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SLAVE FOR TWO by Morticia Knight

Earth’s alien invasion was worse than people once fearfully imagined it could be.  It wasn’t a blockbuster movie with great special effects.  Rather, it was the destruction of major cities and deaths beyond thousands.   As Chris and his family watched from their little town nestled in the California mountain foothills the whole thing seemsContinue Reading

PRETTY HUMAN by Kayleigh Sky

The unauthorized ship crash lands in the desert.  Somehow inexplicably, Ellis Ligoria, King of the planet Xol felt drawn to the site.  And it is Ellis who found the injured stranger, unconscious and hidden under the sands within the lost city.   It is a long road toward recovery for Jem. It’s also a realContinue Reading

POWERLESS by S. A. McAuley

Peacemaker Merq Grayson and former Dark Ops Armise Darcan follow the Revolution and the will of their leaders.  Months and months of playing hide and seek with members of the Opposition council have ended.  Only the Opposition leader Ahriman Blanc is still alive and kicking, hiding from them.  Blanc is the last one on theirContinue Reading


In the year 2558 the world is divided into five separate nations.  The population’s been decimated and for the past three hundred years the Borders War has raged.  Soldiers are ironically called Peacemakers.   One such Peacemaker, Merq Grayson named for his past relative who invented the sonic bullet is considered the most skilled assassinContinue Reading


The death of President Wensen Kersch has thrown the Revolution into turmoil.  The leadership must take immediate steps to let their people know that everything will be running smoothly without any interruptions.  Merq’s childhood friend Ricor Simion is the man Kersch trusted to take over.  A much bigger worry is knowing that their assassinated leaderContinue Reading


Sam Madison is beginning to feel as though his life is slowly sinking beneath the quicksand no matter what he does.  In an effort to help his twin sister Melanie and his six year old nephew Levi after her husband was sent to prison for an extended period, it was decided the three would moveContinue Reading

THE UNTAMED PET by Samantha Cayto

On New World Colony Stuart McKay was always a step behind the other boys his age.  He was the last one picked for any project. In an effort to be one of them Stuart ended up aboard a Travian star ship, a slave along with the other boys.  At first Stuart was chosen by 1stContinue Reading


The war had ended.  Everyone had finally laid down their weapons.  For the first time in centuries the Olympics were being held again.  No one could imagine the Olympics would be used as a cover.   It all comes crashing down around them as Peacemaker Merq Grayson’s ceremonial shot intentionally assassinates the Premier of Singapore,Continue Reading

THE CAPTAIN’S BELOVED by Scarlet Blackwell

It was supposed to be a romantic cruise for two until Josh Addison’s lover dumped him just before their trip.  The whole thing was already paid for so Josh went ahead.  Normally a quiet, introspective man, Josh surprised himself with a ship board fling with none other than the captain.  The idea was to getContinue Reading


Popular underground BDSM club Chain of Thorns is a safe place for submissive Mackenzie ‘Kenzie’ Soames to explore his sexuality.  It is also a great place for Kenzie to moon over Dominant Steele Denton who so far hasn’t given Kenzie the time of day.   After another night of being rejected by Steele the subContinue Reading

RECLAIMING by Sean Michael

Less than a year ago vampire Master Beaudelaire Delacourte offered his human boyfriend the gift of immortality.  Heartbroken when his sub Aaron turned him down Beau retreated into his work as a tattoo artist for human and paranormal clients alike as Aaron walked away.   Closing up the shop before the morning sun’s arrival BeauContinue Reading


Between assignments for Shifters Protection Specialists, Inc. King Cobra shifter Khan is cruising a paranormal bar when a cute human approaches him.  After a soul tingling kiss Khan follows Casey home for the most memorable night of his life.  The next morning an accidental discovery reveals his lover as Dr. Casey Jameson, a research scientist. Continue Reading

THE BIKER’S DOM by Sean Michael

Each year Trig Magnussen looks forward to attending the Gay Rider’s Carnival where he’s free to be himself without fear of retribution from bigots and the like.  Plus, it’s an opportunity to visit with friends he’s made there.  Trig has had a run of bad luck with submissives this past year, never finding anyone whoContinue Reading


Between his shifts at The Lucky Cup where he works and the long hours he volunteers at the teen LGBTQ shelter he helped set up Rich barely has any free time.  There’s also the house he rents with two other guys where Rich knows he’s wasting time cleaning in an effort to keep the healthContinue Reading

LEADING ME HOME by Megan Linden

It was kind of a no-brainer for Kevin and Taylor to become fast friends.  They were two young, single men new to San Francisco, more importantly they are both werewolves.  Kevin found it easier to cope in the big city as he’d been a lone wolf for most of his life, Taylor on the otherContinue Reading


Fae royalty Lord Niallvius Primrose.  One would assume that Niall lives a life of ease and luxury within the palace walls.  Behind the doors however he is a prisoner to his mother’s superior magic and her brutal, iron fist.  She intends to wed her son to someone she can also control in her quest forContinue Reading

BLUE MOON RISING by Bailey Bradford

Texas Ranger Abraham Evans hovered between life and death.  That much he knew.  He also knew that he’d been shot.  Whether he was imaging it or the drugs were causing delusions Abraham believed he’d died.  He was ready to let go, he wanted to, yet something held him however slimly tethered to the Earth.  Continue Reading

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

STROKE RATE by L. M. Somerton

University student Benedict Astor splits his time equally between his life at the nearby campus studying literature and enjoying his passion for rowing at the Okeanos Rowing Club.  Ben has negotiated free use of the boats after hours and a small flat above the boathouse in exchange for taking care of the boats for clubContinue Reading


All alone, sitting in a booth at the bar Unconventional, Carney Ferguson celebrates his 25th birthday trying to enjoy his first taste of alcohol.  Growing up with a large brood of siblings who were sheltered and homeschooled Carney has had little to no experience with anything resembling relationships.  He’s twenty-five and still a virgin.  Continue Reading

DRIVEN TO THE EDGE by L. M. Somerton

Ten years of outstanding success.  The Edge is about to celebrate a well earned anniversary.  Co-owners Joe Dexter and Heath Anders allowed their business to evolve from corporate training courses into an elite military training facility, while at the same time offering exclusive weekend BDSM classes for those in the lifestyle.  Along the way DominantContinue Reading

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