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Compromising Situations
by Susan Laine

Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Contemporary, MM
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Day after day working under an evil dictator of a boss at Manning and Cross, a major green tech company, has left Jared Owens pounds lighter and looking like a pale ghost.  Crazy long hectic eighty hour weeks leave Jared little time to eat let alone see the sun.  When CFO Grant Kendrick cracks his whip everyone jumps, especially Jared.


After yet another interminable day at the office Jared is more than ready to step onto the elevator until his arch nemesis joins him.  It’s fairly simple to keep your mouth shut during office hours when everyone’s there, but when the power goes out and you’re stuck between floors… All bets are off.  Especially when Grant makes an outrageous proposition and Jared is intrigued.


Compromising Situations allow tensions to rise high in this office based D/s drama.  The showdown between the characters explodes with righteous indignation and sexual heat.  Jared and Grant take turns blowing off steam in most excellent ways.  Their give and take relationship is fascinating to witness.  Enjoy the sizzle in Compromising Situations.


Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat
by Susan Laine

Series: Pariah Pack #2
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
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Wolf shifter gamma Silas Donovan takes his responsibilities towards the pack’s security very seriously.  He’d rather not leave their safety in another’s hands, but when the Alpha asks for a personal favor Donovan reluctantly agrees to a bodyguard job.


The world’s top model is none other than Asian golden cat shifter Aran Aquino.  Plans have been made for a fantastic photo layout centered on Aran on Fregate Island in the Seychelles where the Banyon Hill Estate is the only sign of modern life on the entire island.


After long flights and hours of boat travel everyone finally arrives on the island.  Donovan is there to protect the model from possible threats though the only people there are Aran’s own entourage and the boat crew.


When Donovan is introduced to Aran the wolf shifter is pleasantly surprised to find his charge isn’t the stuck up brat he expects to meet.  He also realizes that he’s found his mate in the golden cat shifter.  Protecting Aran is going to prove easier than figuring out how the two will blend their lives.  Canine and feline mates should be interesting to say the least.


The Pariah Pack returns with another new tale.  Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat brings unlikely mates Donovan and Aran together in this sexy suspense story.  Watch the sexual sparks fly between the wolf and his cat.  All in all the storyline follows along as expected with tense moments from an unexpected foe at the climax.  Lone Wolf and His Cool Cat has a tropical locale, hot loving, and a pair of agreeable characters.


Wolfe and his Bunny
by Susan Laine

Series: Pariah Pack #1
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Alpha Max Wolfe is in charge of an unusual pack.  His people are cast offs, the misfits that other packs threw out or those who survived the decimation of their own pack. They have bonded together with the wolf shifter as their leader.  Now passing the century mark Wolfe is a successful bounty hunter who also dabbles in racing for extra income.


After a recent race Wolfe caught a scent in the crowd that had to have been his mate.  When he tried to chase the scent down he caught sight of a young man but somehow lost him.  Once he picked up the scent again Wolfe tracked down Peter Bennett, a rabbit shifter who saves abused animals when he’s not working at an animal shelter.


Of all the cosmic twists of fate – pairing a predator to prey as mates.  Wolfe’s inner animal is driving him to consummate their relationship, to bond forever.  As for Peter he’s skeptical that they can work things out.  He’s not sure they can ever find common ground and asks Wolfe to wait, to let them get to know each other before making the ultimate commitment.  After all they only get one mate in a lifetime. Patience, Wolfe, patience.  Surely it’s not too much to ask.


Wolfe and His Bunny charmingly questions what fate was thinking matching a wolf and a rabbit.  Time after time readers see Wolfe stumble during his attempts to court Peter who proves to have a great deal of patience.  Each makes mistakes, sometimes big mistakes.  What sets Wolfe and His Bunny above other books is that Wolfe and Peter are willing to keep trying.  Neither throws in the towel on love.  Through false starts and speed bumps Wolfe and His Bunny triumphs.


Sweet and Sour Soap
by Susan Laine

Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: Contemporary, MM
Source: Publisher

Actors Andrew ‘Mac’ McGuire and Dylan Keane began their careers on the night time soap show “The Lighthouse”.  Their friendship developed alongside their roles as teenagers and grew as their characters evolved on the popular soap.


In a meeting with the producer and the head writer Mac and Dylan are told of a major change in the show’s plot.  Their characters are going to develop a gay relationship as a way to pump up the ratings.  Speechless at first their initial rehearsal is awkward to say the least.


One evening when Mac agrees to practice an intense scene away from the set Dylan admits to being bisexual.  He also says that he’s had a thing for Mac though he never expected it to go anywhere.  The lines are beginning to blur between reality and the make believe world of television for two best friends.


Relationship issues are lightly explored in the drama Sweet and Sour Soap.  Mac and Dylan are pleasant characters whose lives and love take on a bizarre parallel with their soap characters.  Sometimes it’s difficult to decide which romance is realistically working since their motivation is sometimes questionable.  In the end Sweet and Sour Soap manages to succeed.  Mac and Dylan make the right choices for their future together.

SPEAKIN’ OF THE DEVIL by Gabrielle Evans

SPEAKIN’ OF THE DEVIL by Gabrielle Evans
Speakin' of the Devil
by Gabrielle Evans

Series: Gods of Chaos #5
Published by Siren-BookStrand Genres: MM, Paranormal
Source: Publisher

Sweat, grit, and long days.  Hardworking Benson Stone made his dreams come true with the success of Silverstone Ranch.  Yet, for some reason Benson never feels satisfied, never feels happy with his accomplishments.   He hungers for what others receive, cheated out of his due.


