Publisher: Macmillan

LONG FOR ME by Shiloh Walker

LONG FOR ME by Shiloh WalkerLong For Me by Shiloh Walker
Series: Secrets & Shadows #3
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Jo

In Long for Me by Shiloh Walker, Christina Bell remembers what it was like to be part of a loving family. The youngest of the Bell children, she simply cannot believe that her dad, or anyone else she loves, had a hand in her mother’s disappearance. She’s looking forward to moving on and spending more time with her sexy best friend, Guy Miller, who she is starting to see in a whole new light.Their attraction sizzling and love deepening, Christina feels confident in her life and ability to handle what comes her way...But when Nichole’s body is found—and the mystery of her death slowly reveals itself—Christina is left not knowing who to trust. What if Guy, her one true desire, proves to be her biggest danger?

Christina Bell, a florist, is the youngest of the Bell siblings and the one who has always believed that whatever happened to their Mother, Nichole, she was not harmed by anyone that Christina knew and loved.  Now that her Mother’s body has been found and they finally are able to put her to rest, it’s leaving an even bigger question – who killed her and why?  Christina knows that several people in town believe that she lives in her own world more often than not, but Christina knows that she has a very good hold on her life even with all the knocks life has given her.  Christina’s one non-family person who has always been there for her is her best friend, Guy.  And just when did he get so sexy?


Deputy Guy Miller has had it bad for Christina, his Tink, and he knows that she needs him more than ever now that her Mother’s body has been found.  The hard part is that Guy wants Christina to need all of him, not just her best buddy.  But Guy is holding a few secrets of his own and he isn’t sure that when all the answers come out about what happened to Nichole that he will ever get what he wants most – Christina in his arms forever, just like that one stolen night when their passion came to life.


Christina knows that Guy will protect her without over doing it like her brother and sister are apt to do.  Guy totally understands her and maybe, just maybe it’s time to explore the passion that Christina tried to forget and that Guy never could.  While Guy and Christina are working at overcoming the self made barrier that keeps their passion from flaring, the investigation on Nichole’s death is gaining speed and the clues are leading Guy to an answer that he hoped was very wrong.  Guy knows that he has to find out if his fears are correct and goes to speak to the one man who can tell him, but doing so just might be the one thing that will tear Christina from Guy forever.  The Bell siblings have finally overcome the disappearance and death of their Mother and have found love.  But once Guy tells them the final answers and just what had to be done to get them, will that destroy the love that Christina and Guy have finally accepted and are learning to cherish?


A young woman who has let flowers and her best buddy ease her from a frightened and scared girl into a loving woman and the deputy who wants that same young woman for his own find a way to have it all in Long for Me.  Christina lost so much as such a young age and that was only part of the reason she would rather deal with her sketches and flowers than people.  Guy has protected and been what Christina has needed for the majority of his life and just when it looks like he might get it, a horrible truth about his past just might tear him apart from his friendships and his love with all the Bells.  I have to say I alternated cheering, smiling and shuddering as I read about the journey that Christina and Guy traveled.  So many times I wondered if their happy ever after would actually happen and when the final answer on what actually happened to Nichole came clear and it was Guy who had to tell the Bells, I was sure heartbreak was in the pages.  Yet the long time friendship and passion between Guy and Christina was more than enough to overcome even that.  Long for Me was heartbreaking in several places and still filled with passion and just the right touch of suspense to keep things moving along to the best ending.


I am so happy that now all of the Bell siblings have been able to let their pasts go and have found that golden ring filled with love.

HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF by Christine Warren

HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF by Christine WarrenHungry Like a Wolf by Christine Warren
Series: The Others #15
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan, St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Miranda

New York Times bestselling author Christine Warren revisits the wild, wild world of The Others—where what you crave can kill you…When her father died, Honor Tate inherited the alpha position for a pack of werewolves based in New England. But why her? Honor would have rather just lived a “normal” life, with the occasional run through the woods in her furry suit. Still, Honor was raised to put the welfare of the pack first…and now it’s time to make a formal request that the alpha of the Silverback clan—the pack to which all locals owe fealty—recognize her as alpha of the White Paw. But instead of sending his support, the Silverbacks send Logan Hunter.HUNGRY LIKE A WOLF Logan Hunter would do anything to protect the Silverbacks—but his devotion comes with a price. For years he has been fighting his alpha instincts and the need for his own pack. But all that changes when Logan is sent on a mission to find out whether the new White Paw alpha really has what it takes to carry on her father’s legacy. Powerful, spirited, and downright gorgeous Honor exceeds his expectations…and leaves him howling for more. Could it be that he’s finally found his alpha mate? Or will old enemies, dueling loyalties, and an appetite for destruction stop him dead in his tracks?“Warren packs in lots of action and sexy sizzle.”—Romantic Times BOOKreviews

Werewolf Logan Hunter is miserable.  He wants a mate and believes his chances are lost when his best friend and alpha mates with the woman of Logan’s dreams.  However, fate is about to throw him a fastball.


Honor Tate was beta of her pack until the Alpha, her father, died. Now, she is holding onto control of the pack as best as she can.  She is being challenged by all the men that believe they would be better Alphas than Honor so she seeks acknowledgement from the Alpha of the territory, Graham Winters. Graham sends his best man Logan to decide if Honor is fit to lead.


Logan and Honor immediately take out their rage on each other. Logan senses Honor is his mate but he’s going to have to do a lot to convince her of that.  Will they find love or will the next challenge cost Honor her life?


Christine Warren gives her readers another thrilling look inside the world of her Others in Hungry Like A Wolf!  Logan is a cocky male Were with a huge chip on his shoulders at the beginning of the book.  Honor is the perfect mate for him because she gives back as good as she gets! There is just the right amount of sexual chemistry, aggressive four-play and suspense in Hungry Like A Wolf!  Warren never disappoints; you can always count on a fun sexy read from her!

SWEET TALK TO ME by Keiran Kramer

SWEET TALK TO ME by Keiran KramerSweet Talk Me by Kieran Kramer
Genres: Contemporary, Historical
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Vanessa

HE’S SURE GOT A WAY WITH WORDS…The last person True Maybank expected to run into while picking up her wedding gown was country music superstar Harrison Gamble. Years ago, when they were small-town teens in Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, they shared a forbidden night of passion. Now that she’s about to settle down, True’s love affair with the handsome crooner is a thing of the past. Or is it? From the moment he says hello, she has to fight swooning like an adoring fan. CAN SHE RESIST HIS CHARMS?Today he’s rich, famous, and on every woman’s hot list. But back in the day, Harrison wasn’t good enough for debutante True. Since then she’s had her fair share of marital prospects, including the perfect Southern gentleman she’s about to settle down with. Is Harrison the only one to realize the mistake True’s about to make? Can the society girl and the sexy singer make music together—this time around?

Years ago, True Maybank and Harrison Gamble shared a night of passion before he asked for more, and she turned him down.  Embarking on realizing his dreams, he walks away from the one woman that was his world, and True sets out to continue to appease her family and do what a Maybank is required to do.  When True is set to marry her on-again off-again love from high school, Harrison comes back in to her world and sets it on its side!


Now that country singer Harrison has made a name for himself and has countless adoring fans, he still finds that he is drawn to True, but that he will never be good enough for the Maybank princess from South Carolina.  Harrison isn’t happy to find that True is on the verge of marrying the man she was dating all those years ago when he had had her, but he soon realizes all isn’t what it seems in Biscuit Creek, South Carolina, either.  Will Harrison be able to dissuade True from her marriage prospect, does he even want to risk his heart on the debutante, or will Harrison be the one to walk away from the “family first” True?


Sweet Talk to Me was an enchanting romantic tale that was a joy to read.  I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and interactions between Harrison and True.  Rooting for them to find their way to their HEA, I became completely engrossed in their love and in Sweet Talk to Me.  I think their past could have been fleshed out a bit more, though.  I liked that in the end, both Harrison and True had to re-prioritize their lives in order gain their HEA, but it worked for them.


