to stay it’s up to Tanner to forgive her for breaking his heart 8 years ago. Can they move past the hurt and give their love another go? Or will distance pull them apart for the second time?


I really enjoyed Back Check and loved how Kelly Jamieson brought these two back together. I enjoyed how they navigated their way around each other and had to learn to deal with the past before they could move forward, even if that meant just being only friends. The plot for Back Check was pretty straight forward yet still a delightful read. Because this is a sports romance I was expecting more hockey than there actually was due to all the wedding stuff that was going on but I was actually okay with that turn of events for Back Check.


Ms. Jamieson kept the romance alive and kept me guessing until the end if this couple was going to make it or not. It was good catching up with my favorite men of the Ace’s hockey series and truthfully I am already wanting more. I was hoping there would have been some hints on who the next book would be about but maybe I missed them due to the fact I was so engaged in Tanner and Katelyn’s story. Overall, I just adore this series and these characters and Back Check was a really great addition to this already popular series.

BLUE LINES by Toni Aleo

Blue Lines by Toni Aleo Series: Assassins #4 Genres: Contemporary, Sports Reviewed by:ReviewerPublished by Loveswept   Piper Allen spent the night with Erik Titov months ago, now she is six months pregnant and she’s only confided in two people. Now it’s time to tell Erik. Piper knows he isn’t going to take it well atContinue Reading


Trying to Score by Toni Aleo Series: Assassins #2 Genres: Contemporary, Sports Reviewed by:ReviewerPublished by Loveswept   Trying to Score is second book in the Assassins series by Toni Aleo and I already can’t get enough of this series! It’s fun, emotional and keeps me up way past my bedtime. This story was done aContinue Reading


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A Vampire’s Salvation by Virna DePaul Genres: Paranormal Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by Loveswept Francesca Stewart is working hard at trying to secure the governor’s re-election. The only thing that can possibly distract her is the hunky head of security Jake Rios. Frankie doesn’t know the man she’s lusting after is a vampire or that someone isContinue Reading

LURED IN by Laura Drewry

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WITCHES BE BURNED by Stacey Kennedy

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