Publisher: Pride Publishing

STEEL TRAP by L. M. Somerton

STEEL TRAP by L. M. SomertonSteel Trap by L. M. Somerton
Series: Wyverns #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: BDSM, Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Nelson Jeremiah Hatchet, aka Hatchet, is a big, bad member of the Wyvern motorcycle gang.  He causes mayhem and breaks the law.  Trouble written all over him.  The cover works to protect him and the Wyverns from anyone knowing the good they do.


The gang follows the commands of the mysterious Horatio Trap who seems to see all and know all before everyone.  His go-between is the equally enigmatic Mr. Smith who supplies them with everything necessary for their undercover work.


Over the past months Hatchet’s been on a slow burn waiting for the moment to pounce on the elusive Mr. Smith.  The biker is trying to tell himself that simple lust is at play, but he knows he’s fooling himself after one night with Mr. Smith in his bed.


Their latest assignment involves a drug cartel operating in Phoenix using slave labor.  To get in with the dealer Hatchet will have to kill the man posing as a buyer- Mr. Smith.  All of the Wyverns will be there to back them up.  Hatchet just wishes he could stop worrying about a part-time bed warmer in harm’s way.


Black continues to hide its white hat in Steel Trap where exhilarating twists and scorching hot loving returns in the fifth book in The Wyverns series.  Gritty, intense characters once more carry a dangerous plotline to an exciting climax.  Raw sexual encounters flame bright between Hatchet and Mr. Smith.  Fans will eagerly devour Steel Trap and new readers will become equally addicted to this wonderful series.

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. Somerton

ELEMENTAL HOPE by L. M. SomertonElemental Hope by L. M. Somerton
Series: Warlocks #2
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Evrain Brookes is possibly the most powerful new warlock the world has ever seen.  He wouldn’t be as strong however without his lover Dominic Castine, a human gardener who Evrain needs as a conduit to channel his gift.  Their relationship is growing by leaps and bounds alongside their ability to work magic.


Recently they were able to stop an evil warlock whose thirst for domination endangered everyone.  Unfortunately, the Octis Coven, a group of witches are now aware of Evrain and they will stop at nothing to acquire the young warlock’s blood for their own use.


Word has reached the lovers that the warlock they already battled and the Octis Coven have joined forces.  Getting a hold of either Evrain or Dominic would be very bad.  Capturing them both could prove deadly.  Being smart and being safe may be asking too much of the cocky young warlock.  Hopefully Evrain’s desire to protect Dominic will keep them safe from harm.


Passion and drama go hand in hand in Elemental Hope, the second book in the Warlocks series.  Intense romance explodes from the pages as Evrain and Dominic further explore the bounds of their love.  Suspense from the get go, twists and turns throughout treat readers to a wonderful story.  Elemental Hope can easily be read as a standalone tale, yet the intricate plotline benefits from firsthand knowledge of book one.  A potent brew of magical love, Elemental Hope absolutely satisfies the reader’s thirst for a great story.


JACKALOPES AND WOOFEN-POOFS by Angel MartinezJackalopes and Woofen-poofs by Angel Martinez
Series: Offbeat Crimes #5
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Seventy-Seventh Precinct in Philadelphia is manned by unique officers to say the least.  They are also the ones called upon by the city when strange or unexplained events or creatures are found.  For instance, Officer Alex Wolf began life as an actual wolf.  Yes, a wolf who was cursed to become human.


Life as a human still sometimes stumps the one time wolf, but Alex is doing his best to cope. Plus, he’s head over heels in love with ACO Jason Shen and the feelings are mutual. Jason is well aware of Alex’s past.  The biggest bump in their romance is Jason’s own family who don’t approve of his sexuality and they refuse to accept his feelings for the officer.


The unusual nature of the precinct‘s calls has unfortunately brought them to the attention of State Paranormal, a pretentious group at best.  Butting their noses in they’ve sent vampire Captain Valbuena to oversee the squad room.


A recent sighting of jackalopes which were thought to be nothing more than hoax animals has Alex and the ACO scrambling to capture the creatures.  The officer has his hands full attempting an adult relationship with Jason, catching jackalopes, and dealing with the vampire Captain’s interest in him.  Dealing with his lover’s jealousy is something Alex has never had to handle in the past.  It was definitely much simpler to be a wolf.