The secondary characters were interesting too, and they added more depth and reality to Sweet Talk to Me.  However, at some points, they took away from the tale and from Harrison and True, as well.  My one big complaint about Sweet Talk to Me is that someone didn’t truly get theirs in the end, and I’m holding out hope that Harrison will talk True into dealing that out later.  Otherwise, I found Harrison truly swoon-worthy, and True is damn lucky that he still wants her in the end!!

THE OTHER HALF by Sarah Rayner

THE OTHER HALF by Sarah RaynerThe Other Half by Sarah Rayner
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan

Reviewed by Vanessa

In the internationally bestselling author Sarah Rayner's The Other Half, Chloe, bright, hip and single, is a feature writer with ambitions to launch a magazine of her own. When she meets James, her potential new boss, she knows she shouldn't mix business with pleasure, but finds it impossible to resist... Maggie appears to have it all.  She's beautiful, a talented writer, and has a gorgeous husband. But something's not quite right: his job as a magazine publisher is keeping him in the city until late most evenings, and some nights he doesn't come home at all... Told in the alternating voices of the mistress and the wife, this story of an affair is a sharp, seductive take on modern love.  Who, if anyone, comes out unscathed? In writing that is lively, sexy and sharp, the international bestselling author Sarah Rayner explores modern-day relationships and age-old moral dilemmas.

Chloe has ambitions of launching a magazine of her own as well as finding her soul mate, too.  She never knew that waiting around that proverbial corner was the answer to both of her quests.  Literally bumping in to the man of her dreams, James, Chloe embarks on a position that she never dreamed of finding herself in.  However, she just couldn’t help herself as she takes a bit of something that belongs to another woman and desperately tries to write her own HEA in the end.


Maggie has it all!  Or so outsiders think.  With a hubby, James, who is constantly working in the city and a free-lance career that helps them meet the bills, Maggie soon finds that everything she thought she had going for her really wasn’t there at all. Upon discovering her husband’s extracurricular activities, Maggie must reevaluate things that had already begun to creep onto her screen before James’ betrayal—things that she just fell into because of life choices and her lack of forging ahead making her path as she went.


The Other Half explores the two sides of a love triangle as each woman embarks upon her path to happiness.  The ugliness that this situation invokes isn’t easy to read at times, but it does show the weakness/shallowness of one major player who doesn’t truly get a voice. I desperately wanted to gain more insight into this character in The Other Half, but I found that their growth had stagnated somewhere in the past before The Other Half gave voice to Maggie and Chloe.


Love Chloe or hate her, I found that I couldn’t completely give into either emotion.  She seemed more a victim of her circumstances and inability to “man-up” at times as she took what was clearly on offer.  However, Maggie did give in to weaknesses as well in her life choices, but she grew to harden into her moral foundations even more as The Other Half progressed to the end.  Maggie and Chloe seemed to be two sides of the same coin as The Other Half was pondered more.  Each fell into things throughout their life, but as they grew, they learned to take more control and own their lives more in The Other Half.  They even acquired the ability to walk away from something so tempting that it would be easier to hang on rather than let go.


Personally, I wouldn’t classify The Other Half as a traditional romance, but there are some elements of romance in this tale, even if they are somewhat distasteful for the simple fact that some characters aren’t completely free to be with another.

DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh Walker

DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh Walker

DEEPER THAN NEED by Shiloh WalkerDeeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker
Genres: Contemporary, Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by Macmillan, St. Martin's Press

Reviewed by Jo

Time heals all wounds.Eager to put a dark, troubled past behind her, Trinity Ewing buys an old house that will make the perfect refuge for her and her young son once renovations are complete. The last thing on her mind is finding someone new…but the contractor she’s hired is an irresistible distraction—and Trinity can’t help but fantasize about all the business they could be doing behind closed doors.So does one man’s touch.Noah Benningfield thought he’d put his demons behind him. But the moment he lays eyes on Trinity, the temptation he feels is too powerful to deny. Soon the attraction between them explodes into something neither of them could have imagined. But their desire will be put to the test when a shocking local murder has them dodging danger at every turn. Can the beautiful and damaged Trinity trust someone like Noah, whose own past is as haunted as her own? The only thing she knows for sure is that she can’t live without a man who makes her feel this good—over and over again…in Deeper Than Need by Shiloh Walker.


