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LIVIN ON THE EDGE by Dee Dee Brock

LIVIN ON THE EDGE by Dee Dee Brock

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
LIVIN ON THE EDGE by Dee Dee BrockPublished by Silver Genres: Contemporary, Gay
Reviewed by Lisa

After seven grueling years Edge is at the top of the alternative rock scene.  Lead singer Wes Townsend, his guitarist younger brother Scottie, bassist Roman Sinclair, and drummer Dexter Findley paid their dues with hard work and dedication.  These days their bank accounts are flush and their popularity has skyrocketed.


To unwind once their set is done it’s typical for the guys to pick one or more of the girls who flock around.  Wes can keep up the pretense for only so long before he yearns for the touch of another male rather than one of the many female fans.  He’s careful to hookup at some place that no one would expect him to be and he never, ever sexually interacts with a fan.


Booked for several shows in Ohio, Wes notices a gorgeous guy at the ‘meet and greets’ they throw.  Too afraid of his reactions giving him away Wes at first rebuffs the fan and instantly regrets it.  Later he’s given another chance and knows that he’s in trouble because Micah is definitely someone to fall for.  Wes is so fearful of what everyone, especially Scottie, would think if they knew he was gay that he nearly destroys any chance of a future with Micah.  When all is said and done what matters most to Wes, love or career? Or, could he, in his wildest dreams have both?


Gritty drama and raw sexuality make Livin’ On the Edge an exciting look into the music scene and the men who live it.  Told in first person point of view Wes chronicles Edge’s rise to the top and the lives of the band members.  From an outsider’s perspective they have it all – success, girls, whatever they want, yet the undercurrents are what enrich their story.  Wes hides his true desires with an excess of females.  His complicated rocky relationship with Micah shines.  Livin’ On the Edge is an addictive treat.  One of those hard to put down kind of stories.  I Joyfully recommend Livin’ On the Edge.  Fan impatiently waiting for the next book…



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