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Demon Prince
by S. J. Frost

Series: Paranormal Nobles #3
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Events over the eons have made demon Prince Sytri and demon Duke Sallos friends, lovers, and then through treachery the worst of enemies.  Recently, however, Prince Sytri was instrumental in helping Sal and his witch lover Calvin Blackwood defeat a powerful foe.  It was then that Sy spent a brief time with vampire Prince Basil Warrick.  Since that singular introduction the demon noble has been unable to stop thinking about the sexy vampire prince.


Life is good in Savannah as far as Basil is concerned with the success of his blood house Ambrosia where vampires and human donors can safely interact.  Lately thoughts of the hot demon refuse to be dismissed.


When Sy finally manages to track down the vampire, he’s determined to get to know Basil better, much better.  He’s also glad to leave the demon realm where King Ryloc is beginning to become a problem.


As the two begin to enjoy time together while trying to get Sallos to calm the hell down, a nightmare from Basil’s past reappears.  He’s too powerful for Basil to handle alone.  Without the demon’s help Basil may be lost…forever.


The Paranormal Nobles series continues to offer deliciously dark tales.  This time out the Demon Prince unfolds with a sensual, dangerous drama.  Fascinating characters and a twisting turning plotline comes alive in an intelligent, riveting story.  This standalone tale will thrill fans and new readers alike, though knowing the previous books adds to secondary character motivation.  Dive into Demon Prince, but remember to occasionally come up for air.


The Vampire and the M. D.
by J. P. Bowie

Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

On the way home after another long, grueling round at the hospital, Dr. Blake Farnon is horrified when he hits someone who’s darted out in front of his car.  Discovering the body is alive and getting better by the minute is hard to swallow, yet that doesn’t stop the good doctor from offering aid.  There’s something special about the stranger that makes Blake unwilling to lose sight of him.


For more decades than he cares to count vampire Daniel Vale has assisted one spy branch of the government after another.  He’s on a very important mission to get information about an agreement between a Mexican cartel leader and a middle eastern radical.  Delivering his information is complicated by Blake’s accidental introduction.


Something big is about to happen, something that could endanger everyone in the western world.  Daniel is getting closer to the ring leaders.  The problem is that they know about him and his new friend Blake.  Endangering the cute doctor is the last thing the vampire wants.  The doctor leads a normal life, Daniel not so much.  Balancing one life against millions isn’t something Daniel wants to answer for.  But he may have to…


A smart, sexy story comes to life in The Vampire and the M.D.  Feisty Daniel and spirited Blake are well matched in this suspenseful, dangerous drama.  There are intense twists and turns as Daniel tries to save the day.  Blake manages to hold his own with his sensual lover which enriches the storyline.  A seriously riveting book, The Vampire and the M.D. is certain to please fans and new readers alike.  This series gets better and better with each new addition.


The Vampire and the G. I.
by J. P. Bowie

Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

In the year 2034 vampires are accepted as citizens of the world population.  Of course, there are prejudices, humans always distrust others, but by and large they are able to live peaceful lives among the humans.


After a decade of war, blood, and death the Middle East War is over.  Cole Everett is no longer a soldier and it’s a wonderful relief.  The lasting effects of PTSD, the shakes and the nightmares, haven’t dimmed at all even though the therapist assured Cole they would.


Cole has decided to head to L.A. and reconnect with his cousin Sean Martin while job hunting for something that doesn’t involve deserts or guns.  He’s overjoyed to see Sean and the long overdue reunion is going well until Sean tells Cole about his wonderful lover Arturo, a vampire.  Cole can’t understand how his cousin can live with the dead and the reunion ends badly.


Thinking things over Cole realizes that it’s Sean’s choice and he has to accept it.  Making amends for his behavior the lovers invite him to a small gathering where he meets Master vampire Rafael Barrantes.  For the human and the vampire, it’s instant attraction.  Dealing with his feelings about the vampire is oddly easier than figuring out what’s going on at his new job as a security guard for a high-tech firm.  As Cole well knows, curiosity can be a dangerous thing.  Cole survived a horrific war, found love, and now a simple job may mean the end.