An evening at Club Maverick is supposed to simply scratch an itch and nothing more.  That’s the plan until Benson runs into Zavist, a God of Chaos and unknowingly sets himself up for a lesson he won’t ever forget.  A lesson in humility and morality is about to be learned or flunked.  It’s up to Benson whether he takes everything to heart.  Pass or fail, Benson won’t likely forget what happens next.


Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes takes on poetic meaning for one mortal in the fifth Gods of Chaos story.  Speakin’ of the Devil lightly explores the ‘glass half empty’ morality.  Human vices, decency, and the character of a person comes to the fore as Benson has an eye opening experience.  A pleasurable romance weaves through Benson’s journey which adds the right amount of tenderness to this lesson in ethics.  Enjoy Speakin’ of the Devil as one man’s heart and soul is forever changed.



The war between the shifters of Lupunar City and the Stragorri Hunter vampires has catapulted the innocent humans of Dahlia City into the center of their fight.  Named prince regent by his powerful father Dean Brooks is responsible for the welfare of the citizens who depend on him.   Dean and his team portal straightContinue Reading

BITE ME, TOO by Jana Downs

If Evan Cartwright’s personal life was going as well as his professional, life would be just about perfect.  After college Evan and his two best friends pooled their resources and started their own company.  His IT skills were invaluable to their business.  Evan’s choices in men however left a lot to be desired.  At leastContinue Reading

BITE ME by Jana Downs

Jude Lawson and his two best friends open their own business after college graduation.  To their surprise and joy the company is a complete success.  With everything running so well at work Jude switches his focus to his pitiful love life after bidding good riddance to his overbearing ex.   Deciding it’s time to tryContinue Reading


The very last thing Kira Matsuko wants is for Raven warriors Garrick Theon and Thantos ‘Thane’ Odysseus to follow her to the family residence in Japan.  With the demon Shimigami after their chosen mate the men have no intention of leaving Kira vulnerable.  She insists she has hidden talents of protection, but the men won’tContinue Reading


Raven warrior demi-gods Grayson Phine and Coltrain Mercury fulfilled their duty towards Zeus, as well as their brother warriors by defeating the mighty Cronos.  Balance has been restored for the gods and the time has come to claim their fated mate.  At the height of their battle their mate was revealed in wolf shifter JaklynContinue Reading

LUNA’S LOVERS by Honor James

Luna Black is a woman with no past and at this point, doesn’t have really great aspects for the future either.   She is one of the best at discovering encryptions at the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, or the AEDA as most refer to it.  Many years ago, Luna was in an accident which supposedlyContinue Reading

BRIAR’S SAVIORS by Honor James

Briar Sapphire is a human working with beings from all of the other worlds in her job, and it was once something she loved and looked forward to.  That was before she was brutally attacked, which left deep scars both inside and outside. As the only doctor for the Alien and Earth Defensive Alliance, orContinue Reading


Earth and the humans who inhabit it got a serious wake-up call many years ago when the veil that separated the realms came down and humans discovered just how far down the food chain they really were. It probably would not have been so bad except when humans learned just who and what their neighborsContinue Reading

LILLY’S TORMENT by Honor James

Lilly Webb is a good cop with a mad skill of making weapons. Recently, Lilly escaped after being held somewhere for a time, and she has just been cleared to go back to work. However, it seems that her weapons-making skill has been noticed in high places, and she has been offered a job withContinue Reading


Keeping a secret from his family isn’t something Kory Kendrick wants, but how does he tell his widowed mother and two younger brothers that he can shift into a white wolf?  It happened the first time when Kory became a teenager, soon after his father’s death.  There’s never been a right time to tell hisContinue Reading


Tamara Mejia is a human seer.  She’s seen her own murder foretold with a vision of crows.  For that reason Tamara lives each day to its fullest, embracing all that life offers.  Since her teenage years she’s been best friends with Selena Ramos, always knowing that her BFF is something special.   After Selena wasContinue Reading

SELENA’S MEN by Elle Boon

The Ravens of War were created by the great god Zeus. The twelve were made on Olympus and given powers of their own.  Once their duties are completed they’re sent to Earth to find their soul mates, their Fated.  The twelve are then charged with one last task, to find Zeus and Hera’s kidnapped daughter,Continue Reading

CERI by Lynn Hagen

Centuries ago Prince Christian was forced to put his younger twin brothers into a deep, dreamless slumber in order to save the world.  Cursed with the need to devour flesh, as well as blood, when he fed Ceridian or Ceri was safer asleep and his twin Rhysdan chose to share his brother’s sentence. Recently awakenedContinue Reading

SETH’S CHANCE by Lynn Hagen

The most important thing in Seth McGavin’s life is his young nephew Oscar.  The boy survived a house fire with severe burns on his legs.  Unfortunately, his parents weren’t so lucky.  Seth’s moved to Brac Village in order to care for Oscar and give the child some much needed continuity. For the past few monthsContinue Reading

INVINCIBLE by Gabrielle Evans

The voices Aslan hears within his head have been with him for as long as he can remember.  Oh, they may only murmur at times but when they are shouting it’s almost impossible for Aslan to function normally.  When he’s tried to tell people about the voices he’s labeled crazy or nuts so Aslan’s learnedContinue Reading

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