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CAN’T HIDE FROM ME by Cordelia Kingsbridge

CAN’T HIDE FROM ME by Cordelia KingsbridgeCan't Hide From Me by Cordelia Kingsbridge
Published by Riptide Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Federal agent Charles Hunter and his team are sent from their field office in San Diego to El Paso to extract an undercover agent in danger.  The unknown agent’s handler is missing so it’s imperative a team is on site.  Problem is the team doesn’t even know what the agent looks like.


It must be fate lending a helping hand to send this particular team as Charles recognizes ATF agent Angel Martinez sitting in a restaurant booth surrounded by cartel goons.


For two long years Angel Medina has been deep undercover as the boy toy lover of Raul Esparza, a brutal and vicious cartel leader.  Angel’s managed to gather valuable intel and occasionally thwart drug operations.  The recent assassination of Raul however has left Angel in a precarious position.  It’s time to get out.


After a successful extraction Angel is taken to San Diego for a lengthy debriefing followed by much needed down time.  Charles is hoping that Angel will be leaving for parts unknown soon.  He’d rather his peers don’t know that before Angel went undercover the two had an intense sexual relationship.  Their breakup was awful and left scars neither managed to ever heal.


Tiptoeing around the firestorm Charles and Angel feel inside soon becomes insignificant to a threat they cannot ignore.  Someone has planted a target on Angel’s back.  As they race to uncover the deadly stalker the two agents are finally forced to confront each other honestly.  Charles and Angel are stuck somewhere between love and death – with a skilled killer.


A deadly cat and mouse mystery is revealed in Can’t Hide From Me.  This is a truly sizzling hot tale where emotions are riding high and sexual encounters ignite.  Charles is the cold to Angel’s hot – together they’re flammable.  And though the stalker isn’t a complete surprise Can’t Hide From Me manages to be a chilling, deadly thriller.  Great characters take action in the fast paced drama.  Can’t Hide From Me is a tense, primal tale that satisfies from start to finish.

BASE INSTINCTS by Larissa Ione

BASE INSTINCTS by Larissa IoneBase Instincts by Larissa Ione
Published by Riptide Publishing Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher


As an employee for the otherworldly law firm of Dire and Dyre it is assassin and demon born Damon Slake’s job to efficiently complete his assignments.  His very soul depends on it.


The current job is to capture and bring in the succubus Fayle who’s managed to slip through everyone’s fingers for quite some time.  Following a lead Damon goes into the vampire club Thirst where he’s momentarily distracted by a sexy red head with a sleeve of tats.  A further tip proves most interesting as the lead in question points Damon to his attraction.


A seminus demon by birth Raze is hampered by the biological need to have sex with females, frequently.  Problem is Raze is a freak, he’s gay and doesn’t want a female.  If not for his succubus room mate and friend Fayle helping out he’s not sure how he’d survive.


The demon world might be hard pressed to find two more complicated beings with major issues than Raze and Damon.  One wants a man but needs a woman and the other is frantic to regain his soul.  Talk about a match made in heaven.  Well, not quite.


Base Instincts run true for Damon and Raze.  Complex problems and entertaining outcomes result in the latest Demonica tale.  The demons embark on a difficult, though ultimately satisfying relationship in this fascinating and sexy story.  For all the wrong reasons they get together and for all the right reasons Damon and Raze succeed in the end.  Riveting twists in Base Instincts keep readers on their toes.  Feisty Damon and spirited Raze engage in a wickedly inventive romance.  Potent fun.

TEMPEST by Lisa Henry & J. A. Rock

TEMPEST by Lisa Henry & J. A. RockTempest by J. A. Rock, Lisa Henry
Series: Playing the Fool #3
Published by Riptide Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Conman Henry Page and FBI agent Ryan ‘Mac’ McGinness, along with Henry’s sister Viola are on the run.  This time Mac is the one in trouble.  He’s been framed with a bevy of crimes, including murder.  Janice Bixler, OPR or Officer of Professional Responsibility has her sights set on prosecuting Mac and throwing away the key which is really confusing since Mac is innocent.


As his friends at the Indiana field office try to clear his name Mac drives the threesome to Altona where his parents have a farm.  It’s the only safe place to hide though Mac has every intention of returning to the city to hunt down the man who can prove he isn’t guilty.  Of course Henry has no intention of being left behind.  The only one allowed to mess with Mac is Henry as far as he’s concerned.