A realistic reality paves the way in The Vampire and the G.I..  Fast pacing moves the mysterious drama briskly along.  Intense erotic encounters between Cole and Rafael leave scorch marks on the story.  The Vampire and the G.I. has a clever mix of suspense and orgasmic love to keep readers completely involved in this book.  And it’s easy to root for Cole and Rafael’s romance.  Both deserve love. No question.


The Vampire and the P. I.
by J. P. Bowie

Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

At one time Sean Martin was a decorated police detective with more friends than he could count.  Shot and badly injured on the job Sean left the force and opened his own successful P.I. office after he recovered.  Everything was going well until another officer; a known homophobe spreads horrible rumors which Sean is unable to defend against.


Abandoned by pretty much everyone he knows and on the verge of losing his business Master vampire Rafael Barrantes walks into his office.  Vampires are legal citizens now that it’s 2034 but, it’s a first for Sean to deal with one of them, one on one.


He agrees to the job, mostly to keep his office afloat.  Sean will look into the death of young Julian Hunter who was Rafael’s lover.  It’s been ruled a suicide, yet the deeper the P.I. digs the more it looks like the hustler was murdered.  At the same time Rafael’s private secretary Arturo Menendez offers his help with the investigation though it soon becomes clear that seducing Sean is his main objective.


As Sean investigates more dirt turns up and it looks like the police department is involved.  Finding Julian’s killer may mean the end of Sean, but not if Arturo can help it.


A great start to an entertaining series, The Vampire and the P.I. is a sleek, carnal story.  Intelligent, wicked sexy characters uncover murder and find love.  The hot, erotic aspect of the story literally steams the pages in the dangerous whodunit.  Solid pacing and a strong plotline help Sean and Arturo save the day in The Vampire and the P.I.


Wolf Whistle
by A. C. Katt

Series: Werewolves of Manhattan #7
Published by MLR Press Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

At one time Richard Kerrigan was on top of the world.  The valedictorian graduate from MIT accepted a position in Chicago with Switched Power Designs to jumpstart a promising career.  Life however became one painful lesson after another as first his father and then his mother died from illness.  A decision by his superiors at work caused Richard to blow the whistle and testify in court.  After that he was fired using trumped up charges and became a pariah in his chosen field in the city.  He worked two part time jobs to keep a roof, a shoddy roof over his head and little else.  The final insult was avoiding Davilor Kasun, a Serbian mobster who refused to believe Richard didn’t belong to him.


At the end of his rope and close to giving up hope Richard can’t believe it when his best friend from childhood, Julio Reyes, shows up.  Introductions are made to the people in Julio’s life and it takes less than a minute for Alpha Julien Bellaire to know that he’s found his Alpha Mate in the downtrodden redhead and whisks him off to NYC.


It’s time for all the Alpha Mates to converge, including Julio and help Julien bring his mate into the world of the loup garou, the wolf shifters.  At first Richard is simply thrilled because Julien and the other men he’s met lead Garou Industries, the most powerful, profitable corporation in North America. A company he can easily work for in his chosen field.  Telling him the true reality of his future is something Richard is about to learn.  At the same time they find out that Kasun was murdered and the police are looking at Richard.  Life certainly hasn’t been easy for Richard and it looks as though he’s got a few more hurdles to overcome.


Author A.C. Katt understands how to craft a good story with interesting characters, emotional drama, and an action filled plotline.  Conflict, romance, and a well paced storyline are bound within Wolf Whistle.  Though this seventh installment in the series is lighter on extreme drama there’s still plenty of tension to go around, as well as solid characterizations to keep readers enthralled with Richard and Julien’s love story.  Enjoy Wolf Whistle, you can’t help yourself

THE VIRGIN INCUBUS by Stephani Hecht

The barely afloat detective agency Saint and his werewolf best friend Bron started seemed a safer bet than their previous profession as bounty hunters.  Perhaps the fact that Saint wants to avoid working for paranormals has something to do with their lack of success.  His own inner hatred of being a mix of fairy, darkContinue Reading


Eighth on the North American Council, Director of Security Henri Giraud is the one remaining council member without a mate.  Their gods have been more than generous thus far granting the honorable Alphas their omegas with special gifts.  Henri knows it’s just a matter of time before he finds his mate, but the werewolf can’tContinue Reading

