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YOU IN MY ARMS by A. C. Katt

As goalie for the state champion OceanTownship soccer team Jason Monroe was able to receive a full scholarship for college out of state.  A part-time job didn’t take away from excellent grades, only gave him extra money to send home to his cash-strapped father, step-mom, and little sister Kitty.  His parents’ tragic car accident destroyedContinue Reading


After years of bad breaks and struggling Brandon Alexander was enjoying headlining musical productions in Chicago.  His turn at the lead in Phantom of the Opera was a hit.  Recently however things haven’t been so good.  A production of Jersey Boys dried up after the money men backed out and nothing is on the horizon.Continue Reading


Adrian is the youngest of the princes of Merish.  There are three elder brothers more physically powerful and skilled with weapons, but when all is said and done they love each other as equals.  Though Adrian may not be battle worthy he does have other talents they deem worthy.  Their kingdom is a peaceful oneContinue Reading

MY BODYGUARD by Derek Adams

As the son of a crime boss Jeff Giovinazzo enjoys certain privileges others only dream about.  Going off to college and further away from his father’s business is something to fully embrace until he’s told a bodyguard will be shadowing him.   The bodyguard assigned to him is Vic Torres who grew up on theContinue Reading

JAKE’S THIEF by A. C. Katt

Raised in foster homes and then a group home as a teen, Davey Howell never got a break.  There wasn’t a helping hand or someone in his corner.  Nevertheless he graduated at the top of his class and became a paralegal for a successful law firm.  When his boss decides to go on sabbatical DaveyContinue Reading

NO FAE IS AN ISLAND by Angel Martinez

As penance for the recent destruction he’d caused the goddess Danu decreed that Diego Sandoval journey the lands of the wild fae for several years.  He would take the time to accept and control the powerful magic within him more fully.  Of course his husband, the pooka Finn will accompany Diego on his travels.  Continue Reading

HIS OMEGA by A. C. Katt

Forced from his home and an inheritance once Sean Quinn tells his father he’s gay, the NYU college art student loses everything.  Starvation finally weakens Sean’s morals to the point where he agrees to become a rent boy with new friend Leroy.  Their plans go to hell however when a man Leroy calls ‘The Russian’Continue Reading

VAMPIRES R US by Logan Zachary

Successful young Hollywood bucks Rick and Drew film sexy Dracula like commercials for a business called Vampires R Us.  After filming one night they ask as to what they are selling since the commercial is rather vague and doesn’t promote an actual product.  Nobody seems able to give them an answer but the paychecks areContinue Reading


Sir Karrick Brenton and the Thirteenth Legion are sent to Forest’s End to investigate rumors of wrongdoing by Duke Bartell.  They arrive to find that the Duke and his warlock’s evil had nearly destroyed the city before a handful of gifted men were able to bring him down.  Introduced to the group Karrick is deeplyContinue Reading

DIEGO by Angel Martinez

The fantastical books Diego Sandoval writes are a hit.  What the bestselling author knows and the public does not is that the stories are actually real.  The pooka in his tales are, in truth stories about his lover Finn, the fae pooka Fionnachd.  Living in the wilds of Montana allows the couple to hide Finn’sContinue Reading


Tossed on the street at the tender age of fifteen after his parents die and relatives take charge, his life is destroyed because he’s gay. Robbie believes he has nowhere to turn and spends the next six years barely surviving, yet when another throwaway boy ends up in the same state Robbie shows the boyContinue Reading

CROSSING OVER by Christopher Riley

Years of service to the Roman Empire enabled Jovian to have a plot of land free and clear once he retired from the military.  Flourishing fields of wheat and a healthy herd of sheep allow Jovian to prosper and enjoy life with his lover Betto.   When their home is attacked by werewolves Jovian manages toContinue Reading


Gage Chapman excelled on the NRHA circuit with the help of his Paint stallion The Shaman.  Being openly gay was a determent to his popularity, especially with the other riders in the circuit.   Once he retires it’s a huge decision, a risky one for Gage to transfer everything he owns from Utah to aContinue Reading

SEMPER FAE by Angel Martinez

The people of Earth and those of the Otherworld are adjusting to having the Veil between them torn down.  A small contingent of humans, ex-Military guard those of the Fae Collective when on human soil.  Sergeant Zachary Morrison is the human Head of Security for Ambassador sidhe Prince Lugh when he visits Earth.  It isContinue Reading

MICHIGAN by Vicktor Alexander

Michigan Sevion has a high stress career as a diagnostician at Gelreen Memorial Hospital.  Working alongside his vampire family at the hospital and living near each other can have its downside, but the Sevion family sticks together.   Recently one of Michigan’s brothers found his mate.  The trouble Dakota went through enforced the diagnostician’s desireContinue Reading


Multiple tours of duty and a serious injury left Caden Donovan weary of the military life, as well as tired of hiding his sexuality as a gay dominant.  At first he thought a career with the Trenton police force was the answer, but life as a rookie cop wasn’t right either.   His younger brotherContinue Reading

WARLOCK UNBOUND by Stephani Hecht

Blowing up his home with his parents inside was something Lucas will never live down even though it was a complete accident.  If that wasn’t horrible enough, Lucas is then picked up by humans and taken straight to a Warlock Internment Camp even though he was only fifteen at the time.   Ten long, tortuousContinue Reading

TEMPEH FOR TWO by Karina Colcroft

In all honesty Tobias Rogan’s deepest wish is to live by the ocean with his lover Kyle Slidell.  Maybe someday.  In the meantime Tobias is Arkhon of the North Eastern Region and responsible for the Alphas and their packs throughout his area.  If not for the love and support that Kyle gives him Tobias knowsContinue Reading

DAKOTA by Vicktor Alexander

Chief of Surgery, Dr. Dakota Sevion is one of thirteen siblings, the baby of ten brothers and three younger sisters.  Many of Dakota’s brothers are also doctors at Gelreen Memorial Hospital.  One other little family tie is that they are all born vampires whose parents hail from Romania.   An emergency room call sends theContinue Reading

ALIEN HOME by Mark Zubro

Mike Carlson loves his life in Chicago, he loves raising his nephew Jack, and most importantly he loves his husband Joe.  The fact that his husband hails from a distant solar system filled with inhabited planets doesn’t negate Mike’s feelings for Joe in the least.   A detective from the planet Hrrrm, Joe was sentContinue Reading

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