Trinity Ewing is just looking to begin a new life for her and her young son after ending a relationship that all but destroyed her family business.  Taking a leap of faith, Trinity bought a large old house off the internet, sight unseen.  Now she and her son are in the small town of Madison and she has found that the lovely old house is really a big old white elephant, but Trinity is determined to make it a home where she can raise her son and begin that new life.


Noah Benningfield has lived in Madison for his entire life and has done a few things, including being a youth pastor, always trying to get rid of the lasting doubts that have plagued him since the night something happened in an old house in town and blood was found.  Now Noah is a contractor and his latest job is to restore the same house that tore apart his high school years.  Being a contractor is a series of ups and downs and trying to stay on schedule and Noah enjoys the game – that is until he and Trinity discover a truly gruesome thing.


Noah and Trinity have been fighting their mutual attraction from the moment they laid eyes on each other and the daily contact while working on the house has made it very difficult not to give in.  However, when they are suddenly in a cold case murder investigation, the heat between them is suddenly the least of their problems. Noah always knew that his small town held many secrets and it seems that one of the secrets that has haunted Noah for years has reopened again.  Trinity can’t believe that her house is now the crime scene for an old murder but Noah’s arms and her son’s love is getting her through the rough spots.  Things turn from bad to worse when Trinity’s past comes out just when another horrible secret is about to break in Madison.  Noah and Trinity are fighting to find the true answers about that mysterious night so long ago at the same time as their passion erupts into the open.  When the answers finally come into the open, the outcome will rock the very foundations of Madison and many of those in important places.  Noah is rocked as hard as his town is but he isn’t about to let anything destroy the happiness he has found with Trinity and her son. The question is can Noah convince Trinity that Madison really is a good place to raise her son and that their love is the forever type.


A woman needing a new start and a man trying to get overcome his past discover love while surrounded by a small town about to be torn apart with deadly and hurtful secrets.  Trinity and Noah get more than they bargained for when they revamp an old house in Deeper Than Need.  I couldn’t believe the deep internal sadness that Noah had been carrying inside of him for so long as his story rolled out.  I couldn’t help cheering Trinity on with her determination to give her son a better life and how she put her own safety on the line to give it to him.  I loved how hot Noah and Trinity came and how fast it happened and then sat back to watch them try and slow the pace down.  The suspense and serious under currents in their town kept everything on edge and me on the edge of my seat as I turned each page.  There was so much going on and more than one important story line point and yet I was outraged and wanted to give several people hugs by the time I discovered all the answers along with Noah and Trinity.  So many lives were changed forever with this book, in both good and bad ways, and yet I didn’t want it to end.  Noah and Trinity not only found the beginning of the answer that Noah searched for for so long, but they also tripped onto a huge secret that will need to be torn out by the very roots of Madison.


I want to say so much more about what those answers are but instead I will just say that if this is the start of a new series, I can only imagine what the next few books will bring.  Deeper Than Need is a kick ass book that will grab you from the first page and won’t want to let you go even when the last page is turned.  The intense suspense and blooming passion are only two of the wonderful things to be found between the cover.  I have to Joyfully Recommend Deeper Than Need as a must read and I know it will earn a place on your keeper shelf too.

BURNING SKIES by Caris Roane

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RIPTIDE by Cherry Adair

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SIZZLE AND BURN by Alexis Grant

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TOO HOT TO TOUCH by Louisa Edwards

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DRIVE ME WILD by Christine Warren

DRIVE ME WILD by Christine Warren

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