OPPOSITES ASSENT by Stephani Hecht

In the year 2050 Earth was invaded by creatures people called Outwarders.  Tall, ugly aliens, they were difficult to destroy and would kill several humans before they were taken down.   The city of Detroit was in ruins.  Jared is well aware he’s in charge because his superiors have died.  Humanity is hanging by aContinue Reading


Odin James would be willing to do just about anything to turn back time and change the outcome of one horrific night seven months ago.  He and his best friend Sebastian Norris were walking home from a bar when Bas was gunned down in front of Odin.  Barely managing to escape it’s been a nightmareContinue Reading

JULIO’S WOLF by A. C. Katt

Alpha Etienne Daurensbourg is a centuries old wolf shifter who sits on the Loup Garou Council of North America, works for Garou Industries, and controls a large pack headquartered in Chicago.  Certainly a full life, yet he’d trade it all away if it meant finding his mate.   Apparently the gods were listening and tookContinue Reading


The war on Earth ended after the Minders were banished to a colony on Mars where they could live with their own kind and no one else.  People were afraid of Minders.  No one wanted their thoughts read with a simple touch.  Then there’s the myth of a Sender who can actually manipulate others withContinue Reading

DEMON DUKE by S. J. Frost

Calvin Blackwood is a powerful natural witch with the potential for more.  None of his gifts make a difference however in saving his big brother Nathan who’s slowly dying.  The young witch decides to ask the demon he met last month during a deadly battle with vampires to grant him a request.  He will offerContinue Reading


Barely a teenager Donal Berne left what looked like a safe, wealthy existence.  No one suspected that behind closed doors his step father was abusing him and his mother looked the other way.  Running away Donal arrives at the NYC Port Authority.  He is promptly scooped up by Vittorio Apuso, a cruel and vicious pimpContinue Reading

DECK THE DIRE WOLVES by Stephani Hecht

For the crime of being gay omega Dire Wolf Clark is condemned to a slow, painful death by his own Alpha Bern.  The prison he inhabits is a shallow hole in the ground covered by bars.  Starving, covered in open sores and bruises, as well as given a shot to stop his ability to shiftContinue Reading

SONG OF SOULS by S. J. Frost

It may not be the most lucrative career, yet Lark wouldn’t trade his gift of song and lute playing for anything in the world.  The same couldn’t be said of his gift for seeing and communicating with the souls of the dead.  Lark’s special talent most definitely causes problems with the love of his life.Continue Reading


Kane Brady left the rural Midwest for the big city hoping to be able to openly explore his sexuality.  The death of his beloved father meant a chance at a new life.  With a degree in teaching Kane chose McClellan High School in New York.  What he didn’t expect was continual confrontations with the basketballContinue Reading


A freak accident badly scars eleven year old Colin Callahan’s face.  Between his father’s feelings of guilt and his mother’s unwillingness to forgive their little family is fractured forever.  By the time Colin is an adult his parents are both gone, leaving him with nothing more than sad memories and a permanent scar.   ThirdContinue Reading


Chief Alpha for all of the North American werewolves Armand Le Marche has honored Remy Clavier by naming him as second in command to the North American Council of werewolves.  It is a valued position and one that Remy would love – to refuse.  Remy never lobbied for the job, the responsibility, and the headachesContinue Reading

ONCE UPON A PRINCE by Jambrea Jo Jones

A wizard couple bent on revenge unwisely kidnaps the dragon king’s brother, Prince Ember Coruscate.  As their nephews Valda and Mykles quietly free the prince a gargoyle and another dragon hurry to save their friend.   For as long as he can remember Roar Sliger has loved Ember.  Unfortunately the dragon prince has lusted afterContinue Reading

ONCE UPON A PIRATE by Jambrea Jo Jones

Flame the dragon is set on rescuing dragon prince Ember from cutthroat wizards.  Instead, he discovers the prince has been set free by the two nephew wizards of the bad ones.  Complicating matters one of the good wizards turns out to be Flame’s mate.   As much as Flame is certain that Valda Rollins isContinue Reading

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