Publisher: MIRA


MY KIND OF CHRISTMAS by Robyn CarrMy Kind of Christmas by Robyn Carr
Series: Virgin River #20
Genres: Contemporary, Holidays
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA


This Christmas is a time for healing in Virgin River as two souls descend in search for a path to take. 


Angie LeCroix was injured in a devastating car accident. After months of rehabilitation she can finally get around on her own but now she’s uncertain what to do with the rest of her life.  Before the accident she wanted to be a doctor but now all she can think about is helping people right now. She wants to give back and years of medical school is not what she has in mind.  Her mother’s adamant refusal to hear this new plan of Angie’s has her running off to her Uncle Jack Sheridan in Virgin River for some TLC and hopefully a holiday that will shed some light on her future. 


Navy pilot Patrick Riordan was born to be in a plane but after his best friend dies in a plane crash Patrick is unsure about what he should do next.  He vowed to take care of his friend’s wife and child but first he has to get his head straight.  His brothers’ seemed to find themselves in Virgin River so he thinks that’s the perfect place for him at the moment. 


Patrick and Angie cross paths and sparks fly.  They are both in need of healing but will they find it in Virgin River or will they only find more heartache?


Christmastime in Virgin River is always a special time.  After visiting this series so many times, I feel like I’m coming home to family as I read each new story.  I love the Christmas stories.  All of the traditions that the town uphold always make me giddy.  Angie and Patrick are both strong characters in need of a new direction.  Each has experienced a monumental life change and they need to get centered again.  However, when they meet in Virgin River their lives may become more complicated.  I love the way their relationship proceeds.  I love the way they open up to each other and how each time they share more their paths become a little clearer.  Any Christmas in Virgin River is My Kind of Christmas!  Fans of the series will not be disappointed with Angie and Patrick’s story and especially those who adore the Riordan clan will enjoy this.  It was great to revisit all of the Riordans and their expanding families. 


My Kind of Christmas is a holiday keeper!


My Kind of Christmas can be read as a stand-alone novel.

KEEPER’S REACH by Carla Neggers

KEEPER’S REACH by Carla NeggersKeeper's Reach by Carla Neggers
Series: Sharpe & Donovan #5
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA


Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan have some downtime after solving their last case—a case that Emma’s family has been trying to solve for several years.  Right now Emma is looking forward to having time to planher and Colin’s wedding and to spend more time with Colin’s family.  Colin has meetings at the FBI office to get through before he can join Emma, which proves to be hazardous to Emma’s well-being.  But for these two FBI agents, it seems that even solved cases are never over, and that is exactly what is happening now and it is on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.


Colin’s oldest brother, Mike, has been invited to a meeting with several of his past military contacts, some of which he worked with a lot and some that he only worked with when the mission needed it, and a woman that he loved and lost because of their work. It seems one of his buddies is putting together a new security company, and he is looking at possibly hiring-on some of the old crew. Somehow, this meeting becomes embroiled with Colin and Emma’s last case and then Emma is placed into danger before Colin and Emma even get a handle on what is happening.  Now, the FBI office that Colin and Emma are part of is involved, which ramps-up the danger and suspense.  Before it’s all over, more than one couple will be risking their futures to find and stop a person who believes they are better than everyone else.


Just when Emma and Colin think they might have a small bit of down time, they are thrown into a matter that is full of danger, suspense, and it brings in aspects from their last case in Keeper’s Reach.  While I have been learning about Emma and Colin as their romance has progressed, I have also been seeing parts and pieces of their family and friends.  This time it was Colin’s oldest brother, Mike, who was the lead, and I learned more about him and his past as I watched him grab the second chance at love that was presented to him.  I really loved how while Emma and Colin were not exactly part of this matter.  They were thrown in by a serious left curve and had to double time it to figure out what was going on, who were the people involved, and how they could help Mike shut it down fast.  I am quickly learning that you really don’t want to play hardball with either the Donovan’s or the Sharpe’s because you will lose every time.  I really enjoyed trying to follow all the clues and even what turned out to be red herrings and trying to figure out who was the bad guy before it was revealed to me.  I will admit that in this case, I was not even close when I found out who was behind it all.  Once again, Ms. Neggers has provided a suspense that keeps you guessing until the very last second.  Keeper’s Reach keeps you intrigued from the first page until the last with great suspense and the right touches of danger and passion.  I can’t wait until the next chapter in the Sharpe & Donovan world.

A NEW HOPE by Robyn Carr

A NEW HOPE by Robyn Carr

A NEW HOPE by Robyn CarrA New Hope by Robyn Carr
Series: Thunder Point
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA


Ginger Dysart was finally beginning to recover from the loss of her child. She had been so lost in her grief that her family and friends had feared for her. Matt Lacoumette had his own demons to fight after a marriage gone terribly wrong.  When he and Ginger became friends it just seemed to work. Only the more time they spent together as friends, the closer to each other they became and before long friendship becomes something more. But can they both move past the wounds of their pasts to find a future together?


