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On tour in the middle of nowhere Afghanistan, Sergeant Ryan Pettit has started a blog to give him something to do in his downtime and although he might not be able to get on it every day, it’s still something he looks forward to.  Ryan also looks forward to the exchanges he has with oneContinue Reading

WOLF ON THE RUN by N. J. Walters

Cherise Michaels and her mother ran from their pack years ago when it was determined that Cherise could not shift into her wolf form. Now, several years later Cherise arrives at the apartment she shares with her mom to discover her murdered by wolves from their old pack. Now, Cherise is alone, scared to death,Continue Reading

BEAUTY BITES by Mary Hughes

Synnove Byornsson is a woman on a mission.  She’s a doctor who wants people to focus on her brain, not her looks, but she’s afraid she might have to use both in order to get Ric Holiday’s attention.  Synnove’s cousin, Twyla, insists that Ric is the only ad man up for the job of savingContinue Reading

EDGED BLADE by J. C. Walker

Kit Colbana has been fighting her way back to the life she had before being kidnapped and brutally abused. She knows that she might never get all her abilities back, but Kit needs to regain as much as she can and that includes the Alpha shifter who stole his way into her heart—Damon Lee. WhenContinue Reading

DAVID’S SELFIE by Daisy Harris

After the tragic death of his wife a little over a year ago Dr. David Letterer is left to raise their three year old, Maia, alone.  Sex has become a long ago memory for the admitted bisexual.  Desperate for some adult time David takes the plunge and agrees to meet a blind date at Pony,Continue Reading

WOLF AT THE DOOR by N. J. Walters

Gwendolyn Jones grabbed at the chance to follow her dream and write full time when she inherited a cabin in Tennessee.  Gwen’s dream of writing isn’t what most people would call the great American novel, but her interest in the paranormal or just plain “other” is her subject matter and proving it doesn’t exist.  AContinue Reading

TASTE ME DEADLY by Nikki Duncan

Greycen Craig has been in the Federal Witness Protection program for the last five years and was pretty much a model witness until she heard about attack that injured her sister and placed her in the hospital.  Greycen might have been able to walk away from her sister in order to save her, but thereContinue Reading

WOLF SLAYER by Angela Addams

Aubrey Devlin worked her entire life to become a Huntress, along with her twin sister, in order to mate with a Hunter and spend their lives defeating werewolves.  But when the day came for her to be claimed by her Hunter – it never happened for Aubrey but instead her twin sister was claimed byContinue Reading

COUNT ON ME by Lauren Dane

Caroline Mendoza grew up in Petal, Georgia with a normal family until the day her mother was murdered and her father was convicted of it.  Caroline never believed that he did it, unlike some of the other members of her family.  Now, sixteen years later, Caroline is an attorney, and she is back.  Caroline hasContinue Reading

A STITCH ON TIME by Yolanda Sfetsos

Sierra Fox is a spook catcher extraordinaire, and she just recently came into her powers gifted to her by her grandmother—destroying demons. But it came at a huge cost with her boyfriend in a coma, which is slowly killing him, and her best friend is on the outs with her. With all this craziness, SierraContinue Reading

A SECRET TO DIE FOR by Sierra Dean

Secret McQueen has had a horrible last few months and when you consider her past history, that is to say it’s been downright nasty.  All Secret wanted to do was come back to New York and deal with the millions of conflicts awaiting her— like how her real secret was now common knowledge, like theContinue Reading

THE WIZARD KING by Dana Marie Bell

Gareth Beckett is a wizard and a werewolf – one who is about to be crowned as Wizard King.  But Gareth isn’t about to go anywhere until his mate shows up and he is determined that she will be crowned with him.  Gareth is positive he knows who is mate is, but he has startedContinue Reading

WOLF IN HER BED by N. J. Walters

Anny Conrad is the typical single librarian with her two cats. So when she is dragged out to a bar by a friend, Anny decides to live on the wild side at least one night when she meets a man who makes her tingle from her toes to her nose and, most importantly, those hiddenContinue Reading

CURSED by Angela Addams

Darcy Wells is a so-so witch and earns her living as a vengeance dealer—her clients are women who have been hurt my male scumbags.  Darcy stalks her victims carefully and then strikes with a curse that will make the male suffer lust and let her get away.  Perfect—right? Well, maybe not.  Darcy’s next hit isContinue Reading


After being attacked at a gay bar, Ensign Aiden Lange is advised to take a hike and pretend he fell on the rocks. To protect his career, Aiden takes a trip to Hiji Falls. The trip turns out to be a good decision for more reasons than one. At the end of the trail, heContinue Reading


David Weller has spent years trying to rebuild his life after his partner left him with no explanation. He deals with his heartbreak by going home with strangers for risky one-night stands and never allowing himself to get close to anyone. The new catering business he and Rey King have started keeps him busy duringContinue Reading


Stephen Day is understandably stressed out. His partner at the justiciary has had to take time off due to a pregnancy. Due to the understaffing, he’s called to work constantly, putting a strain on his relationship with Lord Crane. The young girl they were supposed to be training is headstrong and reckless—and may have stolenContinue Reading

ACTS OF FAITH by A. M. Arthur

Things are going well for Rey King and Samuel Briggs. In fact, Rey’s catering business is going so well he needs to take on a partner. He should be happy, and he is, yet he still has to face the pain of living without his daughter, Faith. Rey deals with the loss as best heContinue Reading

MOON SHINE by Vivian Arend

Takhini Alpha Evan Stone is a force to be reckoned with.  As Alpha of the Takhini pack Evan is used to dealing with a myriad of shifter problems but he has been out of sorts lately. It could be because his assistant flew the coop with her mate. However, it’s more likely he’s cranky becauseContinue Reading

SAVAGE REVENGE by Shelli Stevens

Agent Nathan Larson is on the run and needs a safe place to lay low for a while and recoup.  He needs to get back to full Alpha strength and speed if he is going to figure out what happened to cause the death of his fiancé and her pack.   Sage Christensen can spotContinue Reading

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