Expect the unexpected as Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs take center stage in book five of the absolutely entertaining Offbeat Crimes series.  Magic and mayhem are mixed up in this wild romantic drama where anything and everything unusual can happen.  The imaginative character driven storyline is utterly captivating.  Jackalopes and Woofen-Poofs is a great addition to a most definitely original kind of series.  The real romance between Alex and Jason grounds this plotline perfectly.  It’s a crazy ride so strap in and enjoy a most delightful time.  Can’t wait to see what happens next in this series.

NEVER THE GROOM by Samantha Cayto

NEVER THE GROOM by Samantha CaytoNever the Groom by Samantha Cayto
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


The very last thing college student Ian Cabot wants to do is travel to his father’s wedding.  A decade ago a plane crash killed his mother and left Ian with deep scars, internally and externally.  He has no choice however as his father has demanded his presence.


Successful businessman James Reynolds doesn’t have time to waste by driving to the airport to pick up the pampered son of his second cousin Alena’s fiancé.  Getting coerced into playing taxi service irritates the hell out of him.


From the moment the two meet Ian and James both realize the other is exactly their type of man.  Never mind the more than a decade difference in age and Ian’s lack of self importance, James is well aware how awkward things could get when family is involved.   As for Ian he sees a man who could shed his pesky virginity once and for all.


Ian’s scars have kept him at arm’s length from any kind of relationship in the past.  The fact that James is easily able to see beyond the scars only strengthens Ian’s desires.  Close quarters in a car is nothing compared to a single hotel room when James and Ian are forced off the road by a powerful blizzard.  Mother Nature at work indeed.


Never the Groom mixes pure electric chemistry and uncomfortable family issues in a lovely romantic tale.  Engaging characters take charge in this sweet, sexy love story.  Confident, straightforward James is the perfect counterpoint to shy, introverted Ian.  Heartwarming and tender Never the Groom is a fast paced, feel good story to embrace.

FERAL DUST BUNNIES by Angel Martinez

FERAL DUST BUNNIES by Angel MartinezFeral Dust Bunnies by Angel Martinez
Series: Off Beat Crimes #4
Published by Pride Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

The Seventy-Seventh Precinct is well known throughout the city for the special cases they are sent to cover.  They deal with the ‘freaky-deeky’ cases and, the officers and detectives themselves are just as unique.


For instance, Officer Alex Wolf was born an actual wolf, not a werewolf, a wolf.  His partner at the precinct is Krisk, a lizard-man for lack of a better description.  Sent on patrol they find small animals in an alleyway who seem to be mummified.  They aren’t sure what is causing this and call out Animal Control Officer Jason Shen for backup on the case.


Up until now Wolf hasn’t had much luck in the romance department.  His lack of understanding certain human nuances always causes problems.  But every time he’s around ACO Shen it’s hard to concentrate.  Jason really smells good.  The question is whether to try and possibly get his heart broken again or just ignore the wonderful scent the ACO gives off.


Patrolling the streets Wolf and Krisk come across yet another mummified animal.  This time it’s a cat who looks like something from the pyramids, but somehow a tiny kitten managed to survive and she’s latched onto Wolf with all her might.  Calling out ACO Shen once more gives Wolf the courage to ask him out, to take another chance on love.

And they’ve got to figure out what or who is causing these mummies before it begins to affect humans.  One thing is certain, there’s never a dull moment at the 77th.


The latest offering from the Off Beat Crimes series brings another oddball case to light in Feral Dust Bunnies.  At the same time a sweet and sexy romance blossoms between an unusual Officer and an ACO.  As with the previous books in this series, Feral Dust Bunnies has a quirky layer and a slightly spooky flavor.  Best of all there are feisty, unique characters who make the plotline absolutely riveting.   Readers will thoroughly enjoy this original tale.