Among the goats of Altona criminals, agents, and the innocent converge in the most unlikely showdown the farmland’s ever seen.  It’s time to finger a murderer and unmask a double cross.  All in a day’s work for the conman and the agent.


It is another zany road trip for Mac and Henry to survive in Tempest, the third book in the wild Playing the Fool series.  This time out there’s no getting around all the trouble Mac has landed in.  Beware of storyline whiplash as the agent and the conman attempt to clear the charges.  Humorous dialogue, plot twists, and murder combine in this riveting story.  Savor Tempest and enjoy the ride.


HOW I MET YOUR FATHER by L. B. GreggHow I Met Your Father by L. B. Gregg
Series: Home For the Holidays
Published by Riptide Publishing Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher


On a very bumpy flight starting in Chicago and proving vomit worthy over San Juan, Justin Hayes is cursing his best friend and fellow Rhythm Method band member’s choice of destination wedding.  If it wasn’t for the distractions of a fellow passenger the one time heartthrob wouldn’t have managed to hold his meal and his nerves until they disembarked.  Off the flight Justin engages in a quick relaxation encounter with the sexy stranger from the plane.  Afterwards he makes a hasty retreat to make his connection.


Late for the pre-wedding rituals Justin is struck speechless as he’s introduced to the bride’s father Jack Basinger, his hot plane encounter.  This father of the bride isn’t old by any means.  Justin’s figuring things are going to get complicated before they get comfortable.  Yikes.


Part of the Home for the Holidays collection. How I Met Your Father is a fast paced, witty and sexy romp.  This is a once in a lifetime experience rolling into a happy romance.  A bone jarring flight, a fast encounter, and the chaos of a destination wedding proves an unusual yet fantastic beginning for Justin and Jack.  Toss in headaches and surprise announcements too.  Pure entertainment value the reader can enjoy.  How I Met Your Father sparks and sizzles and satisfies.

IN DISCRETION by Reesa Herberth

IN DISCRETION by Reesa HerberthIn Discretion by Reesa Herberth
Published by Riptide Publishing Genres: MM, Science Fiction
Source: Publisher


Years of successful contracts between clients and his job as a Discretionary’s Cohort leaves Thanson Nez stuck on the far side of the Empire.  In all the time he’s worked as a Discretionary he’s never before walked away from a client until he met with the Imperial Minister Lantony Rannah.  When the minister’s right hand man confronts Thanson after docking on Station 43 he knows he’s in deep trouble.


Attempting to get a warning out to his guild Thanson meets with the station communication officer Kazra Ferdon, the love he left back home.  They grew up on Corve, but didn’t manage to leave together as they once planned.  As the message begins to go out Station 43 suffers a massive hull breach.  Searching for survivors the pair discover people coming down with a fever causing a terrifying aggression in those affected.  It cannot be a coincidence that everything is going wrong on Station 43.  Once again Thanson and Kazra may not leave together, if at all.


In Discretion takes readers on a non-stop romantic adventure.  From the first page to the last Thanson and Kazra fight to survive and rekindle the love they shared as young men on their home planet.  There’s barely a chance to take a breath anywhere in this fast paced dangerous story.  Readers must catch on quickly to Thanson’s talent of keeping secrets because of its importance to the plotline.  Between the hull breach, secrets, and the hellish fever there’s never a dull second.  Enjoy In Discretion.  Just make sure you keep up because the twists and turns never end.

MINDSCAPE by Tal Valante

Growing up on a dangerous mining colony planet Mark Sayre wants a better, safer future for his younger brother.  To get the best paying job available Mark enlists in the Inter-Stellar Navy, otherwise known as the Space Navy or Spavy.   On Mark’s first assignment he’s promoted to pilot aboard the Cyclops under the commandContinue Reading

STRAIN by Amelia C. Gormley

STRAIN by Amelia C. Gormley

A combination of scientific ego and military shortsightedness nearly destroys all of mankind.  In the aftermath there are pockets of uninfected humans, people who suffer from catatonia and Rot, revenants, and soldiers with superpowers who are infected with the dormant virus unable to ever join with those uninfected.   The only life Rhys Cooper’s knownContinue Reading

NEVER A HERO by Marie Sexton

NEVER A HERO by Marie Sexton

Owen Meade is not a confident man. Born with only one hand, he also battles his sexuality and a severe stutter that returns when he least wants it to. He hides in his apartment, working and trying to convince himself he isn’t gay. Then Nick Reynolds moves in downstairs. Nick is everything Owen isn’t: outgoing,Continue Reading

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