I love Robyn Carr, I don’t think that I’ve ever read one of her books that I didn’t like and A New Hope is no exception. Filled with emotion, Robyn Carr slowly builds the romance between Ginger and Matt. This is one story that pulls you along, making you crave the happy ending that Matt and Ginger deserve so much. A perfect summer read, this is a not to be missed addition to Robyn Carr’s Thunder Point series!

HARBOR ISLAND by Carla Neggers

HARBOR ISLAND by Carla NeggersHarbor Island by Carla Neggers
Series: Sharpe & Donovan #4
Genres: Suspense
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA

Reviewed by Jo

Emma Sharpe and her fiancé, Colin Donovan, are FBI agents and both are enjoying their down time after several back to back cases which have all had a link to Emma’s grandfather’s biggest case, one that still remains unsolved. Emma’s grandfather was an world renowned art detective and Emma is an art specialist for her elite team with the FBI.  Colin is also part of the same team, but his background is very different, he’s a deep cover investigator.  One morning while Colin is out, Emma gets a phone call asking her to meet the mysterious caller on a small island in the Boston Harbor.


What Emma finds is a dead woman with a relic in her hand that Emma knows is from the same art heist from her grandfathers’ unsolved case.  Calling Colin to join her, Emma begins yet another case involving her family and the stolen ancient Celtic art that has been missing for so long.  Colin and Emma work side by side to follow the clues that surround the dead woman’s very dysfunctional family and that Celtic art. Each clue brings the danger closer to Emma and Colin and it seems for every answer they find, yet more questions come up. The clues also involve their entire FBI team, some more intimately than others.  As if that isn’t enough, Emma and Colin are facing questions and concerns regarding their engagement and undercurrents that are happening within the FBI that could very well tear them apart.


The killer is closer than either Emma or Colin imagined as they not only discover just who did the murder but why.  Another angle is that their friend and Irish priest, Father Finian seems to be tangled up in this case yet again, but this time a past relationship will bring his faith into question.  The final answers will bring deadly danger and will destroy one family and bring another closer together, while yet others will confirm that their current paths are exactly what are right for them.  Most importantly, the answers to several art robberies will become known – if not “solved.”


Fate and love brought two souls together who shouldn’t work, yet while surrounded by death and danger their love only grows stronger and stronger.  Emma and Colin discover this is true in Harbor Island.  I have grown absolutely in love with Emma and Colin as their romance has developed.  This last case of theirs not only solved several long lasting mysteries but also solved a very recent murder that all but happened in front of Emma.  I also love watching how Emma and Colin team up to solve their cases, it is so interesting how they approach investigations from such different directions.  Chaos is still in the air with their professional lives and I know that it will affect their personal lives – yet I find myself hoping that their next adventure shows up soon so I can visit with them again.  Harbor Island kept this reader riveted with suspense, deadly danger and fierce passion that kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last page.  Grab a comfy chair when you open Harbor Island because you won’t want to move anytime soon.

LET ME BE THE ONE by Bella Andre

LET ME BE THE ONE by Bella AndreLet Me Be The One by Bella Andre
Genres: Contemporary
Reviewed by:Publisher
Published by MIRA

Reviewed by Miranda

Vicki Bennett saved Ryan Sullivan’s life when they were teenagers and they became fast friends.  Unfortunately, Vicki was forced to move away before they could find out if their relationship could go any further than friends.  Now, years later Vicki needs help to get out of a sticky situation and the only person she can turn to is Ryan.


Baseball superstar Ryan Sullivan only has one regret and it is the fact that he missed his moment to capture Vicki’s heart when they were younger.  Now that he is given a second chance with Vicki he is willing to do whatever it takes to claim her heart and soul.


Bella Andre’s Let Me Be the One is a fantastic romance.  I love the chemistry between Vicki and Ryan.  They have this special friendship chemistry and then when romance is brought into the equation it makes sparks fly between them.  The visuals created by Andre in this book are sensational.  I could see and feel the ocean in my mind.  I could see Vicki’s studio so clearly.  I like the fact that there is a bit of suspense in the novel but nothing overwhelming.  Let Me Be the One is a romance to remember.  Vicki and Ryan light up the pages with their love and work their way into the readers heart.

IF YOU WERE MINE by Bella Andre

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DOGWOOD HILL by Sherryl Woods

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BABY, DON’T GO by Stephanie Bond

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Hidden Summit by Robyn Carr Series: Virgin River #17 Genres: Contemporary Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by MIRA Reviewed by Miranda Sick of running into her cheery ex-husband and his new wife, Leslie Petruso accepts a job at the Virgin River branch of Haggerty Construction and takes the high road right out of town. Now she’s got PaulContinue Reading

IN CLOSE by Brenda Novak

In Close by Brenda Novak Series: Bulletproof #3 Genres: Contemporary, Suspense Reviewed by:PublisherPublished by MIRA Reviewed by Miranda Claire O’Toole’s mother, Alana, went missing fifteen years ago. That was big news in Pineview, Montana, the kind of town where nothing much ever happens. Then, last year, Claire’s husband, David, died in a freak accident—after launchingContinue Reading

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