HIDING FROM TWO by Morticia Knight

In the aftermath of the Alasharian invasion, the civilizations of Earth stand in ruins. Those who survived are made slaves to the alien invaders either for domestic duties or to be used as sexual conquests.   Morgan was caught alongside his cousin Chris who soul bonded with two Alasharian warriors.  It is unheard of forContinue Reading

COMPLETE US by Lily Harem

Greg and his human mate Patrick lead a simple life within the forest as members of the small Redwood pack.  They know there’s nothing better than spending time together.  Hot and sweaty loving.  Life couldn’t be better.   Going into town for take-out pizza one evening the mates hear an animal in distress on theContinue Reading


The clans of the mer people grow smaller with each passing year.  Plagued by predatory sharks they continue to lose their numbers.  Recently the clan Kyle was born into lost their leader, Kyle’s father, as he protected their young.   The only certainty of safety was in Atlantis where the largest clan of mer liveContinue Reading


The Revolution seems certain to finally end the war once and for all.  People throughout what is left of the world are war weary and ready to back the peace that the Revolution offers them.   Pivotal chess pieces of the war are Merq Grayson, Peacemaker, and Armise Darcan, Dark Ops who have fought againstContinue Reading

THREE WISHES by Sean Michael

James, Guard, and Damien run a luxurious retreat where BDSM scenes flavor their guests’ vacation.  The clients request a fantasy and the trio set out to ensure every requirement is met.  At one time the threesome were lovers, but that was before a horrible accident left James in a wheelchair and Damien wracked with guilt. Continue Reading

SAND TRAP by L. M. Somerton

The Wyverns motorcycle gang is having a little down time for a change.  Everyone thinks they are this big bad gang, but they are actually the good guys, well for the most part.   Since everything is quiet gang member Francis Redway aka Crow is going to make a move on their newest recruit Shelton. Continue Reading

THE UNDERCOVER PET by Samantha Cayto

Young human Ben Miller has volunteered for a dangerous, possibly deadly mission to help the alien Travians put an end to a rebellion which will affect both races. His understanding of their computer systems makes him the perfect choice, but if he’s caught Ben won’t survive.   At one time Kath was a high bornContinue Reading


The garrison on New World Colony Seven is Travian cadet Wen’s latest posting.  Surviving a near fatal beating when a group of Travian extremists attempted to usurp their leadership on a space station Wen has healed and been transferred to a planet for the time being.  Smaller in size than most of his kind WenContinue Reading

WILD ROSE, SILENT SNOW by Angel Martinez

Brothers Snowden and Rowan Hadley are barely making ends meet at the lake house their parents left them.  The inheritance which would have made life easier is stuck in probate because of some greedy relatives contesting the will.  Without the funds to fight them the brothers are having a rough time surviving.   Bear tracksContinue Reading

ONE TOO MANY by Bailey Bradford

Happy Birthday to me! Yeah, it would be a whole lot better without the raging hangover Casey Allen is dealing with.  Turning forty is okay with Casey.  Feeling like death, not so much.   The successful company, Good to Go Green is Casey’s baby and he’s loving every minute making it what it is today,Continue Reading

CHERISHED BY TWO by Morticia Knight

The alien invasion is a complete success with human populations decimated and most major cities are no longer in existence around the world.  It is now simply a matter of rounding up the survivors hiding in the rubble or the wilderness.  Alasharian warriors have done their job to perfection.  Some warriors however are beginning toContinue Reading

RESCUED by Bailey Bradford

Thanks to loving grandparents Gabriel Staley has a good home in Shasta where he earns an income as a web designer.  Though it hurt to realize how bigoted his parents were when Gabe came out he had the support of his grandparents and a few good friends in town.   Childhood friend Deputy Todd BensonContinue Reading


Recently Oliver was instrumental in stopping a psychopath from committing murder at the hospital where he works as a nurse.  At the time Olly was cool and calm.  Since then the sweet submissive has had problems getting past the whole episode.  Without the love, support, and strength of Joe, his Dom, there’s no telling howContinue Reading

SAFEWORD by Samantha Cayto

Out of the frying pan and into the fire.  Carter ran away from home because of his desires for men and his curiosity about BDSM.  Seduced by a wealthy man Carter thought he’d found the perfect master in Winters.  Instead the submissive ended up trapped on a small island at the mercy of a sadistContinue Reading

PEACE by T. A. Chase

The Angus Dei, a messenger angel, Lam is a fairly insignificant, innocuous heavenly being who has secretly managed to free the Four Horsemen from their duties in order to find mortal love.  If that wasn’t dangerous enough Lam has chosen to break the most forbidden of rules.  He’s fallen in love with the most vilifiedContinue Reading

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